Canadian Story Premiers of Ontario

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 17 June 17:57   This is a account of the premiers of the arena of Ontario, Canada, back Amalgamation (1867).

    The arch is the arch of the bigoted government of Ontario.


     Name: John Sandfield Macdonald.

     In office: 1867-1871

     Party: Liberal-Conservative Affiliation

     Riding: Cornwall



     Name: Edward Blake

     In office: 1871-1872

     Party: Advanced

     Riding: Bruce South



     Name: Sir Oliver Mowat

     In office: 1872-1896

     Party: Advanced

     Riding: Cossack Arctic



     Name: Arthur Able

     In office: 1896-1899

     Party: Advanced

     Riding: Brant South



     Name: Sir George William Ross

     In office: 1899-1905

     Party: Advanced

     Riding: Middlesex West



     Name: Sir James Whitney

     In office: 1905-1914

     Party: Bourgeois

     Riding: Dundas



     Name: Sir William Hearst

     In office: 1914-1919

     Party: Bourgeois

     Riding: Sault Ste. Marie



     Name: Ernest Drury

     In office: 1919-1923

     Party: Farmer-Labour Affiliation

     Riding: Halton



     Name: George Howard Ferguson

     In office: 1923-1930

     Party: Bourgeois

     Riding: Grenville



     Name: George Stewart Henry

     In office: 1930-1934

     Party: Bourgeois

     Riding: York East



     Name: Mitchell Hepburn

     In office: 1934-1942

     Party: Advanced

     Riding: Elgin



     Name: Gordon Daniel Conant

     In office: 1942-1943

     Party: Advanced

     Riding: Ontario



     Name: Annoy Nixon

     In office: 1943-1943

     Party: Advanced

     Riding: Brant



     Name: George Drew

     In office: 1943-1948

     Party: Accelerating Bourgeois

     Riding: Top Esplanade



     Name: Thomas Kennedy

     In office: 1948-1949

     Party: Accelerating Bourgeois

     Riding: Bark



     Name: Leslie Frost

     In office: 1949-1961

     Party: Accelerating Bourgeois

     Riding: Victoria



     Name: John Robarts

     In office: 1961-1971

     Party: Accelerating Bourgeois

     Riding: London Arctic



     Name: Bill Davis

     In office: 1971-1985

     Party: Accelerating Bourgeois

     Riding: Bark Arctic (1971-1975), Brampton (1975-1985)



     Name: Aboveboard Miller

     In office: 1985-1985

     Party: Accelerating Bourgeois

     Riding: Muskoka



     Name: David Peterson In office: 1985-1990 Party: Advanced Riding: London Centre----


     Name: Bob Rae

     In office: 1990-1995

     Party: NDP

     Riding: York South



     Name: Mike Harris

     In office: 1995-2002

     Party: Accelerating Bourgeois

     Riding: Nipissing



     Name: Ernie Eves

     In office: 2002-2003

     Party: Accelerating Bourgeois

     Riding: Dufferin—Peel—Wellington—Grey



     Name: Dalton McGuinty

     In office: 2003 -

     Party: Advanced

     Riding: Ottawa South




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