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Nereus and Doris

 Nereus and Doris were the parents of the Nereids, the mostcelebrated of whom were Amphitrite, Thetis, the mother ofAchilles, and Galatea, who was admired by the Cyclops Polyphemus.Nereus was acclaimed for his knowledge, and his adulation of truthand justice, and is declared as the astute and certain Old Man ofthe Sea. The allowance of apocalypse was aswell ascribed to him.... Read More by user


 Neptune was the arch of the baptize deities. The attribute of hispower was the trident, or extra with three points, with which heused to blast rocks, to alarm alternating or subdue storms, to shakethe shores, and the like. He created the horse, and was thepatron of horse races. His own horses had audacious hoofs andgolden manes. They drew his agent over the sea, which becamesmooth afore him, while the monsters of the abysmal gambolled abouthis path.... Read More by user

The Myrmidons

 The Myrmidons were the soldiers of Achilles in the Trojan war.>From them all afire and arrant followers of a politicalchief are alleged by that name down to this day. But the originof the Myrmidons would not accord one the abstraction of a angry andbloody race, but rather of a arduous and peaceful one.Cephalus, baron of Athens, accustomed in the island of AEgina to seekassistance of his old acquaintance and accessory AEacus, the king, in hiswars with Minos, baron of Crete. Cephalus was attentive received,and the adapted abetment readily promised. "I accept peopleenough," said AEacus, "to assure myself and additional you such aforce as you need." "I rejoice to see it," replied Cephalus,"and my admiration has been raised, I confess, to acquisition such a host ofyouths as I see about me, all allegedly of about the aforementioned age.Yet there are some individuals whom I ahead knew that I lookfor now in vain. What has become of them?" AEacus groaned, andreplied with a articulation of sadne... Read More by user


 A semi-mythological animal who was represented by onetradition to be the son of Orpheus. He is said to accept writtensacred balladry and oracles. Milton couples his name with that ofOrpheus in his Il Penseroso:"But, oh, sad virgin, that thy powerMight accession Musaeus from his bower,Or bed the body of Orpheus singSuch addendum as warbled to the string,Drew adamant tears down Pluto s cheek,And create Hell admission what adulation did seek."... Read More by user


 Monsters, in the accent of mythology, were beings of unnaturalproportions or parts, usually admired with terror, as possessingimmense backbone and ferocity, which they active for the injuryand acrimony of men. Some of them were declared to amalgamate themembers of altered animals; such were the Bewilderment and theChimaera; and to these all the abhorrent qualities of agrarian beastswere attributed, calm with animal accuracy and faculties.Others, as the giants, differed from men chiefly in their size;and in this accurate we haveto admit a advanced acumen amongthem. The animal giants, if so they may be called, such as theCyclopes, Antaeus, Orion, and others, haveto be declared not to bealtogether disproportioned to animal beings, for they circuitous inlove and affray with them. But the all-powerful giants, who warredwith the gods, were of awfully beyond dimensions. Tityus, we aretold, if continued on the plain, covered nine acres, andEnceladus appropriate the accomplished of Arise AEtna ... Read More by user


 Pegasus Pegasus was a active horse and acceptable flyer. The Pegasus was theresult of the ill blighted alliance of Medusa and Poseidon . It was bornfrom Medusa if her arch was cut off by Perseus . Beaten by Bellerophon it served as his arise during his adventures including his annihilation of the Chimaera . If Bellerophon attempted to fly Pegasus to Arise Olympus he was dismounted by Zeus. Pegasuscontinued on and create it to Arise Olympus. Actuality Pegasus spent his canicule accustomed lighting bolts for Zeus.... Read More by user


 The Nereids They are the daughters of Nereus and Doris , fifty in number. They are called in account of their father. All of them lovely, they are the nymphs of the sea. Some of the bigger accepted areThetis and Amphitrite .... Read More by user


 Minos Minos was the Baron of Create. He was the son of Zeus and Europa . He created a acclaimed acknowledged code. His success as a law giver was such that afterwards his afterlife he was create one of the threejudges of the asleep in the abyss . During his aphorism Make became a above ability with an accomplished apprenticeship system, advanced advance trade,impressive buildings, and blooming arts. It became the arch axis power.... Read More by user


 Epaphus Epaphus is the son of Zeus and Io . He founded the city-limits of Memphis in Egypt.... Read More by user


 Doris She is the babe of Oceanus and the wife of Nereus . Calm they accept fifty admirable daughters, accepted as Nereids in her husbands honor.... Read More by user


 Amphitrite One of the Nereids . She is the wife of Poseidon . Her son is Triton .... Read More by user


 Typhoeus Typhoeus, was a blaze breath dragon with a hundred active that never rest. It was birthed by Gaea as a endure canal accomplishment to accumulate the Olympians from acquisition her accouchement the Titans . It came abutting to succeeding, ambience alotof of the gods to flight and capturing Zeus . Hermes was able to chargeless Zeus. Zeus was then able to celerity Typhoeus with his lighting bolts. Typhoeus is active beneath Arise Etna in Sicily.... Read More by user


 Sirens The Sirens aresisters who allurement sailors to their death. The song of the Sirens is irrestable but, the they abide beyound unpassable reefs which abort the sailors baiter if they try to ability the Sirens.Among those tempted were Jason on the Argo and Odysseus. Odysseus... Read More by user

The Apprehension

 If so some beneath alive agencies were personified, it is not tobe declared that the apprehension bootless to be so. They were Boreas orAquilo, the arctic wind, Zephyrus or Favonius, the west, Notus orAuster, the south, and Eurus, the east. The first two accept beenchiefly acclaimed by the poets, the above as the blazon ofrudeness, the closing of gentleness. Boreas admired the nymphOrithyia, and approved to play the lover s part, but met with poorsuccess. It was harder for him to breathe gently, and buzz wasout of the question. Weary at endure of abortive endeavors, heacted out his true character, bedeviled the beginning and agitated heroff. Their accouchement were Zetes and Calais, active warriors, whoaccompanied the Argonautic expedition, and did acceptable account in anencounter with those aberrant birds the Harpies.Zephyrus was the lover of Flora. Milton alludes to them inParadise Lost, area he describes Adam alive and contemplatingEve still asleep:"He on his sideLeaning bisected r... Read More by user


 An age-old Thracian bard, who in his anticipation challenged theMuses to a balloon of skill, and getting affected in the challenge wasdeprived by them of his sight. Milton alludes to him with otherblind bards, if speaking of his own amaurosis (Paradise Lost,Book III.35).... Read More by user


 Sappho was a poetess who flourished in a actual aboriginal age of Greekliterature. Of her works few bits remain, but they areenough to authorize her affirmation to eminent allegorical genius. Thestory of Sappho frequently alluded to is that she was passionatelyin adulation with a admirable adolescence called Phaon, and declining to obtaina acknowledgment of amore she threw herself from the bank ofLeucadia into the sea, beneath a superstition that those who shouldtake that "Lover s-leap," would, if not destroyed, be convalescent oftheir love.Byron alludes to the adventure of Sappho in Childe Harold, Canto II.:Those who ambition to understand added of Sappho and her leap, are referredto the Spectator, Nos. 223 and 229, and aswell to Moore s Eveningsin Greece.... Read More by user

Prometheus and Pandora

 The Roman artist Ovid gives us a affiliated anecdotal of creation.Before the apple and sea and the all-covering heaven, one aspect,which we alarm Chaos, covered all the face of Nature,-- a roughheap of apathetic weight and antagonistic ancestry of things clashingtogether. As yet no sun gave ablaze to the world, nor did themoon renew her attenuate horn ages by month,-- neither did theearth adhere in the surrounding air, assertive by its own weight,--nor did the sea amplitude its continued accoutrements about the earth. Whereverthere was earth, there was aswell sea and air. So the apple wasnot solid nor was the baptize fluid, neither was the airtransparent.God and Attributes at endure average and put an end to this discord,separating apple from sea, and heaven from both. The ablaze part,being the lightest, sprang up, and formed the skies; the air wasnext in weight and place. The earth, getting heavier, sank below,and the baptize took the everyman abode and buoyed up the earth.Here some g... Read More by user


 Epaphus was the son of Jupiter and Io. Phaeton, adolescent of theSun, was one day boasting to him of his top coast and of hisfather Phoebus. Epaphus could not buck it. "Foolish fellow,"said he "you accept your mother in all things, and you arepuffed up by your pride in a false father." Phaeton went in rageand abashment and appear this to his mother, Clymene. "If," saidhe, "I am absolutely of adorable birth, accord me, mother, some proofof it, and authorize my affirmation to the honor." Clymene stretchedforth her easily appear the skies, and said, "I alarm to witnessthe Sun which looks down aloft us, that I accept told you the truth.If I allege falsely, let this be the endure time I catch his light.But it needs not abundant activity to go and ask for yourself; theland beginning the sun rises lies next to ours. Go and appeal ofhim whether he will own you as a son" Phaeton heard with delight.He travelled to India, which lies anon in the regions ofsunrise; and, abounding of achievement and... Read More by user
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 The fate of Arachne was noised away through all the country,and served as a admonishing to all arrogant bodies not tocompare themselves with the divinities. But one, and she amatron too, bootless to apprentice the assignment of humility. It wasNiobe, the queen of Thebes. She had absolutely abundant to be appreciative of;but it was not her bedmate s fame, nor her own beauty, nor theirgreat descent, nor the ability of their commonwealth that animated her.It was her children; and absolutely the happiest of mothers wouldNiobe accept been, if alone she had not claimed to be so. It was onoccasion of the anniversary anniversary in account of Latona and heroffspring, Apollo and Diana, if the humans of Thebes wereassembled, their brows crowned with laurel, address frankincenseto the altars and paying their vows, that Niobe appeared amongthe crowd. Her accoutrements was baroque with gold and gems, and herface as admirable as the face of an affronted woman can be. Shestood and surveyed the humans... Read More by user

Minerva and Arachne

 Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, was the babe of Jupiter.She, they say, sprang alternating from his academician abounding developed and clad incomplete armor. She presided over the advantageous and ornamentalarts, both those of men, such as agronomics and navigation,and those of women, spinning, weaving, and needle-work. Shewas aswell a aggressive divinity; but a lover of arresting war only.She had no accord with Mars s aboriginal adulation of abandon andbloodshed. Athens was her called seat, her own city, awarded toher as the cost of a challenge with Neptune, who aswell aspired toit. The account ran that in the administration of Cecrops, the first baron ofAthens, the two deities arguable for the control of the city.The gods assured that it should be awarded to that one whoproduced the allowance alotof advantageous to mortals. Neptune gave thehorse; Minerva produced the olive. The gods gave acumen thatthe olive was the added advantageous of the two, and awarded the city-limits tothe god... Read More by user



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