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    Promoting Your product? Action a chargeless ecourse from your web site...

    Radhika Venkata (c).

    Ecourse is a alternation of emails beatific to the subscribers at a defined

    interval. This can be accomplished by a chase up autoresponder software

    that can be loaded with email letters and it sends the letters at

    specified intervals.

    Tips in creating an ecourse:

    1. Create your ecourse abbreviate like 5 - 10 messages. Too some letters makes

    the subscriber lose his focus. If accessible accumulate links to antecedent email


    2. Bisect the affair in to 5 - 10 subtopics. Archetype if you are sending a

    search engine enhancement course, then you can bisect your affair like-

    = Day 1: Seek engine affable urls

    = Day 2: Bond from and aural your website

    = Day 3: Keywords and Metatags

    = Day 4: How and area to put content

    = And so on....

    3. Create a arrangement for the ecourse. So you can just accumulate agreeable to save

    it as day1, day2 etc. Put subscriber advice on top like his email, ip, date

    he subscribed etc. This way you will be adored from accusations of spam.

    4. Consistently accord some acceptable advice or advantageous agreeable or tips through your

    ecourse. This develops your credibility. Humans anticipate that you understand your


    5. Accumulate your resourcebox at the end of anniversary message. Accommodate a abatement for

    people who apprehend your ecourse. Put some auspicious words like "Want to get

    hold of this absolutely works and accurate secrets of seek engine

    optimization?" ... "20 times of this ecourse for a bare $39.95?"

    6. Amount them in to your chase up autoresponder at 1 or 2 day interval.

    Don t put too abundant gap amid the messages. Subscribe yourself or if

    your autoresponder software has an adeptness to forward the all letters to

    you atonce and see all the links, architecture and blueprint looks OK.

    7. Endure but not atomic is, baddest the affair for the ecoure that is Accompanying

    to your artefact or service. If you are affairs your seek engine

    optimization service, address an ecourse about Tips on listed in internet

    directories like dmoz. or Secrets of Google seek results. etc.



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