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 10 October 16:50   This class contains drafts for Wikibooks behavior and guidelines.

    Proposals are appointed by agreement at the top of the draft. The arrangement adds the page automatically to this category. Altercation on the angle takes abode on the abstract allocution page.

    Currently, there is a ample amount of proposals up for discussion. The association is currently traveling through these one by one by selecting a Angle of the Anniversary every Sunday and using the afterward anniversary to apply on it. This adjustment gives all proposals their adventitious to flash but does not force a accommodation at the end of the anniversary — if no accord is reached, it stays proposed or is rejected.

    This anniversary chose a aggregate of two behavior that overlap on their subject:

    See their Altercation pages and the for more.

    Some proposals are added burning than others. Beneath are some arresting candidates listed. Altercation on these accord on this categorys .



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