Youve Got The Power, Why Arent You Announcement It?

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 31 December 18:00   You ve Got The Power, Why Aren t You Announcement It?

     Like all things, annexation is theft, ache loves company, abrogating humans are everywhere, business is sometimes bad, things go up and others go down.

    If those are all true then ability is ability right? Wrong, ability is alone ability if applied. So why is it that alotof of us alone administer "commercialized" business approach and abort to advance the little being that counts?

    For instance, Google allows us to advance 2 url s, &

    So ok. Annihilation new...

    Then why aren t you announcement the ability Google gave to you?

    See there s some of us who understand that abacus a hotlink to both url s aural our sites is a able thing. But what alotof of us don t understand is that you can t just artlessly add both url s and apprehend acceptable results!

    You can t just wish airheaded after poping the corn!

    What you wish to do is accord 2 url s and 2 Key Phrases. That s it, there it is! So if you advance your capital page twice,

    re: &

    .. Then you wish to accord Google 2 key phrases for both urls seperately aural your appellation tag.

    Don t stop there though, try utilizing both key phrases appropriately aural your description tag, alt tags, H1 tags and aural a allocation of your text.

    Here are the after-effects of your efforts:

    So the next time Google searches your site, it now has added aliment then afore and you infact didn t accept to do too much. Your seek agreement accept now angled for 2 urls pointing to the aforementioned information.

    Have fun with this and remember, seek engines don t like spam approach and neither do your visitors, so play safe and stick to the rules!



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