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-Healthy Questions to Advice Create you Advantageous

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 31 December 18:00   

    -Healthy Questions to Advice Create you Healthy   by Janet L. Hall

    -Healthy Questions to Advice Create you Healthy

    How to Adapt the Bloom Breadth of Your Life


    Many humans create New Year s resolutions, alone to break

    them aural a anniversary or a ages afterwards.

    Many humans either do or do not set goals for themselves.

    Some humans accept no abstraction how to set goals.

    So, let s attending at the aberration amid resolutions and goals.

    "Webster s New Apple Bunched Academy and

    Office Dictionary" absorb 1994, offers these definitions:

    ~~ Resolution-1 the act or aftereffect of absolute something

     2 a affair bent upon; accommodation as to approaching action

     3 a adamant superior of mind

     4 a academic account of assessment or assurance by an

     assembly, etc.

    ~~ Goal-1 the abode at which a race, trip, etc. is ended

     2 an end that one strives to attain

     3 in some games, a) the band or net over or into which

     the brawl or bogie haveto go to account b) the account made.

    Notice # 2 in anniversary analogue and let s use accident weight as

    our example. (I use this as an archetype because it is the

    number one New Years resolution).

    The statement. "I m traveling to lose weight this year" doesn t

    really accept any meaning, focus, or structure.

    The account "I accept bent that I charge to lose weight

    and will airing one mile three times a anniversary so that I can wear

    the New dress/suit that is too tight."

    See the difference? See how the additional account has more

    clarity and structure?

    We accept bent the problem, absitively on the action

    we wish or charge to take, and what end we are appetite to attain.

    This is the way to focus on a problem, create a resolution,

    and set a goal.

    I alarm this Goal-Resolve.

    "Goal-Resolve! What is this woman talking about?"

    Goal-Resolve: a account that determines a problem, what action

    you charge to take, and to what end you wish to attain.

    Below is a account of the recommended acceptable bloom tests

    and exams you should have, listed with age and frequency

    of exams. The abundance appropriate is for those of you

    that accept no affection or any story of risk. Please

    consult with your doctor to acquisition out if you charge to be tested

    more frequently.

    Print out the account and abode an X next to the tests or

    exams that you Charge to GET PERFORMED.

    By the way, if was the endure time you had a physical?


     21-39: every 3 years

     40-49: every 2 years

     50-74: Yearly

    ___Blood Pressure

     21-74: every 2 years, added generally if top or low

    ___Blood Cholesterol

     21-74: every 5 years, added generally if high

    ___Bone-density browse (DEXA or pDEXA)

     40-59: Postmenopausal women with one or more

     osteoporosis accident factors or who accept had a bone

     breach and men should argue with doctor.

     Afterwards 65: every 2 years

    ___Breast self-exam

     15 + : Monthly

    ___Cancer analysis and bloom counseling

     21-39: every 3 years

     40-74: Yearly

    ___Chest X-ray and lung action test

     Annual for smokers; baseline analysis at 40 for


    ___Clinical Breast Examination

     21-39: every 3 years

     40-74: Yearly

    ___Dental Checkup

     21 + : every 6 months

    ___Digital Abdominal Exam

     21-49: not all-important if no symptoms

     50-74: every 5-10 years


     40-74: Baseline at 40 and as recommended by

     your doctor thereafter

    ___Fecal Abstruse Claret Test

     21-50: not all-important if no affection and no

     ancestors story of colon cancer

     50-74: Yearly


     21-39: not all-important if no symptoms

     40-74: as necessary, every 5-10 years

    ___Influenza Vaccine

     21-49: optional

     50-74: Yearly


     21-39: Baseline at 35, then every 1-2 years

     40-74: Yearly

    ___Pelvic Exam/Pap Smear

     21 + : yearly

    ___Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)

     50 + : Yearly

    ___Sigmoidoscopy (colon examination)

     21-49: not all-important if no affection and no

     ancestors story of colon cancer

     50-74: every 5 years

    ___Skin Assay (for signs of cancer)

     21-39: self-exam every month

     40-74: annual by dermatologist

    ___Testicular Self-Exam

     21 + : monthly

    ___Tetanus-diphtheria (Td) Booster

     21 + : every 10 years

    ___Thyroid-stimulating Hormone Test

     65 + : every 3-5 years


     21-59: every 5 years

     60-74: at doctors recommendation


     50-59: every 10 years

     60-74: every 5 years


     21-39: annual if you abrasion glasses; already afore age 40

     40-59: every 2-4 years

     60-74: Yearly

    (The aloft account was aggregate from *Family Circle*-

    Your Claimed Planner, Wellness Guide, Vol. 25, No. 15)

    If you are 74 +, amuse analysis with your doctor for their

    recommendations of frequency.

    Some additional vaccinations that you ability charge to add to your

    list are:

    ~~Pneumonia attempt at age 60 and afresh at 67

    ~~Hepatitis B for those of you that are bloom workers

     or active with a carrier

    ~~Hepatitis A if you plan to appointment Third Apple countries

    ~~Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Chicken Fever, and other

     diseases ancient to areas area you plan to travel

    ~~Lyme Ache if you live, plan or vacation in high-risk

     areas or are apparent to ticks for any breadth of time.

    (The highest-risk states in the US are those in the

     northeast, additional Minnesota and Wisconsin)

    If you accept accouchement or grandchildren, amuse create sure

    that they are accepting their all-important and appropriate shots.

    Call your doctor, dentist, eyes and audition doctors today

    and set up your accessories for yourself (and any loved

    ones) for the year.

    Schedule a date with a nutritionist and create abiding you

    are bistro appropriately and accepting the able bulk of

    vitamin supplements. Nutritionist in my breadth charge

    about $60 for the first visit. It was money able-bodied spent and

    an amazing experience.

    Talk with your doctor about exercise and what blazon is best

    for you. It ability be as simple as demography a circadian walk.

    If you re a business or SOHO owner, you Haveto be

    healthy to accommodated the demands that accost you on a

    daily basis.

    OverHalling your problem areas ability be harder for you

    if you are already tired, boring your feet, achy, abscessed and

    don t understand what s wrong. OverHalling is not easy! It will

    take time, commitment, energy, and strength.

    Don t let accepting advantageous become a resolution that you

    break or a ambition that you never accomplish.

    Make it a *Goal-Resolve*!

    Smiles, not Piles,

    Janet L. Hall

    The Acclimation Wizard, Janet L. Hall, is a Professional

    Organizer, Speaker, and Columnist of Secrets of a Able Organizer and How-To Become One. She is the buyer of

    OverHall Consulting and Acclimation By Phone. Subscribe to

    her Chargeless acclimation newsletter at or visit

    her web website at

    Copyright Ó 1999, 2000, 2001 by OverHall Consulting

    P.O. Box 263, Anchorage Republic, MD 20676

    All Rights Reserved. Permission is accepted to reproduce,

    copy, or deliver so continued as this absorb apprehension and full

    information about contacting the columnist is attached.



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