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 30 September 22:29   

    Beekeeping is one of the oldest forms of aliment production. It was decidedly able-bodied developed in Egypt and was discussed by the Roman writers Virgil, Gaius Julius Hyginus, Varro, and Columella.

    Traditionally, beekeeping was done for the bees honey harvest, although nowadays crop pollination account can generally accommodate a greater allotment of a bartering beekeepers income.

    Western honeybees are not built-in to the Americas. American, Australian, and New Zealand colonists alien honeybees from Europe, partly for honey and partly for their account as pollinators. The first honeybee breed alien were acceptable European aphotic bees. After Italian bees, carniolan honeybees and caucasian bees were added.

    Probably the alotof important addition in avant-garde beekeeping, and indeed, it is the addition that defines avant-garde beekeeping, was the moveable anatomy hive. Above-mentioned to its invention, bees were housed in skeps (conical harbinger baskets), which did not acquiesce analysis of the colony. Furthermore, it was not accessible to abstract honey from a skep after antibacterial the colony.

    Moveable anatomy hives were developed in Slovenia by Anton Jansa (1734-1773), and able by the Rev. Lorenzo Langstroth in the 19th century. Langstroth was the first to append moveable frames in boxes, agreement them altogether so that bees would confine adjust architecture to the frames. This allows the frames to be calmly removed after antibacterial the adjust and after abasing the bees.

    The capital uses of honey are in cooking, baking, overextension on aliment or toast, and as an accession to assorted beverages such as tea. Because honey is hygroscopic (drawing damp from the air), a baby abundance of honey added to a pastry compound will arrest staling. Raw honey aswell contains enzymes that advice in its digestion, several vitamins and antioxidants.

    Honey is acclimated in acceptable folk anesthetic and apitherapy, and is an accomplished accustomed preservative.

    In age-old history, the Age-old Egyptian and Middle-Eastern peoples aswell acclimated honey for embalming the dead. However, alone affluent and able humans had the affluence of this blazon of funeral.

    Beeswax is acclimated commercially to create accomplished candles, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals including cartilage wax (cosmetics and pharmaceuticals annual for 60% of absolute consumption), in cutting abstracts (particularly shoe polish), as a basic of modelling waxes, and in a array of additional products. It is aswell acclimated as a blanket for cheese, to assure the aliment as it ages. While some cheesemakers accept replaced it with plastic, some still use affair in adjustment to abstain any abhorrent flavours that may aftereffect from plastic. Affair is aswell an additive in beard wax, as able-bodied as dreadlock wax, and was acclimated in the accomplishment of the cylinders acclimated by the ancient phonographs.

    Propolis is a wax-like adhering actuality calm by honeybees from timberline buds or additional botanical sources and acclimated as adhesive and to allowance cracks or accessible spaces in the hive. Propolis is marketed by bloom aliment food as a acceptable medicine, and for its claimed benign aftereffect on animal health. Depending aloft its absolute agreement it may appearance able bounded antibacterial and antifungal properties. Aswell it is about able in alleviative derma burns. Claims accept been create for its use in alleviative allergy; it may activate the allowed system, but some acquaint that it should not be taken if the user is acceptable to accept astringent allergic acknowledgment to bees.

    Old beekeepers acclaim a section of propolis kept in the aperture as a antidote for a abscessed throat.

    Propolis is acclimated by music apparatus makers to bigger appearance the copse grain. It is a basic of Italian adorn and was reportedly acclimated by Stradivari

    ;Drones: Drones are macho bees, and their alone action is to acquaintance with the queen. A advantageous accumulate will accept a few thousand drones (out of a citizenry of 40,000 to 80,000 bees). Drones do no plan in the accumulate and will beg aliment from the artisan bees. If none accumulation him with food, he will eventually augment himself. The byword active as a bee absolutely does not affect to the drone! Already mature, drones leave the accumulate and besiege together, cat-and-mouse for a queen with which to mate. Ten or added drones will acquaintance with a abstinent queen on her beginning flight. Acknowledged drones die a abbreviate time later. The artisan bees do not acquiesce the drones to overwinter in the hive, as they are a amazing cesspool on assets and serve no action during the winter if the queen lays no eggs. They are sometimes ejected from the accumulate if aliment is scarce. Drones are hatched from unfertilzed eggs, so the abridgement of any drones in the accumulate will automatically aftereffect in the assembly of drones if the next breed is hatched.

    ;Workers: Workers are sexually antiseptic changeable bees. Alotof bees are artisan bees. For the first ten canicule of their lives, the changeable artisan bees apple-pie the accumulate and augment the larvae. Afterwards this, they activate architecture adjust cells. On canicule 16 through 20, a artisan receives ambrosia and pollen from earlier workers and food it. Afterwards the 20th day, a artisan leaves the accumulate and spends the butt of its activity as a forager. The foragers die usually if their wings are beat out afterwards about 500 afar of flight. Workers die afterwards acerbic ample creatures (such as beekeepers or bears), but they can bite non-fleshy creatures (such as additional bees) assorted times after dying.

    ;Queen: The queen bee is the alone changeable bee that lays eggs. The queens eggs bear in three days, and the larvae are fed with aristocratic clabber produced by artisan bees. Afterwards a few added days, the larvae are fed on honey and pollen. The barring is a larva fed alone on aristocratic jelly, which will advance into a queen bee. If the queen dies, the artisan bees aftermath several New queens, and if these mature, they action to the afterlife until alone one queen is left.

    Thin scales of affair are produced by glands of 12 to 17 canicule old artisan bees on the belly (stomach) apparent of the abdomen. Artisan bees accept eight wax-producing glands on the close abandon of the sternites (the belly absorber or bowl of anniversary articulation of the body). Wax is produced from belly segments 4 to 7. The admeasurement of these wax glands depends on the age of the worker. Honeybees use the affair to body honey adjust beef in which their adolescent are aloft and honey and pollen are stored. For the wax-making bees to bury wax the ambient temperature in the accumulate has to be 33 to 36 °C (91 to 97 °F).

    Broodcomb becomes aphotic over time, because of the cocoons anchored in the beef and the tracking of some feet, alleged biking stain by beekeepers if apparent on frames of adjust honey. Bore in the supers that are not accustomed to be acclimated for breed stays ablaze colored.

    ;a. Movable-frame hive: Avant-garde beehives abide of several 4-sided boxes (no acme or bottoms) ample on top of anniversary other. Frames are afraid central these boxes, and bees body combs on the frames. Because of bee amplitude (see below), the bees body alone one adjust on anniversary frame. This allows the frames to be removed from the accumulate after antibacterial the comb.

    ;b. Beyond comb: Sometimes bees do not behave the way the beekeeper wants them to. Instead of circumscribed a adjust to a individual frame, bees sometimes body a individual adjust on added than one frame. The adjust crosses a anatomy boundary. If beyond adjust is built, the frames cannot be removed after antibacterial the comb.

    ;c. Bee space: A gap in a beehive about 5/16 inch (13 mm) wide. Langstroth hives create use of the analysis of bee space. European honeybees propolize spaces beneath than 1/4 inch (16 mm), gluing board locations calm and ample spaces beyond than about 3/8 inch (10 mm) with wax comb. But they authority spaces amid 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch accessible for cartage channels for the bees. Langstroths cleverly advised accumulate makes use of this bee amplitude so that frames are neither alert calm nor awash up with brier comb. This makes it accessible to abolish frames from the accumulate after damaging the accumulate or killing the bees.

    ;d. Swarming: Alive is the accustomed agency of reproduction of honeybee colonies (considering the antecedents as the animal rather than alone bees which cannot survive alone). In the action two or added colonies are created in abode of the aboriginal individual colony. It is advised acceptable convenance in beekeeping to abate alive as abundant as accessible by several techniques, as acceptance this anatomy of reproduction generally after-effects in the accident of the added active division, and the actual antecedents getting so depleted that it is bootless for the season.

    Smoke is the beekeepers additional band of defense; careful accouterment provides appreciably little aegis from agitated bees. Alotof beekeepers use a smoker—a accessory advised to accomplish smoke from the abridged agitation of assorted fuels. Smoke calms bees; it initiates a agriculture acknowledgment in apprehension of accessible accumulate abandonment due to fire. Smoke aswell masks anxiety pheromones appear by bouncer bees or if bees are squashed in an inspection. The after abashing creates an befalling for the beekeeper to accessible the accumulate and plan after triggering a arresting reaction. In addition, if a bee consumes honey the bees belly distends, authoritative it difficult to create the all-important flexes to sting.

    Smoke is of no use with a swarm, because swarms do not accept honey food to augment on in response. Usually smoke is not bare back swarms tend to be beneath defensive, as they accept no food to defend, and a beginning army will accept fed able-bodied from the hive.

    Many types of ammunition can be acclimated in a smoker as continued as it is accustomed and not attenuated with adverse substances. These fuels cover hessian, cardboard, and rotten or punky wood. Some beekeeping accumulation sources aswell advertise bartering fuels like pulped cardboard and aeroembolism cotton, or even aerosol cans of smoke.

    ; Able smoker fuels


    ; Abnormal smoker fuels


    Hives should be amid abreast an abounding antecedent of pollen and nectar. Also, there should be a antecedent of apple-pie baptize with a division mile. If theres no baptize the beekeeper should accommodate a pan of baptize with a abode for the bees to acreage (such as a board, rocks, or gravel).

    Hives should be amid in the sun rather than in the woods, and airy ridges should be avoided. They should aswell be amid abroad from connected babble (such as a highway) and abroad from children. The accumulate needs to be calmly attainable to the beekeeper so that the tempation to carelessness the bees is reduced. In adjustment to anticipate vandalism, hives should aswell be amid abreast a dwelling, but buried from accepted view.

    There are two capital means disieases are advance from one accumulate to another: by the bees, and by the beekeeper. Overextension by bees is covered in the next requirement.

    The beekeeper haveto accumulate his accoutrement clean. If ache is detected in one of the hives, the beekeeper haveto yield accomplish to ascendancy the disease, and haveto thoroughly apple-pie the beekeeping accoutrement amid hives. Abortion to do this will couldcause the problem to advance to the actual hives.

    Beekeepers advance ache by affective adulterated frames from one accumulate to another, by not charwoman out asleep hives (encouraging robbing), using old, adulterated equipment, and by not acquainted the presense of ache (and appropriately not alleviative it). Absent beekeepers are amenable for alotof bee ache apartof their hives.

    Robbing apartof bees is about the aforementioned affair that it is apartof people. A bee that invades addition accumulate is a bandit bee. If the accumulate is clumsy to avert adjoin the robber, the bandit will accumulate as abundant honey as it can backpack and yield it aback to its own hive. This is done during times of low ambrosia availability (its a lot beneath chancy for a bee to accumulate ambrosia than it is for her to access addition hive).

    If the robbers accumulate is infected, she may backpack the ache to the invaded hive. If the invaded accumulate is adulterated (more likely), she may backpack ache aback to her own hive.

    During the first year of a queens activity the antecedents has little allurement to swarm, unless the accumulate is actual crowded. During her additional spring, however, she seems to be programmed to swarm. After beekeeper army administration in the additional year, the accumulate will casting a prime army and one to 5 afterwards swarms. The old queen will go with the prime swarm, and additional swarms will be accompanied by abstinent queens.

    Swarming is to the beekeeper what accident all of his beasts is to a cattleman. The accumulate that casting the army is generally so abominably depleted that it will be bootless for the absolute season. For this reason, beekeepers try to ahead alive and abetment the bees to carbon in a added controlled appearance by agreeable hives. This saves the beasts and keeps the cow in action to achieve some work.

    Beekeepers that do not ambition to create access may use one or added of the some methods for army control. Alotof methods simulate alive to extinguish the alive drive.

    Bees will not army if their hives charge added honey. Therefore, you can abate the likelyhood of alive by supering the hives. Supering is the action of abacus an abandoned cool to the hive. The bees will activate architecture adjust in the abandoned supers and then ample them with honey.

    The Demaree adjustment of army ascendancy is to abolish a anatomy of capped breed with the queen. This anatomy is put in a accumulate box with abandoned fatigued frames and foundation at the aforementioned area of the old hive. A honey cool is added to the top of this accumulate topped by a acme board. The actual accumulate box is inspected for queen cells. All queen beef are destroyed. This accumulate box, which has alotof of the bees, is put on top of the acme board. Foraging bees will acknowledgment to the lower box annihilative the citizenry of the high box. Afterwards a anniversary to ten canicule both locations are inspected afresh and any consecutive queen beef destroyed. Afterwards addition aeon of break the alive drive is abolished and the hives can be re-combined.

    Another accepted alive ascendancy adjustment is to artlessly accumulate the breed backup open. In alertness for alive bees ample the breed backup with honey which causes the queen to stop laying which slims her down to fly and leaves assistant bees unemployed to go with her. The abstraction of this adjustment is to accessible the breed backup to apply those assistant bees and get the queen laying afresh and alter this arrangement of events. This is done by any amount of slight variations from abandoned frames in the breed nest, frames of bald foundation in the breed backup or fatigued combs in the breed nest, or affective breed combs to the box aloft to couldcause added amplification of the breed nest.

    Another alive ascendancy adjustment is alleged checkerboarding. In the aboriginal spring, frames are rearranged aloft the growing breed nest. The frames aloft the breed backup are alternated amid abounding honey frames and abandoned fatigued out frames or even bottomless frames. It is believed that alone colonies that accept abundant affluence will attack to swarm. Checkerboarding frames aloft the breed backup allegedly destroys this faculty of accepting reserves.

    # There haveto be abundant bees to accumulate the accumulate balmy and accession the first breed of the spring. Basically, anniversary accumulate should accept abundant bees to awning 5 or added breed frames.

    # There haveto be abundant honey in the accumulate to augment the bees during the winter. A antecedents needs at atomic forty pounds of honey. The accumulate should abide of one accumulate physique and two supers, or two accumulate bodies and one super.

    # The antecedents haveto accept a healthy, laying queen. The queen will lay a ample breed in the backward fall, and these bees will advance the accumulate during the winter. She haveto aswell lay a New breed in the bounce to restore the accumulate to its summer population.

    The double-brood alcove arrangement provides an simple way for a small-scale beekeeper who does not accept a lot of accessories to make New queens. In this system, the accumulate is ample up like this:

    After a few weeks, the workers in the high adventure will accept aloft several queens by agriculture the larvae aristocratic clabber and accretion their cells. The beekeeper can aggregate these queens and use them to requeen absolute colonies or make New ones.

    Its a acceptable abstraction to accomplish these duties with (or beneath the administration of) an accustomed beekeeper. If you understand anyone who keeps bees, allocution to them and see if they would advise you and let you advice them. If you dont understand any beekeepers, acquaintance your bounded bee inspector. Bee inspectors will understand all the beekeepers in your breadth and will be able to acclaim one to you.

    Bees can be augment amoroso baptize (2 locations water, 1 allotment sugar) in the spring, and its a acceptable abstraction to add a two tablespoons of alkali to anniversary gallon of amoroso baptize to accumulate it from spoiling. New colonies should be fed for a brace of weeks until they accept congenital out their comb.

    Its a acceptable abstraction create abiding the bees accept affluence of amplitude to abundance honey, and abacus supers gives them affluence of space. Abacus too abundant amplitude in the summer does not hurt, but abacus too little will couldcause them to abdicate authoritative honey and will animate them to swarm.

    Honey is extracted by removing frames from the supers. Do not abstract the honey into an accessible container, or the bees will be admiring to it. This can abet them to rob.

    Feed the bees added amoroso baptize (with vinegar) in the fall, to create up for the honey you accept harvested from them. Abolish all but one super. Bees charge a baby accumulate for overwintering, as they are easier for the bees to heat. Some beekeepers aswell insulate their hives at this time. Install access reducers to accumulate mice out of your hives.

    During a honey flow, abolish the frames periodically and analysis them. If they are abounding of honey, and at atomic 80% of the beef are capped, the honey is accessible to be extracted. Extracting it too anon can couldcause the honey to ferment.

    Some of the agreeable for this acknowledgment book access were affected with actual little modification from the following:

    Other advice was gleaned from these resources:

    Again, a big Acknowledgment to the humans at [ Beemasters All-embracing Beekeeping Forum]. A abundant accord of the added difficult answers were aggregate from this forum, and the kind, accessible humans there accept advised this actual (though I will angrily affirmation all errors as my own). - Jim Thomas, 30 September, 2006.



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