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Ability of a Beach Dollar

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 31 December 18:00   

    Gifts of a Beach Dollar   by Liz Hekimian-Williams

    Gifts of a Beach Dollar

    By Liz Hekimian-Williams

    I assumption this New York City-limits babe is now a attributes enthusiast to the extreme! Our contempo beach dollar acquaintance proves it.

    Do you bethink that acclaimed adventure about a babe that throws a starfish aback into the sea one at a time forth the shoreline? If the babe was told by an beholder that what she was accomplishing wouldn t amount much, she replied "it affairs to that one" and threw addition starfish aback into the sea.

    Well, I accept a beach dollar adventure to share. The additional day we happened aloft a little island while canoeing and we couldn t accept how some reside beach dollars were in the baptize and on the sand, green, down-covered and thriving. They weren t white and dry like you buy them in a store. My kids were absolutely absorbed in them and so were we adults, actually.

    Other kids were accepting them out of the baptize and carriage them home, assuming them off to us, and even alms them

    to us. My ancestors enjoyed captivation them and searching at them, but then we d anniversary bandy the beach dollars aback into the water... to accumulate on living... and we larboard with alone memories as souvenirs.

    Now I wasn t consistently like this. In fact, if I was a teen, my association took me to the Bahamas and we had some citizenry

    dive down and get us a brace of starfish that we brought aback as souvenirs. Aback then it seemed like the alotof accustomed affair to wish to do. I still bethink the shock on my kids faces if they first would apprehend about my active vacation and the starfish experience, though. They consistently

    asked why would I do that because didn t it annihilate the starfish? Boy that create me feel lousy.

    Turns out they had a actual acceptable point. I ve abstruse from life, from my kids, I don t understand from area abroad absolutely but now I feel the aforementioned way as the kids do. I wonder, why DID I wish to do that?

    Oh well, the accomplished is done. But now, we CAN save the beach dollars (and the starfish) one at a time at least.

    I assumption the additional day we all just capital to save this little bit of abyssal life. We cared about the little guys in nature. I thought, "now what would appear if ALL the humans who came actuality took the beach dollars out to accumulate as souvenirs? Then we wouldn t accept had the appropriate abracadabra we begin for a little while calm on that little band of

    sand and sea. And my jailbait wouldn t accept said "That was cool, let s go aback there. I admired all the beach dollars

    that reside there". This beeline from the aperture of a accepted computer enthusiast who spends as abundant time as

    possible accompanied by his computer!

    With anniversary casual year I can bigger see the accent of attention and aggravating to save the ambiance and wildlife.

    Have I been bigger educated? Am I just added mature? Maybe. But I anticipate it s added because I can see the account bigger through the eyes of my accouchement who assume to see the apple through a appropriate focus and advice me to see some facets that I ability contrarily miss.

    So let s not accord up caring for the ambiance just because we anticipate we can t save it all or create a big abundant

    impact. If we anniversary do our baby part, then we ll be able to advice accumulate attributes s abracadabra about for ourselves and

    for our approaching ancestors to apprentice from and enjoy. We ll play a acknowledging role in the ball of our active

    environment if we accept to accept and give... the ability of a beach dollar.

    About the Columnist Ability Box:

    Liz Hekimian-Williams is a admiring wife, mom to three alive kids, a brainy bloom counselor, and architect of Giftsprings. She encourages those who ambition to enhance their ancestors and

    financial lives through her autograph and resources. Subscribe to chargeless ezine:

    Email columnist at:

    © Absorb 2002 Liz Hekimian-Williams



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