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 31 December 18:00   

    THE SIX Baleful e-commerce SINS    by Thomas Harpointner

    If you plan on cashing in on the e-commerce revolution, the catechism is no best whether or not you should acquire acclaim cards and checks on your web site. The catechism now is how to set up a acknowledged e-commerce band-aid that fits both your business archetypal and your budget.

    Here are some statistics you should be acquainted of:

    According to Nua Internet Surveys, as of January 2000, there are about 248.6 actor humans online worldwide.


    Dec 3, 1999: Alert as some US adults acclimated acclaim cards to buy articles and casework online in 1999 than did in 1998, according to new analysis from Cyber Dialogue.

    INTERNET Abridgement Account $1 Abundance IN 2001

    Nov 4, 1999: The Internet abridgement will be account $1 abundance by the end of 2001 and $2.8 abundance by the end of 2003.


    Business-to-business e-commerce will appearance baking advance in the advancing years, with the common bazaar accepted to aggrandize to $7.29 abundance by 2004, added than 50 times beyond than in 1999, states a bazaar analysis company. (TechWeb)

    When you yield these facts and abstracts into consideration, it s no abruptness that added and added entrepreneurs and businesses are feverishly hasty to authorize e-commerce web sites.

    On the surface, the abstraction is actual simple: You set up a web hosting annual with a web hosting company; you make an ambrosial website that sells your articles or services; and you get a acclaim agenda merchant annual so you can acquire acclaim cards.

    But there is added to enabling an e-commerce web site. There is a lot of aberrant ability apropos the enactment and operation of a acknowledged e-commerce web site, which makes the aberration amid your website acceptable a success or bags of dollars ashen and hundreds of hours of pain-staking balloon and error.

    SIX Baleful e-commerce SINS

    I accept categorical beneath the six baleful sins that can derail an contrarily simple action of enabling an e-commerce web site.

    1.Merchant annual does not abutment e-commerce or AVS

    If your merchant annual is not accordant with Internet processing systems, you will charge to manually access affairs and even accident accident your annual due to coffer regulations. AVS (Address Analysis System) is appropriate by Acceptance and it is a arrangement that matches abode belief on the cardholder s account to abate chargebacks. If AVS is not used, you can be answerable up to 3.75% or added per transaction and leave yourself accessible to chargebacks. If you acquire a chargeback amount college than 3%, the coffer may abolish your merchant privileges. Already you are listed as a concluded merchant, accepting addition acclaim agenda merchant annual is around impossible. Be abiding your processing band-aid uses AVS and that your merchant annual is set up for Internet processing.

    2.Processing band-aid does not abutment real-time processing

    Processing solutions that do not plan in real-time can wreak calamity on your advance and business efforts. Spending time entering every adjustment manually can actually amount you added than the adjustment is worth. Also, if Internet orders are not candy in real-time, you won t understand if a acclaim agenda is accurate until you manually action it, at which point you will charge to alone acquaintance the agenda holder. This can about-face into a time arresting and cher process, abnormally if the chump lives overseas.

    Of all the acclaim agenda orders candy by our office, about 7% are invalid or beneath the first time. Fortunately, back we advance a real-time processing system, the chump is able to re-enter his/her acclaim agenda amount or use a altered card.

    Additionally, AVS is not about acclimated or accessible with chiral systems, appropriately advocacy your transaction abatement amount to a whopping 3.75% on every dollar!

    3.ISP or hosting aggregation does not abutment accurate processing band-aid or arcade cart

    Often, a web host does not abutment a assertive arcade cart. In addition, not all arcade carts plan with all acclaim agenda processing solutions. Furthermore, if you re alive with a altered bell-ringer for anniversary service, you re accessible to chump account nightmares. Few things are worse for an online business than not getting able to get fast answers to accepted questions or problems. You can save yourself a array of annoyance by alive with a aggregation that can accommodate one-stop account for your web hosting, arcade cart, and e-commerce needs.

    4.Insufficient processing absolute on merchant annual

    The majority of banks that acquire Internet merchants alone acquiesce a assertive aggregate to be candy on a account basis. The absolute for newer businesses about ranges from $5,000 to $17,000 per month. Furthermore, as allotment of the accomplished book in their merchant account agreement, some banks prohibit you from accepting a additional merchant account. Businesses that aperture their merchant account acceding are accountable to actual abortion of their merchant privileges. As your business grows, you can acquisition yourself in absolutely a bind. To abstain this blazon of trouble, be abiding that the merchant account provider you accept to plan with can advice you authorize a accord with a coffer that can action you college processing banned and is adjustable abundant to abound with you.

    5.Higher processing and transaction fees due to acclaim story

    Some merchant account providers will amerce you with college processing and transaction fees if you accept beneath than absolute credit. They may wish you to accept that the coffer passes on these fees. The absoluteness is that processing fees accept annihilation to do with your credit. It s artlessly a way for them to create added money from your account. Your abatement amount should be no college than 2.5% (unless you accept a high-risk artefact such as an developed site) and the transaction fee should be no college than $0.50 per transaction. The alone breadth area your claimed acclaim plays a agency is in the amount you accept if you are leasing processing equipment.

    Don t get taken for a ride! Be abiding that you plan with a merchant account provider that s honest with you and will yield the time to acknowledgment all of your questions. The ante you accept today will accept a abiding affect on the advantage of your business.

    6.Up foreground banknote affluence required

    Often, a new or home-based business is appropriate to pay bags of dollars up foreground to get their merchant annual approved. Banks crave affluence from "high-risk" merchants to assure themselves adjoin abeyant losses that they may incur. For example, if a merchant processes $20,000 in one ages and then disappears, the coffer would acquire all losses due to chargebacks.

    If you plan on processing a top volume, accept top priced items, or high-risk products, be abiding to baddest a merchant account provider that has abundant acquaintance to accommodate reasonable agreement with the coffer for you. It s to your advantage if the coffer will accede to yield just a baby allotment from anniversary auction to body up the assets as against to allurement for banknote up front.

    AIS Media was founded in 1997 with the ambition to be a one-source solutions provider for companies absent to do business on the Internet. Today, AIS Media offers:

    ·Lightning-fast and reliable web hosting services

    ·Complete acclaim agenda and online analysis processing solutions

    ·Integrated arcade carts and simple Internet storefront builders

    Contact one of AIS Media s abreast and affable e-commerce Annual Admiral today for a FREE, no-obligation appointment at (800) 784-0919 or (678) 382-2247 in Atlanta.

    Or appointment us on the web to get fast answers to the alotof frequently asked questions and COMPLETE A Chargeless ONLINE NO-OBLIGATION Appliance TODAY AT



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