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 05 October 11:34    technology in Education

    Written When we anticipate of what technology does for apprenticeship we mainly anticipate of computers. technology has been arena a big role in apprenticeship way afore computers. The printer columnist has helped us advance our textbooks. technology has aswell adapted anatomy book and slates to cardboard and pencil. “In the 1950’s and 1960’s technology was activated as a agency of teaching ample groups of students” (Matusevich). Apprenticeship is now getting afflicted because of technology. Instead of traveling to the library and alone accepting a baby bulk of information, which is time consuming; acceptance can now go on computers and seek a all-inclusive bulk of capacity in just seconds! technology aswell comes with problems. A big problem with technology is the Agenda Divide. technology can be acclimated for so some altered things. The possibilities are endless! The purpose of technology is to adapt our kids for the expectations and demands of the new generation’s hi tech atmosphere and plan environment.

    What are the problems faced with technology in the academy system? One of the problems with technology is that not all schools can allow it, or accept abundant accessories for anniversary apprentice to use. “If we capital to abutting the gap on agenda bisect we would charge an estimated $32 billion dollars” (Allen & Cosby, 200, p.133). Addition problem with technology in the chic apartment are that the earlier agents may not understand how to calmly use computers, because they were not accomplished how to use them in school, or college. In actuality the acceptance may understand added about computers than the agents may know. A lot of times technology is anticipation of as a chic or a accountable all of its own, and not amalgam it into the classroom. “Too generally the accent is on how advice technology can advance the acquirements process, rather than on the charge for acceptance to apprentice about technology itself” (The Civic Academy of Engineering). Are agents disposable by technology ? Who is to say that one day technology won’t yield the abode of a teacher? In the approaching we ability accept a hologram in the average of the classroom as a teacher, and the absolute abecedary ability be teaching the chic anatomy home using the hologram as her concrete presence? That ability infact be a acceptable thing! Some altercate that “the added able that technology becomes, the added basal acceptable agents are. If we apprehend agents to use technology in means to adorn and enhance apprentice achievement, we haveto accommodate them with the able development they charge to advance the aplomb and abilities to administer technology , and the compassionate of how technology supports standards-based education” (The Civic Academy of Engineering). Some agents may accuse that technology is not on the SOL tests. They ability say that time is an affair in the chic and that they almost accept abundant time to advise the acceptance the basal advice that is on the SOL tests. Additional abecedary artlessly doesn’t accept the acquaintance with technology application. “Handing teacher’s abstracts alfresco their ability or interests advance to abstracts that won’t be used” (The Journal).Americans are getting kept from allowances all because they don’t accept the admission to computers. Such allowances are, and accretion apparatus for award a acceptable job and accepting government benefits.

     technology today can be acclimated for research, communication, entertainment, and to body all-important skills. Analysis can be done on the internet or now corpuscle buzz because corpuscle buzz now has admission to the internet. It is so quicker now canicule to just go on the computer and attending something up rather than go to the library, acquisition a book and accept to apprehend through the capacity to acquisition the section of advice that you ability want. technology aswell helps us acquaint with others. Of advance the better advice apparatus that we accept is the phone. We can appealing abundant allocution to anyone in the apple with the technology of the blast and corpuscle phone. We can aswell acquaint over the internet. There are now babble room, emails, blackboards, and the bulk of advice on the internet goes on and on. technology aswell provides entertainment. We can accept to music and watch television on accessories additional that radios, CDs, or TVs. We can aswell play amateur over the internet or corpuscle phone. A actual important affair that technology does for us is teaching us skills. There are internet programs that advise humans how to read, complete out words, how to write, apprentice altered languages, there are How to manuals on the commuter, and annihilation abroad one could brainstorm is on the computer. The internet is transforming the two acceptable paths for cocky advance for adolescent humans in this country: accepting a acceptable apprenticeship and acquirements bankable job skills. One of the alotof important purposes for technology is to adapt our kids for the expectations and demands of the new generation’s hi tech atmosphere and plan environment.

     technology has its pros and cons. One affair is for certain, technology is actual necessary. In the bearing that we are active in one cannot get a appropriate job after accepting some affectionate of accomplishments in technology . Alotof banknote registers now are even computer operated. technology should be beheld as a added avant-garde and faster way of accomplishing things not a arrest of time. technology is anytime alteration and it is absurd to master. Humans should not be abashed of it, because they are not accustomed with it, because no one is a adept of it.


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    1. According to the Allen & Cosby theory, what is the better affair with the Agenda Divide?

     a. Teaching skills.

     b. Not abundant teachers.

     c. Too some students.

     d. Funding.

    2. Some jobs now involve?

     a. Added workers.

     b. Less managers.

     c. technology

     d. Good Advice skills.

    3. The internet is transforming two acceptable paths for cocky advance for adolescent humans in this country. What are they?

     a. aplomb and adeptness to e-mail others.

     b. Making new accompany and accepting a acceptable job.

     c. Getting college grades and acquirements skills.

     d. Getting a acceptable apprenticeship and acquirements bankable job skills.

     4. We can appealing abundant acquaint to anyone using the …

     a. phone

     b. cell buzz

     c. computer

     d. all of the above

    5. A quicker way to do analysis is ….

     a. go to the library

     b. internet

     c. Go to the museum

     d. none

    Essay: How would you use technology in your classroom?


    It is the framework which changes with anniversary new technology and not just the account aural the frame. -by Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980)


    1. d

    2. c

    3. d

    4. d

    5. b



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