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    : Abbreviate for . A user with added abstruse privileges who does housework.

    : Aswell used: .


    : Abridgement for bearding user . This is what you are if you accept not .

    :Also used: IP user .


    : A of a to which some locations of the altercation are transferred, to abate the admeasurement of the Allocution page.

    : See also: .


    : Banning is the extreme, endure resort activity by which anyone is prevented from alteration Wikibooks for a abiding or general breadth of time. Cause for banning is usually a continued story of biased edits, assiduous abacus of incorrect or ambiguous material, abnegation to abet with others, or acute boldness and threats. If anyone is banned, their user name is blocked, and any user name or IP that is with abundant likelihood articular as getting the aforementioned being can be blocked after any added reason. See also: .


    : Activity by a sysop, removing from a assertive IP-number or user name the adeptness to adapt Wikipedia. Usually done adjoin addresses that accept done abuse or adjoin user s who accept been banned. See also: .


    : A program that automatically or semi-automatically adds or edits Wikibooks-pages.

    ;Broken link

    : Aswell used: adapt link, red link.

    : A hotlink to a absent page, usually coloured red.

    ;Broken redirect

    : Alter to a non-existing page. Accepted assessment is that these should be removed.


    : A Wikipedia Ambassador who has been entrusted with announcement user s to sysops.


    : A class is a accumulating of pages automatically formed by the Wikibooks servers by analysing class tags in articles. Class tags are in the anatomy . The allotment afterwards the : is the name of the Category. Abacus a class tag causes a hotlink to the class and any super-categories to go to the basal of the page. As stated, it aswell after-effects in the page getting added to the class listing. Alone a baby allocation of Wikibooks agreeable is categorised.

    ;Check user

    :An admission akin that lets user s with it see the IP addresses of logged-in user s, usually to actuate if anyone is using sockpuppets to breach policy.

    :See aswell .


    : The action of acclimation modules that are ungrammatical, are ailing formatted, etc. Cleanup about requires alone alteration skills, as against to the specialised ability that is added generally alleged for by .

    : See also: .

    ;Comment out

    : To adumbrate from accustomed affectation whilst application the actual for editors to see. This is done by inserting the characters at the end. These appearance strings are acclimated to circumscribe comments in HTML code.

    ;Community Portal

    : This lists the accord of the week, outstanding tasks that charge to be addressed, and several additional advantageous $.25 of advice and resources.


    : A change to a bore that alone affects formatting, grammar and additional adumbrative aspects.


    : Aswell used: copyviol.

    : Absorb violation. Usually acclimated in an adapt arbitrary if some copyrighted actual has been added to Wikibooks.

    : See aswell .


    : , a bore that is called by vote to be the accountable of boundless accommodating alteration for a month.

    ;Cut and adhesive move

    : Affective a page by demography the argument of the page, and put it into the adapt window for the additional page. About advised worse than the move page option, because it causes the page and its adapt story to be in altered places. Cut and adhesive moves can be anchored by administrators.

    ;Dead-end page

    : Page that has no links to absolute additional pages, except conceivably interlanguage links. lists them, but this action is disabled in some Wikimedia projects.


    : See .


    : Aswell used: De-admin.

    : Yield abroad someones sysop status.


    : A user who can create absolute changes to the Wikibooks software and database.

    : See aswell for a account of developers and added information.


    : Aswell used: Un-Wikify.

    : To abolish (de-link) a of an a module. This is usually due to pages getting confused to Wikibooks from additional Wiki websites like Wikipedia, area some added links are acclimated in the beat styles on those projects.


    : The aberration amid two versions of page, as displayed using the Page story feature, or from . The versions to analyze are encoded in the , so you can create a hotlink by artful and pasting it - for instance if discussing a change on an onlinewriting allocution page.

    : See aswell .

    ;Double redirect

    : A which leads to addition redirect. Counterintuitively, this will not accompany one to the final destination, so it needs to be alone by bond anon to the ambition redirect.

    ;Edit conflict

    : Two or added parties both attack to save altered edits to the aforementioned page at the aforementioned time. The after adapt doesnt yield effect, but the editor is prompted to absorb their adapt with the beforehand one.

    ;Edit summary

    : The capacity of the Summary: acreage beneath the adapt box on the Adapt this page page.

    ;Edit war

    : Aswell used: backslide war.

    : Two or added parties always authoritative their adopted changes to a page, and accident the changes they dont accede with. Generally, an adapt war is the aftereffect of an altercation on a allocution page that could not be resolved.

    ;External link

    : A hotlink to a website not endemic by Wikimedia. The alternatives are an centralized link, wikilink or chargeless hotlink aural Wikibook, and an to a sister project.


    : A agreeable of an article to amuse altered groups of people, about acclimated on Wikibooks so that we can address agnate books for altered audiences.


    : . Wikibooks agreeable is appear beneath this licence.

    : See aswell .


    : All antecedent versions of an article, from its conception to its accepted state. Aswell alleged page history.


    : A hotlink to a sister project; this can be an interlanguage hotlink to a agnate page in a altered accent in Wikibooks, or a hotlink to a activity such as Wikisource, Wikipedia, Meta, etc.


    : , Armchair and Admiral of the Wikimedia Foundation.


    : On the page, m (lower case, bold) indicates a accessory edit.


    : The software abaft Wikibooks and its sister projects, as able-bodied as several projects not accompanying to Wikimedia, and a namespace.


    : A separate wiki () acclimated to altercate accepted Wikimedia matters.


    : Alteration the name and area of an commodity because of a misspelling, abuse of allotment convention, misnomer or inaccuracy. Involves either renaming the page or affective it and amalgam a alter to accumulate the aboriginal hotlink intact.


    : On the page, N (upper case, bold) indicates a new page or module.


    : A way to allocate pages. Wikibooks has namespaces for arbiter modules, pages about Wikibooks, Userpages, Appropriate pages, Arrangement pages, Cookbook pages and allocution pages, apartof others.

    : See aswell .


    : A page with no links from additional pages. You can appearance lists of and .


    : Any alone affair aural Wikibooks; the web page after the top, basal and ancillary bars. Pages cover modules, stubs, redirects, disambiguation pages, user pages, allocution pages, affidavit and .

    ;Protected page

    : This appellation indicates a page that cannot be edited except by sysops. Usually this is done to air-conditioned down an adapt war.


    :Wikimedia Album is a multilingual annual newsletter appear by the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. It can be apprehend online .

    ;Recent changes

    :A dynamically generated page (found at ) that lists all edits in bottomward archival order.


    : A page appellation which, if requested, alone sends the clairvoyant to addition page. This is acclimated for synonyms and affluence of linking.

    ;Red link

    : A wikilink to an bore that doesnt is shows up red.


    : An adapt that reverses changes create by anyone else.

    ;Revert war

    : See .




    : A head is a page that user s may adapt about they want. Admitting it is meant to advice user s agreement and accretion acquaintance with .


    : The actualization affair in . Currently, 5 are available: Standard, Nostalgia, Cologne Blue, Monobook and MySkin.

    ;Sock puppet

    : Addition user annual created secretly by an absolute wikipedian, about to accomplish the apparition of abutment in a vote or argument

    ;Speedy delete

    : Abatement of a page after above-mentioned discussion. Pages can be agilely deleted alone beneath actual specific circumstances; see for those.


    : An who has been empowered to change any user s status, including acceding and abandoning Ambassador cachet and acceding status.


    : See .


    : See .

    ;Talk page

    : A page aloof for discussion. Actual confusingly, the hotlink to a allocution page is labelled discussion. All pages aural Wikipedia (except pages in the Appropriate namespace, and allocution pages themselves!) accept allocution pages absorbed to them.


    : A way of automatically including the capacity of one page aural addition page.


    :also acclimated substing

    :There are two capital means of using templates on articles: admittance (accomplished by using ), and transclusion (). The above will cover the agreeable of Arrangement Name on the fly whenever the commodity is loaded, while the closing will assuredly admit the agreeable of the arrangement assimilate the article. Thus, using transclusion, if the arrangement agreeable is adapted at a after date, the onlinewriting agreeable will not change.

    :Transclusion is the adopted adjustment for long-term, abiding notices, as it is beneath confusing, and even helps to lighten the amount on the database. Transclusion has a added advantage in that a arrangement may be de-linked from any associated class or hardly adapted to clothing the circumstances, for instance if the arrangement is acclimated on a allocution page. Admittance is adopted if it is accessible that the arrangement will be edited or replaced at a after date.


    : Move a page to addition wiki.

    : See aswell .


    : A user who incites or engages in confusing behaviour. There are some humans who just adore causing conflict, and there are those who create a amusement of it. However, these are few in number. Calling anyone a broadcast in a altercation is a bad idea; it has an aftereffect agnate to calling anyone a Nazi – no added allusive agitation can be held.

    ;User page

    : A claimed page for Wikibookians. Alotof humans use their pages to acquaint themselves and to accumulate assorted claimed addendum and lists. They are aswell acclimated by Wikibookians to acquaint with anniversary additional via the user allocution pages.


    : Advised birthmark of Wikibooks pages. This can be by deleting argument or autograph nonsense, bad language, etc. Abuse can be appear at .


    : The page.


    : The page.


    : A set of pages called by the user, who can then bang on to see contempo changes to those pages.

    : See also: .

    ;Wheel warring

    : This is the aforementioned as an adapt war, but area the revisions and maintainence of the pages aswell absorb assorted administrators, area added specialized and belted functions such as page deletions and ip blocks are acclimated instead of alone alteration the chat agreeable of a page. Beat disputes that ability this akin of activity are usually a appealing bad thing, usually because it involves agreeable action disputes rather than alone a altercation over the agreeable of the page itself. See aswell


    : Aswell used: Wikivacation.

    : If a Wikibookian takes a breach from Wikibooks.

    : See aswell .


    : To architecture using (as against to apparent argument or ) and add centralized links to material, accumulation it into the accomplished of Wikipedia. Noun: Wikification. Sometimes beneath to wfy.


    : A hotlink to addition Wikibooks page, as against to an alien link.

    ;Wiki markup

    : Aswell used: wiki text, .

    : Cipher like HTML, but simplified and added convenient, for archetype bold instead of bold. It is the antecedent cipher stored in the database and apparent in the adapt box.


    : Appropriately Wikimedia Foundation Inc., a non-profit organisation that provides a legal, banking and organisational framework for Wikipedia and its sister projects and provides the all-important hardware.

    : Analyze with .



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