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Superultramodern Quotes and Dialogues

 Superultramodern Quotes and Dialogues   by Dr Kedar Joshi Following are some quotes and dialogues that reflect the attempt of superultramodern science ( physics, algebraic science, and aesthetics ). (The conception of Dr Kedar Joshi (b.1979), Cambridge, UK) The 21st Aeon Bookish Battlefield (The action is fierce, prolong, essential, and inevitable.) Aesthetics is accounting in this admirable book - I beggarly the cosmos - which stands always accessible to our gaze, but it cannot be accepted unless one first learns to appreciate the accent and adapt the characters in which it is written. It is accounting in the accent of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and additional geometric figures, after which it is humanly absurd to accept a individual chat of it. - Galileo Galilei In absoluteness the cosmos has no geometry. - Kedar Joshi Is the Cosmos a computer ? - John Barrow Yes, the cosmos is a gigantic non - spatial computer, chargeless of all spatial constra... Read More by user

Joshian Meditations (i.e. Superultramodern Meditations)

 Joshian Meditations (i.e. Superultramodern Meditations)   by Dr Kedar Joshi In my abstract adventure ( and accepting believed to accept demystified alotof of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos ) I accept now accustomed at a groundbreaking thought. Two strangest account are amenable for my arrival, the account that are ultimately accompanying to the abstraction of creation. 1. I cannot abjure the call of conception for anniversary and every aspect / aspect of the non-eternal universe, i.e. the anatomy of the cosmos (generally accepted as material) that is not logically necessary. However, this disability of abnegation necessarily leads me to the abstraction of ultimate creation, the abstraction whose affliction I cannot deny. 2. Now I appear the afterward abstraction by Don Zagier ( 1951 - ) in his countdown address at Bonn University, put in this way : There are two facts about the administration of prime numbers which I achievement to argue you. ... The first is that admit... Read More by user

Anamchara - 7 means to Body Accord

 Anamchara - 7 means to Body Friendship   by Chic CucksonThis onlinewriting shares with you the seven Blessings of the Celtic abstraction of Anamchara acceptation Body Friend.In Corrogue it is frosty.The access into our acre of preciousstones is now close base area afore it was a sea of mud. Murphy our dog runs absurdly by my side. We are on our way to absolution the chickens from the coop. They are to be fed borsch oats in milk. Murphy has become an honorary chicken. He has been self-appointed. He now eats with the hens and cockerels as I accord them their continued accessible breakfast. They are now together, dog and birds, admiring this activity that is defended and acceptable for them.I am acceptable clearer. I am acceptable added chip and added understand of the breeze of this life. I am become a body friend. I am acceptable what is accepted in the Celtic attitude an Anam Cara. This translates as Anam acceptation body and Cara acceptation friend. Like our admirable dog Mu... Read More by user

Youre Apparently Traveling To Die From This

 You re Apparently Traveling To Die From This   by John CaliYoure Apparently Traveling To Die From ThisJohn CaliThis anniversary were continuing our affair from endure week: your concrete physique and its well-being.A few canicule ago, I had a continued allocution with my cousin. Were absolutely the aforementioned age, and we grew up next aperture to anniversary additional in rural western New York State. Weve consistently had a close, admiring sister-brother-type relationship.She was cogent me about a contempo bloom crisis her babe had -- afford been diagnosed with a baleful tumor.After the operation, her surgeon told her hed gotten all of the bump out, and the cast was excellent. If he hadnt gotten it all out, he continued, her activity assumption would accept been about two years. And it could accept been a angrily aching death. Shes still a almost adolescent woman -- about 40, and this would not accept been acceptable account for one that young.So she wasnt traveling to di... Read More by user

The Abundant Pyramid - Allotment Two

 The Abundant Pyramid - Allotment Two   by Robert Bruce BairdThe area of the Abundant Pyramid at the centre of the Apple s acreage masses, unless it is absolutely a coincidence, implies the following. First, its builders knew the cartography and admeasurement of the Apple absolutely accurately because they could not contrarily account the actual centre of acreage - masses. Second, they chose Egypt because the centre is there {It would be absolutely casual that they were Egyptian as well.}, and this agency that Age-old Egyptian acculturation may accept arisen because of abiding cultural influences as able-bodied as because of the declared advantages conferred by the Nile. Third, the three pyramids of the Giza complex, including the Sphinx, were congenital by anyone additional than the Age-old Egyptians--unless we are accommodating to admission them avant-garde ability as well--but then we haveto argue with the assorted correlations at Giza that all point to 10,500 B.C. as the a... Read More by user

The Abundant Pyramid of Iesa - Addition - Allotment One

 The Abundant Pyramid of Iesa - Addition - Allotment One   by Robert Bruce Baird We accept been led to accept all address of lies by the hellenizing Empires alleged affable as they accept besmirched those who colonized them. The ancients of some contest congenital the apple and the technologies aloft which these Empires accept fed like ashes crows. The alone affair that is Classical about Story is the accepted operating action of propaganda. It is a archetypal fraud. I accept done over thirty books with the primary purpose of authoritative the body of man and activity on apple a little beneath bleared by those who seek to bind us or empower alone the few in a Platonist bureaucracy advised by Nobles. We are told the Abundant Pyramid is congenital to account Cheops and yet there is no affirmation of that additional than his ball alfresco with the about-face gangs graffiti. In actuality there is cause to agnosticism such a being anytime existed just as we are seeing so some advis... Read More by user
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Focus, Your Body, and Your Concrete Abundance

 Focus, Your Body, and Your Concrete Well-Being   by John CaliAbout a anniversary ago, on a admirable aboriginal winter day, I was out jogging in the foothills south of my house. The morning air was clear, cold, and crisp, and the abysmal dejected sky was sparkling with aureate sunlight. The affable hills about me, the asperous mountains in the distance, and the basin far beneath me were covered in a bright white blind of new-fallen snow. My affectionate of day--I adulation winter, and I was in heaven!About a mile into my run, my bliss was alofasudden burst by a aciculate cutting affliction in my larboard ankle. It aching like hell!Over the years a amount of humans about my age accept told me they had to abdicate jogging because it was too harder on their bodies. Specifically, their ankles, knees, and backs. But Ive never bought into that apperception set, and in about 40 years of jogging, Ive had no problems.And, I anticipation to myself, I wasnt accommodating to alpha accept... Read More by user

Chanting for Healing, a Airy Boating

 Chanting for Healing, a Airy Voyage   by Paula GilbertPaula Gilbert, one of the capital artists and the ambassador of the Chanting For Healing Music CD tells her airy adventure of how the anthology was made. The anthology allowances all-around accord causes such as OxFam, RAWA, Accompanying Belfry Drop Fund, All-around Exchange, and Aliment Not Bombs.Paula is a achievement artist, songwriter and abecedary who founded the Cloverdale Academy of Music in 1994. Afterwards 9/11 she abounding a Shamanic (Native American) affectation authoritative chic that she had been accessory every year for the accomplished 7 years. The purpose of the chic was to make a eyes for the afterward shamanic year which begins anniversary year in November. In the class, the participants formed calm with a facilitator to make their eyes through several guided meditations and journaling. The chic took abode backward in October afterward the aggress on America. During one of her meditations she had a visio... Read More by user
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Questions For An Alchemist

 Questions For An Alchemist   by Robert Bruce BairdQuestions for An Alchemist:By Robert Bruce Baird:INSPIRATIONAL COMMENTS:The alotof merciful affair in the world, I think, is the disability of the animal apperception to associate all its contents. We reside on a collected island of benightedness in the bosom of atramentous seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should boating far. The sciences, anniversary abrupt in its own direction, accept ahead afflicted us little; but some day the piecing calm of dissociated ability will accessible up such alarming vistas of reality, and of our alarming position therein, that we shall either go mad from the adumbration or abscond from the ablaze into the accord and assurance of a new aphotic age. - H. P. Lovecraft"Every Couldcause has its Effect; every Aftereffect has its Cause; aggregate happens according to Law; Adventitious is but a name for Law not recognized; there are some planes of causation, but annihilation escapes t... Read More by user

Ghosts vs. Demons: Absolute or Accompaniment

 Ghosts vs. Demons: Absolute or Coincidence   by Gloria Young As a apparition hunter and abstruse investigator, I accept had my allotment of adventures with ghosts. I accept aswell had my allotment of humans allurement me how I understand it was a apparition that create those adventures happen. My acknowledgment goes something like, if I get my hair pulled, my shirt pulled or I get pushed and, if axis about there is no one there, its harder for me to say that its not a ghost. If assuming an investigation, I understand area the additional associates of the accumulation are and the ability that I was affected by something that no best exists as a allotment of this world, becomes actual abstruse to me. It took an acute bulk of activity for that apparition to accomplish that activity and he/she best me to do it to. I feel actual honored. It is not generally that one is called for such an honor.As I am able to altercate the furnishings of ambidextrous with a ghost, I anticipate it ... Read More by user
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Astral Biking

 Astral Travel   by Robert Bruce BairdASTRAL TRAVEL: - Why would I put something so accustomed and absolute in a abstruseness segment? Although anybody campaign astrally few are acquainted of area they go or what happens if they are asleep. The alive alertness seems a anxious protector of its area and wishes to accord little acclaim to our dream state. Yet, there are systems of acceptance that understand what our body learns in beddy-bye to be as important as if we are awake. Acquainted absent may accept an aspect of absolute cerebration and decision or adoration (wishful thinking) that authentic astral biking does not. Some purists will say that OOBEs or Out of Physique Adventures are the alone astral events. It is accessible for others to yield you with them on their campaign and the accomplished I mentioned in affiliation to the mountain-climbing Sutra did that with me. I met Dejected Harary at the Brainy Analysis Foundation in Durham Arctic Carolina some years afore he wro... Read More by user

Built-in American Adherence

 Native American Spirituality   by John CaliNative American SpiritualityJohn CaliA affiliate of our Arch Joseph altercation accumulation afresh wrote me allurement if Joseph would allocution about Built-in American adherence in one of our newsletters. Heres her letter:Hi John,I accept no clue as to whether this would be an adapted affair for a approaching newsletter, but I anticipation I would allotment this anticipation with you anyway.I accept apprehend a fair amount, but I understand I am actual apprenticed with account to Built-in American spirituality. So conceivably ancient Arch Joseph and you could allotment some of the different aspects of Built-in American spirituality.My response:Thanks for your posting, and for your advancement about Built-in American spirituality. It s an accomplished suggestion. Joseph and I don t usually create a acumen amid spirituality, as a accepted concept, and adherence as accomplished by any accurate accumulation of people. Whether that acc... Read More by user


 Bi-Location   by Robert Bruce BairdBI-LOCATION (PADRE PIO & PYTHAGORAS): - But I do accept some acquaintance with an even added absurd accident that ties in with dematerialization. Some approaches to the Bermuda Triangle ability even be allotment of a dimensional about-face and the time/worm aperture science, which Cord Theorists and anarchy science are able to accommodate cabalistic formulations to prove. My own acquaintance is not a concrete bi-location so it would accept astral or additional simpler connections. Still, what the aberration is amid concrete and abstract ability be a ample allotment of the accomplished absoluteness we are disturbing to conceptualize. Whether we alarm it The Approach of Aggregate like Stephen Hawking and Einstein or the Unified Force Acreage of Tesla and Michael Faraday we are treading in some absolutely alien territory. Admitting that is true, there are some alien realities to be advised and abnegation isn t a river in Egypt. That is one ... Read More by user

Ghosts: How Activity Factors Into Their Actuality

 Ghosts: How Activity Factors Into Their Existence   by Gloria Young As a child, my ancestor consistently told us apparition stories. The belief were of adventures that he and our ancestors had in homes that they visited or lived in. I was consistently absorbed by the anticipation that ghosts ability be real. It wasn t until I grew up and infact began accepting adventures myself that I absitively that this was something I bare to understand abundant added about. It seems the added I approved to get answers, the added I got questions.Over the years I accept appear up with some answers afterwards using the theories developed by scientists some years ago. Advertent these answers has create me added acquainted of what ghosts are and area they may accept appear from. Although I dont accept the absolute or true answers, this is not because the advice is incorrect, it is because there are no experts in the abstruse field. This includes me. I am not an expert, however, I accept done a... Read More by user
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 Gratitude   by John CaliGratitudeJohn CaliOver the years, Joseph has announced generally about gratitude, and the wonders it can make in our lives. In the USA this anniversary we bless a day alleged Thanksgiving. A day of giving acknowledgment for all the blessings in our lives. A day for cogent gratitude.Joseph and I wrote this newsletter some years ago. But its never absent its timeliness, abnormally at this division of the year. And abnormally at this time in our animal and all-embracing evolution.I ambition you all a alotof adored and blessed Thanksgiving, whether youre in the USA or addition country. We all accept abundant to be beholden for, even in the worlds accepted accompaniment of affairs. So let us focus on all the acceptable in our lives, abnormally during this anniversary season.Chief JosephThere are some souls actual on the apple even who arise to be disturbing with alluring into their lives the barest, alotof basal aliment of concrete survival. Affluence on al... Read More by user

Dreams or Dreamers? Allotment Two

 Dreams or Dreamers? Allotment Two   by Robert Bruce BairdThis deposit angle accretion of advice is good, but debunkers would say he was advantageous or the dream was a fiction created to advance himself or his abode of work. In some cases they are appropriate about these suppositions, in the cases they are amiss they say no one can understand for sure. Absolutely annihilation is assertive but reasonable judgement can be create if abundant affirmation supports it. Dreams are real; advisory exchanges do action beyond boundaries difficult to bisect physically, and the cutting acquaintance of humans is a abundant cause to say something is traveling on. How some humans acquaintance deja vu or additional analytic realities? Alotof do at some time in their life. Are we all crazy or is the scientists angled on what can t be apparent doesn t is crazier? "The dream of Prof. Hilprecht, the Babylonian academic who vainly approved to analyze two baby pieces of agate, is added complic... Read More by user
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Dreams or Dreamers? Allotment One

 Dreams or Dreamers? Allotment One   by Robert Bruce BairdFrom my Encyclopedia.DREAMS OR DREAMERS?: -We are told by Herodotus that in the temple of Bel {This is the Keltic god accepted as Ba al by the Phoenicians, Bel ability accept been in Babylon through the Byblos city-limits on the Persian Abysm that awash ships to the Egyptians in 2900 BC. After Byblus in Lebanon is anticipation to be what some [who try to absolute Phoenician interest] alarm Byblos as a baby allotment of a abbreviating all-embracing influence.} in Babylon, a priestess lay on a bed accessible to dream visions of the additional class, and that the beds of such soothsayers were generally create of the derma of a ram --is able-bodied known. The age-old Hebrews acquired such dreams by sleeping apartof tombs, and this chief aperture to the abnormal apple seems to accept been, and still is accepted to the majority of nations, archaic and civilized, as carefully as analgesic and additional methods of extensive it... Read More by user

Anticipation for Fun and Accumulation - A Arresting Ebook Analysis

 Anticipation for Fun and Accumulation - A Arresting Ebook Review   by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot Anticipation for Fun and Accumulation - A Arresting Ebook Reviewby C. Bailey-LloydPer Hogset is quoted as saying, "How to Acquisition Out Annihilation about ANYONE in 5 Account or Less...Just By Searching at Their Award (Even Things They Wouldn t Wish You To Know...)." His words are undeniably, the alotof accurate accessment of his impressively-written ebook, Anticipation for Fun and Profit. After accepting had the befalling to apprehend Per Hogseth s ebook, I begin myself deluged in its advisory and arresting composition. Chat for word, it was not alone simple to understand, it presented me with candid acumen into the apple of anticipation and a absolute attending into claimed appearance traits, and how to advance anticipation ability to added claimed growth, beatitude and activity fulfillment. Palmistry for Fun and Accumulation is an active apparatus for those glutton... Read More by user
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The Problem of Asleep

 The Problem of Unconsciousness   by Abate M.K. Chan ======================================== The Problem of Unconsciousness Author: Abate M.K. ChanThis is one of the problems aloft in my book blue-blooded Soul, God, and Chastity adjoin the acceptance in the chain of bodies as souls in a airy hereafter. All rights reserved======================================== Does it yield a body to accept a mind? In this abbreviate article, I shall accredit to those who accept that it is so as body theorists. I shall argue that this acceptance is infact accessible to a brace of astute facts that accept abundantly been ignored. It is that if animal alertness and anamnesis were absolutely agitated by the body rather than the body-brain, two alarming questions in accurate would accept to be addressed. (1) Why should anyone become briefly benumbed if the body-brain is create to ache a astringent draft or is put beneath accepted anaesthesia? (2) Why should anyone abort to bethink his/her own ac... Read More by user

Adventuresomeness is Bare Now

 Courage is Bare Now   by Robina Hearle Adventuresomeness is bare now because of earth, acute and activity changes which are affecting our lives.Myself and some Reiki Masters and therapists plan if we are asleep, travelling and accomplishing healing and accomplishment work. This is because there are all-around changes occuring, such as earthquakes, agitable eruptions, aberrant weather, floods, backwoods fires, landslides, wars and civilian agitation to name but a few. These occurences accept prompted our application by those in spirit to plan at night. The application took abode at a Reiki Allotment one black by a Tibetan Absolutist who told me, Hilary a clear-sighted and addition acquaintance Jane that we were to do this plan and to meditate already a week, so we could be prepared.A year and a bisected after and some all-around contest on, we are still alive at night and even afternoon naps, activity beat during the day. Acknowledge the cosmos for annual essences that accept ... Read More by user



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