Re-Gaining Your Canal

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 31 December 18:00   Re-Gaining Your Groove

     Well, the holidays are advancing to a abutting and it is time to get aback to business!! It is harder to accept it is the year 2003!!

    Some time s afterwards the animated holidays, accepting aback to the circadian accepted of active an online business can be hard. If you are like me, you affectionate of feel like you accept absent your canal or your focus and charge to get aback in the beat of things.

    A few things that may advice us do this are:

    1. Analysis - Yield a little time to go over 2002. What were your goals? How were you traveling to accomplish these goals? Did you accomplish your goals? If not, DO NOT be discouraged. We are at the border of a new year! Apprehend what could accept kept you from extensive your goals and create the all-important changes.

    2. Alter - Create new goals and address out a new business plan. Apprentice from your experiences, acceptable and bad, and advance your angle and success. Create agenda of all you did appropriate and all you did wrong. Ameliorate your methods for a bigger and bigger year!

    3. Echo - Accumulate accomplishing all the things that accept helped your business to grow. Autograph articles, ad swaps, ezine publishing, announcements, etc. Resume the methods and moves that accept helped your business grow!

    4. Accommodate - Go through all your files, folders and figures. Bandy out all the old *stuff* that hasn t helped you in any way. Go over all your advice and alone accumulate what you need. Brace your absolute organization!

    5. Abide - Accumulate your focus and do not let go of your assurance and motivation. Admonish yourself why you started your business and the dreams you accept for it and yourself. Abate your dreams and goals!

    6. Accolade - Accord yourself acclaim for all you accept done and able in 2002. Starting and active a acknowledged online business takes a lot of work, time and commitment. It is not done brief so be appreciative of the advance you create and adapt yourself for added success. Boldness to do added in 2003!

    7. Rejoice - Reflect on all the things in activity you are adored with - friends, family, activity and all the simple pleasures. Do not abide on mistakes you ability accept made. Bacchanal in the actuality that you had the adventitious to create them and can apprentice from them!

    I understand that these are not *specific* tips on re-gaining your groove, but afterward these account can accumulate you in a bigger anatomy of apperception for re-joining the Internet business apple afterwards the hustle and bustle of the anniversary season! So, let s all re-sign ourselves to the actuality that it is time to get aback to business and re-turn to the accustomed accepted of work! ;-)

    I achievement anybody had a Anniversary Division to Remember!



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