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 30 July 12:14   The time amount of money relates to the amount of a sum of money or banknote breeze at a point in time . The time amount of money is carefully affiliated to absorption ante and aggrandizement over a period. Depending on how a sum of money is invested over a assertive aeon of time it will be account added or beneath at the end of that period. The amount of the money at the end

    of the aeon is its amount at that point in time .

    example: $100 earning 10% per annum will be account $110 in one years time . Against $110 in one years time is account $100 a year earlier, area the prevailing acknowledgment over the aeon is 10%.

    So, the $110 discounted at 10% per annum aback one year has a time amount of $100 now.

    Time amount of money is a generalisation of the abstraction of a present value, which works out the amount of a banknote breeze at the antecedent time point.

    In convenance the time amount of money relates to putting a amount on alternation of banknote flows at altered credibility in time like a band based on the accepted allotment over the altered time periods.

    In this way the band can be admired not alone now but at any point in the future.

    The abstraction can be generalised to bolt of amount like art or gold or stocks and bonds. In the case of gold, which attracts no absorption or acknowledgment explicitly, an acceptance haveto be create about its account at some approaching point in time . The acknowledgment over that aeon can then be estimated. The true amount in the approaching will alone be accepted if the gold is infact sold. Retrospectively, the amount of gold is accepted at a accustomed point in time because of the trades that occured then, which bent its amount at that point in time .

    The time amount for absolute acreage may not be understand at a accustomed point in time because the acreage was not bought or awash then.



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