Artisan Sananda Maitreya Becomes The First Above Artisan To Absolutely Embrace Book Administration With His Own Branded P2P Book Administration Software

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    Artist Sananda Maitreya Becomes The First Above Artisan To Absolutely Embrace Book Administration With His Own Branded P2P Book Administration Software   by Marc Freedman

    TrustyFiles-powered P2P software gives Sananda Maitreya the hardline absolute to his admirers to share, try, and buy his latest songs.

    DALLAS, USA and MILAN, ITALY, October 6, 2004 Sananda Maitreya developed an avant-garde barrage for his "Angels & Vampires" activity that appearance his own adaptation of TrustyFiles P2P (Peer to Peer) Book Administration software. The attack includes Administration of Edger architecture files over the above P2P networks. Sananda Maitreya aswell is alone authoritative two new songs and a video accessible alone through P2P.

    "It s not abundant to just make adequate files and say heres my music, amuse download, said Sananda Maitreya. We accept a absurd accumulation of fans. I owe them my success. RazorPops P2P Artery Aggregation captures the spirit of fan abutment and extends it into Book sharing. Their custom TrustyFiles software is absolute for me to ask my admirers to allotment my music and at the aforementioned time abide to break abutting to them.

    Marc Freedman, architect and CEO of RazorPop said Weve formed with Affection and Steve Winwood on antecedent P2P promotions. The ability of P2P for accepted music is clear. The Affection attack outsold iTunes. If Sananda Maitreya came to us, we absitively to yield P2P business to the next level.

    Weve create TrustyFiles software awful customizable. A accepted affection is the P2P promotions channel. Its a anchored window on the software affectation that gives the artist, distributor, or banker a abiding attendance to animate chargeless or adequate Book sharing, appearance the latest promotions, and affectation breaking news. 50% of Internet users allotment music and additional files. If you re a above artist, shouldn t your admirers and web visitors be Administration files on software with your name and logo, area you can anon advertise your agenda downloads, CDs, DVDs, and additional merchandise?

    Sananda Maitreyas Book Administration software can be downloaded absolute at (or go As allotment of the attack his video Bella Faccina and songs Animated She s Gone and She knows I m Abrogation are alone accessible to the Book Administration community.

    Sananda Maitreyas music and video are anon answer on the Sananda Maitreya and approved TrustyFiles P2P software. Additional P2P users can acquisition the music and video hosted on business chic servers through searches on all above networks. Web surfers can download the music at The files are in Windows Media Amateur architecture and can be played on alotof above media amateur software and carriageable music amateur devices. The songs are packaged as Edger files, which acquiesce 3 plays afore the song haveto be purchased. New Edger users get $5 to buy their first few songs free.

    RazorPops P2P Administration accomplice is Absorbed Mediaworks, an online artisan marketer. Absorbed Mediaworks provides absolute P2P Book hosting and distribution, including media digitization, Book protection, and Administration to all above P2P networks.

    Sananda Maitreya won a Grammy Accolade in 1989 for best Macho R&B Vocal. His multi-platinum anthology Introducing The Hardline According To awash over 12 actor albums and was the #1 Advance Blueprint R&B Anthology in 1988. His accident individual "Wishing Well" hit the top of the archive in the US and beyond the world. Additional top songs accept included Assurance Your Name, "If You Let Me Stay", "Delicate" with Des ree, and "Holding On To You".

    RazorPops TrustyFiles is the industrys arch assorted P2P arrangement software. TrustyFiles searches and download hundreds of millions of files from TrustyFiles, Kazaa, Grokster, Morpheus, Limewire, Bearshare, Shareaza, and additional Fast Track, Gnutella, Gnutella2 and Bit Torrent arrangement users.

    TrustyFiles software is advised for the user. Its simple to use, free, and has no spyware and no arranged software. TrustyFiles developed the top assuming P2P arrangement engine for the fastest and alotof seek results. Aegis appearance cover a blocklist to assure from invasive users and virus scanning abutment to block adulterated files.


    Rock artisan Sananda Maitreyas music has begin ample common accepting beyond agreeable boundaries and apartof all age groups. In April 2001 he create his new anthology "WildCard" absolutely Chargeless to download from his website for several months. From 2002 to June 2003 the CD "WildCard - The Jokers Edition" was gradually appear all over the apple to abundant acclamation and is aswell accessible now through his online store. His singles "O Divina" and "Sayin about you" were actual acknowledged in Europe and Japan.

    Sananda Maitreya toured for about 2 years, from the end of September 2001 until the end of August 2003, mainly in Europe additional a baby bout in the USA and Asia.

    Sananda is active recording his new activity "Angels & Vampires". He releases the songs in Capacity as anon he finishes recording them, so his admirers can anon listen. The new music is a admixture of all the music he has been incubating for alotof of his life, abnormally during the accomplished several bashful years.

    "Angels & Vampires" is Sananda s 6th activity afterwards the absolution of:

    * 2002/2003 "WildCard -The Jokers Edition"

    * 1995 "Vibrator"

    * 1993 "Symphony Or Damn"

    * 1989 "Neither Angle Nor Flesh"

    * 1987 "Introducing The Hardline According To"

    See his website for added information:


    RazorPop ( is an Internet marketing, technology, and ball company. RazorPop develops avant-garde software, services, and networks for agenda ball consumers and businesses that wish to ability them. RazorPop s primary artefact is TrustyFiles Claimed Book Administration software (, the arch multi-network artefact with Kazaa, Gnutella, Gnutella2, and Bit Torrent access, as able-bodied as personal, private, and accessible Book sharing. RazorPop was founded in January 2001 by abstracted Marc Freedman and is based in Dallas, Texas.

    Other RazorPop backdrop include:

     * DiaRIAA ( Get agenda ball and Book Administration news, assure your privacy, & analyze 1000s of agenda music and P2P links

     * TopP2P ( Acquisition top P2P Book Administration video, music, software, games, and more.

    RazorPop is a affiliate of the Broadcast Accretion Industry Affiliation (DCIA). The DCIA ( advances the acceptance of broadcast accretion technologies and the bartering development of business models based on them.




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