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 13 September 09:09   These books serve as an addition to assorted aspects and ambit of free/open antecedent software (FOSS) issues, including, FOSS in education, FOSS and government policy, localization, accessible standards and licensing.

    FOSS is software that can be used, copied, studied, adapted and redistributed after restriction. It provides a framework for the acceptance and administration of bookish basic in a way that is applicative to some areas of development. The acceptance of FOSS presents opportunities for industry and accommodation development, software piracy reduction, and localization and customization for assorted cultural and development needs.

    These books are donated by the [ All-embracing Accessible Antecedent Network] (IOSN) and the [ UNDP Asia-Pacific Development Advice Programme] (UNDP-APDIP) and are amid on .

    IOSN is an action of UNDP-APDIP and accurate by the [ All-embracing Development Analysis Centre] (IDRC) of Canada. IOSN aims to advance the acceptance of FOSS, accessible standards and accessible agreeable for acceptable animal development in the Asia-Pacific region. It is a arrangement with a baby secretariat based at the UNDP Bounded Centre in Bangkok and three centres of arete IOSN ASEAN+3, IOSN PIC (Pacific Island Countries), and IOSN South Asia, based in Manila, Suva and Chennai respectively.

    These books are originally allotment of the [ e-Primer on Free/Open Antecedent Software Series].

    FOSS books will be shelved at the .



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