Accumulative Administration Functions

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    The F_(x)
ightarrow (cdf),, represents the anticipation that the amount of a accidental capricious X,, behindhand of its distribution, will be beneath than or according to the amount x, that is provided. For connected accidental variables, F_(0) = 0, because P(X = 0) = 0, for all connected accidental variables. Therefore, all accumulative administration functions will alpha at zero.

    Generally, F_(x), represents P(X leq x),, however, if what is adapted is P(X > x), then 1 - F_(x), would be used.

    CDF for an Exponential RV

    Notice that as x, increases, the anticipation nears afterpiece and afterpiece to one. This is because as x, increases, the breadth beneath the ambit of the PDF becomes afterpiece and afterpiece to one.



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