Addition Abacus Fractions

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    Before we go into fractions, lets accept a anticipate about what accession is. Acknowledgment these absolutely simple questions.

    Hopefully you could acknowledgment the first two, but you ability accept had agitation with the third. Why? Because we deceit add up two altered things! However, afore we add them up, we can change them into something else. We can say that 6 birds are absolutely just 6 animals, and 2 elephants are absolutely 2 animals, so now

    :::6 birds + 2 elephants = 8 animals.

    You apparently did all this in your arch after even cerebration about it - so what has it all got to do with fractions?

    To add or decrease two fractions, you first charge to change the two fractions so that they accept the aforementioned type. The simplest way to do this is to accumulate the numerator and denominator of anniversary atom by the denominator of the other.

    For instance,

frac + frac = frac + frac = frac + frac = frac = frac

    A added avant-garde way is to use the LCM of the denominators, which will be explained after in this section. Then you can add or decrease the numerators and put the accepted denominator as the denominator of the solution.



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