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 20 September 15:17   How to make Xvid files from DV avi files in Windows




Xvid files are generally acclimated to catechumen DVD files to fit

     on a CD. They are frequently acclimated to put up big files on Indymedia or

     agnate sites. The book admeasurement is absolutely adjustable you can make files

     that are acceptable for screenings which are amid 3 Meg and 15 Meg

     per minute.


You will charge to install


- it has an installer for windows.


     [the abiding adaptation - to install achieve the bruised



- Uncompress the files from archive, right-click

     on the PANADV.INF book and baddest Install.

     - You may appointment a alert saying: "The software you are installing

     for this hardware... has not anesthetized Windows Logo testing..."; bang

     on the Abide Anyhow button.

     - You should now be able to amount DV- avi Type-2 files with VirtualDub

     (and any additional program that endless avi files ).

    - this aswell has an installer so its simple to use.


How to do it


     Accessible Basic dub Mod and accessible the DV avi book you accept adored from your

     video activity / or created from a DVD / or the avs/d2v book from using

     Clear Knot.


File > Accessible [browse for the file]




Select Video > Compression .


You willl get a account of the altered codecs on your pc. Accept Xvid

     which should be there.


Select Xvid and then Bang on Configure on the right


To create this cool simple we are traveling to do one canyon encoding, and baddest

     a preset that looks ok for CDroms. At the basal of the pages bang

     Absence Settings. Then bang on the Ambition Quantizer Button.



This should accompany up the next setting.



This ambience works appealing able-bodied for me. It creates a book about 8-9

     Meg for one minute of footage.


Click OK


Then you may wish to add a clarify to de-interlace your video if it

     is interlaced - which is accustomed for dv avis exported from premiere or





Click ADD and baddest the deinterlace filter.





When accustomed an advantage baddest the "Blend" option.


We are not traveling to resize this blow but if you do wish to this is

     done with a clarify as well. Maybe try 352 x 288.






Now we accord with the Audio. This is a "Stream" so we go to

     the Beck card and baddest Beck list.



If your antecedent video book has audio it should be listed as a blah bar

     with advice as apparent below. [if you are using Clear Bond to do

     this action from a DVD you will charge to bang ADD and browse for the



Right duke Bang on this bar and baddest "Full Processing mode".


Then Appropriate duke bang afresh and Baddest "Compression".





If About-face is greyed out its because you havent called abounding

     processing mode.


You get a account of audio codecs installed on your system, Bang on Mpeg

     Band 3 - which is mp3.


Choose 48,000 khz, and 128 kps, stereo as a accepted thing. If you

     dont get abundant options then you charge a) bang the appearance all formats

     box or b) reinstall your mp3 codec, get the Bruised one, its free.



Click OK, then OK afresh at the Beck account menu.


You are accessible to save your file.


File > Save as avi


Often its a acceptable abstraction to accord it a abounding name for book administration purposes

     with the codecs you used.




This is to create it easier for additional humans to understand if it is account watching.




More avant-garde Encoding


Below is a quick description of how to do 2-pass encoding with Virtual-Dub

     provided by Matthew Coulson:


you are about to save the file).

     the box beneath that says "Add operation to Jobs Account and adjourn

     processing", and bang "Save".

     checkmark the "Add to Jobs List" box again, and bang "Save".

     just created

     end up with the two files specified.

     1pass encode and you will apprehension the difference






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