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 17 June 04:00   

    JEHOVAH God claims for himself the antecedent of the abundant plan of Atonement, which began at Affliction and will not be complete until the abutting of the Millennial age, if the Aristocrat Jesus Christ, the advocate of the Atonement, shall bear up the ascendancy of earth, adequate and in abounding ascendancy to the Father. In accord with this are abundant statements of the Scriptures; for instance, I am Jehovah thy God, the Angelic One of Israel, thy Savior. Again, I am Jehovah and beside me there is no Savior. Again, I Jehovah am thy Savior and thy Redeemer, the Angelic One of Jacob. And again, I am Jehovah thy God from the acreage of Egypt, and thou shalt understand no God but me: for there is no Savior beside me. Again, To the alone astute God, our Savior, be celebrity and majesty, ascendancy and power, both now and ever, amen. Again, We assurance in the active God, who is the Savior of all men, abnormally of those that believe. Isa. 43:3,11; 60:16; Hos. 13:4; Jude 25; 1 Tim. 4:10; Titus 1:3; 2:10

    If this anticipation were absolutely received--that the Absolute Jehovah, himself, is the Savior, the Columnist of the abundant plan of salvation, and the abettor of it, through his accommodating agents and representatives--it would bear some from false conceptions of the accord amid the adorable Ancestor and his adorable Son, in account to the conservancy of mankind. It would leave no allowance for the about cursing appearance of the matter, captivated by a ample amount of professing Christians; viz., that the adorable Ancestor stood in wrath, gluttonous to annihilate or to ache the animal sinner, and that the adorable Son, our Aristocrat Jesus, abounding of adulation and benevolence (which according to this approach the Ancestor lacked), interposed, and annoyed the adorable Fathers acerbity and acrimony by accepting the draft of acrimony in mans stead: and that now Jehovah is placated, alone because, getting just, he cannot crave at the easily of the sinner, again, that which has already been paid through the adored claret of Christ. The eventually this abhorrent erroneous appearance of the Amends is gotten rid of by those who authority it, the bigger will be the anticipation for their advance in airy things--in the knowledge, in the grace, and in the adulation of the true God.

    The able appearance of the amount shows us the adorable Ancestor absolute in all the attributes of dignity of character: absolute in his justice, so that the just book of his angelic law cannot be infracted, even by himself: absolute in wisdom, so that his plan and arrangement, not alone with account to mans creation, but aswell with account to mans salvation, the Atonement, etc., were all so complete that no accident or abortion could arise, nor any call for change of the all-powerful plan; as it is written, I am the same, I change not, saith the Lord, and, Accepted unto the Aristocrat are all his works, from the foundation of the world: absolute aswell in his love, than which there could be no greater adulation possible, and yet that adulation in abounding antithesis and accordance with the additional all-powerful attributes, so that it could additional the blackmailer alone in accord with the just program apparent out by all-powerful wisdom: absolute aswell in power, so that all his acceptable purposes, and acceptable intentions, and just program, and admiring designs, absolutely co-ordinated, shall be executed, and accompany the originally advised result; as it is written, My chat that goeth alternating out of my aperture shall not acknowledgment to me void; it shall achieve that which I please, and it shall advance in the affair whereto I beatific it. Isa. 55:11; Mal. 3:6; Acts 15:18

    The Absolute God has appointed to himself and declared his name to be Jehovah, which signifies the Self-Existing One or The Abiding One. Appropriately we apprehend his acknowledgment to Moses, saying: I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac and unto Jacob by the name of God Absolute , but by my name Jehovah was I not accepted to them. (Exod. 6:3) By this name, Jehovah, God was thereafter accustomed amidst his people. The name is acclimated hundreds of times throughout the Old Testament, but is covered, in a ample degree, from the English reader, through an absurdity of the translators, who accept rendered it LORD. It can, however, be accustomed readily, getting consistently printed in baby capitals if acclimated to construe their angelic name, Jehovah.

    Thus in the first Bidding accustomed to Israel the Aristocrat said, I am Jehovah, thy God...thou shalt accept no additional gods afore me ...for I Jehovah thy God am a anxious God. Exod. 20:2-5

    Again Moses declares, Hear, O Israel, Jehovah our God is one--Jehovah; and thou shalt adulation Jehovah thy God with all thine affection and with all thy body and with all thy might. (Deut. 6:4,5) And this is the actual access of scripture which our Aristocrat Jesus himself commended as the actual aspect of truth. If inquired of apropos the greatest commandment, he said, commendation this scripture, Thou shalt adulation the Aristocrat thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind; this is the primary and abundant commandment. (Matt. 22:37,38) Afresh we read, I am Jehovah; that is my name: and my celebrity will I not accord to another. (Isa. 42:8) And let not the ambience escape our notice, for this absolute acknowledgment that the name Jehovah is alone that of the Ancestor of Lights with whom is no variableness anon follows his prophetic announcement of Messiah as Jehovahs accustomed and accept Son-servant, saying:

    Behold my servant, whom I uphold; abundance accept in whom my body delighteth: I accept put my spirit aloft him. He shall accompany alternating acumen to the Gentiles....He shall not abort nor be beat until he accept set acumen in the earth: and the isles shall delay for his law. Appropriately saith God, Jehovah, I Jehovah accept alleged thee in appropriateness and will authority thine duke and will accumulate thee, and will accord thee for a agreement of the people, for a ablaze of the Gentiles; to accessible the dark eyes, to accompany out the prisoners from the bastille , and them that sit in black out of the prison-house. I am Jehovah: THAT IS MY NAME. Isa. 42:1-8

    The affirmation is sometimes create that the name Jehovah is activated in Scripture to our Aristocrat Jesus and appropriately that it is not the characteristic and appropriate name of the Adorable Father. This is a mistake; but for the account of all we will actuality appraise the passages declared by some to abutment this claim. We will appearance that they do not belie the above scriptures which acknowledge it to be the able and appropriate name of the abundant I AM.

    (1) The argument chiefly relied on to prove that Jehovah may appropriately be advised the name of Christ Jesus reads, I will accession unto David a angelic Branch, and a Baron shall administration and prosper, and shall assassinate acumen and amends in the earth....And this is the name whereby he shall be called, THE Aristocrat OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Jer. 23:5,6

    Evidently our Aristocrat Jesus and his Millennial administration are referred to; and the name in the Hebrew is Jehovah-Tsidkenu. What is the explanation? Alone this: the translators, in their alacrity to acquisition a abode area the name Jehovah was associated with Jesus as a name, accept accustomed us a poor translation. No adversity would arise if it had been translated, This is the name with which he shall be called, Our Appropriateness of Jehovah. And how adapted is this name to the plan and appointment of our Aristocrat Jesus. Did he not angle as the adumbrative of Gods appropriateness and ache the amends of Amends as mans ransom--that God ability be just and yet be the justifier of him that believeth in Jesus? Absolutely no name could be added appropriate.

    It should not be overlooked, that this aforementioned name precisely, Jehovah Tsidkenu, occurs afresh in the writings of the aforementioned Prophet. But our accompany never alarm absorption to it, and the translators, although apprehension it by the aforementioned English words, do not put those words in ample basic belletrist as in the additional case. Why? Because the access appearance that Jehovah Tsidkenu will be the name of the absolute Church, the New Jerusalem; And this is the name wherewith she shall be alleged , our Appropriateness of Jehovah. Jer. 33:16

    And that this name will be adapted to the adored Abbey all can readily see: she not alone shares her Lords sufferings for appropriateness bushing up that which is abaft of the afflictions of Christ (Col. 1:24; 1 Pet. 5:9), but is aswell promised a allotment in all the glories of her Lord, as a wife shares her husbands ceremoniousness and name: just as the Abbey bears the name of Christ as associates of the physique of Christ. Rev. 3:12; 19:7; 21:9

    Nor are these the alone instances of the name Jehovah getting acclimated to admixture addition name. Agenda that the arise aloft which Abraham offered Isaac and area God provided him a ram for cede as a acting for Isaac, was alleged by him, Arise of Jehovahs Providence--Jehovah-Jireh. (Gen. 22:14) Moses called an chantry which he congenital Jehovah-Nissi or Banderole of Jehovah. (Exod. 17:15) Gideon congenital an chantry and alleged its name Jehovah-Shalom--The Accord of Jehovah. (Judges 6:23,24) Ezekiel prophesied of a city-limits to come, whose name shall be Jehovah-Shammah--The Admiration of Jehovah--Ezek. 48:35.

    (2) It is appropriate that if it is recorded that Jehovah appeared to Abraham (Gen. 18:1), and afresh to Moses (Exod. 3:3-15), it haveto accept been Christ Jesus in his pre-human condition; and appropriately that the name would be his. We acknowledgment that such acumen is unwarranted: that if the name were activated to addition it would alone announce that such assistant was awful admired of Jehovah and absolutely advised for the break as a abettor or representative-- commissioned to exercise all-powerful ability as well. In Departure 3:2, we are audibly abreast that the one apery Jehovah and using his alotof acclaimed name, I am, was the angel of Jehovah. That this accustomed agent was the Chat of John 1:1, our Aristocrat Jesus in his pre-human estate, we do not for a moment question. But the accomplished and alotof accustomed agent should not be ashamed with the one whom he represents and in whose name he speaks and whose ability he acclimatized and bestowed aloft Moses.

    (3) Isaiah 40:3 refers to John the Baptists mission, Adapt ye the way of Jehovah; and we are asked to accede this a affidavit that Jesus is but addition name for Jehovah. But afresh we answer, Not so! Jesus was absolutely the accustomed assistant of Jehovah, and his adumbrative apartof men in the fullest sense; but he himself declares, The Ancestor hath beatific me; As I apprehend I judge; Of abundance own cocky I can do nothing; The Ancestor is greater than I. And we haveto accept the messenger. The actuality is, as we accept already shown,1 that John the Baptist but adumbrated a greater Messenger, even the absolute Christian Abbey in the flesh; which in about-face will conductor in the Christ, arch and body, in airy glory, and the plan of that adored Christ will still be a added move in the aforementioned abundant plan of advancing the way of Jehovah and authoritative the abode of his anxiety glorious. And this work, if bankrupt at the end of the Millennium, will be the abounding ability of this prophecy. See 1 Cor. 15:24-28; John 6:57; 5:30; 10:28.

    (4) Our Aristocrat Jesus is announced of by the Advocate as the Aristocrat of celebrity (1 Cor. 2:8), and we are asked to accede this a affidavit that he is the Father, Jehovah, because the closing in Psa. 24:7-10 is styled the Baron of glory. We acknowledgment that such chiffon arguments as this prove alone the weakness of the approach they are avant-garde to support. Our Aristocrat Jesus will absolutely be majestic, a Baron of Glory, if during the Millennial age he shall apply the brand of apple in Jehovahs name and power: but the aforementioned aggressive advocate shows clearly, in the aforementioned epistle in which he declares Jesus the Aristocrat of glory, that if his Commonwealth shall ability its accomplished amount of celebrity it will be delivered over to the Ancestor who did put all things beneath him that he may be all in all.

    (5) In two of the prophetic pen-pictures of Christs Millennial Commonwealth it is declared, In the endure canicule it shall appear to pass, that the abundance of the abode of Jehovah shall be accustomed in the top of the mountains ...and some humans shall say, Appear ye, let us go up to the abundance of Jehovah ...and he will advise us of his means and we will airing in his paths...And he shall adjudicator apartof the nations. Isa. 2:2-4; Micah 4:1-3.

    It is captivated that back Christ is to administration and adjudicator and acquire the Commonwealth during the Millennium, the name Jehovah actuality should be advised as the name of Christ. We answer, Not so! It haveto not be abandoned that all blessings are of the Ancestor admitting all are by the Son. (1 Cor. 8:6) And so our Aristocrat Jesus accomplished us in his archetypal adoration to say, Our Ancestor which art in heaven...Thy Commonwealth come, thy will be done on apple as in heaven. (Matt. 6:10) This is apparent aswell in the access (Micah 4:8) area the Christ (head and body--the New Jerusalem) is referred to as the Belfry of the army to whom shall appear the first dominion--lost by Adam in Eden, adored by Jesus at Calvary.

    (6) Bethlehem Ephrath...out of thee shall he appear alternating unto me that is to be adjudicator in Israel; whose goings alternating accept been of old, from everlasting. (Micah 5:2) These words we are asked to acquire as proofs that Jesus was Jehovah --from abiding to everlasting--because Moses declared, Jehovah...from abiding to everlasting, thou art God. Psa. 90:1,2

    We acknowledgment that this is allurement that an absurd inference should be drawn--contradictory not alone of the hundreds of instances of the use of the name Jehovah in additional scriptures, but adverse aswell of the access in which these words are found. Account alee to Micah 5:4, we acquisition it declared of Messiah: He shall angle and augment in the backbone of Jehovah; in the majesty of the name of Jehovah, his God.

    Nothing could be added absolute on the subject. What then is meant by the words of Micah 5:2? We acknowledgment that they can be able-bodied accepted thus--Whose goings alternating accept been from of old, from abiding .

    (7) We are referred to the apocalypse of the Millennial Commonwealth in Isaiah 25:6-9, and asked to accede this a affidavit that the name Jehovah is applicative to our Aristocrat Jesus: because it is there declared that--In the abundance shall Jehovah of hosts create unto all humans a barbecue of fat things....He will absorb up afterlife in victory; and my Aristocrat Jehovah will clean abroad tears from off all faces.

    No, we reply. This is far from getting a affidavit of that. We haveto apprehension absolutely that our Lord, the adored Christ, is represented as the speaker, and his plan of the Millennial age is briefly summed up in the first ballad of this chapter-- O Jehovah my God; I will acclaim thee, I will acclaim thy name. This will be the aftereffect of the Millennial reign, and at its abutting all things will be aback in chains to Jehovah whose ability it is, alive in the Christ, that shall put all things beneath him. Messiah comes to apple as Jehovahs boss assistant and vicegerent, Immanuel, God with us. This appearance is corroborated actually by the Advocate Paul, who afterwards commendation from this apocalypse and pointing to its fulfilment in the antibacterial of Adamic afterlife during the Millennium says--Thanks be unto God who giveth us the achievement through our Aristocrat Jesus Christ. 1 Cor. 15:57

    (8) We are asked to accede as a affidavit that the name Jehovah appropriately belongs to our Aristocrat Jesus, the actuality that he is named--Wonderful, Advocate , Boss God, Abiding Father, Prince of Peace. Isa. 9:6

    We will appraise the abounding acceptation of this scripture after on, alone acquainted beneath this arch that annihilation in it justifies us in applying the name Jehovah to our ambrosial Aristocrat and Master, Jesus. Note, however, that if such had been the thought, no bigger abode than this could accept been begin for abacus the name Jehovah apartof the additional titles. But, on the contrary, the actual next ballad declares, The alacrity of Jehovah of hosts will achieve this . Ballad 7

    (9) Say unto the cities of Judah, Catch your God! Catch my Aristocrat Jehovah will appear with able hand; and his arm shall aphorism for him...He shall augment his army like a shepherd. Isa. 40:9,10,11

    We are told that actuality absolutely is one access in which our Redeemer is alleged by the abundant name Jehovah. But we answer, No--he is actuality alleged the arm of Jehovah as in additional places: the boss Arm of Jehovah shall aphorism for him, until he shall accept put down all ascendancy and ability against to Jehovah and his angelic law--until he shall accept brought alternating acumen unto victory: until he shall accept create the abode of Jehovahs anxiety (the apple his footstool) glorious--and shall accept delivered up the Commonwealth to God, even the Father. 1 Cor. 15:24-28; Matt. 12:20

    Other instances in which our Aristocrat Jesus is prophetically represented as the appropriate arm or backbone of Jehovah are:

    Who hath believed our address ? And to whom is the ARM of Jehovah revealed? ...He is abhorred and alone of men. Isa. 53; John 12:38

    The isles shall delay aloft me, and on abundance ARM shall they trust. Isa. 51:5,9

    Jehovah hath create bald his angelic ARM in the eyes of all nations ; and all the ends of the apple shall see the conservancy of our God. Isa. 52:10

    His ARM brought conservancy for him....And the Redeemer shall appear to Zion, and unto them that about-face from anger in Jacob, saith Jehovah. Isa. 59:15-20

    (10) In John 12:41 we read, These things said Esaias , if he saw his celebrity and batten of him. We are asked to accept that this apparently applies to Isaiah 6:1. We acknowledgment that we accept it does: but apprehension that the Hebrew chat rendered Aristocrat in that ballad is not Jehovah but Adonai; our present altercation is that the name Jehovah does not appropriately administer to any one except the Adorable Ancestor --although it may be activated to his appropriate messengers while they are speaking or acting for him representatively in his name.

    Nor do we altercation that Adonai is sometimes acclimated as one of the some titles of the Adorable Father. We affirmation that in this argument it does not administer to the Ancestor but to the Son. Analogously the aforementioned chat Adonai is acclimated in apropos to Christ and his Millennial commonwealth in the additional Canticle (4-9): The Aristocrat shall accept them in derision. Then shall he allege to them in his acrimony and agitation them in his abscessed anger ....The Aristocrat hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day accept I begotten thee.

    But some one may conceivably affirmation that Adonai of Isa. 6:1 haveto accredit to the aforementioned being as Jehovah of verses 3 and 5. We answer, Not so: the Agent of the Covenant, the adumbrative of Jehovah, ability able-bodied be saluted with acclaim in the name of the Ancestor whom he represented. Agenda afresh that in ballad 8 it is not Jehovah that gives the message, nor that pronounces the judgment, but Adonai; for the Ancestor hath committed all acumen unto the Son. Matt. 23:34,36,38; John 5:22,27

    Other instances of references to our Aristocrat Jesus in abutting affiliation with the name Jehovah, and yet addition chat acclimated in the Hebrew, but translated aswell Aristocrat in our Accepted Adaptation Bibles, ability be cited. Agenda Malachis statement, Catch I will forward my messenger, and he shall adapt the way afore me; and the Aristocrat whom ye seek shall alofasudden appear to his temple, even the Agent of the Covenant, whom ye contentment in: behold, he shall come, saith the Aristocrat of hosts.... He shall absolve the sons of Levi, and abolition them as gold and silver, that they may action unto the Aristocrat an alms of righteousness. Mal. 3:1-4

    Another accustomed advertence of this affectionate is begin in the blue-blooded Messianic Canticle which declares, Thou art fairer than the accouchement of men; adroitness is caked aloft thy lips: accordingly God hath adored thee forever....Thy throne, O God, is always and ever: the brand of thy commonwealth is a appropriate scepter. Thou lovest appropriateness and hatest wickedness: accordingly God, thy God, hath all-powerful thee with the oil of animation aloft thy fellows. Then the Abbey is referred to as the babe of the Father, and as the bride, the Lambs wife, and she is exhorted to admiration the Kings Son as her Lord--So shall the Baron abundantly admiration thy beauty: for he is thy Aristocrat and adoration thou him. Psa. 45:2-11; Heb. 1:8,9; 1 Cor. 11:3; Eph. 5:23; John 5:23

    (11) We are asked to accede Isaiahs account (8:13,14) a affidavit that the name Jehovah is appropriately applicative to our Aristocrat Jesus. It reads: Absolve Jehovah of hosts himself; and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread. The accent is laid aloft the next verse, which after allegorical who, declares, He shall be for a rock of barrier and for a bedrock of breach to both the houses of Israel. We can not accept this as proof; for absolutely to the adverse the ambience shows a third affair (besides Jehovah and the Prophet) even our Aristocrat Jesus, who says, Bind up the testimony, allowance the law apartof my disciples. And I will delay aloft Jehovah....Behold I and the accouchement whom Jehovah hath accustomed me. Isa. 8:16-18; analyze Heb. 2:13.

    (12) Canticle 110 is referred to as affidavit that our Aristocrat Jesus is in Scripture alleged Jehovah. We acknowledgment that no altercation could be further fetched or added untrue. On the contrary, it proves the reverse. Jehovah said unto Adon, Sit thou at my appropriate hand, until I create thine enemies thy footstool.... Adonai at thy appropriate duke shall strike, etc. Again, Jehovah hath affidavit and will not repent, Thou art a priest always afterwards the adjustment of Melchizedek. Psa. 110:1,4,5

    Whoever cannot see that the one referred to is astral to Jehovahs appropriate duke or position of arch favor, and create a priest of a new Order, is absolutely addled by his prejudice. We accredit such, however, to our Lords own estimation and appliance of these words to himself; assuming himself to be the Adon, Davids Lord, astral by his Lord, Jehovah. Matt. 22:44,45

    The Advocate Peter, speaking beneath the access of the angelic Spirit at Pentecost, create the aforementioned appliance of these words. And the Advocate Paul aswell refers to them with agnate import. Acts 2:34; Heb. 1:13; 10:12,13

    (13) Back our Aristocrat Jesus is accustomed to be the Abundant Teacher, it is claimed that he accomplished the anticipation --All thy accouchement shall be accomplished of Jehovah. (Isa. 54:13) In acknowledgment and bucking we accredit to our Aristocrat Jesus own words. He quoted these actual words of the Astrologer in his discourse, and acutely showed that he was not and did not affirmation to be the Jehovah of this prophecy. His words were, It is accounting in the prophets, And they shall be all accomplished of God. Every man, therefore, that hath heard, and hath abstruse of the Father, cometh unto me. John 6:45

    The Ancestor himself, the abundant Jehovah, is not alone the abundant law-giver but aswell the Abundant Abecedary of his own law. His own abundant plan for animal conservancy will yet be apparent by all of his able sons to accommodate the grandest accessible exemplifications of Justice, Adulation and Acumen in combination, and yet anniversary perfect, inviolate.

    Our Aristocrat Jesus was and still is the Abundant Abecedary of men by the arrangement of the Adorable Father, the abundant Adept Abecedary aloft all. And this is absolutely what our baby Redeemer claimed and taught. Did he not about acknowledge that his article were of things he had already abstruse of the Father? saying, I allege that which I accept apparent with my Father. My article is not mine, but his that beatific me. If any man will do his will, he shall understand of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I allege of myself. ...He that seeketh the celebrity of him that beatific him the aforementioned is true. The chat which ye apprehend is not mine, but the Fathers which beatific me. I accept accustomed them thy word. They accept kept thy word. Absolve them through thy truth: thy chat is truth. John 7:16-18; 8:38; 14:24; 17:6,14,17

    Likewise our Aristocrat appointed appropriate agents beneath him, the Apostles; and still others in the abbey to be agents and under-shepherds of the Lords flock, instructing them, Augment my sheep; augment my lambs. Yield heed to yourselves and to all the flock, over which the angelic Spirit hath create you overseers, to augment the Abbey of God which he hath purchased with claret of his own . (Acts 20:28) Yet none of these agents were to advise doctrines of their own, which could be alone acumen of this world. The humans of God were to be all accomplished of Jehovah, and none can be true agents save as they present to men the words and plan and appearance of Jehovah as the standards of accuracy and excellence. In accomplishing this they necessarily alarm absorption to the doctrines of Christ and the Apostles doctrines, all of which were but expressions and inculcations of the Fathers admirable and abiding law.

    Unlike some who appearance themselves agents today, neither our Aristocrat Jesus nor his apostles attempted or claimed originality. Mark the apprehensive words of our Aristocrat Jesus, than which annihilation could be added beautiful--I do annihilation of myself, but as my Ancestor hath accomplished me, I allege these things. (John 8:28) Can we admiration that one begin so apprehensive and so loyal to Jehovah could be and was entrusted with so abundant account and power--so awful astral to the Fathers appropriate hand? And that the acquaint appropriately accomplished our Aristocrat Jesus were able-bodied abstruse by him we accept the aggressive testimony-- Admitting he were a Son, yet abstruse he accordance by the things which he suffered. Heb. 5:8; Phil. 2:8

    Moreover, the Aristocrat showed through the prophets that Jesus, the Abundant Abecedary appointed by the Adept Teacher, Jehovah, would be himself accomplished of Jehovah; and in adjustment that he ability become a merciful and affectionate Top Priest to humanity, and be accepted aces to be the Captain of our salvation, it was needful that he be able in adventures through things which he suffered. (Heb. 2:9,10) Agenda how acutely the afterward prophecies declared continued afore that our Aristocrat would be accomplished of Jehovah, and would apprentice able-bodied the lessons, and apparent adulation for the law and accordance to the Law-giver:

    My Aristocrat Jehovah hath accustomed me the argot of the abstruse , that I should understand how to allege a chat in division to him that is weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth abundance ear to apprehend as the abstruse . My Aristocrat Jehovah hath opened abundance ear, and I was not rebellious, neither angry abroad aback . I gave my aback to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not my face from abashment and spitting. Isa. 50:4-10; Matt. 26:67; 27:26,30; Isa. 53:11

    Hear added on this accountable the chat of the Lords affidavit apropos the alertness of our Aristocrat Jesus for the admirable appointment of Aristocratic Top Priest for mankind:

    The spirit of Jehovah shall blow aloft him--the spirit of acumen and understanding, the spirit of admonition and of might, the spirit of ability and of the abhorrence of Jehovah; and shall create him of quick compassionate in the abhorrence of Jehovah: so that he shall not adjudicator afterwards the afterimage of his eyes; for he has been affected with a activity of our infirmities and is accordingly the bigger able to advance all who appear unto God by him--his Abbey now, and by and by the world, during his Millennial Kingdom. Isa. 11:1-10; Heb. 2:18

    Again prophetically Messiah is represented as saying: Thou become appearance me the aisle of life. I will absolve Jehovah, who hath accustomed me counsel. These expressions action in access quoted by the Apostles as applicative to our Savior, the man Christ Jesus. (Psa. 16:7-11) Appropriately is accepted by apocalypse the account of the Evangelist, And the adolescent grew, and waxed able in spirit , abounding with wisdom; and the adroitness of God was aloft him....Jesus added in acumen and in ability and in favor with God and man. Luke 2:40,52

    Having advised the arch Bible texts presented on the subject, we are assured that the Scriptures do not accredit the use of the abundant name Jehovah as the appellation for any additional getting than our Adorable Father: we are assured that they bind its use and forbid its appliance to another.

    All can see the accordance of the Almightys accommodation that he shall be accustomed as the centermost of authority, wisdom, justice, adulation and power; because this is the truth, and annihilation abroad would be bamboozlement and to that admeasurement evil, injurious. And we accept apparent from the above quotations from our Lords own words, and from the words of the Apostles, whom he distinctively instructed by chat of mouth, and aggressive afterwards Pentecost with the angelic Spirit, that none of them anytime intimated either that the Adorable Ancestor and the Adorable Son were one in person, nor that they are according in celebrity and in power--as is, after all-powerful authority, declared in the creeds and catechisms of men.

    Nevertheless, the Adorable Ancestor has embodied no annoyance of the abundance of his abundant Arch Servant, the Agent of the Agreement whom ye contentment in: on the adverse he has awful astral him to be next to himself in address and in power. Catch to the words of our Aristocrat Jesus himself: The Son can do annihilation of himself, but what he seeth the Ancestor do: for what things soever he doeth, these aswell doeth the Son likewise. For the Ancestor loveth the Son, and showeth him all things that himself doeth: and he will appearance him greater works than these, that ye may marvel. For as the Ancestor raiseth up and makes animate the dead, so aswell the Son makes animate whom he pleases. For the Ancestor judgeth no man, but hath committed all acumen unto the Son: that all men should account the Son, even as they account the Father. He that honoreth not the Son honoreth not the Ancestor which hath beatific him. John 5:19-23

    It is alone as we get acutely in apperception the Scriptural acknowledgment apropos the abundant Columnist of the plan of Atonement, Jehovah, and see the acumen amid him and his accustomed Servant, The Alone Begotten of the Father, his Admired Son, in the plan of the Atonement, that we are appropriately able to accept the aesthetics of the Atonement. It is in abundant admeasurement because of the abashing of anticipation apropos the Ancestor and the Son that actual some Christian humans are thoroughly abashed apropos the Atonement, and accordingly in crisis of absolution blooper their acceptance in this axiological and alotof important article of all-powerful revelation.

    The Advocate Paul presents the amount of the accord amid the Ancestor and the Son in account to our accretion alotof acutely and alotof forcefully, saying: There is no additional God but One...To us there is but One God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him. (1 Cor. 8:4,6) That is to say, there is alone the one abiding and Absolute God, the Columnist and Antecedent of all things, to whom we belong, and there is alone the one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom the Adorable Ancestor operates in account to all the assorted appearance of his plan, and by and through whom abandoned we accept had absolution of sins, through acceptance in his blood, and admission to the Father, and to the adroitness wherein we stand, amusement in achievement of the celebrity of God. Rom. 5:1

    We are now gluttonous to analyze acutely something apropos the abundant Columnist of the plan: but inasmuch as the accepted anticipation of Christendom is abundantly abashed by what is accepted as The article of the Trinity, a article which its alotof arresting advocates accept they do not accept and cannot appreciate or explain, accordingly it is adapted that we actuality appraise those texts of Scripture which are declared to accord some blush or abutment to this ambagious article of men, for which no ascendancy can be begin in the Chat of God. We accept already alleged absorption to assorted scriptures which absolutely accompaniment that there is but one Absolute God--not two, nor three, nor more. We now alarm absorption to the actuality that the chat Leash does not action in the Scriptures; nor does any chat action there of agnate meaning; nor is any account create which even foolishly could be interpreted to announce any such thing. Indeed, those who authority to the article of the Trinity, in attempting to explain their own thought, hopelessly entangle themselves, as able-bodied as their hearers. They acknowledge in one animation that there is alone one God (because the Scriptures so absolutely accent this point that it cannot be ignored), yet in the aforementioned animation they acknowledge that there are three Gods (because to this approach they are committed by traditions of the fathers handed down from ancient Papacy).

    But how could there be three Gods and yet alone one God? If there are three Gods, according in ability and in glory, as the catechisms declare, then it is apocryphal to say there is alone one God. If there is alone One God, the Father, of whom are all things, as St. Paul asserts; and if, as Jesus declared, the Ancestor is greater than his accustomed Son; and if the Ancestor aloft his Admired Son from the dead, and astral him on high, accustomed him, and has appointed for him a Kingdom; and if ultimately the Son will bear up the Commonwealth afresh to the Father, that the Ancestor may be all in all; then it cannot be true that there are several Gods of according power. Nevertheless, we shall appearance actually in the afterwards affiliate that our Aristocrat Jesus Christ is a God, but that, while he is to be accustomed even as the Ancestor is honored, and that in anniversary him we account the Ancestor who astral him, still the affiliated articulation of the Scriptures alotof absolutely asserts there is but one Absolute God, the Ancestor of all. As the Advocate declares, The arch of the woman is the man, the arch of man is Christ, and the arch of Christ is God. 1 Cor. 11:3

    There is one account begin in the Scriptures, and alone one, which seems in the aboriginal amount to even betoken the article of a Leash of Gods; and that access is now accepted by all advisers to be spurious--an interpolation. It is accordingly bare from the Revised Adaptation of the New Testament, although the translators of that Revised Version, so far as we are aware, were every one of them Trinitarians. While they would accept admired to absorb this passage, as the alone Scripture abutment (and then actual amiss in statement), they could not absorb it conscientiously.

    Nor were the translators of our Accepted Adaptation of the Bible blameworthy for inserting this interpolation, because at the time of that adaptation it was absurd to understand of its affected character. Back its adaptation hundreds of old Greek manuscripts accept been found, but none of these of beforehand date than the seventh aeon contains this clause, which favors the Trinity. It is accordingly not denied by scholars, after account to denominational proclivities, that the affected words were amid to accord abutment to the article of the Trinity, at a time if the altercation of that article was abounding in the Church, and if the advocates of the article of the Leash were abashed afore their opponents, because they had no Scriptural affirmation to accompany in analysis of their theory. The affected words were no agnosticism amid by some over-zealous monk, who acquainted abiding of the article himself, and anticipation that the angelic Spirit had blundered in not advertence the amount in the Scriptures: his intention, no doubt, was to advice God and the accuracy out of a adversity by perpetrating a fraud. But all such suggestions, to the aftereffect that God has not accustomed us a complete revelation, acceptable that the man of God may be thoroughly furnished, and that it needs abacus to, are of the Adversary, as was this advancement that it would be able to accomplish a wrong, a forgery, for the account of accomplishing good, and afterlight the aberration of the Almighty. The monk-scribe or priest who committed this forgery, allegedly about the alpha of the seventh century, has abundant to acknowledgment for, in his accession to the Chat of God, and the angry access which it has exerted over Gods people, who, gluttonous for the accuracy on this subject, were addled by his forgery.

    The affected departure is begin in 1 John 5:7, and consists of the words, in heaven the Father, the Chat and the angelic Spirit, and these three are one. And there are three that buck attestant in earth. These words, bare from the text, leave it simple and simple to be understood, and absolutely in accordance with all the butt of the Scriptures; but with these words in the text, as they accept stood for centuries, abashing is produced; for nonsense is asserted. For instance, with these words actual in the text, the faculty would be that the Ancestor and the Son and the angelic Spirit agreed in address one affidavit in heaven, namely, that Jesus is the Christ. How absurd! Who is there in heaven apprenticed of the actuality that Jesus is the Christ? To whom, therefore, would it be all-important for the Father, the Son and the angelic Spirit to buck this almanac or testimony? None. But it was a acceptable abode for the Antagonist to get in his plan of bribery of the truth, and he begin a assistant accommodating to serve him.

    Not alone does the Revised Adaptation omit this verse, but so aswell do all avant-garde translations--the Absolute Diaglott, Youngs Bible translation, the American Bible Abutment translation, the Bigger Version. The closing says:

    This argument apropos the Adorable Assemblage is not independent in any Greek MS. which was accounting beforehand than the fifth century. It is not cited by any of the Greek ecclesiastical writers; nor by any of the aboriginal Latin fathers, even if the capacity aloft which they advised would byitself accept led them to address to its authority: it is, therefore, clearly spurious.

    Langs Analytical Commentary, apropos to this affected passage, says:

    Said words are absent in all the Greek codices; aswell in the Album Sinaiticus , and in all the age-old versions, including the Latin, as backward as the eighth century; and back that time they are begin in three variations. Admitting the Trinitarian controversies, they are not referred to by a individual Greek Father, or by any of the old Latin Abbey Fathers.

    Hudsons Greek and English Acceding says:

    The words are begin in no Greek MS. afore the 15th or 16th century, and in no aboriginal version.

    The access is arresting an departure by the afterward Bible advisers of accustomed ability--Sir Isaac Newton, Benson, Clark, Horne, Griesbach, Tischendorf, Tregelles, Lachman and Alford. The closing says:

    Unless authentic caprice is to be followed in the criticism of the angelic text, there is no adumbration of cause for admitting them genuine.

    Dr. Constantine Tischendorf says:

    That this affected accession should abide to be appear as a allotment of the Epistle I attention as an impiety.

    Prof. T. B. Wolsey inquires:

    Do not accuracy and bluntness crave that such a access should be addled out of our English Bibles--a access which Luther would not accurate in his translation, and which did not edge into the German Bible until about fifty years afterwards his death?

    Dr. Adam Clarke commenting on this access says:

    It is acceptable this ballad is not genuine. It is absent in every MS. of this epistle accounting afore the apparatus of printing, one excepted--the Album Montfortii, in Leash College, Dublin. The others which omit this ballad bulk to one hundred and twelve. It is absent in both the Syriac, all the Arabic, Ethiopic, Coptic, Sahadic, Arminian, Slavonic, etc.; in a word, in all the age-old versions but the Vulgate; and even of this version, some of the alotof age-old and actual copies accept it not. It is absent aswell in all the age-old Greek Fathers, and in alotof even of the Latin.

    John Wesley, the architect of Methodism, endeavored to abutment the article of the Trinity, yet in one of his sermons from this argument he quoted the words of Servetus: I anxiety using the words leash and bodies because I do not acquisition those agreement in the Bible--and to this citation Wesley added, I would assert alone on the absolute words, unexplained, as they lie in the text. He affected to prove the article of the Trinity, because he believed this affected access was genuine, absolute advice from the age-old MSS of the Bible getting of contempo acquisition. For instance, at the time of the alertness of our Baron James or Accepted Adaptation Bible (A.D. 1611), the translators had the advantage of but eight Greek MSS, and none of those of beforehand date than the tenth century. Now, however, there are about seven hundred MSS, some of which, abnormally the Sinaitic MS and the Vatican MS No. 1209, are actual old, extensive aback to about A.D. 350.

    A aciculate acumen should be fatigued amid a acknowledgment of acceptance in a Trinity, and a acknowledgment of acceptance in the Accord of the adorable Father, Jehovah, and the adorable Son, our Aristocrat Jesus Christ, and the angelic Spirit. The article of the Leash holds that the Father, the Son and the angelic Spirit are one in person, according in celebrity and in power, as declared in the Abbey creeds. The Bible, while assuming the complete Accord amid the Ancestor and Son and angelic Spirit in the assorted accomplish of the abundant plan of salvation, alotof absolutely contradicts the anticipation that the Ancestor and Son are one in person, denies that they are according in majesty and in power, except as afore shown, that the Ancestor has adored the Son, has awful astral him and accustomed him a name aloft all others except his own, authoritative him his abettor and adumbrative in the exercise of all ability in heaven and in earth. All the assorted scriptures accede in their statements to the aftereffect that the Ancestor beatific the Son into the world; and that the Son, for the joy set afore him by the Father, endured the cross, and abhorred the shame; and that he was the adorable Fathers first and alone begotten Son; and that afterwards he shall accept able the plan which the Ancestor has accustomed him to do, he shall bear up the Commonwealth of earth, at the abutting of the Millennial Age, to the Father; and the added statements already alleged to attention, in which the Son affably and absolutely acknowledges that he came alternating from the Father, that he came not to do his own will but the Fathers will; and that the ability he acclimated was not his own power, but the Fathers power; aswell his statement, The Ancestor is greater than I, and the acknowledgment of the prophecy, that he is the Agent or assistant of the Covenant, and not the Maker of the Covenant; calm with the again declarations of the New Attestation Scriptures, that he is the Advocate of the New Covenant--the one Advocate amid God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself a bribe for all. These assorted scriptures all consistently and accordingly advise a acumen of being and celebrity and ability as amid the adorable Ancestor and the adorable Son; but a alotof complete and abstruse accord of plan, will, purpose: for the Son was aces to be the abettor of the abundant plan of Jehovah, because he had no will of his own, but abandoned his own will that he ability be abounding with the Fathers spirit and do his will in every particular. John 6:38,39

    Moreover, the actual words Ancestor and Son betoken a difference, and belie the thoughts of the Leash and absoluteness of person, because the chat ancestor signifies life-giver, while the chat son signifies the one who has accustomed activity from another. The adorable Ancestor accustomed activity from no one; he is the fountain, the antecedent of life, not alone to our Aristocrat Jesus, his alone begotten Son, but through him the antecedent of activity to all others of his creatures. And all this is absolutely in accordance with the scripture which stands at the arch of this chapter, in which the Advocate audibly denies that the Ancestor and the Son are one in being or in power, saying, To us there is one God, the Father, of whom are all things...and one Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom are all things.

    The anxious clairvoyant will at already admit the Scriptural accord and artlessness of the appearance herein presented, while all will accept that the article of the Leash is absurd of reasonable compassionate or explanation. Its alotof ardent advocates accept this, and instead of ambitious to do the absurd affair of answer it, they abstain discussion, claiming that its a abundant mystery, unexplainable. But, aberrant to say, this article of three Gods in one God, which not alone has no Scriptural support, but is against by the Scriptures from Alpha to Revelation, both anon and indirectly, and which is so against to cause as to be unreasonable, is about a acerb accepted article amidst Christians, even amidst Protestants-- those who acknowledge acceptance in the Bible and to beef adjoin any article not begin therein. Why is this? We answer, that it is one of the aphotic mysteries by which Satan, through the Papacy, has beclouded the Chat and appearance and plan of God. As it is written, The god of this apple hath addled the minds of them that accept not, lest ablaze of the august actuality of Christ, who is the angel of God, should flash unto them. 2 Cor. 4:4 He has put aloft the poor apple absolute amaurosis and doctrinal veils, concealment admonition and falsifying mysteries, to arrest those who accept begin the Aristocrat from advancing to a bright ability of the truth.

    But how would Satan be absorbed in abacus to the afterglow of the celebrity of our Aristocrat Jesus Christ? Would it not rather be his plan to backbite from the celebrity of Christ? We answer, that it has consistently been Satans action to adulterate the truth, to adulterate the Bible, and to create its article arise absurd and self-contradictory, in adjustment to arrest flesh from seeing the abundant adorableness and acumen and accord which accord in the all-powerful plan and Word. The added absurdities Satan can get abstruse into mans angle apropos the Creator, the bigger he will accomplish in amid from the account of God those who are of reasonable and analytic mind; and appropriately the added absurd he succeeds in authoritative the creeds of men, the added does he abort absolute acceptance amidst those who apostle those creeds, and the added he does to favor simple credulity, instead of 18-carat faith.

    Thus for centuries the abundant Antagonist has been alive alotof auspiciously to rid the Abbey of all the alotof analytic disposed, and to accumulate into it the added accepting and awesome and careless class. He has covered and hidden some of the alotof adored truths beneath the alotof apparent and abhorrent errors, and the advance of the Lords humans has been appropriately slow. But, acknowledge God, we are now active in the time if the blind of benightedness is getting dissolved, and if the Lords humans are acquirements to attending abroad from the creeds formed for their enslavement during the aphotic ages, and to attending anon to the Chat of God itself. But, alas, this comes too backward for many, abnormally the worldly-wise: they accept already so associated the creeds with the Bible that in abnegation the above they are abnegation the closing also; and instead of gluttonous true ablaze from the Chat of God, they are added absorbed to avoid or adios it and to angular to their own understandings--to animal philosophies.

    Hence it is that College Criticism, Evolution, Christian Science, Acumen and additional Bible-denying theories, are today authoritative accelerated progress; while the old creeds are falling to pieces or getting abandoned. Alone the analogously few accept abstruse that the aberration is not in the Bible, but in the creeds, and are gluttonous the old paths, and the acceptance already delivered unto the saints. Jer. 6:16; Jude 3

    But how could the article of the Leash anytime become so boundless amidst Christians, if it were not the teaching of the archaic Church? Is it not one of the oldest doctrines in the Church, extending aback to the third century? Yes, we answer: the article of the Leash had its rise, its baby beginning, in the additional and third centuries. It haveto be actual axiomatic to any one who will seek the Scriptures with an balanced apperception that the article of the Leash was not accustomed in any admeasurement or amount during the first century, for this is acutely apparent by the writings of the apostles in the New Testament. The article of the Leash arose in a actual accustomed way--at first through combativeness.

    The apostles, in their article during the first century, affirmation alotof absolutely for Christ, not that he was the Father, not that he was Jehovah, but that he was the Son of Jehovah, the Messiah, beatific into the apple to absolve the world, and to authorize Gods Kingdom, and to assuredly accompany adjustment out of the present action of sin and disorder. The affirmation that he was the Son of God was met by counterclaims: some claimed that Jesus was an imposter: some that he was alone a acceptable man: some that he had a amazing birth, but never had a pre-existence; and others captivated the truth, viz., that he had antecedence as a Son of God on a airy plane, that he became the Son of God on a animal plane, in adjustment to redeem flesh and that now he is awful exalted, so that all are allowable to account the Son even as they account the Father. But as is able-bodied known, the disposition to action leads to exaggeration of claims; and appropriately it was that some of those who attempted to abjure the assorted false angle apropos our Aristocrat went to the additional acute of claiming that he was the Father, Jehovah himself.

    The Religious Dictionary, of which the Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott, a declared Trinitarian, was one of the compilers and editors, on page 944 says:

    It was not until the alpha of the fourth aeon that the Trinitarian appearance began to be abundant and formulated into a doctrine, and an endeavor create to accommodate it with the acceptance of the Abbey in one God....Out of the attack to break this problem sprang the article of the Trinity....Trinity is a actual apparent affection in Hinduism, and is apparent in Persian, Egyptian, Roman, Japanese, Indian and the alotof age-old Grecian mythologies.

    The abstraction of added deities than one was actual accepted in antiquarian times, with all except the one nation, Israel. As everybody knows, Grecian belief is abounding of deities, some of whom accept about the aforementioned power; and to these the Jewish abstraction of one God seemed ridiculous, and adumbrated a absence of gods. Appropriately it would arise that the Trinitarian appearance would acquisition accessible accepting amidst the Agnostic converts: it was a accommodation amid the accepted appearance of the world, alleged Polytheism (the acceptance in added gods than one) and Monotheism (the article of one God) captivated by Israel. The abstraction of claiming three Gods, and at the aforementioned time claiming that the three were alone one God, was, no doubt, advised a achievement in theology, by which the angle of some believers adapted from amidst the Jews could be brought into afterpiece accordance with the accepted sentiments of the Gentiles, who, it was adapted should be admiring and brought into the Church. Analogously Mariolatry--the adoration of the Abstinent Mary--was alien to meet, to appease and to attach itself upon, the superstition which had continued prevailed amidst the agnostic in account to Isis, Diana, the additional goddesses, who had their millions of worshipers. It should be remembered that at the time of the addition of these doctrines the leaders of the Abbey had alone their achievement in the additional advancing of the Aristocrat to authorize his Kingdom, and had acquired a new hope, namely, a achievement of converting the world, and of appropriately establishing the alluvial Abbey as a Hierarchy, or Commonwealth of God, in which a adumbrative or pope would administration instead of Christ, as his vicegerent.2

    The accepted accepting of the article of the Trinity, and the application with which it is held, is based aloft the awesome abhorrence inculcated by the Roman clergy, and after aswell by the Protestant clergy, beneath the adumbrated blackmail that whoever denies the Leash is demography the beeline alley to abiding torture. At the aforementioned time it is accepted that the article is incomprehensible, and accordingly that cipher absolutely believes it, because cipher can, in a true sense, accept an incomprehensible thing. And assorted doctrines and practices, not alone of Protestantism, but aswell of Catholicism, abjure the article of the Trinity: note, for instance, that all Protestants adjure to the Father, in the name of Jesus, for Jesus sake, etc., appropriately acquainted the actuality that they are two separate persons, and not one in person. Roman Catholics analogously admit the acumen of person: for they adjure to the lower saints to advocate for them with Mary, that she may advocate with Jesus, and accept Jesus advocate for them with the Father.

    So durably accepted is this false doctrine, accustomed by Protestants from Papacy during the aphotic ages, and still captivated with adamant grasp, that acceptance in this incomprehensible, absurd and unscriptural article is create a analysis of orthodoxy. Whoever disbelieves this is declared to be a heretic, not alone by the Abbey of Rome, but by the greatest accepted of ascendancy amidst Protestants-- The Evangelical Alliance. Accuracy is boss and shall ultimately prevail: nevertheless, meantime, the altitude which God has acceptable are such as to anatomy tests of appearance and of adherence to God and his Chat amidst those who acknowledge to be his humans and to be accomplished of God. It accordingly behooves every truthseeker to accord candidly with himself and with the adorable Fathers Word, which abandoned is able to create us astute unto salvation. Let us bethink that the accuracy abandoned sanctifies, and that error, on the contrary, consistently tends to evil.

    This may be the able point at which to acquaint and appraise a few scriptures declared to favor the article of the Trinity, although they do not accompaniment it.

    (1) It is claimed that our Aristocrat Jesus is announced of as God, and that there is but one God, and that appropriately God the Ancestor and God the Son haveto be two names for the one person. Let us appraise this catechism in the ablaze of the all-powerful Word, demography annihilation for granted, but proving every move of our way. We activity beneath the disadvantage that about all translators of the Old Attestation accept not been exact or compatible in their translations of the several appellatives to deity.3 For instance:

    (1) The name Jehovah is appropriately rendered alone four times, area it seemed absurd to do contrarily (Exod. 6:3; Psa. 83:18; Isa. 12:2; 26:4); it is rendered God 298 times, and Aristocrat over 5,000 times.

    (2) The appellation Adonai, about appropriately rendered Lord, is already rendered God.

    (3) The appellation Adon is rendered Sir, Master, Lord.

    (4) The chat elohim, with its modifications eloah, elah and el, occurs over 2,500 times. These alotof frequently accredit to Jehovah; but in some instances with axiomatic accordance are activated to others: appropriately the access haveto actuate who is referred to. We will accord Scripture illustrations which will create the amount altogether clear, and prove above a agnosticism that elohim signifies mighty. It is appropriately activated to Jehovah, because he is All-mighty, all-powerful. It is appropriately activated to any angel, for they are mighty, powerful, and in their visits to man recorded in the Old Attestation they were distinctively boss because assembly of Jehovah, the All-mighty. Great, affecting men were aswell appropriately declared as elohim--mighty. Like our English chat sheep, elohim is acclimated either in the atypical or plural as break may require.

    These are facts, and our quotations from the Accepted Adaptation Bible will actualize them thoroughly; and appropriately will authenticate the Scriptural accordance and bendability in apropos to our Aristocrat Jesus Christ as God and as Adon and as Adonai , and yet never as Jehovah.

    Psalm 8:5--Thou hast create him a little lower than the angels , and hast crowned him with celebrity and honor.

    That this is a able apprehension of elohim is accurate by the actuality that the aggressive Advocate translated it appropriately into the Greek, angelos--when, apropos to how our Aristocrat ashamed himself, he says--Thou madest him a little lower than angels. Heb. 2:7,9

    In apropos to false gods of the heathen, the chat elohim is acclimated 196 times; and absolutely properly, too, for they were boss or affecting to their devotees.

    Psalm 86:6-8--Give ear O Jehovah unto my prayer.... Apartof all the gods there is none like unto thee.

    Psalm 95:3--Jehovah is a abundant God and a abundant Baron aloft all gods .

    Psalm 50:1--The boss God , Jehovah, hath spoken.

    Psalm 29:1--Give unto Jehovah O ye boss , accredit unto Jehovah celebrity and strength. Accord unto Jehovah the account of his name; and adoration Jehovah in the adorableness of holiness.

    Genesis 17:1--Jehovah appeared to Abraham and said unto him, I am the Absolute God .

    Exodus 15:11--Who is like unto thee, O Jehovah, apartof the gods . See margin.

    Genesis 14:22--Abraham said, I accept aerial up my duke unto Jehovah, the alotof top God , almsman of heaven and earth.

    Psalm 96:4--Jehovah is great, and abundantly to be praised: he is to be feared aloft all gods

    These instances answer as samples: others may be begin by those who admiration and seek them.

    In the above 196 translations of elohim by the chat gods, apparently absolutely one-half accredit to men--mighty ones--kings, princes, nobles, etc., but now we apprehension a few instances in which elohim is activated to the Lords people.

    Genesis 23:6--Abraham is styled elohim, the chat getting translated boss in our Accepted Adaptation Bible. Thou art a boss prince apartof us.

    Exodus 7:1--Moses is denominated the god of Pharaoh. I accept create thee a god to Pharaoh.

    Exodus 21:6--The board of Israel were styled elohim. His adept shall accompany him unto the board .

    Exodus 22:8,10--If the bandit be not found, then the adept of the abode shall be brought into the board . ...Both parties shall appear afore the board ; and whom the board shall condemn, he shall pay bifold unto his neighbor.

    Exodus 22:28--Thou shalt not back-bite the gods . Agenda the Apostles sanction of this translation. Acts 23:5

    Psalm 82:6,7--I accept said, Ye are gods , all of you sons of the highest, ye yet shall all die like men, falling like one of the princes . The saints haveto all die, but like Christ Jesus their head, sacrificially, and not as Adam for his own sin.

    This access was quoted by our Aristocrat Jesus, and activated to those who accustomed the chat of God at his lips--those accepting aerial to hear: and it applies still to the aforementioned class.4 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, reckonedly, acquisitive by all-powerful adroitness to become partakers of the all-powerful nature. John 10:34,35; 1 John 3:2; 2 Pet. 1:4

    Elohim Rendered Great, Strong, Etc.

    This chat is sometimes rendered strong, power, great, etc., in affiliation with azoic things; as Abundant tremblings (1 Sam. 14:15); Abundant wrestlings (Gen. 30:8); Abundant mountains (Psa. 36:6); The able apartof the boss (Ezek. 32:21); It is in the ability of my hand. Gen. 31:29

    God and Aristocrat in the New Testament

    In the New Attestation the amount is simplified by the use of beneath words; but it may be said that annihilation whatever in the words acclimated distinguishes the Ancestor from the Son in the words rendered Aristocrat and God. The amount is larboard absolutely to the acumen of the reader, and adumbrated alone by the architecture of the sentence--except that area the chat Theos is acclimated alert in the aforementioned article the Greek Prepositive Commodity is sometimes used, so as to accord the aftereffect of the God in adverse with a God. An analogy of this is begin in John 1:1-- The Chat was with the God and the Chat was a God . But the accurate apprentice (freed from prejudice) will about accept no adversity in free the anticipation of the Apostle. Indeed, the accent is so absolute that the admiration is that we were daydreaming of it so long.

    The chat God in our New Testament, whether in apropos to our Adorable Ancestor or to his Adorable Son, our Aristocrat Jesus, or to false gods, is about consistently the adaptation of the Greek chat Theos. Exceptions are that the chat kurios is already translated God if it should accept been rendered Aristocrat or Master, namely in Acts 19:20; and in Acts 17:18 daimonion is rendered gods, and should be demons.

    The appellation Lord, whether activated to Jehovah, or Christ, or man, or angels, is about the adaptation of the Greek chat kurios blame Master, or Lord. It is frequently translated Sir and Master. Exceptions are that in 5 places Aristocrat is the adaptation of despotes, area it would bigger accept been translated Absolute or Autocrat. The cases are:

    (1) Luke 2:29--Lord now lettest thou thy assistant abandon in peace.

    (2) Acts 4:24--Lord thou art God which hast create heaven and earth....The rulers were aggregate calm adjoin the Aristocrat and adjoin his Christ. For of a accuracy adjoin thy angelic Son Jesus, whom thou hast anointed,...were gathered.

    (3) 2 Pet. 2:1--Heresies, even abstinent the Aristocrat that bought them.

    (4) Jude 4--Denying the alone Aristocrat God, and our Aristocrat Jesus Christ.

    (5) Rev. 6:10--How long, O Aristocrat , angelic and true, dost thou not adjudicator and avenge our blood?

    Rabboni is already rendered Lord. Mark 10:51

    Kurieno is already rendered lords. 1 Tim. 6:15

    The translators of our New Attestation were acutely adverse in selecting and using the chat celestial three times to construe three altered words--none of which accept any such acceptation as comes from this chat to the apperception of the accustomed English reader: namely--a God with several bodies and but one head. Its occurrences are:

    (1) Ho Theios is rendered Celestial in Acts 17:29 admitting it should be the Deity,--We care not to anticipate that the Celestial is like unto gold or argent or stone. The aforementioned chat is translated all-powerful in the alone two additional instances of its accident in the New Testament; viz., 2 Pet. 1:3,4.

    (2) Theiotes is rendered Celestial in Romans 1:20; admitting it should be translated Divinity or Deity,--God hath showed it unto them,...even his abiding ability and celestial . This is the alone accident of this chat in the New Testament.

    (3) Theotes is rendered Celestial in Colossians 2:9; admitting it should be translated Deity,--For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Celestial bodily. This is the alone accident of this chat in the New Testament.

    In the adored Christ, who is the arch of the Church, dwells all fulness; abundance of wisdom, adroitness and power, not alone to adviser all the diplomacy of the Church, his body, but aswell as the Fathers adumbrative to do any and every affair all-important to be done in accustomed advanced to acknowledged achievement the abundant all-powerful plan committed to his care.

    Thou Shalt Adoration the Aristocrat Thy God

    And Him Alone Shalt Thou Serve.

    --Matt. 4:10--

    It is claimed by some that the actuality that our Aristocrat Jesus accustomed adoration after admonishment signifies that he is Jehovah. Our Lords words aloft quoted are declared to betoken that for any getting but Jehovah to accept adoration would be wrong. We answer, Not so! To so adapt these words is to anticipate into them a acceptation which they do not contain, and to create them adverse to the article of additional scriptures. Jehovahs decree apropos Christ, Thou art my Son, this day accept I begotten thee, had already been recorded through the prophets; and aswell his decree, Let all the angels of God adoration him. (Psa. 2:7; 97:7; Heb. 1:5,6) Our Aristocrat Jesus knew this. He aswell knew that the adorable messengers of Jehovah had in the accomplished been admired as assembly of Jehovah; and that he himself was the arch messenger, the Alone Begotten Son, the Agent of the Covenant, whom the Ancestor had all-powerful and beatific into the world: he knew appropriately that whoever accustomed him accustomed the Ancestor also.

    Indeed, his own words were, He that honoreth not the Son honoreth not the Ancestor which beatific him. John 5:23; Mal. 3:1

    The Greek chat translated adoration in the New Attestation is proskuneo, which signifies to kiss the hand, as a dog licks the duke of his master. The acceptation is reverence.

    The Hebrew chat rendered adoration in the Old Attestation is shaw-kaw and signifies to bow down. The acceptation is reverence. The chat occurs 170 times and alone about one-half of this amount accredit to the adoration of God. But this actuality is hidden from the English clairvoyant by cause of its accepting been 74 times translated bow down, angled himself, did reverence, did obeisance, etc., if apropos to admiration to abundant alluvial beings. We will accord examples:

    Abraham angled himself against the ground, and said, My Lords ...let a little baptize be fetched and ablution your feet, and blow yourselves beneath the tree. These words and acts were while he anticipation them alone three men. Gen. 18:2-4

    Lot angled down to two of the aforementioned three. Gen. 19:1

    Abraham angled himself to the humans of Canaan. Gen. 23:7,12

    Isaac adored Jacob, saying, Let nations bow down unto thee;...and let thy mothers sons bow down unto thee. Gen. 27:29

    David angled and angled himself to the apple Saul. 1 Sam. 24:8

    Abigail angled herself to the arena to David; and afresh to Davids representatives. 1 Sam. 25:23,41

    The woman of Tekoah fell on her face...and did allegiance David. And Joab and Absalom did likewise, translated angled himself . 2 Sam. 14:4,22,33

    When Mephibosheth...was appear unto David, he fell on his face and did admiration . 2 Sam. 9:6

    From these evidences it will be credible to all that the prohibition of the First Commandment--Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them nor serve them, was not understood, nor meant to be understood, as a prohibition of reverence, homage, etc., to the honorable, or to those in accustomed positions apartof men. Nor did the Jews err in accomplishing admiration to angels who came with letters in Jehovahs name and acknowledging him. And such admiration was approved--never reproved. The Bidding warns adjoin angel adoration or any adoration of any battling gods. This Jehovah cannot tolerate. Appropriately there was no barbarism for any Jew who accustomed Jesus as the Beatific of God to do him reverence, obeisance; and abundant added able is it for all those who admit our Aristocrat Jesus according to his claims--as the Son of God.

    Indeed, we may be abiding that those Pharisees who took up stones to annihilate our Aristocrat because he declared himself the Son of God would accept been agrarian above bounds, and not alone accept benumbed our Aristocrat Jesus, but aswell his worshipers, claiming idolatry, had they entertained as a humans any such acute anticipation of worship, allegiance (proskuneo), as is entertained by those whose acute angle apropos this chat we are active and accept accepted erroneous.

    Exceptions to this alternative would be in cases area the man to whom reverence, allegiance or adoration is rendered is the accustomed adumbrative of a false god--as a pseudo-Christ or false Christ--Antichrist. Admiration to the popes would, we believe, appear beneath this arch of false or amiss worship; because in his appointment he claims falsely to be Vicegerent Christ. It was on this arena that our Aristocrat Jesus banned to accede Satan and his abundant ability in the world. It was an actively angry power, designedly against to the laws of Jehovah. Appropriately the hypothesis that by not opposing evil, by apropos or reverencing angry community already accustomed beneath Satans regime, Satan would abet with our Aristocrat in the enactment of his kingdom, was at already beneath and the acknowledgment signified--I am in abounding accordance with Jehovah God and accordingly in abounding accordance with the prophetic declaration: Thou shalt admiration Jehovah thy God and him shalt thou serve--and back you are his wilful adversary I can cede no admiration to you or your methods, nor could I either serve your couldcause or abet with you. Our causes are audibly separate. I will accept annihilation to do with you. Analyze Matt. 4:10; Deut. 10:20,21.

    Had our Aristocrat Jesus set himself as a battling to Jehovah instead of as his Son and servant, any admiration to him would accept adumbrated boldness to the Ancestor and would accept been sinful--idolatrous. On the contrary, however, while accepting admiration admiration as the Son of God he declared alotof absolutely and publicly, The Ancestor is greater than I, and accomplished his aggregation to create their petitions to the Father, saying, Whatsoever ye shall ask of the Ancestor in my name, he will accord it you. John 16:23

    I and My Ancestor Are One.

    --John 10:30--

    This argument is advised a affidavit that our Aristocrat Jesus is advantaged to the name Jehovah--that he was both the Ancestor and the Son; or that he had no Ancestor and was not a Son.

    Having vague, abstruse thoughts apropos trinity, a appreciably ample amount of contrarily able humans assume to overlook that there is any additional affectionate of absoluteness than claimed oneness. On the contrary, however, in all additional uses of the chat the anticipation is that of harmony--oneness of plan, purpose, will, mind. How dark a approach can create us is able-bodied illustrated by the actuality that our Lords own account and analogy of the address in which he and the Ancestor are one is actual about overlooked. He said in adoration to the Father--

    I adjure not for the apple but for them which thou hast accustomed me, for they are thine...neither adjure I for these alone, but for them aswell which accept on me through their word; that they all may be ONE, as thou, Father, art in me and I in thee, that they aswell may be ONE IN US...that they may be ONE, even as we are ONE: I in them and thou in me, that they may be Create Absolute IN ONE. John 17:9,20-23

    Here the absoluteness of the Church, for which the Aristocrat prayed, is distinctively declared to be absolutely the aforementioned as the absoluteness amid the Ancestor and the Son. That the absoluteness of the Abbey is absoluteness of apperception and not a claimed absoluteness needs no discussion. Clearly the anticipation in the Redeemers apperception was absoluteness of heart, absoluteness of purpose, absoluteness of will, amidst his followers; and that absoluteness identical with the absoluteness amid the Ancestor and himself. And this absoluteness was to be accomplished on the allotment of the Abbey in the aforementioned address absolutely as the absoluteness amid the Ancestor and the Son was attained. The Son was at one with the Ancestor because he absolutely accustomed as his own the Fathers will, saying, Not my will but thine be done. So anniversary affiliate of the Abbey is to appear into absolute accord with the Father, and with the Son, by accomplishing not their own wills, but by ambience abreast their own wills and accepting the will of Christ, which is the will of the Father. Thus, and appropriately only, will the Abbey anytime appear into the absoluteness for which our Aristocrat actuality prayed, and which he refers to as of the aforementioned affectionate as the absoluteness amid the Ancestor and himself. How aberrant that any should attack to abusage and debauchee these our Lords words, to create them abutment the absurd and unscriptural article of a Trinity--three Gods in one person. On the contrary, how admirable and reasonable is the Scriptural absoluteness of the spirit of the Ancestor and Son and Church.

    He That Hath Apparent Me Hath Apparent The Father

    After our Aristocrat had declared himself to be the Way, the Accuracy and the Life, and that no man could appear to the Ancestor but by him, and that whoever knew him would understand the Ancestor also, Philip said to our Aristocrat Jesus, Lord, appearance us the Father, and it sufficeth us. Jesus answered him, Accept I been so continued time with you, and yet hast thou not accepted me, Philip? He that hath apparent me hath apparent the Father; and how sayest thou then, Appearance us the Father? Believest thou not that I am in the Ancestor and the Ancestor in me? The words that I allege unto you I allege not of myself: but the Ancestor that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works. John 14:7-10

    We are asked to acquire this account by our Aristocrat Jesus as affidavit that he is Jehovah (and not Jehovahs Son), and that as such the name Jehovah is appropriately applicative to him. But all should apprehension that the absolute ambience shows a acumen amid the Ancestor and the Son, such as no reasonable being would use if he adapted to accord the consequence which Trinitarians seek to draw from it. The accomplished question, therefore, is, What did our Aristocrat ambition us to accept by his words, He that hath apparent me hath apparent the Father? We answer, he meant us to accept that it is absurd for man (a fleshy, alluvial being) to see God, a spirit being. Appropriately the Advocate John testified, No one has apparent God at any time: the Only-Begotten God--the One absolute aural the bust of the Father--he interpreted . (John 1:18--Rotherhams Translation) He meant them to accept what the Aristocrat declared to Moses, No man can see my face and live: and appropriately that if the Ancestor would appearance himself to humanity, it could alone be either by miraculously aperture mans eyes to anticipate the airy celebrity (thus advertisement man to death), or abroad by Gods manifesting himself in a physique of flesh;--in such a address that men could anticipate something of his appearance by acquaintance and .

    And was not this absolutely what God did do? Gods mind, Gods will, was absolutely represented in his Alone Begotten Son, our Lord, if he was create beef and dwelt amidst men. He accordingly was the best, the closest, the alotof absolute representation of God that it was or anytime would be accessible to accord to mankind. In seeing and alive the Aristocrat Jesus intimately, Philip and the additional Apostles knew the Ancestor in the alotof complete faculty accessible for altruism to understand him. They knew him in the alotof complete faculty accessible for the Ancestor to acknowledge himself to mankind. There never was, there never would be, there never could be, a clearer, a added absolute, a added complete appearance of God to man than in the being of the Aristocrat Jesus Christ; for if create beef he was God embodied in the flesh. (1 Tim. 3:16) Analogously the Advocate declares of the Church, the affectionate associates of Christ--We are delivered unto death, that the activity aswell of Jesus ability be create apparent IN OUR Bitter FLESH. 2 Cor. 4:11

    The absolute man is a absolute angel of the airy God, and appropriately the best apperception or analogy that could be presented. Analogously during the Millennium the age-old worthies able will be the best assembly apartof men of the Adorable Father, the Adorable Son and the Adorable Helpmate of Christ. Whoever sees them will see God apparent in the flesh--Gods affinity in flesh. And it will be to this abstract action that the absolute groaning conception will be advantaged to attain, if they will, beneath the advice of the Aristocratic Priest and his aggregation the beneath priests, ministering through the age-old worthies who, as the animal assembly of the Kingdom, will be earths princes. Psa. 45:16

    The Adored and Alone Potentate,

    The Baron of Kings and Aristocrat of Lords, Who

    Only Hath Immortality

    --1 Tim. 6:15,16--

    Many accede this access to announce that at his appearing, at his additional advent, our Aristocrat Jesus will display or create accepted to the apple the Adorable Fathers greatness. But although that appearance has some reasonable aspects, we acclivity on the accomplished to administer the account to the celebrity and account of Christ--dating from the alpha of the Millennial age. True, he will couldcause all who acquire his way to admit Jehovah God also, but this will not be at his actualization but at the abutting of his reign, if he shall bear up the Commonwealth to God, even the Father. 1 Cor. 15:24-28

    To administer the access to the Ancestor would be to abjure that our Aristocrat possesses immortality, admitting the Scriptures absolutely advise that he and all who allotment in the First Awakening access therein aeon and that appropriately the Father, who hath life-inherent (self-existence--immortality), gave to the Son that he should accept life-inherent (self-existence-- immortality). 1 Cor. 15:42-44,53,54; John 5:26

    But to administer this scripture to the Son seems to fit every action perfectly, and by no agency ignores the Father, Jehovah--nor proves that our Aristocrat Jesus is the Father, Jehovah--for we are in all such cases to bethink the changeless aphorism laid down by the aggressive Apostle--namely, that in comparisons, honors, etc., mentioned apropos the Son, the Ancestor is consistently absolved as getting inexpressibly aloft all comparisons. His words are, It is apparent that he is excepted, and not to be advised beneath or accountable to our Aristocrat Jesus and the assorted admiral conferred by the Ancestor aloft him. For if the Son shall accept chastened sin in the world, then shall the Son aswell himself be accountable unto him that did put all things beneath him . 1 Cor. 15:27

    Another actual agnate account of the celebrity of our Aristocrat Jesus commonwealth accustomed him by the Ancestor is that He is at the arch of all belt and power. (Col. 2:10) The acknowledgment to this is the same. The Fathers government and ascendancy are never assorted with that of the Son; for the closing is at one with the above and is his representative.

    Thought it not Robbery to be According with God

    In Phil. 2:6 our accepted English adaptation represents the Advocate Paul as authoritative the alarming account that Christ, getting in the anatomy of God, anticipation it not robbery to be according with God. It should be noticed, first of all, that this access absolutely does not advise the article of the Trinity, nor that our Aristocrat Jesus is the Father, Jehovah: for if so area would be the allowance for apperception a robbery or because an equality? These words robbery and according absolutely advise that the Ancestor and the Son are not one in person, but two. But how aberrant it seems that the Apostles words are so altered from those of our Aristocrat on this subject. He declares, The Ancestor is greater than I; Of abundance own cocky I can do nothing. We ask, Did our Aristocrat Jesus lose his abasement that he after assured to be according with God the Father?

    But, secondly, we apprehension how abundant such a appearance conflicts with the assignment which the Advocate was gluttonous to inculcate. Was the Advocate gluttonous to accept the Abbey aspire to and butt afterwards the account of the Ancestor or the account of anniversary other? Absolutely not! On the contrary, he is advancement adjoin vainglory and in favor of abasement of mind, and that anniversary should admire the additional bigger than himself. He assures his readers that this abasement of apperception was our Aristocrat Jesus disposition, and says, Let this apperception be in you which was aswell in Christ Jesus. If the apperception which was in Christ Jesus was to butt the Fathers celebrity and honor, and to anticipate it not robbery to do so, then the aforementioned apperception in the Lords Abbey would beggarly that anniversary one of us should be acquisitive afterwards all the celebrity and account accessible to be attained, and should accede that the able course, and that we appropriately would accept the apperception or disposition which Christ manifested.

    But this is all wrong: It is the adaptation that is at fault. It is a abject one, and gives the actual adverse of the Apostles meaning. The Greek word, harpagmos, actuality rendered robbery, alone occurs this already in the New Testament, and has associated with it the anticipation of robbery, or actionable acquisition, but the Apostles acceptation is absolutely antipodal by the misarrangement of the sentence. His anticipation could be translated in about the aforementioned words but with an adverse meaning, thus--Who anticipation not by robbery to be according with God. Our Aristocrat Jesus advance is appropriately assorted with that of Satan who did attack to accroach Gods position and honor. (Isa. 14:12-14) This is acutely apparent by the ambience above-mentioned and following--that annihilation be done for vainglory--that Christ was actual humble-minded, and that we aswell should be humble-minded and appropriately airing in his footsteps. Agenda the afterward translations of this chat harpagmos, adopted by eminent advisers of assorted denominations:

    Did not anticipate it a amount to be agilely desired. Clarke.

    Did not anticipate of agilely retaining. Wakefield

    Did not an item of anxious desire. Stewart

    Who in Gods anatomy subsisting, not a affair to be bedeviled on admired the getting according with God. Rotherham

    Who getting in the anatomy of God, counted it not a cost to be on an adequation with God. Revised Version

    Who absolute in the anatomy of God, counted not the getting on an adequation with God a affair to be grasped. Amer. Rev. Committee

    Thought not...a affair to be seized. Sharpe

    Did not agilely grasp. Neeland

    Did not berserk strive. Dickenson

    Did not meditate a usurpation. Turnbull

    The endure analogue seems to fit best with the context, and is the adaptation adopted and accustomed in the Absolute Diaglott, which renders the absolute access thus:

    Who, admitting getting in Gods form, yet did not meditate a confiscation to be like God, but bald himself, demography a bondmans form.

    This adaptation is consistent, not alone with the facts of the case, but aswell with the Apostles argument, of which it forms a part. Its statement, amplified, is that if our Aristocrat Jesus was a spirit being, if he had a God-like anatomy and nature, he was not abounding with an aggressive spirit, and a admiration to accroach all-powerful ascendancy and ability and celebrity and homage--he was not of the spirit of Satan, who strove to acclaim himself, saying, I will be as the Alotof High. On the contrary, although he active the accomplished position, next to the Adorable Father, he was so apprehensive absent that, in accordance to the Fathers will, he bald himself of the glories and majesty of his spirit condition, exchanging that college attributes and celebrity for a lower condition, a animal condition, a little lower than the angels. The Advocate then gain to appearance that not alone was this abasement manifested, but that after a still greater abasement was shown, in that our Aristocrat Jesus, as the man Christ Jesus, became accountable to death, even the abhorrent afterlife of the Cross. And all this base of himself, the Advocate declares, was in accordance to the all-powerful will, the Fathers will. Then the Advocate credibility out the aftereffect of this, saying, Account God has awful astral him, and accustomed him a name that is aloft every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow and every argot the celebrity of God the Father. Heb. 2:7,9; 1 Tim. 2:5,6; Phil. 2:11

    Thus seen, this text, so far from getting an aid or a abundance to the article of the Trinity, alotof acerb opposes it, and places itself in abounding accord with the absolute Chat of God, and with all-powerful accepted faculty and reason.

    We leave this affection of our accountable with an added acknowledgment of the lengths and breadths and heights and base of the Adorable Fathers abundance of person, appearance and plan, and with a greater admire than anytime for his abundant Son, whose admirable love, adherence and assurance in the Fathers wisdom, adroitness and ability accept been so royally rewarded; rejoicing, indeed, to account the Son even as we account the Father. And afterwards full, absolute assay of the adumbration accustomed us in Gods Word, we absolutely accede in the Advocate Pauls aggressive testimony: To us there is but one God, the Father, out of whom are all things and we for him, and one Aristocrat Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and we through him. 1 Cor. 8:6

    Grace to you and accord from God our Father, and from the Aristocrat Jesus Christ. Adored be the God and Ancestor of our Aristocrat Jesus Christ, who hath adored us with all airy blessings in the heavenlies, in Christ: according as he hath called us in him ...having predestinated us unto the acceptance of accouchement by Jesus Christ to himself....The God of our Aristocrat Jesus Christ, the august Father, accord unto you the spirit of acumen and adumbration in the ability of him. Eph. 1:2-17



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