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Medea and Aeson

 Amidst the rejoicings for the accretion of the aureate Fleece, Jasonfelt that one affair was wanting, the attendance of AESON, hisfather, who was prevented by his age and infirmities from takingpart in them. Jason said to Medea, "My wife, I would that yourarts, whose ability I accept apparent so boss for my aid, could do meone added service, and yield some years from my activity to add themto my ancestor s." Medea replied, "Not at such a amount shall it bedone, but if my art assets me, his activity shall be lengthenedwithout abbreviating yours." The next abounding moon she issued forthalone, while all creatures slept; not a animation afflicted thefoliage, and all was still. To the stars she addressed herincantations, and to the moon; to Hecate (Hecate was a mysteriousdivinity sometimes articular with Diana and sometimes withProserpine. As Diana represents the annex brightness of night,so Hecate represents its black and terrors. She was thegoddess of abracadabra and witchcraft, and was ... Read More by user


 Linus was the adviser of Hercules in music, but accepting one dayreproved his adherent rather harshly, he alive the acrimony ofHercules, who addled him with his lyre and dead him.... Read More by user

Leucothea dnd Palaemon

 Ino, the babe of Cadmus and wife of Athamas, aerial from herfrantic husband, with her little son Melicertes in her arms,sprang from a bluff into the sea. The gods, out of compassion,made her a goddess of the sea, beneath the name of Leucothea, andhim a god beneath that of Palaemon. Both were captivated able tosave from shipwreck, and were invoked by sailors. Palaemon wasusually represented benumbed on a dolphin. The Isthmian amateur werecelebrated in his honor. He was alleged Portumnus by the Romans,and believed to accept administration of the ports and shores.Milton alludes to all these deities in the song at the conclusionof Comus."Sabrina fair,Listen and arise to us,In name of abundant Oceanus;By the all-important Neptune s mace,And Tethys grave, majestic pace,By age-old Nereus channelled look,And the Carpathian astrologer s angle (Proteus)By scaly Triton s ambagious shell,And old divination Glaucus; spell,By Leucothea s admirable hands,And her son who rules the strands,By Thetis ti... Read More by user

Io and Callisto

 IOJupiter and Juno, although bedmate and wife, did not livetogether actual happily. Jupiter did not adulation his wife actual much,and Juno distrusted her husband, and was consistently accusing him ofunfaithfulness. One day she perceived that it alofasudden grewdark, and anon doubtable that her bedmate had aloft acloud to adumbrate some of his affairs that would not buck the light.She brushed abroad the cloud, and saw her husband, on the banks ofa burnished river, with a admirable dogie continuing abreast him. Junosuspected that the dogie s anatomy buried some fair damsel ofmortal mould. This was absolutely the case; for it was Io, thedaughter of the river god Inachus, whom Jupiter had been flirtingwith, and, if he became acquainted of the access of his wife, hadchanged into that form.Juno abutting her husband, and acquainted the heifer, accepted itsbeauty, and asked whose it was, and of what herd. Jupiter, tostop questions, replied that it was a beginning conception from theearth. Jun... Read More by user

The Iliad

 The war connected after absolute after-effects for nine years. Thenan accident occurred which seemed acceptable to be baleful to the couldcause ofthe Greeks, and that was a affray amid Achilles andAgamemnon. It is at this point that the abundant composition of Homer, theIliad, begins. The Greeks, admitting bootless adjoin Troy, hadtaken the adjoining and affiliated cities, and in the analysis ofthe blemish a changeable captive, by name Chryseis, babe ofChryses, priest of Apollo, had collapsed to the allotment of Agamemnon.Chryses came address the angelic emblems of his office, and beggedthe absolution of his daughter. Agamemnon refused. ThereuponChryses implored Apollo to agonize the Greeks till they should beforced to crop their prey. Apollo accepted the adoration of hispriest, and beatific bane into the Grecian camp. Then acouncil was alleged to advised how to abate the acrimony of thegods and avoid the plague. Achilles angrily answerable theirmisfortunes aloft Agamemnon as acquired ... Read More by user


 In adjustment to accept the adventure of Ibycus which follows, it isnecessary to remember, first, that the theatres of the ancientswere immense barrio accouterment seats for from ten to thirtythousand spectators, and as they were acclimated alone on festaloccasions, and acceptance was chargeless to all, they were usuallyfilled. They were after roofs and accessible to the sky, and theperformances were in the daytime. Secondly, the appallingrepresentation of the Furies is not abstract in the story. Itis recorded that AEschylus, the adverse poet, accepting on oneoccasion represented the Furies in a choir of fifty performers,the alarm of the assemblage was such that some fainted and werethrown into convulsions, and the magistrates forbade a likerepresentation for the future.Ibycus, the pious poet, was on his way to the agent contest andmusical competitions captivated at the Isthmus of Corinth, whichattracted all of Grecian lineage. Apollo had bestowed on him thegift of song, the adulatory ... Read More by user
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Hebe and Ganymede

 Hebe, the babe of Juno, and goddess of youth, was cupbearerto the gods. The accepted adventure is, that she accommodated her appointment onbecoming the wife of Hercules. But there is addition statementwhich our agriculturist Crawford, the sculptor, has adopted in hisgroup of Hebe and Ganymede, now in the arcade of the BostonAthenaeum. According to this, Hebe was absolved from her officein aftereffect of a abatement which she met with one day if inattendance on the gods. Her almsman was Ganymede, a Trojan boywhom Jupiter, in the beard of an eagle, bedeviled and agitated offfrom the bosom of his playfellows on Arise Ida, bore up toheaven, and installed in the abandoned place.Tennyson, in his Alcazar of Art, describes apartof the decorationson the walls, a account apery this legend:"There, too, ablaze Ganymede his aflush thighHalf active in the hawkeye s down,Sole as a aerial brilliant attempt through the skyAbove the pillared town."And in Shelley s Prometheus, Jupiter calls to his cup-be... Read More by user

The Griffin, or Gryphon

 THE GRIFFIN, OR GRYPHONTHE Griffin is a monster with the physique of a lion, the arch andwings of an eagle, and aback covered with feathers. Like birds itbuilds its nest, and instead of an egg lays an agate therein. Ithas continued claws and talons of such a admeasurement that the humans of thatcountry create them into drinking-cups. India was assigned as thenative country of the Griffins. They begin gold in the mountainsand congenital their nests of it, for which cause their nests werevery appetizing to the hunters, and they were affected to keepvigilant bouncer over them. Their aptitude led them to understand whereburied treasures lay, and they did their best to accumulate plunderersat a distance. The Arimaspians, apartof whom the Griffinsflourished, were a one-eyed humans of Scythia.Milton borrows a affinity from the Griffins, Paradise Lost, BookII.:"As if a Gryphon through the wilderness,With active course, o er acropolis and moory dale,Pursues the Arimaspian who by stealthHath fro... Read More by user

The Graeae and Gorgons

 The Graeae were three sisters who were aging from theirbirth, beginning their name. The Gorgons were aberrant femaleswith huge teeth like those of swine, audacious claws, and snakyhair. They aswell were three in number, two of them immortal, butthe other, Medusa, mortal. None of these beings create abundant figurein belief except Medusa, the Gorgon, whose adventure we shall nextadvert to. We acknowledgment them chiefly to acquaint an ingenioustheory of some avant-garde writers, namely, that the Gorgons andGraeae were alone personifications of the terrors of the sea, theformer cogent the Able billows of the advanced accessible main, and thelatter the WHITE-crested after-effects that birr adjoin the rocks of thecoast. Their names in Greek announce the aloft epithets.... Read More by user

The Aureate Bleed

 In actual age-old times there lived in Thessaly a baron and queennamed Athamas and Nephele. They had two children, a boy and agirl. Afterwards a time Athamas grew aloof to his wife, put heraway, and took another. Nephele doubtable crisis to her childrenfrom the access of the step-mother, and took measures to sendthem out of her reach. Mercury assisted her, and gave her a ram,with a Aureate FLEECE, on which she set the two children, trustingthat the ram would back them to a abode of safety. The ramsprung into the air with the accouchement on his back, demography hiscourse to the east, till if bridge the bewilderment that dividesEurope and Asia, the girl, whose name was Helle, fell from hisback into the sea, which from her was alleged the Hellespont,now the Dardanelles. The ram connected his career till hereached the commonwealth of Colchis, on the eastern bank of the BlackSea, area he cautiously landed the boy Phyrxus, who was hospitablyreceived by AEetes, the baron of the country. Phry... Read More by user
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Glaucus and Scylla

 Glaucus was a fisherman. One day he had fatigued his nets to land,and had taken a abundant some fishes of assorted kinds. So heemptied his net, and proceeded to array the fishes on the grass.The abode area he stood was a admirable island in the river, asolitary spot, uninhabited, and not acclimated for pasturage of cattle,nor anytime visited by any but himself. On a sudden, the fishes,which had been laid on the grass, began to animate and move theirfins as if they were in the water; and while he looked onastonished, they one and all confused off to the water, plunged inand swam away. He did not understand what to create of this, whethersome god had done it, or some abstruse ability in the herbage. "Whatherb has such a power?" he exclaimed; and acquisition some, hetasted it. Deficient had the juices of the bulb accomplished his palatewhen he begin himself agitated with a anxious admiration for thewater. He could no best arrest himself, but behest farewellto earth, he plunged into the st... Read More by user

The Baptize Deities

 Oceanus and Tethys were the Titans who disqualified over the Sea. WhenJove and his brothers overthrew the Titans and affected theirpower, Neptune and Amphitrite succeeded to the ascendancy of thewaters in abode of Oceanus and Tethys.... Read More by user

Vertumnus and Pomona

 The Hamadryads were Wood-nymphs. Apartof them was Pomona, and noone excelled her in adulation of the garden and the ability of fruit.She cared not for forests and rivers, but admired the cultivatedcountry and copse that buck adorable apples. Her appropriate handbore for its weapon not a javelin, but a pruning knife. Armedwith this, she formed at one time, to repress the too luxuriantgrowths, and abbreviate the branches that straggled out of place; atanother, to breach the accept and admit therein a graft, authoritative thebranch accept a nursling not its own. She took care, too, thather favorites should not ache from drought, and led streams ofwater by them that the agog roots ability drink. Thisoccupation was her pursuit, her passion; and she was chargeless fromthat which Venus inspires. She was not after abhorrence of thecountry people, and kept her orchard locked, and accustomed not mento enter. The Fauns and Satyrs would accept accustomed all theypossessed to win her, and so would ... Read More by user

Venus and Adonis

 Venus, arena one day with her boy Cupid, blood-soaked her bust withone of his arrows. She pushed him away, but the anguish was deeperthan she thought. Afore it healed she beheld Adonis, and wascaptivated with him. She no best took any absorption in herfavorite resorts, Paphos, and Cnidos, and Amathos, affluent inmetals. She absented herself even from Olympus, for Adonis wasdearer to her than heaven. Him she followed and bore himcompany. She who acclimated to adulation to recline in the shade, with nocare but to breed her charms, now rambled through the woodsand over the hills, dressed like the huntress Diana. She calledher dogs, and chased hares and stags, or additional bold that it issafe to hunt, but kept bright of the wolves and bears, reekingwith the annihilation of the herd. She answerable Adonis, too, tobeware of such alarming animals. "Be adventurous appear the timid,"said she; "courage adjoin the adventuresome is not safe. Bewarehow you betrayal yourself to danger, and put my b... Read More by user
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The Trojan War

 Minerva was the goddess of wisdom, but on one break she did avery absurd thing; she entered into antagonism with Juno andVenus for the cost of beauty. It happened thus. At thenuptials of Peleus and Thetis all the gods were arrive with theexception of Eris, or Discord. Affronted at her exclusion, thegoddess threw a aureate angel apartof the guests with theinscription, "For the alotof beautiful." Thereupon Juno, Venus,and Minerva, anniversary claimed the apple. Jupiter not accommodating todecide in so aerial a matter, beatific the goddesses to Arise Ida,where the admirable attend Paris was disposed his flocks, and tohim was committed the decision. The goddesses accordinglyappeared afore him. Juno promised him ability and riches, Minervaglory and acclaim in war, and Venus the fairest of women for hiswife, anniversary attempting to bent his accommodation in her own favor.Paris absitively in favor of Venus and gave her the aureate apple,thus authoritative the two additional goddesses his en... Read More by user


 Endymion was a admirable adolescence who fed his army on Arise Latmos.One calm, bright night, Diana, the Moon, looked down and saw himsleeping. The algid affection of the abstinent goddess was broiled by hissurpassing beauty, and she came down to him, kissed him, andwatched over him while he slept.Another adventure was that Jupiter bestowed on him the allowance ofperpetual adolescence affiliated with abiding sleep. Of one so able wecan accept but few adventures to record. Diana, it was said, tookcare that his fortunes should not ache by his abeyant life,for she create his army increase, and attentive his sheep and lambsfrom the agrarian beasts.The adventure of Endymion has a appropriate agreeableness from the animal meaningwhich it so agilely veils. We see in Endymion the adolescent poet, hisfancy and his affection gluttonous in arrogant for that which can satisfythem, award his admired hour in the quiet moonlight, andnursing there below the beams of the ablaze and bashful witnessthe b... Read More by user
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Answer and Narcissus

 Answer was a admirable nymph, addicted of the dupe and hills, whereshe adherent herself to backcountry sports. She was a admired ofDiana, and abounding her in the chase. But Answer had one failing;she was addicted of talking, and whether in babble or altercation wouldhave the endure word. One day Juno was gluttonous her husband, who,she had cause to fear, was agreeable himself apartof the nymphs.Echo by her allocution apish to apprehend the goddess till the nymphsmade their escape. If Juno apparent it, she anesthetized sentenceupon Answer in these words: "You shall cost the use of thattongue with which you accept cheated me, except for that onepurpose you are so addicted of REPLY. You shall still accept thelast word, but no ability to allege first."This damsel saw Narcissus, a admirable youth, as he pursued thechase aloft the mountains. She admired him, and followed hisfootsteps. Oh, how she longed to abode him in the softestaccents, and win him to converse, but it was not in her power... Read More by user


 Dryope and Iole were sisters. The above was the wife ofAndraemon, admired by her husband, and blessed in the bearing of herfirst child. One day the sisters strolled to the coffer of astream that angled gradually down to the baptize s edge, while theupland was awkward with myrtles. They were intending to gatherflowers for basic garlands for the altars of the nymphs, andDryope agitated her adolescent at her bosom, a adored burden, andnursed him as she walked. Abreast the baptize grew a lotus plant,full of amethyst flowers. Dryope aggregate some and offered them tothe baby, and Iole was about to do the same, if she perceivedblood bottomward from the places area her sister had torn themoff the stem. The bulb was no additional than the Damsel Lotis, who,running from a abject pursuer, had been afflicted into this form.This they abstruse from the country humans if it was too late.Dryope, horror-struck if she perceived what she had done, wouldgladly accept hastened from the spot, but begin her... Read More by user
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Diana and Actaeon

 It was midday, and the sun stood appropriately abroad from eithergoal, if adolescent Actaeon, son of Baron Cadmus, appropriately addressed theyouths who with him were hunting the stag in the mountains:--"Friends, our nets and our weapons are wet with the claret of ourvictims; we accept had action abundant for one day, and tomorrow wecan renew our labors. Now, while Phoebus parches the earth, letus put by our instruments and allow ourselves with rest."There was a basin thickly amid with cypresses and pines,sacred to the huntress-queen, Diana. In the acme of thevalley was a cave, not adorned with art, but attributes hadcounterfeited art in its construction, for she had angry thearch of its roof with stones as cautiously adapted as if by thehand of man. A bubbler access out from one side, whose openbasin was belted by a blooming rim. Actuality the goddess of the woodsused to appear if weary with hunting and absterge her abstinent limbs inthe sparkling water.One day, accepting repaired thi... Read More by user


 The coil from which Theseus able by agency of the clew ofAriadne, was congenital by Daedalus, a alotof accomplished artificer. It wasan building with bags ambagious passages and turnings openinginto one another, and appearing to accept neither alpha nor end,like the river Maender, which allotment on itself, and flows nowonward, now backward, in its advance to the sea. Daedalus builtthe coil for Baron Minos, but afterwards absent the favor ofthe king, and was shut up in a tower. He apish to create hisescape from his prison, but could not leave the island by sea, asthe baron kept austere watch on all the vessels, and acceptable noneto captain after getting anxiously searched. "Minos may ascendancy theland and sea,:" said Daedalus, "but not the regions of the air.I will try that way." So he set to plan to assemble wings forhimself and his adolescent son Icarus. He wrought accoutrement togetherbeginning with the aboriginal and abacus larger, so as to anatomy anincreasing surface. The beyon... Read More by user



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