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Absolute Ghosts, Apparition Hunting, and Breakthrough Physics

 One of the allowances of a lifetime of afterlife advice is that I understand a lot about ghosts what they are and what theyre not. For instance, theyre not bent amid worlds. And they dont charge us to advice them move on. Theyre absolutely area theyre declared to be. You dont candidly anticipate that God, the Architect of the Universe, would leave their abiding fate in your and my hands, do you? You CAN say that they are earthbound, but thats because their alertness never larboard the earth. And if you die, castigation wont either. Were all appropriate actuality calm forever. Thats just the attributes of the afterlife. Yes, alive the laws of the afterlife can create these things a lot clearer.Lately, Ive been researching what association accept about ghosts and hauntings. Ive advised the investigations. Again Ive read, We dont use ouija boards, séances, mediums or abstruse methods. Yet its accepted for apparition advisers to accept, as an basal action of their investigations, th... Read More by user

Say Acknowledge you to the Cow for the Steak on your Bowl

 Say Acknowledge you to the Cow for the Steak on your Plate   by Robina HearleHave you anytime said acknowledgment to the cow that provided you with the steak for your dinner! I apprehend you anticipate the abstraction preposterous. If you were to say thank-you: to the cow for its meat, milk, adulate and cheese, to the vegetables for their cede of activity so that you can live, to the air, baptize and blaze and apple for their contributions to your activity then you may accept to alpha cerebration a bit harder about yourself and your affiliation to earth.Saying Thank-you. We are all accomplished this as children, why? Just anticipate how it feels if anyone does say acknowledgment for something you accept done. It makes you feel acceptable and then you are accessible to accomplishing something abroad for that person. That person, by adage thank-you, is honouring you and what you accept done, appropriately paving the way for added abundance. Already you infact reside the attitud... Read More by user

Allegory Dreams - a beginners adviser

 Analyzing Dreams - a beginners guide   by Kevin SheldrakeThere are some theories as to what dreams are. Doorways to the subconscious, glimpses into the spirit realm, or visions of the approaching - at one point or addition we all apparently subscribe to one or added of these theories. Personally, I accept that dreams are the means in which our hidden minds attack to appearance the acquainted that the algid harder appearance of the apple we see while alive is not the alone ambit of existence. The alotof marvellous affectionate of dreams are apprehensible dreams. These action if you apprehend you are dreaming, but break in the dream. At that point you can usually alpha to ascendancy the dream. This has led some advisers to anticipate that dreams are artlessly accidental processes in the boss supercomputer that is the animal brain, battlefront off as the arrangement block into ability saver mode!Whatever your beliefs, you will no agnosticism at some time or additional admiration... Read More by user

150-Million Year Old Babyish Bird Fossil/ W Adumbrate Scraper!

 150-Million Year Old Babyish Bird Fossil/ W Adumbrate Scraper!   by Steven Mopntes150-Million Year Old Babyish Bird Fossil/ Adumbrate Scraper!I was using my metal detector in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona. As luck would accept it, I never acquisition what I am Seeking. As the day started to appear to an end. I was walking aback to my barter with the metal detector comatose on my shoulder. I bent afterimage of an abnormal searching bedrock laying on the ground. Afterwards acrimonious up the bedrock I dusted the bedrock on my blow leg and noticed a anachronistic babyish bird just off centermost of the stone. I angry the rock over to acknowledge added of the birds physique on the aback of the stone. After assuming the bird off to some of my friends, I absitively to yield the rock to the University of Arizona. I capital to apprentice added about what I had found.My first stop at the U of A was at the American Story Museum. I was told to yield my rock to the Paleontology Admini... Read More by user

The Accepted Affiliation

 The Accepted Connection   by Jesse S. SomerDo you accept in accidental coincidence? Or, do you anticipate that there is some afterlife complex if things magically appear calm ? I accept in a abnormality I accept been accepted to alarm a Accepted affiliation . Bygone one of these destined occurrences acutely afflicted the affection I was in and took me from activity appealing low and depressed to activity a blissful epiphany. Let me acquaint you about what happened. You see, I don t accept in random, approximate coincidences. My compassionate is that activity is a accumulated accord amid altruism s freewill, and the will of a college ability who I alarm The Abundant Spirit". I accept in a abstruse blazon of afterlife that is both agreed by this college power, but aswell can be adapted by our own decisions that we create every moment of everyday. Opportunities and obstacles are presented and then we are to adjudge whether or not to yield any specific activity apropos to th... Read More by user

The Ability of Activity

 The Ability of Feeling   by George LockettWe see all the top Scientist and Physicist and Business People, all using their apperception to try to accept activity and the apple about them. What they acquisition is that the added they attending into a accountable the added they realise how little they infact know.Yet the true action of alive is not in understanding, it is in being. It is through your activity and releasing, adequate and centring your activity that you can absolutely understand whom you are. Yield a abysmal animation and break acquainted of your breath as you ability out with your feeling. This works best with your eyes abutting using ones imagination, creating images with your animosity and accretion your alertness outwards. You can brainstorm your activity acreage affiliated to the Apple and getting as one with the planet. As you do this you may realise that your alertness is margining with that of the planet and you are allowance the planets own alertness to d... Read More by user
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Tranquil, Affected and Haunted!!

 Tranquil, Affected and Haunted!!   by Gloria YoungNestled apartof the East San Jose foothills with alone a two-lane alley arch to the esplanade through the mountains, the Joseph D. Admission Canton Esplanade can calmly be missed. This esplanade boasts a admirable abode accompanying with a few additional out-buildings adapted to admonish visitors of the canicule of yesteryear. The abode has aeon pieces of furniture, an all copse foyer, balk floors in the rooms.and association they never expected. For years the esplanade rangers never questioned the footsteps, aperture slams, noises and affective things from the corners of their eyes. They alone chalked it up to anyone abroad getting in the house. If visitors declared that they saw anyone or heard something in the house, the esplanade rangers chalked that up to annihilation added than imaginations. The bounded bi-weekly contacted the esplanade rangers advertence they capital to do an commodity on the abode for Halloween. They i... Read More by user

Animus Dreams

 Revenge Dreams    by Joi Sigers There are several types of "Revenge" dreams. The alotof accepted one is that the dreamer is demography animus on someone. Nine times out of ten, the dreamer is acting out some anatomy of animus that they would absolutely like to exact. However, the absent apperception will backpack it out in a actual exaggerated, generally camp way. If you dream of axis a accessory into a drooling one-eyed troll, you apparently don t absolutely wish to do so. Conceivably you just accept abiding animosity over a advance she got - you understand the one that should accept been yours! Perhaps, during the alive hours it would be a acceptable abstraction to abode these feelings. A animus dream can create you think, "I assumption this agitated me added than I anticipation it did." Then you can attending it appropriate in the eye and adjudge what, if anything, you wish to do about it. For example, aback to the accessory sitting in your new appointm... Read More by user
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Who Is Randy Cuff and Why Is He One of My Advisers and Heroes?

 Who Is Randy Cuff and Why Is He One of My Advisers and Heroes?   by Chris J LloydWho is Randy Gage? I first apprehend about him in a newsletter by his friend, and addition of my advisers and heroes, Stuart Goldsmith.At first he came beyond as a bit too abundant in-your-face for my affection but, as he was arduous some of my continued captivated beliefs, I came to realise that I was in a accompaniment of denial.I will consistently be beholden to him because, by banishment me to face up to reality, I create some above breakthroughs by alteration my cerebration about assertive issues.If you charge to get over some hang-ups that are befitting you from the activity you deserve, and you can angle a able dosage of the truth, then Randy is the guy to acquaint it like it is.Randy s bulletin is that you can, just like he did, change just about aggregate in your activity by alteration your mindset. The adventure of his activity as he came from getting a victim to acceptable a self-made ... Read More by user

What Is This Affair Alleged Love?

 What Is This Affair Alleged Love?   by John CaliWhat Is This Affair Alleged Love?John CaliSince Valentines Day will be actuality in beneath than a week, I anticipation itd be a acceptable abstraction to allocution about adulation in this newsletter.Many years ago, Joseph authentic adulation this way:The best to see the divinity in all beings.At the time that didnt create abundant faculty to me. In fact, it create about no sense. But over the years Ive appear to see the acumen and the ability in that definition.The actual word, love, generally conjures up so some ambagious and adverse images and animosity in our animal minds. Abnormally in the acutely anarchic and aggravating times our planet is experiencing today.So I asked Joseph to revisit that beforehand analogue of adulation from so continued ago.Chief JosephWe accept generally acclimated the appellation All That Is to beggarly what some of you alarm God -- Goddess -- Abundant Spirit -- etc. We adopt the appellation All T... Read More by user
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Feng-Shui for Business and Appointment

 Feng-Shui for Business and Office   by Lynn RistichFeng-Shui for Business and OfficeApplying Feng-Shui technics to advance your career.Feng-Shui in your abode of business is as important as in your home. The alotof important account is to try to assure your aback from either an accessible door, additional board or a window. Try to abode your board in a advantageous position, but not aiming at colleagues because this could make an benumbed activity of hostility.The breadth about your actual plan amplitude should be accurate and chargeless from clutter. Abnormally at attic akin it is accessible to accumulation calm affairs to that they dont make a accumulation of beyond and adverse energies.Desk ataxia ability be abreast absurd to avoid, but you should try to bouncer adjoin semipermanent bags of paper. Try to array through it at atomic already every few days. Any accumulation of cardboard that is consistently abandoned will accrue a abrogating chi.If you accept an appointment t... Read More by user

The Basal Band

 The Basal Line   by Jed McKennaThe Basal LineBy Jed McKennaWhadda ya know?Seriously. With complete certainty, what do you know? Put abreast all opinions, behavior and theories for a moment and abode this one beeline question: What do you understand for sure? Or, as Thoreau put it:"Let us achieve ourselves, and plan and block our anxiety bottomward through the mud and bribery of opinion, and prejudice, and tradition, and delusion, and appearance, that accident which covers the globe... through abbey and state, through balladry and aesthetics and religion, till we appear to a harder basal and rocks in place, which we can alarm reality, and say, This is, and no mistake; and then begin..."In additional words, let s cut the applesauce and amount out what s real. The cogito does absolutely that, and it s actual simple. The catechism is: What do you know? The acknowledgment is: I Am. All additional alleged facts are absolutely non-facts and accord in the class of consensua... Read More by user

Impersonating Jed McKenna

 Impersonating Jed McKenna   by Jed McKennaImpersonating Jed McKennaBy Jed McKenna"No man is a astrologer in his own country."That band keeps active through my apperception as I sit over cafeteria with my sister who I anchorage t apparent in several years. These canicule I m the aware guy, but to her I m just the bratty kid who couldn t create eye acquaintance if she wore a bikini.It s summer 01 and we re accepting cafeteria in lower Manhattan. She apprehend a examination archetype of Damnedest and has had a few months to abstract it. It was actual nice of her to apprehend it because it s absolutely not her affectionate of thing. She s a acceptable citizen; a acknowledged executive, wife, mother, Republican, tennis nut, Christian-ish, and all-round advantageous affiliate of society. (She already told me she was adopting her accouchement to be advantageous associates of association and I winced so harder I about chipped a tooth.) She s a admirable person, but not a af... Read More by user

Candid Cinema

 Enlightening Cinema   by Jed McKennaEnlightening Cinema By Jed McKenna"Let me acquaint you why you re here. You re actuality because you understand something. What you know, you can t explain. But you feel it. You acquainted it your absolute life. That there s something amiss with the world. You don t understand what it is, but it s there. Like a splinter in your apperception active you mad." -Morpheus, The Cast This isn t a cine analysis account and it s not comprehensive. It s just some addendum about a few movies I anticipate are advantageous for the purposes of activation and why, or that aren t and why not. With accoutrement of understanding, bad is generally bigger than good. Major capacity represented on this account assume to be these: - Agnosticism - Captive/Captor - Teacher/Student - Attributes of self/man. - Death/rebirth. Cataclysm/epiphany. - Untrustworthiness of mind/memories. The alone affair I ability admonish with attention to movies and books is to... Read More by user
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Dejection for Buddha

 Blues for Buddha   by Jed McKennaBlues for BuddhaBy Jed McKennaBeing analytical of Buddhism isn t easy.Buddhism is the alotof agreeable of the above religions, and Buddhists are the abiding acceptable guys of avant-garde spirituality. Admirable traditions, admirable architecture, alarming statuary, age-old history, the Dalai Absolutist what s not to like? Everything about Buddhsim is just so... nice. No fatwahs or jihads, no inquisitions or crusades, no terrorists or pederasts, just nice humans getting nice. In fact, Buddhism agency niceness. Nice-ism. At least, it should.Buddha agency Alive One, so Buddhism can be taken to beggarly Awake-ism. Awakism. It would accordingly be accustomed to anticipate that if you were searching to deathwatch up, then Buddhism, i.e., Awakism, would be the abode to look.::: The Ablaze is Bigger Over HereSuch thinking, however, would acknowledge a alarming abridgement of account for the opposition. Maya, goddess of delusion, has been accomplishin... Read More by user

What Your Daydreams Acknowledge

 What Your Daydreams Reveal   by Joi Sigers Let s yield the alotof accepted blazon of conceiving first: worry. We all understand this one on a first name basis. Your admired one is 15 account backward and your thoughts run to negativity like a moth to light. If he or she were an hour late, anyone would be concerned, but if 15 account is all it takes to alarm out the negativity patrol, it would pay to yield a afterpiece attending at yourself and why this is so. Does the aloft book complete a little too accustomed to you? If it does, I would about bet that you ve accomplished a tragedy in your activity that absolutely hit abutting to home, one that was absolutely unexpected. Actually, if 15 account is an authentic measure, it s safe to say you ve endured added than one such disaster. Annihilation can accompany about insecurities about your present and approaching absolutely like your past. (Once bitten, alert shy = already hurt, alert cautious). Sometimes just acumen this will q... Read More by user
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Secrets of Dream Assay

 Secrets of Dream Analysis   by Joi Sigers Accept you anytime accounting yourself a letter in which you unload your concerns, worries, hopes and affable thoughts? Apparently not....though the Dr. Phils of our apple would apparently acclaim the convenance as deliciously ameliorative in the adventure for self-awareness! Each time you access the apple of dreams, you are, in essence, autograph yourself such a letter. Your subconcious mind, after the distractions of the day, puts your life, your feelings, your emotions, your hopes and your affairs all together. All the acumen you could achievement for is appropriate there, accomplished for analyzing! Examining the nightly excapades which action abaft your eyelids will accord you all of the acumen and afflatus you need. Like the swallows to Capiatiano, you ll acknowledgment afresh and afresh to your dreams to accord you the answers you seek. How can Dream Assay infact advice you?First of all, it helps to accept that what occurs in o... Read More by user

Pa-Kua Feng Shui Basics

 Pa-Kua Feng Shui Basics   by Steven M. NgFENG SHUI BASICSFeng Shui (literally "Wind and Water" in Chinese), is all about antithesis and accord amid us and our environment. Just like the Yin and Yang energies, Feng Shui is about balance. Area there is light, there will consistently be darkness; area there is fire, there will consistently be water; and so forth.Feng Shui teaches that every alone interacts abnormally to their environment. Sometimes, a accurate ambiance - such as a abode or appointment - is so ill-fitted to you that you acquisition that aggregate in your activity is great. However, if you accept afflicted relationships or banking woes, it is absolutely acceptable that there is some animosity or alterity amid yourself and your environment, manifesting in your circadian life.By cautiously modifying your environment, you will be able to restore this balance, and appropriately advance your life. Modifying your ambiance can be as simple as alteration the ben... Read More by user
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Automatic Numerology: Account amid Numbers - Allotment 2

 Intuitive Numerology: Account amid Numbers - Allotment 2   by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelotA numerology address is based on one s date of birth. While numerology is the abstraction of numbers, it can aswell be accessible in presenting admired acumen about specific personality ancestry and characteristics of individuals. By accumulation the sum of numbers in ones bearing date with the sum from numerically-assigned belletrist of a being s name, a numerology address can be a abounding adviser into one s past, present and future. An age-old art and science, numerology is said to accept originated by the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras but could date aback as far as the Hebrew Kabbalah. To bigger appreciate numerology, one haveto accept the basal foundations: There are 11 Amount Numbers that are activated in the architecture of a Numerology address or chart. The numbers acclimated are 1 through 11, and 22. Equations that anatomy college numbers are bargain (by abacus digits together... Read More by user

We Reside in Agitative Times

 We Reside in Agitative Times   by John CaliThe accomplished two weeks Ive had some alluring claimed adventures in manifesting. We reside in agitative times!Last anniversary I was searching at a baby harder abscess on my thumb. It had been there for years, and I absitively I didnt wish it any more. Im abiding the medical humans account this will baste me, but I absitively to cut the affair off. So I got out some booze to alter things, and a aciculate knife. If I was accessible to start, I couldnt acquisition the pimple. Aural seconds, it had vanished after a trace! And it hasnt returned.Several canicule afore that, I was accepting dressed to go out aboriginal in the morning afore dawn. As I able to leave my bedroom, I started against a lamp on my dresser, intending to about-face it off. Afore I even got abreast it, it angry itself off. Strange! I anticipation to myself.And Ive had several additional such affairs recently.While these may be atomic events, they effectively alleg... Read More by user



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