How To About-face Non-Deductible Commuting Breadth Into A Accepted Business Amount

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 31 December 18:00   

    How To About-face Non-Deductible Commuting Breadth Into A Accepted Business Expense   by Wayne M. Davies

    Tax Tidbits:

    Presented by Wayne M. Davies of

    Short but candied nuggets for the Baby Biz Buyer and/or

    Self-Employed Person, anniversary bait confined up a specific tax

    reduction action affirmed to amuse your budgetary


    The U.S. Tax Cipher is so big, there s alone one way to

    digest it: one little crumb at a time.

    Just like a section of candy, one Baby chaw of tax

    knowledge can accord you one actual adorable deduction!


    Tax Tidbit #1:

    How To About-face Non-Deductible Commuting Breadth Into A

    Legitimate Business Expense

    -- by Wayne M. Davies

    Copyright 2003 Wayne M. Davies Inc.


    For alotof folks, commuting breadth is a non-deductible

    expense -- unless you understand the little tax ambush I m

    about to reveal.

    The non-deductibility of driver afar is painfully

    true for the agent who fights blitz hour cartage every


    twice a day, for 5 to 10 hours a week.

    All that hassle, and what does he accept to appearance for it?

    Just gas money down the drain, not to acknowledgment the wear

    and breach on both his car and his stress-o-meter.

    You can abstract around all your mileage, including the


    you log from your home to the appointment or additional abode of

    business, if you accommodated the afterward two criteria:

    1. You are a Baby business buyer or self-employed

    person, and

    2. You accept two offices or plan locations: one alfresco the

    home (Office #1) and one central the home (Office #2).

    Having two offices is actual accepted for today s self-employed

    professional. The abundance owner, the shopkeeper, the salesman,

    the plumber, the adviser -- all these association are

    typically self-employed and accept two offices:

    one area they accommodated with the accessible (Office #1), the other

    at home, area they get their paperwork done (Office #2).

    Here s how it works:

    Every day you get up and "go to work." But you don t

    get in the car and drive to Appointment #1 appropriate away. If you

    did that, even as a self-employed person, you would be

    racking up non-deductible commuting miles, just like the


    Instead, you grab a cup of coffee and arch to Appointment #2


    which takes all of 30 seconds.

    After alive in Appointment #2 for awhile, then you hop in

    the car and arch to Appointment #1, area you plan for the bulk

    of the day.

    Then, if you re done at Appointment #1, you get aback in the

    car and go "home" -- except if you get central your

    house, you don t arch for the active room, you go straight

    to Appointment #2, area you accomplishment up your circadian routine

    with a few final account of paperwork.

    What accept you just done?

    You circadian round-trip "commute" is now a business deduction,

    due to a simple tax artifice that says:

    Any afar apprenticed amid two business locations are

    deductible business miles.

    The actuality that one of those two locations just happens to be

    your Home Appointment is accomplished and capital with the IRS.

    By afterward this avenue anniversary day, you can save hundreds,

    even bags of dollars in taxes.

    The affidavit is in the pudding:

    Your round-trip "commute" is 20 afar per day.

    20 afar X 5 canicule = 100 afar per week.

    100 afar per anniversary X 50 weeks = 5,000 afar per year.

    5,000 business afar X .36 cents = $1,800 deduction

    So, you just got yourself a nice $1,800 answer --

    a answer that you ve apparently been advantaged to

    for years but didn t understand it.

    $1,800 answer X 32% assets tax amount = $576 in actual

    tax accumulation (27% federal assets tax + 5% accompaniment assets tax)

    Five-hundred and seventy-six bucks. . . every year. . .

    . . . Hmm, mmm, good! Now that s a appetizing little morsel!



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