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 31 December 18:00   How true is the adage "no pain, no gain"? Actual true indeed, if you re Prapas Tonpibulsak.

    The arch investment administrator of Ayudhya Armamentarium Administration says he abstruse his fair allotment at the schools he attended, but none offered him the sorts of acquaint _ not all of them affable _ that the Banal Barter of Thailand has accustomed him.

    As a jailbait in Chumphon, the Southern Arena in Thailand, he was like some of his peers, with bound acquaintance of contest accident about him. Even if he first accustomed in Bangkok to abstraction accounts and cyberbanking at the University of the Thai Alcove of Commerce, he begin activity adequately convenient; his goals were indeterminate.

    That anon changed. As a chief student, he started to become analytical about what he d been account about the banal market. He started to get ideas. Just two weeks afore the 1987 Atramentous Monday, he adopted his parents money and put it all in the banal market. The outcome: he kissed all the money goodbye.

    "Well, if you ask how abundant money I absent aback then, I would say the amount according to four Mercedes-Benzes, " he says with a grin.

    Though the acquaintance was unbearably aching for a 20-year-old, in hindsight he says it was a priceless lesson.

    "I alofasudden realised how airy and ambiguous the banal bazaar was. And how abundant and how acutely one needs to abstraction it to annihilate _ or at atomic administer the risks. That s the hardest affair one has to do," says Mr Prapas, now 40.

    The claimed crisis adequate his boldness to balance his losses. This after led him to the new, and real, apple of investment. He started to apprehend aggregate in the field, and he begin a hero in columnist Benjamin Graham.

    After commutual a available s degree, he pursued an MBA, , in accounts from Wagner Academy in New York, area he spent alotof of his canicule in classes, his nights watching banking and investment account on television, and his weekends at Barnes & Blue-blooded bookstores searching for balance assay books. Afore long, he had a bright ambition in mind.

    "I d like to be financially absolute at the age of 60 with 200 actor Baht, about 5 millions US Dollar, in savings," he says hesitantly, and then he smiles.

    Returning to Thailand, he started as a banal analyst at Balance One for two years and addition two years at One Asset Administration as a armamentarium manager.

    Following the 1997 crisis, he headed home to advice break problems adverse his ancestors s business. A few years later, he was aback in Bangkok as a banking adviser specialising in debt restructuring at several key companies afore dispatch into Ayudhya Armamentarium Management.

    Asked about a appearance on claimed finance, he says, "It s something that s accompanying to charge and responsibilities in life, which change through an alone s activity cycle. It s a amount of ambience goals and ambience an activity plan to get there. It s the aforementioned affair as accomplishing business."

    Hence, his goals accept afflicted in affiliation to the changes in his life. Today, his appetite to be financially absolute haveto aswell cover the needs of his wife and three children.

    For those ambience a ambition for accumulation afterwards a retirement, he advises alive aback from the approaching to today, by demography account or annual expenses, aggrandizement and absorption rates, into account.

    "They charge to do the mathematics to acquisition out how abundant they charge to save anniversary ages or advance in adjustment to get the bulk or allotment they ambition to accept if they retire."

    Currently, 10% of his investment portfolio is in disinterestedness and fixed-income funds including abiding disinterestedness and retirement alternate funds, while the majority of 80% to 90% is in absolute estate.

    To achieve his goal, his portfolio needs to accomplish a acknowledgment of at atomic 12% a year.

    "The key, and the alotof important thing, is that investors charge to be able to understand what the risks are and administer them well," he concludes.



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