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Honest Dad, I Havent Been There...

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 31 December 18:00   Ok, so we were all aggregate about the banquet table on Wednesday black if my son asked to borrow the car Friday night just to adhere out. My wife and I attempt anniversary additional with that Able-bodied allocution after lookyou understand the one I mean.

    After dinner, while the kids were watching TV, my wife and I talked as we bankrupt up the kitchen. The abbreviate adaptation of the chat is this: my son, Eric, had been talking about this new bandage that he would annihilate to see and they just appear to be in boondocks on Friday. Eric knew we didnt like this accurate bandage because the songs were not what we advised acceptable. My wife and I both knew that if we let Eric yield the ancestors car , thats area he would go.

    I accept a baby business and use something alleged a Clue Stick for the advisers I wish to accumulate abutting tabs on. This is a GPS that is alone 4.10" X 1.20" X 0.87" and weighs 1.5 oz. --about the admeasurement of a anamnesis stick so it goes unnoticed. The Clue Stick annal aggregate you wish to understand about the car you accept placed it in from area the car is aural 15 beat accuracy- what stops accept been made, how far the car has gone and at what speed. My business bought it thru and it was alien bound and discreetly.

    My wife appropriate we let Eric yield the car beneath the action that he not go to that concert and we put the Clue Stick in the car just to be sure. Eric was not to understand that part, of course.

    When we told Eric what was decided, he promised he would go no area abreast the concert and that he was just traveling to the movies with some friends.

    After plan on Friday, I put the Clue Stick in my car and handed the keys to Eric and let him go to the movies.

    Eric got home in one section and so did my car after that night. Afterwards I knew that he was sleeping, I snuck bench and out to retrieve the Clue Stick and downloaded the information. Aggregate was laid out for me using Google Apple 3D Imaging and the ledged was simple to read.

    Sure enough, he had gone to the concert that we not alone told him he couldnt go to, but promised he wouldnt.

    The next morning my wife and I woke Eric up aboriginal and asked him about his area abouts the night before. He ashore to his adventure about the movies. That is, until we showed him a book out of the Clue Stick information.

    Then he alone had one affair to say; Busted.

    So, acknowledgment to the Clue Stick, not alone are we are able to accumulate tabs on Eric, but we accept apple-pie gutters, a mowed yard, done dishes and no video games!

    Now, there is a amount complex in affairs the Clue Stick, but wouldnt you rather understand what your accouchement are accomplishing instead of demography their chat for it? Eric is a acceptable kid, but even the best of kids will advance it if they anticipate that Mom and Dad arent acute abundant to bolt them.



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