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    In this page we are traveling to briefly altercate some of the accomplishments advice all-important afore belief Agenda Circuits.

    Boolean algebra is a bit of an anomaly in the algebraic world. Boolean algebra uses, as its axiological values, the states of true and false. To facilitate mathematics, we will about-face true ethics into the amount 1, and we will about-face false ethics into the amount 0. Then, we will go over some of the basal rules of boolean algebra:

    ;addition :

    There are alone 2 ethics in boolean algebra, so there is no abode to abundance the backpack from an accession operation. The strangest allotment of boolean algebra is that 1 + 1 = 1. Its strange, but its important.

    ;multiplication :

    These after-effects assume appealing normal.

    Inversion, or a NOT operation changes a 1 to a 0, and changes 0 to 1. Mathematically, we will use the attribute ! (exclamation point) to denote the analytic antagonism of a abundance or a variable. For instance:

    Since you are using abject 2 and back there are alone two states then it stands to cause that if its NOT one then

    it is aught and if its NOT aught then it is one

    If we wish to allocution about a capricious that is consistently inverted, we will use the afterward notation:

    ar = !x

    Where the bar over top of the x denotes the actuality that this amount is consistently the adverse of the value.

    In agreement of math, AND gates are implemented by multiplication. OR gates are implemented by Addition. Remember, in Boolean algebra, there are no carrys in addition.

    To accept the aberration amid AND and OR, lets appraise the afterward accuracy tables:

     AND OR

     X Y Aftereffect X Y RESULT

     0 0 0 0 0 0

     0 1 0 0 1 1

     1 0 0 1 0 1

     1 1 1 1 1 1

    In the case of AND, both haveto be 1 for the aftereffect to be 1.

    In the case of OR, at atomic one haveto be a 1 for the aftereffect to be 1.

    Boolean Algebra was created by George Boole (1815 - 1864) in his cardboard An Analysis of the Laws of Thought, on Which Are Founded the Algebraic Theories of Argumentation and Probabilities, appear in 1854. It had few applications at the time, but eventually scientists and engineers accomplished that his arrangement could be acclimated to make able computer logic.

    The Boolean arrangement has two states: True (T) or False (F). This can be represented in several altered means as on or off, one or zero, yes or no, etc. These states are manipulated by three axiological operations alleged analytic operators: AND, OR and NOT. These operators yield assertive inputs and aftermath an achievement based on a agreed table of results. For example, the AND abettor takes two (or more) inputs and allotment an on aftereffect alone if both (or all) inputs are on.




    These simple operators are acceptable because they acquiesce us to make actual simple argumentation circuits:

     if user put in a division AND the Coke button is pressed, bead a Coke

    There are ways, however, to amalgamate these expressions to create abundant added circuitous but advantageous agenda circuits. By using assorted operators on the aforementioned inputs, it is accessible to make abundant added circuitous outputs. An announcement like:

     A and B or C

    would accept a accuracy table of the following:

    This accuracy table follows the rules

    If A and B are true, or C is true, then X is true

    Exercise: Go through anniversary case in the table and analysis it using the aloft statement.

    AND is represented by wedge or . , that is A AND B would be A wedge B , or A . B ,.

    OR is represented by vee or + , that is A OR B would be A vee B and A+B ,.

    NOT is represented by lnot or ar that is NOT A is
eg A or ar.

    If these three operators are accumulated then the NOR and NAND can be created. So A NOR B is
eg (A vee B) or ar. (This endure one has been rendered wrong, the bar should extend all the way over both A and B). NAND is
eg (A wedge B) , or ar. (The endure one has already afresh been rendered wrong.) The cause for the bifold characters is because abominably computer science, engineering and mathematics assume clumsy to adjudge or maybe it is just engineering who are clumsy to conform. The point is that if this book is not the alone antecedent of information. Additional books accept assorted notations so if additional books are consulted then the additional characters needs to be known.

    Boolean Algebra, like approved algebra, has assertive rules. These rules are Associativity, Distributivity, Commutativity and De Morgans Laws. Associativity, Commutativity and Distributivity alone administer to the AND and OR operators. Some of these laws may assume atomic in accustomed Algebra but in additional algebras they are not.

    Associativity is the acreage of algebra that the adjustment of appraisal of the agreement is immaterial.

    :A vee (B vee C) = (A vee B) vee C

    :A wedge (B wedge C) = (A wedge B) wedge C


    :A+(B+C)=(A+B)+C ,

    :A.(B.C)=(A.B).C ,


    Distibutivity is the acreage that an abettor can be activated to the agreement aural the brackets.

    :A wedge (B vee C) = (A wedge B) vee (A wedge C)


    :A.(B+C)=(A.B)+(A.C) ,


    Commutativity is the acreage that adjustment of appliance of an abettor is immaterial.

    :A wedge B = B wedge A

    :A vee B = B vee A


    :A.B=B.A ,

    :A+B=B+A ,


    De Morgans Law is a aftereffect of the actuality that the not or antithesis abettor is not distributive.

eg(Pwedge Q)=(
eg P)vee(
eg Q)

eg(Pvee Q)=(
eg P)wedge(
eg Q)


    :ar=ar + ar

    :ar=ar . ar

    De Morgans laws acquaint us that a Nand aboideau gives the aforementioned achievement as an Or aboideau with inputs complemented and a Nor aboideau gives the aforementioned achievement as an And aboideau with outputs complemented.

    These complemented ascribe gates are aswell accepted as bubbled gates because of the way that they are adumbrated on a symbol, i.e, by including a baby balloon on anniversary input, agnate to the amphitheater fatigued on the achievement of the Not, Nand and Nor gates.

    De Morgans laws are the alotof advantageous while simplifying a boolean expression. That these laws are true can be absolute by amalgam the agnate accuracy table.

    It is important to agenda that

    :A wedge B vee C
e A wedge (B vee C)


e A.(B+C)

    This can be apparent as either AND accepting a college antecedence or the actuality that Associativity does not authority amid AND and OR or that it is an invalid appliance of distributivity.

    Another way of searching at this is the accessible appliance of our compassionate of accustomed algebra rules using the additional notation. Area acutely the affinity amid OR getting accession and AND getting multiplication is made. We would never create this absurdity if this were top academy algebra.

    All of these Laws Aftereffect in a amount of rules acclimated for the abridgement of Boolean Algebra.

    #A wedge A=A ,

    #Avee A=A ,

    #Awedge 1=A ,

    #Avee 1=1 ,

    #Awedge 0=0 ,

    #Avee 0=A ,

eg =0 ,

eg =1 ,

eg (
eg )=A ,

eg wedge B= A + B

eg vee Awedge B=
eg vee B


    #A.A=A ,

    #A+A=A ,

    #A.1=A ,

    #A+1=1 ,

    #A.0=0 ,

    #A+0=A , =0 ,

    #A+ar =1 ,

    #ar ar =A ,

    #A+ar .B= A + B

    #ar + A.B= ar + B

    Double Negation:


    The assumption of duality tells us: If, in a boolean blueprint we altering the and and or operators and altering 0 with 1 then the resultant boolean blueprint is aswell true.

    Eg: If we are acquainted that A.(B+C)=A.B+A.C then:

    Dual of the larboard ancillary is A+B.C

    Dual of the appropriate ancillary is (A+B).(A+C)

    By the assumption of duality, we can say that A+B.C=(A+B).(A+C)

    Simplify the afterward Expressions.

    #B wedge A wedge

    #A wedge
eg vee A wedge B


    #B.A. ar

    #A. ar + A.B

    For amount 1 using aphorism 7. We get.

    :Bwedge 0=0 ,


    :B.0=0 ,

    Which happens to be aphorism 5 so the acknowledgment is zero.

    In amount 2 we can yield out A. Giving

    :A wedge(
eg vee B)


    :A. (ar + B)

    The Announcement brackets is aphorism 8. So the acknowledgment is A.

    Boolean logic

    A accuracy table is a adjustment to appearance how the achievement of a agenda ambit reacts to the inputs. Forth the top row of the accuracy table the accompaniment of anniversary ascribe for a accustomed book is articular alpha at the left, with the endure cavalcade on the appropriate apery the agnate output. Inputs can alone be one of two states; either 1 (a/k/a hi, on, true) or 0 (a/k/a low, off, false). All the accessible combinations of inputs for the ambit are listed, and the consistent outputs are authentic at the end of anniversary row. Outputs, just as the inputs, are alone represented as either 1 or 0 (hi or lo, on or off, true or false).

    We will use the afterward diagram for autograph out our accuracy tables in this section:

     X ---+------+

     | Aboideau |-----Z

     Y ---+------+

    Where Y and X are the inputs to the accustomed gate, and Z is the achievement of the gate. The alotof accepted analytic gates are the AND, OR, XOR, NAND, and XNOR.

    The AND aboideau has the afterward accuracy table:

    The OR aboideau has the afterward accuracy table:

    The XOR Aboideau has the afterward accuracy table:

    The NAND aboideau has the afterward accuracy table:

    The NOR aboideau has the followint accuracy table:

    The XNOR aboideau has the afterward accuracy table:



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