Animal rights in Vietnam

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 06 July 01:22   

    Vietnamese activity of Kampuchea Krom (south Vietnam) haveto be chock-full to chargeless the adversity Khmer Krom. The victims of this atrocious act are the Khmer Krom humans who are the aboriginal humans of the Mekong Basin region. I am one of the Khmer Krom individuals. The Accompaniment of Vietnam has been actionable Khmer Kroms rights far too continued and decapitating Khmer Kroms association to the core. Kampuchea Kroms basic is Casualty Nokor (former Saigon and today HCM city). We, Khmer Krom, seek amends and the account of our axiological rights. Currently Khmer Krom abridgement all agency in accustomed life: cannot abstraction our own language, cannot apprentice about our history, cannot accurate assessment or allege freely, cannot move about freely, cannot anatomy any academy such as bounded association or school, cannot conduct or convenance our behavior and adoration freely, cannot represent ourselves in governments(locally, provincially, or nationally), cannot participate in law-making process, and alotof important of all--Khmer Krom are atomic of the poor in the region. This is no exaggeration, but facts.



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