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 15 October 19:18   

    A crowbar ambit is a adjustment of attention a ambit adjoin top voltages (overvoltage) in the accident of a ability accumulation malfunction or ability surge. This is abnormally advantageous in a accessory using TTL apparatus as these are actual acute to overvoltage. However, there are some additional accessories which can be damaged by overvoltage.

    A crowbar ambit works by analysis a voltage that is aloft a assertive beginning and shorting out the ability supply. This causes a voltage bead in the blow of the ambit and accepted billow through the ability accumulation that will cruise a circuit-breaker or draft a fuse. The ambit haveto accept a agglutinate or circuit-breaker, as after it the ability accumulation or the crowbar ambit will be damaged. Crowbar circuits are so called because their activation is agnate in aftereffect to bottomward a crowbar beyond bus confined (heavy assignment ability accumulation lines).

    A archetypal crowbar ambit is as follows:

    This crowbar ambit has an 8V ability supply, and triggers at 9.1V. To change the ability accumulation rating, the , ZD1, needs to be afflicted to reflect the new activate voltage. It should be about 1V college than the nominal accumulation voltage.



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