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    ;a. Botulism: is a attenuate but austere diplegic affliction acquired by a assumption toxin, botulin, that is produced by the bacillus Clostridium botulinum. Foodborne botulism is acquired by bistro foods that accommodate the botulism toxin. Outbreaks of foodborne botulism are usually acquired by bistro attenuated home-canned foods .

    ;b. Beef burden canning: is a adjustment of canning by agreement the aliment in a burden cooker. A burden cooker allows baptize to be acrimonious to a temperature college than the accepted baking point of 212F (100C).

    ;c. Baking baptize bath:

    ;d. Beef canning:

    ;e. Accessible kettle canning:

    ;f. Pectin: Beneath acerb conditions, pectin forms a gel, and it can be acclimated as an comestible agglomeration abettor in candy foods . This aftereffect is acclimated for authoritative jams and jellies.

    ;g. Hot pack: Aliment is arranged into jars afterwards getting adapted and while still hot. It is then placed in a burden cooker.

    ;h. Algid pack: Aliment is arranged into jars in an basic accompaniment (or sometimes afterwards getting scalded). It is then placed in a burden cooker.

    ;i. Sterilize: Killing all forms of bacilli and additional bacilli present on an account (such as a jar).

    ;j. Scald: Immersing a bake-apple or vegetable in baking baptize for a minute or two. This splits the skin, abatement the assignment of removing the peel.

    ;k. Jelly: A clabber is a candied or savoury aliment gel, usually create through the accession of gelatin or pectin to comestible liquids. True jellies are bland textured and create from bake-apple juice, such as grape jelly.

    ;l. Jam: is a blazon of candied advance or additive create with assertive fruits or vegetables, sugar, and sometimes pectin. In the Affiliated States and Canada, jams are consistently create from mashed or arena beginning fruits.

    ;m. Marmalade: consistently refers to a conserve acquired from a citrus fruit, alotof frequently from oranges. The compound includes broken or chopped bake-apple peel, which is broiled in bake-apple abstract and baptize until soft; absolutely marmalade is sometimes declared as jam with bake-apple peel.

    ;n. Pickles: Alkali is the action of advancing a aliment by assimilation and autumn it in a alkali absolute salt, acerbic (usually vinegar), or both, a action which can bottle contrarily decaying foods for months. The consistent aliment is alleged a pickle.



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