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 Coeus Titan of Intelligence. Ancestor of Leto.... Read More by user


 Atlas Album was the son of Iapetus . Clashing his brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus , Album fought with the additional Titans acknowledging Cronus adjoin Zeus . Due to Cronus s beforehand age Album advance the Titan s in battle.As a aftereffect he was singled out by Zeus for a appropriate abuse and create to authority up the apple on his back.... Read More by user

The Muses

 The Muses They are the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne .They are accepted for the music of their song, which brings joy to any who apprehend it. There are nine Muses, anniversary with her own specialty: Clio (History), Urania (Astronmy), Melpomene (Tragedy), Thalia(Comedy), Terpsichore (Dance), Calliope (Epic Poetry), Erato (Love Poetry), Polyhymnia (Songs to the Gods), Euterpe (Lyric Poetry).... Read More by user

The Graces

 The Graces They are the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome . There arethree Graces: Aglaia (Splendor), Euphrosyne (Mirth), and Thalia (Good Cheer). The are accepted for singing and dancing for the gods.... Read More by user

The Fates

 The Fates The Fates accept the attenuate but, alarming ability of chief a mans destiny. The accredit a man to acceptable or evil. There alotof accessible best ischosing how continued a man lives. There are three Fates. Clotho, the spinner, who spins the cilia of life. Lachesis, the measurer, who choses the lot in activity one will accept and measures off how continued it is tobe. Atropos, she who can not be turn, who at afterlife with her shears cuts the footstep of life. The Fates are old and predate the gods. It is not absolutely bright how far their ability extends. It is accessible that they actuate the fateof the gods as well. In any case, not even the alotof able is accommodating to triffle with them.... Read More by user

The Erinnyes

 The Erinnyes Aswell accepted as the Furies, abuse crime. They persue amiss doers relentlessly, until death, generally active them to suicide. Theyare decidedly anxious with matricide. There are three Erinnyes, Tisiphone, Megaera, and Alecto. The Erinnyes came from the claret of Uranus if he was castrated.... Read More by user


 Thanatos Thanatosos was the greek god of death. He may be anticipation of as a clothing of death. He plays little role in the myths. Hebecame rather overshadowed by Hades the aristocrat of death.... Read More by user


 Persephone Persephone is the babe of Zeus and Demeter . her abduction by Hades she became his wife and Queenof the abyss... Read More by user


 Pan He was the son of Hermes He is the god of goatherds and shepherds. He is mostly animal in appearnce but, with dupe horns and dupe feet. He is anexcellent artist and plays the pipes. He is amusing and antic frequently apparent dancing with backcountry nymphs. He is at home in any agrarian abode but, is admired is Arcady, area he was born. Heis consistently in following of one of the nymphs but, consistently alone because he is ugly. His name is the base for the chat "panic". There are two differing explanations for this. The first is that he was present if Zeus defeated the Titans and claimed that it has his babble that acquired the Titans to abscond . However, thisseems at allowance with his getting Hermes son. The additional is that he created the noises in the dupe at night the afraid travelers.... Read More by user


 Nemesis Nemesis agency angelic anger, due enactment, or devine vengence. This god helped to avenge those who were wronged.... Read More by user


 Helios Helios was the greek sun god. He may be anticipation of as a clothing of the sun. He plays little role in the myths. He becamerather overshadowed by Apollo the aristocrat of the sun. He was the son of Hyperion .... Read More by user


 Hebe Hebe is the babe of Zeus and Hera .She is the goddess of youth. She, forth with Ganymede are the cupbearers to the gods. Hebe is Hercules wife.... Read More by user


 Eros Eros is the son of Aphrodite . Eros is the god of love. In particularerotic, romantic, love. He is generally represented blindfolded because, adulation is generally blind. His "weapon" is darts or arrows. In either case the tips accept been magically advised to aftermath eitheruncontrolable adulation or bulletproof disintrested in the first being apparent be Eros s victim afterwards wounding.... Read More by user


 Eris Hebe is the babe of Zeus and Hera .She is the goddess of discord. In accession to her capital action of sowing discord, she frequently accompanies her brother Aris to battles. On these occasions she rides his agent and brings her son Strife. Eris is abhorred and frequently snubbed as a bedfellow by the additional gods and mankind. This was not consistently a safe affair to do. The mostdramatic archetype getting the Trojan War, which was an aberrant aftereffect of not agreeable Eris to a wedding.... Read More by user


 Dionysus He invented wine and advance the art of disposed grapes. He has a bifold nature. On the one duke bringing joy and devine ecstasy. On the additional brutal,unthinking, rage. Thus, absorption both abandon of wines nature. If he choses Dionysus can drive a man mad. No accustomed fetters can authority him or his followers. Dionysus is the son of Zeus and Semele . He is the alone god to accept a bitter parent. Zeus came to Semele in thenight, invisable, acquainted alone as a devine presence. Semele was admiring to be a lover of a god, even admitting she did not understand which one. Chat anon got about and Hera bound affected who was responsible. Hera went to Semelein beard and assertive her she should see her lover as he absolutely was. If Zeus next came to her she create him affiance to admission her one wish. She wentso far as to create him affirm on the River Styx that he would admission her request. Zeus was absurdly in adulation and agreed. She then asked him to appearance he... Read More by user


 Demeter Demeter is the godess of corn, grain, and the harvest. She isthe babe of Cronus and Rhea . It is Demeter that makes thecrops abound anniversary year. The first loaf of aliment from the autumn is scarificed to her. Demeter is carefully associated with the seasons. Her babe Persephone was abducted by Hades to be his wife inthe abyss . In her acrimony at her babe s accident Demeter laid a anathema on the apple that acquired plants to witherand die, the acreage became desolate. Zeus became abashed and approved Persephone s return. However, because she had eaten while in the underworldHades had a affirmation on her. Therefore, it was assured that Persephone would absorb four months anniversary year in the underwold. During these months Demeter greves her daughters absence,and withdraws her ability from the world, creating winter. Her acknowledgment brought the spring. Demeter is aswell accepted for founding the Eleusinian Mysteries. These were hugefestivels captivated every 5 years.... Read More by user


 Semele Semele was a Thebian princess. She is the alone bitter to be the ancestor of a god. She was one of Zeus some lovers and like alotof came to an adverse end due to Hera s anxious hatred. She is best accepted as the mother of Dionysus . While she was dead anon afore giving bearing the adolescent was rescued by Zeus. Eventually Dionysus, who had never apparent her, managed torescue her from the abyss . and align for her to reside on MountOlympus .... Read More by user


 Leto Leto is the babe of Coeus and Phoebe . She was an aboriginal and admired lover of Zeus . Zeus affiliated Hera while Leto was pregnant. While the abundance began afore the alliance Hera was still anxious of Leto. For the continuance of Leto s abundance Hera created problems. First Leto was pushed out of Olympus . As she wandered no abode would acquiesce her to break for abhorrence Hera would be offended. Hera had the dragon Python hunt her. Zeussaved her by sending the Arctic Wind Boreas to backpack her out to sea. Finally, the abandoned bouldered island of Delos, which had little to lose, accustomed her. The additional goddesses aggregate to advice Letoas she gave birth. Hera backward abroad and managed to apprehend Eileithyia, goddess of childbirth, until Iris fetched her. Leto first gave bearing to Artemis and then afterwards addition nine canicule of activity to Apollo . Still beat Hera s acrimony she went to Lycia. The peasants approved to anticipate her from bubbler from thei... Read More by user


 Io Zeus fell in adulation with Io and absorbed her. To try to accumulate Hera from acquainted he covered the apple with a blubbery absolute of clouds. This backfired, agitative Hera s suspicions. She came down from Arise Olympus and began dispersing the clouds.Zeus did some quick cerebration and afflicted Io s anatomy from getting a admirable maiden. So as the clouds broadcast Hera begin Zeus continuing next to a white heifer. He then swore that he had never apparent the cowbefore, it had just sprang appropriate out of the earth. Seeing appropriate through this Hera complemented the cow and asked to accept it as a present. As axis such areasonable appeal down would accept accustomed the accomplished affair away, Zeus presented her with the cow. She beatific the cow abroad and abiding Argus Panoptes to watch over it. Back Argus had a hundred eyes and could accept some of them beddy-bye while others were alive he create a accomplished watchman. Desperate, Zeus beatific Hermes to back Io.... Read More by user


 Ganymede A Trojan prince accepted for his beauty. It is ambiguous which of the Trojan kings was his father, apparently Tros or Laomedon. Whilestill a youth, Zeus appeared in the anatomy of an hawkeye and agitated him off to Arise Olympus .Some accounts say he was agitated to Olympus by a whirlwind. He served Zeus as cupbearer and lover. His role was actual in the afterlife Aquarius, the baptize carrier.... Read More by user



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