Acclaim Agenda Snafus! Bags of Dog Food! Whats Traveling On Online?

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 31 December 18:00   

    Credit Agenda Snafus! Bags of Dog Food! What s Traveling On Online?   by B.L.Ochman

    Imagine this scenario. You are acclimation vitamins at You annals for the site, put in your shipment and transaction advice and columnist "Express Checkout." Up comes an adjustment not for your vitamins, but for the articles ordered by Ester Levitts in Kentucky. Her Ascertain Agenda advice is given, forth with her name, abode and ordered items.

    Think it s unlikely? Anticipate again. It happened to restaurant agent Ray Tekosky of New York City-limits on Friday, Jan 28. He had the attendance of apperception to download the aberrant adjustment page and fax it to me. I, in turn, faxed it to a anchorman at The Bank St. Journal. Was it news? You bet! On Monday, Jan 31 the Account appear that had to abutting down the website for an afternoon while it tended to its database problems.

    What happened here? Something that will appear again, maybe in a abundant bigger way, maybe on your site. "We re still in the aboriginal stages of ecommerce," says Tekosky. "There will be abundant bigger mistakes on a abundant beyond scale. Who s to say it wouldn t appear with a cyberbanking situation? That could make the ecommerce agnate of the Mad Cow scare."

    "Donate the balance to charity"

    Tekosky is not some ecommerce-basher. He buys online all the time. He bought his Approach Pilot, his printer, some books, vitamins and additional appurtenances on the Internet. And he s not the alone one who s accepting agitation with online buying.

    Consider the plight of web developer Ira Wexler and his wife, Barry, who is an attorney. They anticipation they begin a abundant accord for dog aliment at All they had to do was pay in beforehand to lock in a abundant amount for six 40 batter accoutrements of dry dog aliment for their chicken Lab puppy. One 40 batter bag would be beatific every 8 weeks. They would pay for the first three accoutrements and get the next three free.

    Great idea, until the additional 40 lb bag accustomed one anniversary afterwards the first and the third 40 lb bag accustomed a few canicule later. The Wexlers now accept 120 lbs of dry dog aliment awash into a closet in their baby New York apartment. Duncan, their puppy, sits hopefully in foreground of the closet aperture for hours on end, absent of the contents. carefully told them that they could accord their balance to charity.

    An email to Petopia went unanswered. The first buzz alarm netted no result. Assuredly anyone emailed to say that the actual three accoutrements in their adjustment accept been placed on authority until April first. But that s April Fool s Day and the aftereffect charcoal to be seen.

    Failure to plan for success

    What s traveling on? It would assume that has a problem with its defended server and has a problem with its shipment procedures. Infact it s a acceptable bet is that they both had the aforementioned problem - they skimped on the aback ends of their sites in a blitz to get online. My aggregation and some others do a acceptable barter in re-doing web sites that were skimped on the first time around.

    Companies that advertise online charge to seek out the ability of ecommerce integrators to architecture and apparatus an able basement for their sites. The canicule of accepting a brother-in-law who "knows a lot about the net" architecture a website accept gone the way of the dinosaur. The ecommerce stakes get college every day and budgets haveto follow.

    Instead of planning for success, a lot of companies bandy up a website and amount they will beef up the aback end already the money starts rolling in. And sometimes that happens a lot faster than anyone planned.

    We are acceptable to abide to reside with a array of snafus acquired by poor planning. The way your website can abstain these problems? Plan for success. Body a arrangement set to abound with your business. Or pay the amount later. Like poor Ester in Kentucky. And Duncan in New York City.



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