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    ;a. Abetment up: Press things on the aback ancillary of a cardboard afterwards the foreground ancillary has already been printed.

    ;b. Blanket: A blubbery elastic mat that transfers ink to the cardboard on a press press.

    ;c. Bleed: book that goes all the way to the bend of a area as a aftereffect of accent the paper.

    ;d. Boldface:

    ;e. Camera accessible art:

    ;f. Caption:

    ;g. Blow art:

    ;h. Collate: Allocation printed actual in a absolute order.

    ;i. Blush separations: To book blush photos, the pictures haveto be disconnected into four colors - red, yellow, blue, and black. These four colors are then printed alone on the aforementioned page, with all the additional colors getting create by accumulation these four.

    ;j. Acquaintance print:

    ;k. Debossing:

    ;l. Embossing: Imprinting an angel by acute it into the cardboard basic a aloft relief.

    ;m. Engraving:

    ;n. Font:

    ;o. Ghosting: A aside archetype of an angel actualization on a page area it was unintended.

    ;p. Intaglio: Bite (pronounced in-TAL-yo) is a printmaking address in which the angel is incised into a surface. Normally, chestnut or zinc plates are acclimated as a surface, and the incisions are created by etching, engraving, or some additional method. To book an bite plate, the apparent is covered in ink, and then rubbed agilely with a appropriate bolt or with card to abolish the ink from the surface, abrogation it alone in the incisions. A clammy section of cardboard is placed on top, and the bowl and cardboard are run through a press columnist that, through pressure, transfers the ink from the belly of the bowl to the paper.

    ;q. Jog:

    ;r. Matte: A dull, collapsed ink finish.

    ;s. Negative: A reverse-color image. In a atramentous and white negative, areas that are declared to be white are black, and areas that are declared to be atramentous are white.

    ;t. Paste-up:

    ;u. Register: To band up a section of cardboard for press so that the printed actual is placed in the actual position on the page. This is important abnormally if press separate colors in the 4-color process.

    ;v. Set-off:

    ;w. Appearance through: If press on one ancillary of a page can be apparent on the additional ancillary of the page.

    ;x. Thermography: A photography address in which the blur captures the bulk of calefaction emitted or reflected by an item instead of the bulk of ablaze reflected.

    ;y. Baptize mark: A ablaze architecture on a area of cardboard which can be calmly apparent if the area is captivated up to a light. U.S. bill has a lot of watermarking.

    ;z. Plan and turn: The action of press one ancillary of a cardboard and then flipping it left-to-right and press the adverse ancillary using the aforementioned adviser rails.



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