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 A diode usually is anticipation of as a accessory that lets accepted breeze through/thru it in alone ONE direction; about Zener diodes are create to admittance accepted to breeze aswell in the about-face administration if the voltage that is activated is beyond than the rated Zener voltage. Zener diodes are accordingly acclimated as voltage sources, with altered Zener diodes getting accessible to accumulation altered rated voltages. Resistors are affiliated in alternation to absolute the accepted abounding beneath all applicative conditions, and the accepted that this voltage antecedent can accumulation is bound too. Usually, if acclimated as a voltage reference, the accepted achievement is absolutely low.


    Silicon Zener Diode and Rectifier Handbook, appear in 1961 by Motorola, Inc.

    Two of these listed Zener diodes have, for this example, a Zener knee voltage of about 30 V. They are blazon amount 1N2823 (in TO3 package), and 1N3324 (in stud ascent package); both are contrarily equal. If about 22 Volts are activated in the about-face direction, alone about 5 microAmperes can flow, but, at their nominal Zener Voltage of about 30 V, about 420 mA flows, with the best acceptable DC Zener accepted (meaning the reverse-direction accepted a accessory is accepted to be able to backpack after damage) of these two types getting 1400 mA at 75 degrees Celsius (to be derated if the temperature is higher). The attrition included in the ambit haveto be abundantly top to absolute the current, at any activated voltage, to that amount. The Zener voltage (at the knee) changes about about 0.085% per amount Celsius for these two types.

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