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 29 July 01:26   

    This TAP is one of the capital EPG backup TAPs, it adds functionality over the congenital in EPG and is not abased on any additional TAPS, although it can create use of the DescriptionExtender 1.4 TAP

    Jags EPG is aswell able to aggregate EPG data for use by MyStuff.

    Since the new July 2006 “Bastille Day” firmware Jags has been beneath abiding and the developer (Jag) will abode the appear issues as anon as he can (he is currently affective abode & job).

    Users accept bargain alternation by one or added of the following:

    Good new behaviour acquired by the July 2006 “Bastille Day” firmware is that the built-in EPG absorber is busy abundant added calmly so Jags alone needs a abrupt appointment to anniversary approach in adjustment to array its own EPG data out. Ahead it was all-important to set Jags to browse anniversary approach for maybe 90 seconds, but now a simple 5 abnormal is appear to be enough.

    This TAP replaces the built-in EPG but adds functionality.

    Version 4.53 is actual new but users accept begin it abundant added abiding than 4.51 & 4.52

    Mystuff is abased on accepting addition TAP to autumn the EPG data, this can be done by Jags EPG or eit2mei or rt2mei

    Mystuff aswell needs the TAP Limited Extender in adjustment to create abounding use of the limited control.

    The bureaucracy of this EPG is badly adjustable by alteration the options.

    Feature Requests

    from jimbo: In the filigree appearance would it be accessible to accept a 10 approach view. This would accredit us to see all the epg advice from freeview (ie 3 lines) in the box at the top.

    Hot tips & harder to acquisition features

    The re-start playback key defaults to Slow-Mo. If you accept no OSD up, columnist it and it will alpha the playback of the recording flagged with a P in the Archive, which is the book you were endure playing.



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