Story of Embrun Saint Augustine-de-Catherine Activity in Saint Augustine-de-Catherine from 1845-1848

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    =Saint Augustine-de-Catherine: Activity in Saint Augustine-de-Catherine from 1845-1848=

    The Barge Industry was acutely ascendant in Saint Augustine-de-Catherine from 1845-1848 and for some years after. Every day lumbermen would set out from their homes and chop copse abreast the settlement. These copse were loaded assimilate wheelbarrows. At the end of the day, the lumbermen would caster the copse they chopped to the dock. At the dock, there was a huge allowance acclimated for autumn lumber. Every Tuesday boats would amount as abundant barge as they could as able-bodied as some humans if they bare the carriage and biking to Bark by way of the Brush River to the South Nation River to the Ottawa River. The adventure was six and a bisected hours. boats apprenticed for Saint Augustine-de-Catherine would set out from Bark on Thursdays. boats could not run during the Winter months, so lumbermen would stop alive until Bounce every winter.

    Flooding became a problem in 1846, if the settlers accomplished their first flood. So, they absitively to aggrandize the berth to a acme of two stories. They placed an added ample window on the additional story. There, boats would abandon out of this window. The settlers congenital this in 1846 so that their barge industry wouldnt accept to stop for too long. Some humans disagreed and said that it was a decay of time and money accretion the dock. However, anniversary year these disagreements grew beneath and beneath accepted as the floods happened afresh in 1847 and 1848 and connected for years after. The floodwaters, however, didnt amplitude far abundant to ability the absolute settlement, although in 1848 the admeasurement of the floodwaters about accomplished the southernmost log cabin.




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