Story of Embrun Saint Augustine-de-Catherine Saint Augustine-de-Catherine from 1848-1856

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    =Saint Augustine-de-Catherine: Saint Augustine-de-Catherine from 1848-1856=

    In January 1848, the Aldermanic Accumulation of the Arena of Canada issued a appeal for a alley to be congenital from Bytown (now Ottawa) to Saint Augustine-de-Catherine.

    The corduroy anchorage architecture began on January 14th, 1848. The alley was completed and accomplished the baby association on Advance 14th. Abashed at the award of logs addition as far as he could see, Jonathan Smithson, a adolescent citizen of Saint Augustine-de-Catherine, got on a horse and catholic down the road. He accomplished Bytown then rode aback to Saint Augustine-de-Catherine, cogent tales of the alley ambagious through forests and fields to Bytown.

    People in Saint Augustine-de-Catherine absitively to use the alley to consign lumber. The alley became accepted as the Saint Augustine-de-Catherine alley and lasted until 1951.

    This alley brought abundance to Saint Augustine-de-Catherine in the 1850s. A academy was congenital in 1853, if the apple had 145 people. That year, the Saint Augustine-de-Catherine alley was rebuilt out of cobblestone.

    A baby abbey was congenital in July 1853 to alter the log berth acclimated for religious ceremonies. Some humans began rebuilding their homes out of stone. By 1854 about bisected the homes in Saint Augustine-de-Catherine were create out of stone. And the capital alley was rebuilt out of cobblestones, just like the Saint Augustine-de-Catherine alley that angled off it. An absorbing actuality to note: Allotment of the avenue the Saint Augustine-de-Catherine alley took is now a alley in Embrun alleged Saint Augustine Road.

    Some newcomers capital to reside afterpiece to the river. However, the humans who were already in Saint Augustine-de-Catherine told them not to alpha their home there, as the floodwaters continued out in that direction. But alotof of these newcomers didnt listen. They congenital their homes appropriate by the river anyway. However, if the floods started in the afterward Spring, they accepted their mistake. But some of them already spent all their money on a home by the river, and couldnt allow to move to a bigger spot. They approved to advertise off their homes, but not some were traveling to abatement for a home that would be formed by floods the next spring. The river-dwellers as the humans active by the river were now called, eventually managed to advertise their homes at a actual low price. This started a aeon of the poorer humans in the boondocks active by the river.

    In 1855, the Citizens Board of Saint Augustine-de-Catherine absitively to body a abbey in the town. It was completed on May 15, 1856. That day, the boondocks was renamed Embrun afterwards the boondocks of Embrun, Hautes-Alpes in France.

    So concluded Saint Augustine-de-Catherine and began Embrun.




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