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Hepatoblastoma Survivor Andres Peralta is Accustomed by Heidi Wolcott

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 31 December 18:00   

    Hepatoblastoma Survivor Andres Peralta is Accustomed by Heidi Wolcott   by Miguel Peralta

    In an accomplishment to accession money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Heidi Wolcott, accessory of Andres Peralta ( will be active a bisected chase in anniversary of Andres action and achievement over Hepatoblastoma - a attenuate adolescence alarmist cancer.

    Heidi is actively adopting funds through her web page set up by Aggregation in Training - a website that helps clue and log chase training schedules and helps individuals aggregate donations from supporters.

    Andres was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma in Advance of 2004 during a accepted assay and consecutive breach operation. His doctor, Jonathan Greenfeld create the analysis and calm with the Blight Analysis Assemblage of University Medical Centermost in Tucson AZ - confused advanced bound perscribing an advancing agenda of chemotherapy and sugery which concluded in August of 2004.

    You can see pictures and advance of Andres action with Hepatoblastoma at - his parents, Miguel and Lucinda Peralta are actual appreciative of Andres and were aflame to apprehend about Heidi s adventuresomeness and alertness to run the chase in his name.

    You can create donations or apprehend added about Heidi s training here: - you can aswell apprehend added about Andres action here:

    About Andres:

    Andres Miguel Peralta was built-in November 30, 2002 to Miguel and Lucinda Peralta while active over-seas in Dubai, UAE. He has aggressive some with his adventuresome action with Hepatoblastoma over the endure year and is a animated ablaze in the lives of many. He loves Clifford (the big Red Dog), BBQ Frito Twists, Tortillas and Alkali & Alkali Chips. He aswell loves tractors, trucks, ducks and bath-time.

    About Hepatoblastoma:

    Hepatoblastoma is the alotof accepted cancerous alarmist bump in aboriginal childhood. Alotof patients present adolescent than age 3 years with an accretion asymptomatic belly mass. Some patients accept fever, pain, anorexia, and weight loss. The two alotof important abiogenetic altitude associated with hepatoblastoma are Beckwith-Wiedemann affection and familial adenomatous polyposis.

    Miguel & Lucinda Peralta

    mperalta at gmail dot com

    Team in Training:



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