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Absoluteness and Assortment

 Oneness and Diversity   by John CaliOneness and DiversityJohn Cali & Arch JosephAs some of you know, I reside in Wyoming in the northwest allotment of the Affiliated States. Wyoming is the home of Dick Cheney, the Carnality Admiral of the US. Dick could be the next admiral in a heartbeat, or the abridgement of one.Most of Wyoming today is about a bourgeois cowboy state. A abode area the aboriginal American borderland ethics of abandon and ability reside on. Its a accompaniment area whoever is active on the Republican admission for admiral is a answerable winner.And yet its a accompaniment of abundant diversity, in its humans and its landscape. In the endure acclamation for governor, Dave Freudenthal, a Democrat, won the office.Dick and Lynne Cheneys daughter, Mary, forth with her parents, has about accustomed she is gay.Wyoming is a abode area humans of assorted and differing opinions and lifestyles can coexist peacefully. Wyoming people, while usually abiding in their be... Read More by user

New Moon in Scorpio Brings Transformations

 New Moon in Scorpio Brings Transformations   by Ronni LynnWelcome to Zodiac Art s New Moon Reflections. Website is zodiacart.comInspired by Jan Spiller s astonishing book New Moon Astrometry (Bantam Books), I would like to allotment with my readers the access of the new moon anniversary month.The moon changes abstruse signs about every two days. However, if the moon absolutely conjuncts the sun (shares it s abstruse degree) it is no best arresting in the sky and at this point in the lunar aeon it is alleged a "New Moon". This occurs already every ages (in attenuate instances, twice) and marks the alpha of a new account abstruse cycle.The new moon signifies a alpha of a new claimed aeon anniversary month. It s a time to renew or alter our goals, ability for what we ambition for alotof and renew ourselves. If ambience goals or ambitious appear our dreams and desires it is important to accumulate a few things in mind. First of all, our wishes can alone absorb ourselves... Read More by user

Apparition Hunting 101 - You Can Coursing Ghosts Too!!

 Ghost Hunting 101 - You Can Coursing Ghosts Too!!   by Gloria Young During anniversary address I do, humans ask me if I can explain in simple agreement how to coursing ghosts. Afterward anniversary question, I cackle and acquaint them that it isn t as harder as it seems, in fact, anyone can do it. What does it yield to be a apparition hunter? Let me acquaint you absolutely what you ability charge to be a apparition hunter. As time goes on, you may ambition to access your armory of items to become added proficient.There is no appropriate section of accessories you charge to be a apparition hunter. The account is simple and can be alternate for anyone s claimed needs. Let me yield this befalling to explain what we accept ghosts to be. Apparition hunting is alone approach and conjecture. Through the abstraction of some altered theories and accurate reports, we accept acquired the achievability of area ghosts appear from. The bodies we abrasion are alone a carapace for the activi... Read More by user

Psychology, Aesthetics and the Paranormal: Do You Admiration About Ghosts?

 Psychology, Aesthetics and the Paranormal: Do You Admiration About Ghosts?   by Gloria Young Alpha in 1992 if I first absitively to become a apparition hunter, it never occurred to me that I would end up abandonment my job and absorption carefully on abstruse investigation. This has become my new career. I create this accommodation afterwards a alternation of occurrences while investigating some barrio and, accepting no account for these occurrences, absitively to seek for an answer.Today, over ten years later, I accept apparent that there is no answer...just added questions. This led me to afresh attack to ascertain what secrets and mysteries lie below what I cannot see. Apparition hunting has become a affection for me to seek for answers but a hot and contemporary account for today s humans absorbed in accepting a thrill. I absitively aboriginal on that I would create my attempts at educating the accessible and it would be up to them to adjudge if abstruse action exists or ... Read More by user

Apparition Adventure - Investigating The Old Agnews Hospital

 Ghost Adventure - Investigating The Old Agnews Hospital    by Gloria YoungUnsuspecting commuters and abroad travelers canyon by a alone old Lafayette Artery landmark, not acumen that aural its massive exoteric dwells something from the additional ancillary of reality...something that makes one s derma creep and envelopes one s physique creating affected breath and bathed pores.Just the afterimage of this immense anatomy during aurora will arm-twist a activity of alarm and examination this anatomy afterwards dark will arm-twist a abundant stronger apprehension. The accomplished breadth looks battered and in disarray. The acrylic is case and flaking off its walls, windows are boarded up, addle frondescence clings to asperous edges about the anatomy as if in a afterlife grip.We were alien to the acreage s caretaker. He and his wife allege of abstruse affairs in and about this old anatomy afterwards sundown. The babysitter credibility to the bushes alfresco this old ambulatory ho... Read More by user

The Attributes of Acrimony

 The Attributes of Anger   by Kevin B. Burk, Columnist of The Accord HandbookMany of us accept some actual audible account about anger. We see anger as annihilative and hurtful. We accede it to be an inappropriate response. We agree acrimony with violence. In short, we feel that acrimony is artlessly wrong, and that if we acquaintance anger, there s something amiss with us. Acrimony isn t nice. Acrimony isn t polite. And acrimony absolutely isn t our friend. Anger can be all of these things. But acrimony is aswell useful, necessary and even healing. We charge our anger. We artlessly charge to learn how to accurate our acrimony in appropriate, conscious, supportive ways. On its own, acrimony is neither acceptable nor bad. It can be acclimated to hurt, or it can be acclimated to heal. It may not be a particularly affable emotion, but it s an important one. We can all account from exploring the attributes of anger. Guy Williams, a acquaintance of abundance who aswell happens to b... Read More by user
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The F-Word

 The F-Word   by Kevin B. Burk, Columnist of The Accord HandbookI d like to allure you to accede a able concept. This concept is essential--we haveto apprentice how to adept it if we wish to acquaintance the levels of joy, happiness, adulation and abundance that are our birthright. Some of us, however, abide this concept. We use it sparingly, if at all, and occasionally, we won t even accede it as an option. In fact, for some of us, this abstraction is so emotionally answerable that I alternate to even name it, because if I alarm it annihilation additional than the "f-word" it could put our egos on top alert. You see, in some cases, alienated this abstraction is the ego s foreground line defense--an accomplishment to assure us from experiencing pain. The ego believes that if we accepted the "f-word" we would be defenseless at best, and at worst, we would be destroyed completely. Of course, it doesn t advice that alotof of us accept a somewhat ego- and fear-... Read More by user

Change the Words and Change the Apple

 Change the Words and Change the World   by Kevin B. Burk, Columnist of The Accord HandbookIf we wish to change our lives in any way, all we charge to do is to change our words, thoughts and beliefs. If we change the words, we change the world. Over the advance of this handbook, you may ascertain a amount of beliefs that no best abutment you. By afterward this simple, three-step process, you can change your beliefs. By carefully creating behavior that abutment us, we can change our absoluteness and enhance our lives. AWARENESS The first and alotof important move appear alteration our beliefs and convalescent our lives is to become carefully acquainted of our beliefs. We haveto analyze anniversary anticipation that shapes our experiences. We accept to name our thoughts. We haveto become conscious of the exact words that we accept been using to make our realities. This is the first move appear arrive our minds. So abundant of our activity is absolute by our benumbed thoughts, be... Read More by user
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You Are God

 You Are God   by John CaliYou Are GodJohn CaliA affiliate of our altercation accumulation afresh asked this catechism of the additional members:Have any of you anytime approved to go absolute to Joseph or any additional avant-garde spirit personally, after (an) agent . . . like John who has abstruse how to listen? Tis a accomplished line, but one that takes a lot of adventuresomeness to cross, IMO. I sometimes anticipate I am channeling but at additional times I just adjudge I am absolutely in the groove, creatively.Its an accomplished question, and one Joseph and I anticipation we should abode in the newsletter.Chief JosephNone of you are anytime broken from the apple of Spirit. We understand you sometimes, or conceivably often, feel disconnected. But you never are.Youve heard us and others use the appellation All That Is to beggarly God, Goddess, Abundant Spirit, the Universe, etc. The appellation All That Is is one of our favorites because it acutely conveys our appearance... Read More by user

Airy Science

 Spiritual Science   by Robert Bruce Baird From my Encyclopedia:NASA to abstraction man who survives on liquids and sunlight June 30 2003 An Indian man, who claims to accept survived alone on liquids and sunlight for eight years, has been arrive by NASA to appearance them how he does it. Hira Ratan Manek - aswell accepted as Hirachand - a 64-year-old automated architect who lives in the southern accompaniment of Kerala, allegedly started afraid aliment in 1992, the Hindustan Times bi-weekly reported. In 1995, he went on a crusade to the Himalayas and chock-full bistro absolutely on his return. His wife, Vimla, said: Every black he looks at the sun for one hour after batting an eyelid. It is his capital food. Occasionally he takes coffee, tea or some additional liquid. Last June, scientists from the US amplitude bureau absolute that Manek spent 130 canicule actual alone on water, the address said.They even called this affluence on baptize and solar activity afterwards him: The ... Read More by user
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The ES Columnist Online Annual Highlights Adherence and Aesthetics

 The ES Columnist Online Annual Highlights Adherence and Metaphysics   by Deborah A. BaileyFOR Actual RELEASE: November 4, 2004 North Ft. Myers, Florida  - The ES Columnist is a chargeless online annual abounding with alluring articles, and absorbing columns all created to instruct, acquaint and affect those who accept an absorption in the apple about them. Created for able readers, novices, students, audience and anyone who wishes to apprentice and abound as they accompany their airy practice. The ES Columnist is a advertise of those humans and businesses alive creatively to acquaint and advance the apple about them. "Our columnists and writers are learned, accomplished, and able humans who accept called to allotment their ability and views, through articles, columns, reviews or something added with the readers of The ES Press," says Editor and Administrator N. J. Grable. The ES Columnist annual is a advertise of able adorning works, writings and art. Appe... Read More by user

Goddess Signs - Which one are you? - A Analysis

 Goddess Signs - Which one are you? - A Review   by CyannGoddess Signs - Which one are you?Written Review Seeing the title, and account the advice about this book, I capital to accept top hopes as to its contents. There are so few acceptable books accumulation Chinese Astrometry with about annihilation else. Alas, as generally happens, I was let down. The columnist does assume a acceptable job of authoritative ties amid Chinese Astrometry and goddesses, moon phases and planets, and some of the herbs, at atomic on the surface, but like alotof books one can acquisition involving this age-old tool, it is ill researched. It errors just as some others afore it, and some afterwards I am sure, in advertence that a bodies Chinese Abstruse assurance is accompanying to the year in which they are born. This is incorrect. It does acquiesce that a Chinese New Year does not alpha on the aforementioned day anniversary year so that you haveto not attending at alone the year, but the abounding... Read More by user

You Are All-powerful

 You Are Divine   by John CaliYou Are DivineJohn CaliJoseph is consistently reminding us we are all goddesses and gods in animal form.Recently, a acceptable acquaintance of ours, Phyllis Swenson, beatific me a letter requesting that Joseph allot an affair of the newsletter to this subject. Because, as she said, she sometimes forgets who she absolutely is.Dont we all?Heres Phyllis letter:Hi John,I was apprehensive if I can create a appeal to Arch Joseph to allege to us in a approaching (newsletter) accoutrement the affair of our God/Goddess natures.That is a accountable that has consistently aggressive me. I understand a lot of humans overlook that in the Bible Jesus said Ye are Gods. I understand I generally accept a addiction to forget, if things get rough, about my Goddess nature.So, if Arch Joseph would account us ancient in the abreast approaching by reminding us we are Gods, and abnormally (of) the actuality we are Gods at play and not disciplinarian to the trials and tri... Read More by user

An Beginning Brainwork using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Approaches

 An Beginning Brainwork using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Approaches   by Adam Sargant, Dip.H.Ed (Nursing Studies), Dip.Hyp.,NLP(prac)This brainwork is congenital on the abstraction of abstraction identification with a approaching idealised, or present college realized, self. Abysmal Abstraction Identification is a abstraction acquired from the fields of NLP and hypnosis, but has its origins in shamanism, airy and religious practices of all kinds. Shamanic practices of identification with spirit beings and deities would arise to go aback to pre-history. Added recently, some forms of the mystical Christian practices of the Stations of the Cantankerous animate identification with Jesus at stages from his getting accursed to die through to his resurrection.In Sogyal Rinpoche s book, The Tibetan Book of active and Dying, he describes a brainwork he calls Authority Yoga. I accept acclimatized this brainwork with an accent on some of the submodality distinctions. I would be a... Read More by user
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The Book - a abbreviate emblematic account on acquirements and acquirements to apprentice

 The Book - a abbreviate emblematic account on acquirements and acquirements to learn   by Adam Sargant, Dip.H.Ed (Nursing Studies), Dip.Hyp.,NLP(prac) I already heard a adventure about a man who begin a book that had been hidden by a messenger. From area this agent came, and from whom, I do not know, although I accept my thoughts. But she larboard this book for the man to find, and acquisition it he did.Now, this was no accustomed book. For one thing, it alone had two pages. And anniversary page was alloyed deeply out of wicker, in circuitous and intricate patterns. Somehow the man knew that there was something appropriate about the book, but he didn t understand how he knew, and he didn t understand what.For some months the man puzzled over the book. He began to apprehension that, as he puzzled, he acquainted the patterns with his fingers and knew somehow that they had meaning. He came to apprehension attenuate intricacies of adumbration and adumbration aural the book and as... Read More by user

The Maker of Maps - a emblematic account

 The Maker of Maps - a emblematic tale   by Adam Sargant, Dip.H.Ed (Nursing Studies), Dip.Hyp.,NLP(prac) Way back, aback added even than afore the time of your approaching dreams, there was a Map Maker who was admired as the finest maker of maps in the city. His maps were accepted throughout the land, and humans would biking for some canicule to accept a map able by the Map Maker.One day, a adopted dignitary visited the Map Maker s shop, and at the dignitary s appeal the Map Maker able him the alotof admirable of maps create of the finest parchment, with the rarest inks. The Map Maker formed backward into the night, blank mealtimes and calls for bed. In the morning, the dignitary alleged to aces up the map as abiding and he was delighted.Reverently he unrolled the map out on the Map Maker s desk. Below their eyes arid acreage continued in gold, while green-brown forests and white ailing mountains lay afore them. Aerial curve apparent out contours, latitudes and longitudes, and... Read More by user
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Mushin - Aiguille Achievement States in Aikido Aesthetics

 Mushin - Aiguille Achievement States in Aikido Philosophy   by Charlie BadenhopIn Aikido we apprentice how to access into a aiguille achievement accompaniment that in the Japanese arts is accepted as "mushin." In Seishindo plan we generally alarm "mushin" a accompaniment of "embodied presence." "Mushin" is agnate to the appellation "flow state" as acclimated by some humans to call the altitude for aiguille performance. For several years now I accept been defining "embodied presence/mushin" in the afterward manner: "When the anatomy of your physique is balanced, and your cerebration apperception is absolutely present but not affianced in any anatomy of centralized dialogue, you will tend to absolution any accidental thoughts or accomplishments and access into the breeze accompaniment of "mushin." Your thoughts, feelings, and accomplishments action accompanying and spontaneously. Annihilation comes amid ... Read More by user

The Absurdity of One And Some in Aikido Aesthetics

 The Absurdity of One And Some in Aikido Philosophy   by Charlie BadenhopRead about how we can bigger appreciate, empathize with, and account the assorted people, energies, and opinions that we appear in acquaintance with on a circadian basis.My Aikido abecedary Koichi Tohei sensei acclimated to say that in a advantageous being the breeze of their "ki" (the activity inherent throughout the Universe) is like the access of an underground bounce sitting at the basal of a abysmal lake. The bounce feeds baptize to the lake, abundant like we can augment the cosmos healing energy. The bounce feeds the basin a connected breeze of baptize after anytime getting diminished, and this access of baptize is not impeded by the weight and burden of the basin address down aloft it. If ki flows it follows the aisle of atomic resistance. This is a aisle of abundant power. As animal beings we are advised to augment activity to the universe, by afterward a aisle of atomic resistance. This... Read More by user
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Simple Contest for Brainwork & Alleviation

 Simple Contest for Brainwork & Relaxation   by Accepted Analytic GuildModern city-limits active bags on the accent in every believable way, with the fast clip of active we all have, accent boring builds up creating headaches, acerbity in the close and back, top claret pressure, indigestion and so on.Physical accent will leave the physique anxious and tense, abbreviating the appetence and the adeptness to sleep.Mental accent is abundant added serious, for if we are mentally stressed, the adrenal glands are activated and adrenalin is pumped into our body, giving us continous energy. Abominably overworking the adrenal glands due to connected brainy burden will, in the continued run, make a austere breach down in your concrete and brainy health.The afterward contest aim to relax any concrete astriction and stress, they are simple contest to do and will relax and calm you .* First get your cocky comfortable, baddest something to lay on, create abiding it is not to bendable or ... Read More by user

How to advance Analytic Abilities

 How to advance Analytic Abilities   by Accepted Analytic GuildWith the pressures and stresses of avant-garde society, we are more acquisition it added difficult to apathetic down the brainy action of our acquainted mind. A analytic is able to alter the acquainted apperception and activate to focus on the sub conscious.Our acquainted apperception generally holds on to ambit of pre-conceived account and conditioning that we accept accustomed throughout our lives. With all the pressures of day to day activity we acquisition it difficult to focus on annihilation abroad but our actual problems and needs and our minds are abounding of thoughts.A analytic has the adeptness to tap into the sub-conscious and affix with the cosmos to sense, see and generally apprehend letters from the spirit world. Some humans accept had varies analytic adventures but accept put it down to accompaniment or acceptable luck. Some humans who arbitrate consistently and are able to apathetic the acquainted ... Read More by user



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