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    This book is advised to supplement a first year of electrical engineering account for academy students. However, any clairvoyant with an compassionate of algebraic and cogwheel calculus can apprehend this book and accept the material. A ability of Basic Calculus, Cogwheel Equations, or Physics (especially of forces, fields, and energy) will accommodate added acumen into the material, but are not necessary. This book will apprehend the clairvoyant to accept a close compassionate of Calculus specifically, and will not stop to explain axiological capacity in Calculus.

    For advice on Calculus, see the wiki book : .

    This book will attack to awning beeline circuits, and beeline ambit elements. We will alpha off discussing some of the basal architecture blocks of circuits (wires and resistors), and we will altercate how to use them and how to assay them. We will then move into capacity on Capacitors and Inductors. The additional bisected of this book will then alpha to allocution about AC power, and will go into some basal techniques for compassionate and analytic AC circuits. This book will altercate the Laplace and Fourier Transforms, but will not awning them completely, opting instead to let after books in the alternation (specifically the book) awning them in depth.

    With a basal ability of electric circuits and electricity concepts beneath your belt, there are a amount of altered paths accessible for study.

    There are absolutely additional paths to be taken from here, depending on interest; however, wikibooks currently lacks advice in these fields of study.



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