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The Calydonian Coursing

 The seek for the Aureate Bleed was undertaken by Jason, aidedby heroes from all Greece, or Hellas as it was then called. Itwas the first of their accepted undertakings which create the Greeksfeel that they were in accuracy one nation, admitting breach up intomany baby kingdoms. Addition of their abundant gatherings was forthe Calydonian Hunt, and another, the greatest and alotof acclaimed ofall, for the Trojan War.The hero of the adventure for the aureate Bleed was Jason. With theother heroes of the Greeks, he was present at the CalydonianHunt. But the arch hero was Meleager, the son of OEneus, kingof Calydon, and Althea, his queen.Althea, if her son was born, beheld the three Destinies, who,as they spun their baleful thread, foretold that the activity of thechild should endure no best than a cast then afire aloft thehearth. Althea bedeviled and quenched the brand, and carefullypreserved it for years, while Meleager grew to boyhood, youth,and manhood. It chanced, then, that OEneus, as ... Read More by user


 Jupiter, beneath the beard of a bull, had agitated abroad to theisland of Crete, Europa, the babe of Agenor baron ofPhoenicia. Agenor allowable his son Cadmus to go in seek ofhis sister, and not to acknowledgment after her. Cadmus went andsought continued and far for his sister, but could not acquisition her, andnot adventuresome to acknowledgment unsuccessful, consulted the answer of Apolloto understand what country he should achieve in. The answer informedhim that he should acquisition a cow in the field, and should chase herwherever she ability wander, and area she stopped, should body acity and alarm it Thebes. Cadmus had hardly larboard the Castaliancave, from which the answer was delivered, if he saw a youngcow boring walking afore him. He followed her close, offeringat the aforementioned time his prayers to Phoebus. The cow went on tillshe anesthetized the bank approach of Cephisus and came out into theplain of Panope. There she stood still, and adopting her broadforehead to the... Read More by user

Baucis and Philemon

 On a assertive acropolis in Phrygia angle a linden timberline and an oak,enclosed by a low wall. Not far from the atom is a marsh,formerly acceptable accouter land, but now biconcave with pools, theresort of fen-birds and cormorants. Already on a time, Jupiter, inhuman shape, visited this country, and with him his son Mercury(he of the caduceus), after his wings. They presentedthemselves at some a aperture as weary travellers, gluttonous blow andshelter, but begin all closed, for it was late, and theinhospitable citizenry would not arouse themselves to accessible fortheir reception. At endure a apprehensive abode accustomed them, a smallthatched cottage, area Baucis, a pious old dame, and her husbandPhilemon, affiliated if young, had developed old together. Not ashamedof their poverty, they create it bearable by abstinent desires andkind dispositions. One charge not attending there for adept or forservant; they two were the accomplished household, adept and servantalike. If the two ado... Read More by user


 Bacchus was the son of Jupiter and Semele. Juno, to appease herresentment adjoin Semele, apish a plan for her destruction.Assuming the anatomy of Beroe, her age-old nurse, she adumbrated doubtswhether it was absolutely Jove himself who came as a lover. Heavinga sigh, she said, "I achievement it will about-face out so, but I can t helpbeing afraid. Humans are not consistently what they pretend to be. Ifhe is absolutely Jove, create him accord some affidavit of it. Ask him tocome arrayed in all his splendors, such as he wears in heaven.That will put the amount above a doubt." Semele was persuadedto try the experiment. She asks a favor, after allotment what itis. Jove gives his affiance and confirms it with the irrevocableoath, attesting the river Styx, abhorrent to the gods themselves.Then she create understand her request. The god would accept chock-full heras she spake, but she was too quick for him. The words escaped,and he could neither abjure his affiance nor her request. In deepdis... Read More by user

Aurora and Tithonus

 Aurora, the goddess of the Dawn, like her sister the Moon, was attimes aggressive with the adulation of mortals. Her greatest favoritewas Tithonus, son of Laomedon, baron of Troy. She blanket him away,and prevailed on Jupiter to admission him immortality; but forgettingto accept adolescence abutting in the gift, afterwards some time she began todiscern, to her abundant mortification, that he was growing old.When his hair was absolutely white she larboard his society; but he stillhad the ambit of her palace, lived on ambrosial food, and wasclad in angelic raiment. At breadth he absent the ability of usinghis limbs, and then she shut him up in his chamber, beginning hisfeeble articulation ability at times be heard. Assuredly she angry himinto a grasshopper.Memnon was the son of aurora and Tithonus. He was baron of theAEthiopians, and dwelt in the acute east, on the bank ofOcean. He came with his warriors to abetment the affiliated of hisfather in the war of Troy. Baron Priam accustomed h... Read More by user


 Man assets himself of the instincts of the inferior animals forhis own advantage. Appropriately sprang the art of befitting bees. Honeymust first accept been accepted as a agrarian product, the bees buildingtheir structures in alveolate copse or holes in the rocks, or anysimilar atrium that adventitious offered. Appropriately occasionally thecarcass of a asleep beastly would be active by the bees for thatpurpose. It was no agnosticism from some such adventure that thesuperstition arose that the bees were engendered by the decayingflesh of the animal; and Virgil, in the afterward adventure (From theGeorgies, Book IV.1.317), shows how this declared actuality may beturned to annual for renewing the army if it has been absent bydisease or accident.The attend Aristaeus, who first accomplished the administration of bees,was the son of the water-nymph Cyrene. His bees had perished,and he resorted for aid to his mother. He stood at the riverside and appropriately addressed her: "Oh, mother, th... Read More by user
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 Arion was a acclaimed musician, and dwelt at the cloister of Periander,king of Corinth, with whom he was a abundant favorite. There was tobe a agreeable challenge in Sicily, and Arion longed to attempt forthe prize. He told his ambition to Periander, who besought him likea brother to accord up the thought. "Pray break with me," he said,"and be contented. He who strives to win may lose." Arionanswered, "A abnormality activity best apparel the chargeless affection of a poet.The aptitude which a god bestowed on me, I would fain create a sourceof amusement to others. And if I win the prize, how will theenjoyment of it be added by the alertness of my wide-spread fame!" He went, won the prize, and boarded with hiswealth in a Corinthian address for home. On the additional morningafter ambience sail, the wind breathed balmy and fair. "Oh,Periander," he exclaimed, "dismiss your fears! Anon shall youforget them in my embrace. With what abundant offerings will wedisplay our acknowledgment to the ... Read More by user


 We accept apparent in the adventure of Theseus how Ariadne, the babe ofKing Minos, afterwards allowance Theseus to escape from the labyrinth,was agitated by him to the island of Naxos and was larboard thereasleep, while Theseus pursued his way home after her. Ariadne,on alive and award herself deserted, alone herself togrief. But Venus took benevolence on her, and consoled her with thepromise that she should accept an abiding lover, instead of themortal one she had lost.The island area Ariadne was larboard was the admired island ofBacchus, the aforementioned that he admired the Tyrrhenian mariners to carryhim to, if they so treacherously attempted to create cost ofhim. As Ariadne sat black her fate, Bacchus begin her,consoled her and create her his wife as Minerva had prophesied toTheseus. As a alliance present he gave her a aureate crown,enriched with gems, and if she died, he took her acme andthrew it up into the sky. As it army the gems grew brighterand were angry into stars, and at... Read More by user
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Apollo and Hyacinthus

 Apollo was foolishly addicted of a adolescence called Hyacinthus. Heaccompanied him in his sports, agitated the nets if he wentfishing, led the dogs if he went to hunt, followed him in hisexcursions in the mountains, and alone for him his lyre andhis arrows. One day they played a bold of quoits together, andApollo, bouncing aloft the discus, with backbone circuitous withskill, beatific it top and far. Hyacinthus watched it as it flew,and aflame with the action ran advanced to appropriate it, acquisitive to makehis throw, if the quoit belted from the apple and addled himin the forehead. He fainted and fell. The god, as anemic ashimself, aloft him and approved all his art to stanch the anguish andretain the brief life, but all in vain; the aching was accomplished thepower of medicine. As, if one has torn the axis of a afraid inthe garden, it hangs its arch and turns its flowers to the earth,so the arch of the dying boy, as if too abundant for his neck, fellover on his shoulder. "Thou die... Read More by user

Apollo and Daphne

 Daphne was Apollo s first love. It was not brought about byaccident, but by the acerbity of Cupid. Apollo saw the boy playingwith his bow and arrows; and getting himself animated with his recentvictory over Python, he said to him, "What accept you to do withwarlike weapons, arch boy? Leave them for easily aces of them.Behold the acquisition I accept won by agency of them over the vastserpent who continued his poisonous physique over acreage of the plain!Be agreeable with your torch, child, and blaze up your flames, asyou alarm them, area you will, but assume not to meddle with myweapons."Venus s boy heard these words, and rejoined, ":Your arrows maystrike all things else, Apollo, but abundance shall bang you.:" Sosaying, he took his angle on a bedrock of Parnassus, and drew fromhis convulsion two arrows of altered workmanship, one to excitelove, the additional to repel it. The above was of gold and sharp-pointed, the closing edgeless and angled with lead. With the leadenshaft he addled... Read More by user
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 The balladry and histories of allegorical Greece generally relate, as hasbeen seen, to women and their lives. Antigone was as ablaze anexample of binding and sisterly allegiance as was Alcestis ofconnubial devotion. She was the babe of OEdipus and Jocasta,who, with all their descendants, were the victims of anunrelenting fate, dooming them to destruction. OEdipus in hismadness had broken out his eyes, and was apprenticed alternating from hiskingdom Thebes, alarming and alone by all men, as an item ofdivine vengeance. Antigone, his daughter, abandoned aggregate hiswanderings, and remained with him till he died, and then returnedto Thebes.Her brothers, Eteocles and Polynices, had agreed to allotment thekingdom amid them, and administration alternately year by year. Thefirst year fell to the lot of Eteocles, who, if his timeexpired, banned to abandonment the commonwealth to his brother.Polynices fled to Adrastus, baron of Argos, who gave him hisdaughter in marriage, and aided him with an ... Read More by user


 Amphitrite was the wife of Neptune. She was the babe ofNereus and Doris, and the mother of Triton. Neptune, to pay hiscourt to Amphitrite, came benumbed on the dolphin. Accepting won her,he adored the dolphin by agreement him apartof the stars.... Read More by user


 Amphion was the son of Jupiter and Antiope, queen of Thebes.With his accompanying brother Zethus he was apparent at bearing on MountCithaeron, area they grew up apartof the shepherds, not knowingtheir parentage. Mercury gave Amphion a lyre, and accomplished him toplay aloft it, and his brother active himself in hunting andtending the flocks. Meanwhile Antiope, their mother, who hadbeen advised with abundant animality by Lycus, the usurping baron ofThebes, and by Dirce, his wife, begin agency to acquaint herchildren of their rights, and to arouse them to her assistance.With a bandage of their fellow-herdsmen they attacked and slewLycus, and attached Dirce by the hair of her arch to a bull, let himdrag her till she was asleep (the abuse of Dirce is thesubject of a acclaimed accumulation of bronze now in the Building atNaples). Amphion, accepting become baron of Thebes adherent thecity with a wall. It is said that if he played on his lyre thestones confused of their own accordance and too... Read More by user

Agamemnon, Orestes, and Electra

 Agamemnon, the general-in-chief of the Greeks, the brother ofMenelaus, who had been fatigued into the affray to avenge addition swrongs, was not so advantageous in the affair as his brother. Duringhis absence his wife Clytemnestra had been false to him, and whenhis acknowledgment was expected, she, with her paramour, AEgisthus, laida plan for his destruction, and at the feast accustomed to celebratehis return, murdered him.The conspirators advised aswell to annihilate his son Orestes, a lad notyet old abundant to be an item of apprehension, but from whom, ifhe should be suffered to abound up, there ability be danger.Electra, the sister of Orestes, adored her brother s activity bysending him secretly abroad to his uncle Strophius, baron of Phocis.In the alcazar of Strophius, Orestes grew up with the baron s son,Pylades, and formed with him that agog accord which hasbecome proverbial. Electra frequently reminded her brother hymessengers of the assignment of avenging his ancestor s death,... Read More by user
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Admetus and Alcestis

 Aesculapius, the son of Apollo, was able by his ancestor withsuch accomplishment in the healing art that he even adequate the asleep tolife. At this Pluto took alarm, and prevailed on Jupiter tolaunch a arrow at Aesculapius. Apollo was acrimonious at thedestruction of his son, and wreaked his avengement on the innocentworkmen who had create the thunderbolt. These were the Cyclopes,who accept their branch beneath Arise Aetna, from which the smokeand bonfire of their furnaces are consistently issuing. Apollo shothis arrows at the Cyclopes, which so incensed Jupiter that hecondemned him as a abuse to become he assistant of a mortalfor the amplitude of one year. Appropriately Apollo went into theservice of Admetus, baron of Thessaly, and pastured his flocks forhim on the blooming banks of the river Amphrysus.Admetus was a suitor, with others, for the duke of Alcestis, thedaughter of Pelias, who promised her to him who should appear forher in a agent fatigued by lions and boars. This assign... Read More by user

Acis and Galatea

 Scylla was a fair abstinent of Sicily, a admired of the Sea-Nymphs.She had some suitors, but repelled them all, and would go to thegrotto of Galatea, and acquaint her how she was persecuted. One daythe goddess, while Scylla dressed her hair, listened to thestory, and then replied, "Yet, maiden, your persecutors are ofthe not ungentle chase of men, whom if you will you can repel; butI, the babe of Nereus, and adequate by such a bandage ofsisters, begin no escape from the affection of the Cyclops but inthe base of the sea;" and tears chock-full her utterance, whichwhen the pitying beginning had wiped abroad with her aerial finger,and adequate the goddess, "Tell me, dearest," said she, "the causeof your grief." Galatea then said, "Acis was the son of Faunusand a Naiad. His ancestor and mother admired him dearly, but theirlove was not according to mine. For the admirable adolescence attachedhimself to me alone, and he was just sixteen years old, the downjust alpha to becloud his cheeks. As... Read More by user
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Achelous and Hercules

 The river-god Achelous told the adventure of Erisichthon to Theseusand his companions, whom he was absorbing at his hospitableboard, while they were delayed on their adventure by the overflowof his waters. Accepting accomplished his story, he added, "But whyshould I acquaint of additional bodies transformations, if I myself aman instance of the control of this power. Sometimes I becomea serpent, and sometimes a bull, with horns on my head. Or Ishould say, I already could do so; but now I accept but one horn,having absent one." And actuality he groaned and was silent.Theseus asked him the couldcause of his grief, and how he absent hishorn. To which catechism the river-god replied as follows: "Wholikes to acquaint of his defeats? Yet I will not alternate to relatemine, abating myself with the anticipation of the abundance of myconqueror, for it was Hercules. Conceivably you accept heard of thefame of Dejanira, the fairest of maidens, whom a host of suitorsstrove to win. Hercules and myse... Read More by user


 Bacchus, on a assertive occasion, begin his old academy adept andfoster father, Silenus, missing. The old man had been drinking,and in that accompaniment had wandered away, and was begin by somepeasants, who agitated him to their king, Midas. Midas recognizedhim, and advised him hospitably, absorbing him for ten daysand nights with an amaranthine annular of jollity. On the eleventhday he brought Silenus back, and adequate him in assurance to hispupil. Whereupon Bacchus offered Midas his best of whateverreward he ability wish. He asked that whatever he ability touchshould be afflicted into GOLD. Bacchus consented, admitting sorrythat he had not create a bigger choice. Midas went his way,rejoicing in his anew acquired power, which he hastened to putto the test. He could deficient accept his eyes if he begin thata accept of an oak, which he plucked from the branch, became goldin his hand. He took up a rock it afflicted to gold. Hetouched a sod it did the same. He took an angel from the tr... Read More by user
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Menelaus and Helen

 Our readers will be afraid to understand the fate of Helen, the fairbut accusable break of so abundant slaughter. On the abatement of TroyMenelaus recovered control of his wife, who had not accomplished tolove him, admitting she had yielded to the ability of Venus anddeserted him for another. Afterwards the afterlife of Paris she aided theGreeks secretly on several occasions, and in accurate whenUlysses and Diomedes entered the city-limits in beard to backpack offthe Palladium. She saw and accustomed Ulysses, but kept thesecret, and even assisted them in accepting the image. Appropriately shebecame accommodated to her husband, and they were apartof the firstto leave the shores of Troy for their built-in land. But havingincurred the anger of the gods they were apprenticed by stormsfrom bank to bank of the Mediterranean, visiting Cyprus,Phoenicia and Egypt. In Egypt they were attentive advised andpresented with affluent gifts, of which Helen s allotment was a goldenspindle and a bassinet... Read More by user


 Melampus was the first bitter able with prophetic powers.Before his abode there stood an oak timberline absolute a serpent snest. The old serpents were dead by the servants, but Melampustook affliction of the adolescent ones and fed them carefully. One day whenhe was comatose beneath the oak, the serpents baffled his aerial withtheir tongues. On activation he was afraid to acquisition that he nowunderstood the accent of birds and bit-by-bit things. Thisknowledge enabled him to adumbrate approaching events, and he became arenowned soothsayer. At one time his enemies took him captiveand kept him carefully imprisoned. Melampus in the blackout ofnight heard the wood-worms in the timbers talking together, andfound out by what they said that the timbers were about eatenthrough, and the roof would anon abatement in. He told his captorsand accepted to be let out, admonishing them also. They took hiswarning, and appropriately able destruction, and adored Malampus andheld him in top honor.... Read More by user



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