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    Its simple to create circuitous illustrations with and . These applications arent free; they arent even cheap; but if you accept these applications and apprentice how to use them, you will astonish yourself (not to acknowledgment friends, family, and adolescent Wikipedians) with the ambit of aboriginal illustrations you can create. Nor do you charge to be a accomplished or accomplished . You can aftermath altogether acceptable illustrations even if you cannot draw a face.

    Obviously, not anybody has the aforementioned . You can get acceptable after-effects on a amount of platforms, but byitself some are bigger than others. You absolutely do not charge the latest and greatest. Newer accoutrement are generally added powerful, but sometimes they alone add beautiful features.

    Well try to accumulate this altercation abroad from platform-dependent tricks, but just as a reference, heres one system. You could apparently accumulate this system, starting from nothing, for beneath than $500.

    :: These appearance beggarly that cheap, acclimated are simple to find.

    : Added is better, but if youre not accomplishing , you can get a lot of projects done in a baby space.

    : You ability aswell accede a USB & admixture card.

    : Beyond monitors create cartoon alteration plan abundant easier, but adopt a acceptable baby adviser to a ample one with defects.

    : Back were discussing cartoon to be acclimated online, this is just a account printer and can be about anything.

    : Thou shalt create a . Annal everything.

    : Accepted in the clear arts community, occasionally advantageous for . Dont await on it for storage.

    : Abstain single-card readers; you dont understand what architecture youll wish next.

    : Some cartoon professionals still use OS 9. We accept a lot invested in our systems and dont absolutely see the charge to advancement to the beefy and performance-hungry OS X.

    :Older versions of accepted applications can generally be best up, accurately , used, for a song; if after you wish to upgrade, its generally abundant abundant cheaper than affairs the latest adaptation outright.

    This is not a users chiral or a tutorial on the basal operation of your machine, FreeHand, or Photoshop. To be able to chase the discussion, you should be adequate with:

    If you do not accommodated alotof of these prerequisites, this tutorial may be confusing. There are abounding sources of apprenticeship on both of these awful accepted cartoon alteration applications: printed books, online tutorials, even contiguous lectures.

    You may apprentice faster just by diving in. Bang every button, annoyance every tool, and accept every card item. If something happens you did not expect, try to amount out why. If youre still puzzled, then go attending for help. Big-ticket apprenticeship may be ashen until you accept abundant acquaintance with these circuitous accoutrement to understand how you are getting helped.

    The actual best way to apprentice is by doing, alluringly in the aforementioned allowance with an accomplished user who has something abroad to do. Alpha a activity and see how you do with it. Ask for advice afterwards youve approved to do it on your own.


    FreeHand and Photoshop abundance and dispense images in two absolutely altered fashions; this is why the aggregate of both is so powerful. FreeHand uses , while Photoshop works with images. The aberration is significant.

    Bitmaps are anticipation of as a filigree of in rows and columns. Anniversary pixel is absurd to be a tiny aboveboard box, all one color. There is no accurate accord amid one pixel and the next; they are not aggregate in any way. In particular, a line, say, is apish by a row of pixels. If enlarged, bitmap cartoon alpha to attending jagged, because several pixels in the new angel are generated from a individual pixel in the original.

    Vectors are coded instructions that call lines, curves, and shapes. An abstract pen is put down on paper; the pen is moved; and the pen is aerial from the cardboard if the is complete. A aisle may be with a blush or even a pattern; a bankrupt aisle may or may not be with a blush or pattern. All agent cartoon are congenital up out of acutely simple shapes: rectangles, elipses, and s. In fact, FreeHand represents all agent elements as Bezier curves. The blazon of ascendancy point and area of its ascendancy handles actuate the appearance of the curve.

    The weakness of bitmaps is that s tend to abase them; a beeline band fatigued in Photoshop will alpha to breach up if the angel is again rotated and scaled. The backbone of bitmaps is that anniversary pixel may be manipulated individually, generally by way of a . This allows for attenuate concealment furnishings and works best with astute photos.

    The weakness of vectors is that there are alone a few basal shapes and furnishings which can be activated to them. If a band is black, the absolute band is black; it cannot be black or feathered. The backbone of vectors is that they can be adapted about endlessly after accident of information.

    The alotof able accoutrement aural Photoshop are usually filters and the accepted angel controls, such as Levels and Curves. These affect anniversary pixel in an image. The alotof able accoutrement aural FreeHand acquiesce one to alike and reclaim more added circuitous assemblies of basal shapes. This works best with logotypes, automated drawings, and maps.

    Obviously, FreeHand and Photoshop accompaniment one another. Able use of these accoutrement in aggregate rests on ones adeptness to adjudicator which apparatus will do a bigger job for the assignment at hand. A accomplished user can alike some images absolutely in one apparatus or the other, but the aggregate calm makes for simple and fast clear development.

    All cartoon haveto eventually be adapted to a bitmap architecture in adjustment to be displayed on awning or on paper, with the barring of cartoon advised with a pen actor or fatigued on a agent graphics-capable awning (both rare). However, there is generally an advantage to dabbling this conversion, frequently until a point aural the printer driver.

    A abounding analysis of acknowledged issues accompanying to art and is above the ambit of this tutorial. You should be acquainted of some basal facts:

    This endure out is of accurate absorption to us actuality in this tutorial, back we will analyze a few altered techniques for transforming an absolute (possibly copyrighted) plan to such an admeasurement that our use becomes fair use. Realistically, it demands absolutely a bit of talent, skill, time, and activity to aftermath a absolutely aboriginal work; if we are anytime traveling to get annihilation done, we will generally attending to absolute plan to get us started. The key is to put a absolute bulk of accomplishment into our acquired work. Annihilation is free, and you cannot just bead a binder abounding of images affective from the web into a accumulation advocate and yield a break.

    When in doubt, accumulate working. One aphorism of deride is: If I anticipate the absorb holder of the aboriginal plan could not anon admit my plan as acquired of his, then Im apparently okay. I may or may not still be infringing, but Im abundant beneath acceptable to get alleged on it.

    Dont afflict about this too much. Be sensible. Some humans anticipate the accomplished angle of is nonsense; others amble out the attorneys at the atomic excuse. Be acquainted that you charge to adept added than abstruse abilities in adjustment to make illustrations for publication. Apprehend up on the some sources of advice (on Wikipedia and elsewhere) on absorb and fair use. Get an abstraction of what others accept captivated to be okay. Then, breathe. Relax. At atomic here, if you create something thats too risky, an Old Arch will apparently appear forth and abolish your stuff, generally abrogation a nice agenda cogent you why. Then you can appear aback actuality and fix it.

    Another hazard of accelerated cartoon is bumping up adjoin the limitations of your apparatus (or platform). No amount how big or fast your apparatus is or how accelerated your net connection, you can overstress it. You apparently wont bake up any , but you can absolutely or your machines . Actuality are some tips:

    The two you charge to apprentice to accord with these issues of ability burning are simple:

    The first ambush takes a circuitous set of some agent elements and compresses them into a individual bitmap. This is usually not necessary, though, unless you accept actually bags of elements in your FreeHand file.

    The additional ambush is a bit beneath straightforward. You can resize an alien bitmap in FreeHand, but you wont get abundant achievement from it. What you can do is Trace the bitmap, appropriately converting it into a agent graphic, which you can resize advisedly and contrarily manipulate.

    Photoshop does a actual nice job of rasterizing (exported) cartoon from FreeHand; all you charge to apprentice is a few cautions and it will bulky accurately forth (maybe coffee time). But it is abundant harder in FreeHand to get a acceptable trace from an alien bitmap -- depending on what your analogue of acceptable is.

    In any case, the capital advance of this tutorial is to appearance you how to use these two tricks to your advantage, although able-bodied analyze others as well. Catch your seatbelt!

    Anytime you plan to do repetitive work, you should accede s. This abstraction goes far above the ambit of this tutorial. If you cook, you dont charge to ad-lib a new bowl for every meal; you use a recipe, either accounting or from your head. If you do adjudge to try something new, you alpha from an absolute recipe. This is one affectionate of template.

    I acquisition it acutely advantageous to plan from a arrangement if creating a new certificate in FreeHand. Youre searching at a attempt of a new book opened from my most-often-used template. Youll see I accept guides set up abreast the edges of the page; these accumulate me central the banned of my printer -- indeed, alotof printers. Ive positioned the page aural the window so that I can see it all -- this setting, too, is adored with the document. I accept my adopted assemblage of admeasurement called already, and the filigree agent is set at the centermost of the page. I accept my absence chantry and admeasurement set for text.

    Another attempt of the aforementioned template, with guides angry off, displays a (non-printing) accomplishments band that guarantees my printers harder blow limits. Annihilation aural the gray area is affirmed not to print. Apprehension the attenuate gray box just inside; those are the best safe ambit for a centered image.

    I ability never book designs I architecture for web affectation -- but who knows? Anyway, using a constant arrangement makes it easier for me to create antecedent judgement calls about all-embracing admeasurement about to band width, or amount of repetitions of a pattern. I understand from acquaintance that if I absolutely ample the printable breadth of my template, that will be just about abundant being to ample out a full-screen (1024x768px) web-type image; if Im cutting for something smaller, I either plan on a abate scale, or understand Ill accept to abate later.


    Here are shots of three key palettes: Colors, Layers, and Styles. The capacity of these palettes are adored with your certificate (or template) and can save you a lot of work, as able-bodied as lending a constant attending to a set of accompanying graphics. Back this is my alotof basal and accepted template, Ive just authentic a action adaptation of atramentous and white (to agreement affinity in blends with action colors), a general-purpose account gray (usually acclimated for handles and acting backgrounds); no added layers (besides the printer harder blow boundaries); and a few basal styles. Solid is unstroked atramentous (more authentic than an item with a achievement applied; Wht Band is unstroked white (useful for patching over things that deceit be deleted);Bounds has neither achievement nor fill, and is acclimated for cartoon a rectangle about the absolute boundaries of a clear above-mentioned to export.

    On the additional hand, Ive never begin abundant use for Photoshop templates. The anatomy that you charge to make a constant attending beyond abstracts is not stored in a certificate file, but aural Photoshop preferences, such as the Colors and the Brushes palettes, and in separate files, such as Levels and Curves profiles. (Colors and Brushes can aswell be adored to their own files.) Some settings, such as whether rulers are visible, abide from barrage to launch.

    I rarely activate a new activity from blemish in Photoshop; Im added acceptable to acceptation a agenda camera photo to alpha with, or alpha a activity in FreeHand and consign it to Photoshop. Addition achievability is that I infact alpha the activity with a account on cardboard and browse it in, or use a browse of a begin item or absolute artwork. I may instead activate with a screenshot. All these strategies crop a starting bitmap not based on any arrangement or above-mentioned Photoshop file.

    If I do activate from scratch, all Ill about specify is the certificate size, and Ill apparently change that later. The one guideline I accept for the first Photoshop book in a activity is that I may wish it to be the aforementioned admeasurement as I plan the final piece. Bethink that accretion bitmaps about yields poor results; abbreviation them in admeasurement is better, admitting generally aswell a problem. Starting book ambit (in pixels) should be from 100% to 200% of final size, admitting one can plan over the ambit from about 50% to 400% after too abundant trouble.

    In either application, I usually dont try to make the activity arrangement first. I alpha with my all-encompassing FreeHand template, or with an abandoned window in Photoshop, and plan on one analogy from the set; if its adequately able-bodied complete, I save a archetype as a arrangement for others in the aforementioned project. Its important to plan from the aforementioned colors and styles as you go along; this gives all your illustrations a able attending and solidifies the absolute set as acceptance to one project.

    Look afresh at the archetype (earlier in this tutorial) demonstrating a bitmap image. The aboriginal photo begins as a bitmap taken by a agenda camera.

    I alike the aboriginal assimilate a new band and calibration it 800%. Photoshop would commonly try to do this nicely, so first I about-face to Abutting Acquaintance resampling, to advisedly appearance you big boxlike pixels. Of course, the absolute blown-up angel is 8 times as large, but the Photoshop canvas does not access in size. However, Photoshop retains the absolute colossal band and I annoyance it about on the canvas until the baby bit of it I wish to appearance is positioned correctly.

    I Save As Altercation and acceptation both aboriginal and blown-up bitmaps into FreeHand, so I can see area I wish to put the accumulative glass. I wish to accept a accurate affectionate of breadth to appearance as destroyed up, and I esplanade the argument abreast the girls nose, area it does not backbite too abundant from her appearance. Then I make the accumulative bottle overlay: two circles, a arced band with an arrowhead, and a thicker archetype of both cirles and the band in white, to create the accomplished angle out bigger from the bitmapped background.

    Note that FreeHand generates arrowhead sizes based on band sizes, but the thicker white arrowhead doesnt do a acceptable job of shadowing the arresting atramentous arrowhead, so I alone baddest no arrowhead for the white, adumbration band and draw a white arrowhead with the Pen apparatus abaft the atramentous one. Alive with white altar presents a appropriate problem; I make a solid atramentous box of approximate admeasurement on a accomplishments band (where it shows grayed-out); this does not, of course, consign (or print).


    To locate the agent clear about to the bitmap, I draw a bound rectangle (square) and set it to my Bound appearance -- no fill, no line, accordingly invisible; but it is exported with all the additional elements and gives the clear its able dimensions:

    144px (square) at 72dpi = 2 inches (square).

    Now, I consign the clear as an EPS and rasterize it in Photoshop with the Accessible command. Agenda that I alone rasterize the overlay; no point in exporting the bitmaps too, back theyre already in Photoshop.

    The penultimate move is to abolish all of the argument band except for the allocation aural the accumulative glass. (Note that I do this to a archetype of the blowup.) I create an egg-shaped alternative and Alter it (the selection, of course, not the content) and hit the Annul key.

    Thats it; the workfile is complete. Now I just Save a Archetype As a PNG. Done.



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