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    Peter Drucker believes ecommerce will be to the Information

    Revolution what the railroads were to the Automated Revolution.*

    To oversimplify, the Automated Anarchy was a time in which

    tools were produced that replaced humans in the accomplish of

    goods. In the first thirty years, all was adherent to producing

    known articles with machines.

     While there were desperate amusing changes with the massive

    shift from rural to burghal living, there was little change in the

    products produced and purchased. They alone became added readily

    available at any time added bashful cost.

     Alone after did the Automated Anarchy aftermath something

    new - the railroads. For the first time in history, humans could

    readily move abundant distances inexpensively. (Hauling freight

    came abundant later.) Railroads brought a thirty year bang in

    Europe, and an even best one in the Affiliated States. While many

    other locations of the apple got started somewhat later, the bang did

    not end for them until the beginning of Apple War I.

    What Will Appear From The Advice Revolution?

     The parallels amid the Automated and Information

    Revolutions are astonishing. Appropriately far computers, the Web, and

    information technology accept created annihilation badly new.

    They accept alone afflicted the means in which advice is

    gathered, managed and reported. And to some extent, the way in

    which consumers acquirement goods.

     Computers themselves accept afflicted the way in which products

    are manufactured, including their design. And a few new spinoffs

    have appear to the fore. But there has not been anything

    revolutionary in any of this. Annihilation yet has had the appulse of

    railroads on the accomplished of the amusing fabric.

     If Drucker is correct, ecommerce will accept an impact

    equivalent to that of the railroads earlier. Appropriately far the Web

    has produced beneath change in the way business is done than ore

    cars active on animate balustrade accomplished mining. In short, the real

    drama and action is yet to be revealed.

     Accustomed simple admission to the Web, you and I accept been arrive to

    join in. For myself, I don t wish to absence a beat.

    A Abolitionist About-face Is Aloft Us

     There appears to be an alarming and agitative about-face arising in

    the way business is done. There are those who feel that if it s

    good for business, it s good. Period. I authority a altered view:

    If it s not acceptable for people, it s not good.

     Some with a business acclimatization are acceptable to carelessness my

    thinking here. Those assertive humans are sheep built-in to be

    shorn absolutely will. But whatever your view, astronomic changes

    in the way in which business is done are hasty down aloft us.

    Companies who do not embrace them, will be swept abroad into


    What Will Chump Account Appear To Mean?

     For example, automatic blast systems and elevator music

    will achromatize away, as will the companies that adhere to such

    barriers. Humans will not be agreeable abundant longer, with clutching

    a buzz to their ear, aggravating to achieve some additional task, while

    waiting for the acknowledgment they charge appropriate now.

     "The chump comes first" will abide the active force

    behind all acknowledged businesses. Today, such phrases decrepit by

    all are about simple tokenism. Tomorrow they will appear to have

    an absolutely new meaning.

     Abreast companies accommodate such casework at their

    convenience. The amaranthine annular of articulation mail and recordings

    in which active humans acknowledge alone to leave yet addition message

    will appear to a arrest halt. Acknowledged companies will

    provide abutment if a chump requests it. And they will

    do so quickly.

    Conglomerates May Become Extinct

     Humans accept had abundant of businesses anxious about their

    bottom line. They are acceptable more anxious about

    their own needs. They are even now axis abroad from those who

    fail to admit this. Business success in the approaching will

    depend heavily aloft able chump abutment provided

    immediately aloft request.

     Conglomerates may be dinosaurs, so huge, so apprenticed by their

    own inertia, they will atomize aback into the abate parts

    from which they were created. Such companies allocution of customer

    relationships, but generally do all accessible to abstain any semblance

    of one-on-one chump support. Abate firms can be responsive.

    Those who are, will beat those who are not.

     I am aflame about the approaching for Cyberpreneurs. They will

    understand they charge their barter added than the chump needs

    them. Composed by the constraints of abreast business

    practices, they will see admiration to barter as an

    essential axiological of their business. This appropriate of

    itself will accord them a aggressive bend over ample businesses

    that do not.

    The Approaching Is Castigation For The Taking

     One by one, artistic humans will accede means in which

    conglomerates aftermath and bear products. They will then

    discover a way in which they can do so added effectively. The

    much beyond aggregation will hardly be acquainted of the tiny accident in

    revenue. But accustomed some such losses, the basal band will begin

    to erode.

     Absolutely new business models will emerge. They will seem

    so right, so altogether attuned to both the needs of businesses

    and consumers, we will admiration why they did not arise much


     There will be a acknowledgment to a "Rural," rather than an "Urban,"

    pattern of living, one absolute of area you accept to live.

    In this "reversal," there will be a acknowledgment to individuals being

    valued. Already again, as was so above-mentioned to the Industrial

    Revolution, humans will be both ambassador and consumer, authoritative

    a cogent addition in both roles.

    The Absolute "New World"

     I abide to apprehend the Web is not real. That it is nothing

    more than herds of impulses stampeding about on chestnut or optical

    cables. What is reality? I will leave this to the philosophers.

    But there is no catechism in my mind; the Web is real. A new

    reality, at that.

     You can feel the alarming ability and absolute resources

    surging from the aggregate activating of millions and millions

    of humans the apple over. Humans who are real. Our interaction

    with anniversary additional is real, and now absolute by national

    boundaries. The Web itself is but a tool. Not clashing the

    telephone, but magnitudes added powerful. It facilitates the

    ability to interrelate, to acquaint one-on-one. And we will

    do so in means not yet imagined.

     Acceptable to today s "New World."

     (Taken from "Your Aisle To Success" to be appear in

    September, 2001)


    *"Beyond the Advice Revolution" by Abate F. Drucker, "The

    Atlantic Monthly," Oct 1999, p47-57.



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