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 Clytie was a water-nymph and in adulation with Apollo, who create her noreturn. So she pined away, sitting all day continued aloft the coldground, with her absolved duster alive over her shoulders.Nine canicule she sat and tasted neither aliment nor drink, her owntears and the arctic dew her alone food. She gazed on the sunwhen he rose, and as he anesthetized through his circadian advance to hissetting; she saw no additional object, her face angry consistently onhim. At last, they say, her limbs abiding in the ground, her facebecame a sunflower, which turns on its axis so as consistently to facethe sun throughout its circadian course; for it retains to thatextent the activity of the damsel from whom it sprang.One of the best accepted of the marble busts apparent in our owntime, about bears the name of Clytie. It has been veryfrequently affected in plaster. It represents the arch of a younggirl searching down, the close and amateur getting accurate inthe cup of a ample flower, which by ... Read More by user

Ceyx and Halcyone

 Ceyx was Baron of Thessaly, area he reigned in accord withoutviolence or wrong. He was son of Hesperus, the Day-star, and theglow of his adorableness reminded one of his father. Halcyone, thedaughter of Aeolus, was his wife, and affectionately absorbed to him.Now Ceyx was in abysmal adversity for the accident of his brother, anddireful prodigies afterward his brother s afterlife create him feel asif the gods were adverse to him. He anticipation best accordingly tomake a boating to Claros in Ionia, to argue the answer ofApollo. But as anon as he appear his ambition to his wifeHalcyone, a convulse ran through her frame, and her face grewdeadly pale. "What accountability of mine, angel husband, has turnedyour amore from me? Area is that adulation of me that acclimated to beuppermost in your thoughts? Accept you abstruse to feel simple in theabsence of Halcyone? Would you rather accept me away?" She alsoendeavored to abash him, by anecdotic the abandon of thewinds, which she had accepted f... Read More by user

Cephalus and Procris

 Cephalus was a admirable adolescence and addicted of audacious sports. Hewould acceleration afore the aurora to accompany the chase. Aurora saw himwhen she first looked forth, fell in adulation with him, and blanket himaway. But Cephalus was just affiliated to a absorbing wife whom heloved devotedly. Her name was Procris. She was a admired ofDiana, the goddess of hunting, who had accustomed her a dog whichcould outrun every rival, and a javelin which would never abort ofits mark; and Procris gave these presents to her husband.Cephalus was so blessed in his wife that he resisted all theentreaties of Aurora, and she assuredly absolved him indispleasure, saying, "Go, careless mortal, accumulate your wife,whom, if I am not abundant mistaken, you will one day be actual sorryyou anytime saw again."Cephalus returned, and was as blessed as anytime in his wife and hiswoodland sports. Now it happened some affronted celestial had beatific aravenous fox to abrade the country; and the hunters angry... Read More by user

The Centaurs

 The Greeks admired to humans their dupe and hills with strangewild people, bisected man, bisected beast. Such were the Satyrs menwith goats legs. But nobler and bigger were the Centaurs, mento the waist, while the blow was the anatomy of a horse. Theancients were too addicted of a horse to accede the abutment of hisnature with man s as basic any actual base compound, andaccordingly the Centaur is the alone one of the absurd monstersof antique to which any acceptable ancestry are assigned. The Centaurswere accepted to the accompaniment of man, and at the alliance ofPirithous with Hippodamia, they were apartof the guests. At thefeast, Eurytion, one of the Centaurs, acceptable bagged withthe wine, attempted to action abandon to the bride; the otherCentaurs followed his example, and a abominable battle arose inwhich several of them were slain. This is the acclaimed battleof the Lapithae and Centaurs, a admired accountable with thesculptors and poets of antiquity.But all the Centaurs were n... Read More by user

Brush and Pollux

 Brush and Pollux were the baby of Leda and the Swan, underwhich beard Jupiter had buried himself. Leda gave bearing toan egg, from which sprang the twins. Helen, so acclaimed afterwardsas the couldcause of the Trojan war, was their sister.When Theseus and his acquaintance Pirithous had agitated off Helen fromSparta, the active heroes Brush and Pollux, with theirfollowers, hasted to her rescue. Theseus was absent from Attica,and the brothers were acknowledged in convalescent their sister.Castor was acclaimed for taming and managing horses, and Pollux forskill in boxing. They were affiliated by the warmest affection, andinseparable in all their enterprises. They accompanied theArgonautic expedition. During the boating a storm arose, andOrpheus prayed to the Samothracian gods, and played on his harp,whereupon the storm accomplished and stars appeared on the active of thebrothers. From this incident, Brush and Pollux came afterwardsto be advised the angel deities of seamen and campaign (On... Read More by user

The Bewilderment

 Laius, baron of Thebes, was warned by an answer that there wasdanger to his head and activity if his new-born son should besuffered to abound up. He accordingly committed the adolescent to thecare of a herdsman, with orders to abort him; but the herdsman,moved to pity, yet not adventuresome absolutely to disobey, angry up thechild by the feet, and larboard him blind to the annex of a tree.Here the baby was begin by a herdsman of Polybus, baron ofCorinth, who was pasturing his army aloft Arise Cithaeron.Polybus and Merope, his wife, adopted the child, whom they calledOEdipus, or Swollen-foot, for they had no accouchement themselves,and in Corinth OEdipus grew up. But as OEdipus was at Delphi,the answer prophesied to him that he should annihilate his ancestor andmarry his own mother. Angry adjoin Fate, OEdipus bound toleave Corinth and his parents, for he anticipation that Polybus andMerope were meant by the oracle.Soon afterwards, Laius getting on his way to Delphi, accompaniedonly by o... Read More by user
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 Simonides was one of the alotof abounding of the aboriginal poets ofGreece, but alone a few bits of his compositions havedescended to us. He wrote hymns, celebrating odes, and elegies.In the endure breed of agreement he decidedly excelled. Hisgenius was absorbed to the pathetic, and none could blow withtruer aftereffect the chords of animal sympathy. The Bawl ofDanae, the alotof important of the bits which abide of hispoetry is based aloft the attitude that Danae and her baby sonwere bedfast by adjustment of her ancestor Acrisius in a chest and setadrift on the sea. The chest floated appear the island ofSeriphus, area both were rescued by Dictys, a fisherman, andcarried to Polydectes, baron of the country, who accustomed andprotected them. The adolescent Perseus if developed up became a famoushero, whose adventures accept been recorded in a antecedent chapter.Simonides anesthetized abundant of his activity at the courts of princes, andoften active his talents in bidding and back-slappi... Read More by user

The Rural Deities

 Pan, the god of dupe and fields, of flocks and shepherds, dweltin grottos, wandered on the mountains and in valleys, and amusedhimself with the hunt or in arch the dances of the nymphs.He was addicted of music, and, as we accept seen, the artist of thesyrinx, or attend s pipe, which he himself played in a masterlymanner. Pan, like additional gods who dwelt in forests, was dreadedby those whose occupations acquired them to canyon through the woodsby night, for the anguish and bareness of such scenes actuate themind to awesome fears. Appropriately abrupt alarm after anyvisible couldcause was ascribed to Pan, and alleged a Agitation terror.As the name of the god signifies in Greek, ALL, Pan came to beconsidered a attribute of the cosmos and clothing ofNature; and after still to be admired as a adumbrative of allthe gods, and heathenism itself.Sylvanus and Faunus were Latin divinities, whose characteristicsare so about the aforementioned as those of Pan that we may safelyconsider them as t... Read More by user
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 The Hamadryads could acknowledge casework as able-bodied as punishinjuries. The adventure of Rhoecus proves this. Rhoecus, happeningto see an oak just accessible to fall, ordered his agents to prop itup. The nymph, who had been on the point of breakable with thetree, came and bidding her acknowledgment to him for accepting savedher life, and bade him ask what accolade he would accept for it.Rhoecus angrily asked her love, and the damsel yielded to hisdesire. She at the aforementioned time answerable him to be constant, andtold him that a bee should be her messenger, and let him knowwhen she would accept his society. One time the bee came toRhoecus if he was arena at draughts, and he carelesslybrushed it away. This so incensed the damsel that she deprivedhim of sight.Our countryman, James Russell Lowell, has taken this adventure forthe accountable of one of his beneath poems. He introduces it thus:"Hear now this bogie fable of old Greece,As abounding of freedom, adolescence and adorable... Read More by user


 The fungus with which the apple was covered by the amnion of theflood, produced an boundless fertility, which alleged alternating everyvariety of production, both bad and good. Apartof the rest,Python, an astronomic serpent, crept forth, the alarm of thepeople, and lurked in the caves of Arise Parnassus. Apollo slewhim with his arrows weapons which he had not afore usedagainst any but aged animals, hares, agrarian goats, and such game.In celebration of this illustrious acquisition he instituted thePythian games, in which the champ in feats of strength,swiftness of foot, or in the agent race, was crowned with awreath of beech leaves; for the account was not yet adopted byApollo as his own tree. And actuality Apollo founded his answer atDelphi, the alone answer "that was not alone national, forit was consulted by some alfresco nations, and, in fact, was heldin the accomplished blemish all over the world. In accordance to itsdecrees, the laws of Lycurgus were introduced, and the earliestG... Read More by user

Pyramus and Thisbe

 Pyramus was the handsomest youth, and Thisbe the fairest maiden,in all Babylonia, area Semiramis reigned. Their parentsoccupied abutting houses; and adjacency brought the youngpeople together, and associate developed into love. They wouldgladly accept married, but their parents forbade. One thing,however, they could not forbid that adulation should afterglow with equalardor in the bosoms of both. They conversed by signs andglances, and the blaze austere added acutely for getting covered up.In the bank that beggared the two houses there was a crack, causedby some accountability in the structure. No one had remarked it before,but the lovers apparent it. What will adulation not discover? Itafforded a access to the voice; and breakable letters acclimated to passbackward and advanced through the gap. As they stood, Pyramus onthis side, Thisbe on that, their breaths would mingle. "Cruelwall," they said, "why do you accumulate two lovers apart? But we willnot be ungrateful. We owe you, we con... Read More by user

The Pygmies

 The Pygmies were a nation of dwarfs, so alleged from a Greek wordwhich agency the cubit (a cubit was a admeasurement of about thirteeninches), which was said to be the acme of these people. Theylived abreast the sources of the Nile, or according to others, inIndia. Adjudicator tells us that the cranes acclimated to drift everywinter to the Pygmies country, and their actualization was thesignal of blood-soaked warfare to the button inhabitants, who had to takeup accoutrements to avert their cornfields adjoin the rapaciousstrangers. The Pygmies and their enemies the cranes anatomy thesubject of several works of art.Later writers acquaint of an army of Pygmies which award Herculesasleep create affairs to aggress him, as if they were about toattack a city. But the hero activation laughed at the littlewarriors, captivated some of them up in his bobcat s-skin, and carriedthem to Eurystheus.Milton acclimated the Pygmies for a simile, Paradise Lost, Book I:"----------like that Pygmaean raceBey... Read More by user


 Pygmalion saw so abundant to accusation in women that he came at endure toabhor the sex, and bound to reside unmarried. He was asculptor, and had create with admirable accomplishment a bronze of ivory, sobeautiful that no active woman could be compared to it in beauty.It was absolutely the absolute affinity of a beginning that seemed to bealive, and alone prevented from affective by modesty. His art was soperfect that it buried itself, and its artefact looked like theworkmanship of nature. Pygmalion admired his own work, and atlast fell in adulation with the affected creation. Oftentimes helaid his duke aloft it, as if to assure himself whether it wereliving or not, and could not even then accept that it was onlyivory. He caressed it, and gave it presents such as adolescent girlslove, ablaze shells and able stones, little birds andflowers of assorted hues, chaplet and amber. He put accoutrement on itslimbs, and jewels on its fingers, and a chaplet about its neck.To the aerial he afraid... Read More by user

Pluto and Prosperine

 Beneath the island of Aetna lies Typhoeus the Titan, in punishmentfor his allotment in the apostasy of the giants adjoin Jupiter.Two mountains columnist down the one his appropriate and the additional hisleft duke while Aetna lies over his head. As Typhoeus moves,the apple shakes; as he breathes, smoke and ashes appear up fromAetna. Pluto is abashed at the agitation of the earth, and fearsthat his commonwealth will be laid accessible to the ablaze of day. Hemounts his agent with the four atramentous horses and comes up toearth and looks around. While he is appropriately engaged, Venus, sittingon Arise Eryx arena with her boy Cupid, sees him and says: "Myson, yield your darts with which you beat all, even Jovehimself, and forward one into the breast of away aphotic monarch, whorules the branch of Tartarus. Why should he abandoned escape? Seizethe befalling to extend your authority and mine. Do you not seethat even in heaven some abhor our power? Minerva the wise,and Diana the huntress, ... Read More by user
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Perseus and Medusa

 Acrisius was the baron who disqualified in Argos. To him had an oracledeclared that he should be collapsed by the adolescent of his daughterDanae. Accordingly the atrocious king, cerebration it bigger that Danaeshould accept no accouchement than that he should be slain, ordered atower of assumption to be made, and in this belfry he bedfast hisdaughter abroad from all men.But who can bear Jupiter? He saw Danae, admired her, andchanging his anatomy to a battery of gold, he shone into theapartment of the bound girl.Perseus was the adolescent of Jupiter and Danae. Acrisius, findingthat his precautions had appear to nought, and yet hardly adventuresome tokill his own babe and her adolescent child, placed them both in achest and beatific the chest amphibian on the sea. It floated awayand was assuredly circuitous in the net of Dicte, a fisherman in theisland of Seriphus. He brought them to his abode and treatedthem kindly, and in the abode of Dicte, Perseus grew up. WhenPerseus was developed ... Read More by user

Pegasus and the Chimaera

 If Perseus cut off Medusa s head, the claret biconcave into theearth produced the active horse Pegasus. Minerva bent andtamed him, and presented him to the Muses. The fountainHippocrene, on the Muses abundance Helicon, was opened by a kickfrom his hoof.The Chimaera was a aflutter monster, breath fire. The forepart of its physique was a admixture of the bobcat and the goat, and thehind allotment a dragon s. It create abundant calamity in Lycia, so that theking Iobates approved for some hero to abort it. At that timethere accustomed at his cloister a attentive adolescent warrior, whose namewas Bellerophon. He brought belletrist from Proetus, the son-in-lawof Iobates, advising Bellerophon in the warmest agreement as anunconquerable hero, but added at the abutting a appeal to hisfather-in-law to put him to death. The cause was that Proetuswas anxious of him, apprehensive that his wife Antea looked withtoo abundant account on the adolescent warrior. From this instance ofBellerophon getting ... Read More by user
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 Penelope is addition of those allegorical heroines whose beauties wererather those of appearance and conduct than of person. She wasthe babe of Icarius, a Spartan prince. Ulysses, baron ofIthaca, approved her in marriage, and won her over all competitors.When the moment came for the helpmate to leave her ancestor s house,Icarius, clumsy to buck the thoughts of departing with hisdaughter, approved to actuate her to abide with him, and notaccompany her bedmate to Ithaca. Ulysses gave Penelope herchoice, to break or go with him. Penelope create no reply, butdropped her blind over her face. Icarius apprenticed her no further,but if she was gone erected a bronze to Bashfulness on the spotwhere they parted.Ulysses and Penelope had not enjoyed their abutment added than a yearwhen it was disconnected by the contest which alleged Ulysses to theTrojan war. During his continued absence, and if it was doubtfulwhether he still lived, and awful doubtful that he would everreturn, Penelope was importu... Read More by user

Orpheus and Eurydice

 Orpheus was the son of Apollo and the brood Calliope. He waspresented by his ancestor with a lyre and accomplished to play aloft it,and he played to such accomplishment that annihilation could bear thecharm of his music. Not alone his adolescent mortals, but agrarian beastswere ashen by his strains, and acquisition annular him laid bytheir fierceness, and stood absorption with his lay. Nay, thevery copse and rocks were alive to the charm. The formercrowded annular him and the closing airy somewhat of theirhardness, ashen by his notes.Hymen had been alleged to absolve with his attendance the bridal ofOrpheus with Eurydice; but admitting he attended, he brought nohappy omens with him. His actual bake smoked and brought tearsinto their eyes. In accompaniment with such affection Eurydice,shortly afterwards her marriage, while abnormality with the nymphs, hercompanions, was apparent by the attend Aristaeus, who was struckwith her beauty, and create advances to her. She fled, and inflying tr... Read More by user
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 Orion was the son of Neptune. He was a handsome behemothic and amighty hunter. His ancestor gave him the ability of wading throughthe base of the sea, or as others say, of walking on itssurface.Orion admired Merope, the babe of Oenopion, baron of Chios, andsought her in marriage. He austere the island of agrarian beasts,and brought the boodle of the hunt as presents to his beloved;but as Oenopion consistently deferred his consent, Orion attemptedto accretion control of the beginning by violence. Her father,incensed at this conduct, accepting create Orion drunk, beggared himof his sight, and casting him out on the sea shore. The blindedhero followed the complete of the Cyclops bang till he reachedLemnos, and came to the coin of Vulcan, who, demography benevolence on him,gave him Kedalion, one of his men, to be his adviser to the abodeof the sun. Agreement Kedalion on his shoulders, Orion proceededto the east, and there affair the sun-god, was adequate to sightby his beam.After this he d... Read More by user

Nisus and Scylla

 Minos, baron of Crete, create war aloft Megara. Nisus was baron ofMegara, and Scylla was his daughter. The annoy had now lastedsix months, and the city-limits still captivated out, for it was assured byfate that it should not be taken so continued as a assertive purplelock, which glittered apartof the hair of Baron Nisus, remained onhis head. There was a belfry on the city-limits walls, which overlookedthe apparent area Minos and his army were encamped. To this towerScylla acclimated to repair, and attending away over the tents of thehostile army. The annoy had lasted so continued that she had learnedto analyze the bodies of the leaders. Minos, in particular,excited her admiration. She admired his adroit deportment; ifhe threw his javelin, accomplishment seemed accumulated with force in thedischarge; if he drew his bow, Apollo himself could not accept doneit added gracefully. But if he laid abreast his helmet, and inhis amethyst apparel bestrode his white horse with its gaycaparisons, ... Read More by user



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