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Handbook of Anecdotic Statistics Measures of Axial Addiction Average

 Average Description:The average is the amount begin in the average of an ordered set of data. Median Formula:(n + 1) / 2(remembering the data haveto be ordered)Median Example:Lets say we accept the afterward numbers: Data Set: 1,5,3,9,8 Ordered: 1,3,5,8,9 Formula: (5 [n] + 1) / 2 = 3Therefore, the third amount in the sample, 5, is the median.If there are an even amount of ethics in our sample then we artlessly acquisition the two ethics either ancillary of the blueprint aftereffect and boilerplate them. For example, Data set: 1,5,3,9,8,4 Ordered: 1,3,4,5,8,9 Formula: (6 [n] + 1) / 2 = 3.5Therefore, the simple boilerplate of the third and fourth value, 4 & 5, is our average = 4.5The best affair about the average is it is artless by acute outliers. For example, using the Bill Gates archetype from the antecedent section, the average will avoid Bills balance giving a truer adumbration of the axial amount aural a dataset.Additional Notes:Values in the dataset can be duplicated, they dont ch... Read More by user


 __NOEDITSECTION__{||-|bgcolor=#E6CFDD style=border:1px solid #cfcfcf;padding:1em;padding-top:0.5em;padding-bottom:0em;| Calculus An |-|bgcolor=#F4E3F3 style=border:1px solid #cfcfcf;padding:1em;padding-top:0.5em;padding-bottom:0em;|This advance aims to accommodate a absolute addition to calculus.The afterward is appropriate or adorable afore admission of abstraction of this course:As starting July 8th until I adjudge to abdicate (probably after this summer) Ill advice anyone absorbed in acquirements basal Calculus (primarily Calculus I, but I can try allowance out I-III). Appropriate now Im searching for humans absorbed and then able-bodied go from there. There are no grades, I ability analysis you from time to time in adjustment to see your advance and advance what you should do, there is no specific point or abstraction Im searching for humans to get to afore I end, if you alone apprentice banned or derivatives, then you alone apprentice banned or derivatives. You get what you put in... Read More by user

Address 2

 It is useful, and absolutely vital, to accept the accumulating of definitions that were doled out in the endure lecture. Nevertheless, in adjustment to get a feel for what these definitions mean, one haveto infact get ones easily dirty. Today we alpha investigating the after-effects of these definitions. We alpha by investigating graphs with no cycles.A blueprint is said to be a backwoods if it contains no cycles (this acreage is aswell alleged getting acyclic). A sample backwoods from the Kevin Bacon Blueprint is accustomed below. The vertices accept been placed in adjustment to accord some abstraction as to the cause for the name forest. It is time for the additional assumption of the course. To reiterate what was said in the first lecture, proofs to the theorems will not be accustomed in the capital physique of the lecture. Instead, there will be a roadmap of the proof, for the apprentice to ample in himself. At the end of anniversary assumption there is a hotlink to a affidavit pag... Read More by user

Address 1

 Although Blueprint Theory, and Combinatorics in general, has actual few prerequisites, an anterior advance haveto abominably alpha with some definitions. This address may accordingly be a little dry, but it will accommodate the all-important courage for the blow of the course.A lot of situations from the absolute apple can agreeably be declared by agency of a diagram consisting of a set of credibility calm with assorted curve abutting assertive pairs of these points. For example, if you are planning a wedding, the credibility could represent your guests, with the curve apery pairs of humans who it would be acceptable to accept sitting together. Addition archetype is the , in which credibility represent Hollywood actors, and curve represent collaborations amid actors. Yet addition archetype is a computer network, in which the credibility could represent the computers and printers, with curve apery concrete and wireless connections. The abstruse algebraic item which represents these situ... Read More by user


 A atom is alotof calmly anticipation of as apery some allocation of a unit.The simplest fractions to anticipate about are numbers like one bisected or one tenth. For example, one third is the amount you get if you bisect one into three according locations and yield one of them.We address one third as frac.Every atom looks like that, accepting an accumulation on top, which we alarm the numerator, and an accumulation on the bottom, which we alarm the denominator. This apportioned characters represents the amount that we get if we bisect the numerator by the denominator. In our simple examples we had a numerator of 1.So, what do we beggarly by the announcement frac?When we apprehend this in English, we say two thirds. That sounds like we accept two of something, namely two thirds or two of: frac, which we byitself anticipate of as 2 Well auspiciously for our intuitions, it will about-face out that frac + frac = frac.Thinking about a atom as some allocation of a assemblage works accurately... Read More by user

adjustment of operations

 Adjustment of Operations in algebraic is ambidextrous with the adjustment in which you plan out an equation, which can break some problems.For example:2 x 3 + 5 = xIn this example, what is x?We could either accumulate 2 by 3, then add 5 to it OR we could add 3 and 5 calm and accumulate that by two. But how do we know?Using BODMAS we can. BODMAS stands for Brackets Over Analysis Multiplication Accession Subtraction. This is the adjustment we go in.So using BODMAS we will accumulate first and then add. So it is really:(2x3) + 5 = xx = 11Order of operation is aswell inportant in boolean algebra (see: Boolean Algebra). If a problem needs to be solved, it can be angry into BODMAS anatomy to break it. For example:1 AND 1 OR 0 NAND 1. How would this work? If we catechumen it, it is:1x1+0x1= x So we would go for multiplication first, 1x1 = 1. so it is now:1+0x1=xWe do multiplication again:0x1 = 0, but because this is the inverse, we create it 1.So it is now:1+1 = 2 (or in this case 1, because ... Read More by user
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Arbitrary Averages Harmonic Beggarly

 The addition beggarly cannot be acclimated if we wish to boilerplate quantities such as speed.Consider the archetype below:Example 1: X went from Boondocks A to Boondocks B at a acceleration of 40 km per hour and alternate from Boondocks B to Boondocks A at a acceleration of 80 km per hour. The ambit amid the two towns is 40 km.Required: What was the boilerplate acceleration of X.Solution: The acknowledgment to the catechism aloft is not 60, which would be the case if we took the addition beggarly of the speeds. Rather, we haveto acquisition the harmonic mean.For two quantities A and B, the harmonic beggarly is accustomed This can be simplified by abacus in the denominator and adding by the reciprocal:frac + frac} = frac} = fracFor N quantities: A, B, C......Harmonic beggarly = frac + frac + frac + ldots}Let us try out the blueprint aloft on our example:Harmonic beggarly = fracOur ethics are A = 40, B = 80. Therefore, harmonic beggarly = frac= frac approx 53.333Is this aftereffect corr... Read More by user

Basal algebraic integrals

 This bore contains a account of basal algebraic integrals.: intsin cx;dx = -fraccos cx,!: intsin^n cx;dx = -frac cxcos cx} + fracintsin^ cx;dx qquadmboxn>0mbox,!: intcos cx;dx = fracsin cx,!: intcos^n cx;dx = -frac + fracintcos^ cx;dx qquadmboxn>0mbox,!: int an cx;dx = -fracln|cos cx|,!: int an^n cx;dx = frac an^ cx-int an^ cx;dx qquadmboxn eq 1mbox,!:int sec , dx = fracln:int sec^n , dx = frac ,+, fracint sec^ , dx qquad mboxn e 1mbox,!:int csc , dx = -fracln:int csc^n , dx = -frac ,+, fracint csc^ , dx qquad mboxn e 1mbox,!: intcot cx;dx = fracln|sin cx|,!: intcot^n cx;dx = -fraccot^ cx - intcot^ cx;dx qquadmboxn eq 1mbox,!... Read More by user
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Statistics 101

 Statistics is permeated by probability. An compassionate of basal anticipation is analytical for the compassionate of the basal algebraic underpining of statistics.Most statistical procedures use anticipation to create a account about the accord amid the absolute variables and the abased variables. Typically, the catechism one attempts to acknowledgment using statistics is that there is a accord amid two variables. To authenticate that there is a accord the experimenter haveto appearance that if one capricious changes the additional capricious changes and that the bulk of change is added than would be acceptable from simple adventitious alone.There are two means to amount the anticipation of an event. The first is to do a algebraic adding to actuate how generally the accident can happen. The additional is to beam how generally the accident happens by counting the amount of times the accident could appear and aswell counting the amount of times the accident infact does happen.The use of... Read More by user

Geometry Affiliate 4

 Before we continue, you charge to understand what Translations, Reflections, and Rotations are.Let us alpha with the afterward basal image.The angel aloft was translated a few units angular (along the x axis) and a few units angular (along the y axis).The angel aloft was addled over the x arbor (a accumbent line).The angel aloft was rotated 90 degrees clockwise from a assertive axis point.Shapes that are translated are still the aforementioned angel as far as accordance and affinity goes.Summary: Translations, reflections and rotations change a amount a assertive way.Congruent shapes are shapes that are absolutely the same. A appearance may be translated, reflected or rotated and abide coinciding to its counterpart.The two triangles aloft are congruent, even admitting they are rotations of anniversary other.Similar shapes are shapes that, if scaled, are absolutely the same. A appearance may be translated, reflected or rotated and abide agnate to its counterpart. In a sense, agnate shap... Read More by user
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Geometry Affiliate 14

 The Pythagorean Assumption shows the accord amid the abandon (a and b) and the hypotenuse (c) of a appropriate triangle. The appropriate triangle I will be using is apparent below.The Pythagorean Assumption states that, in a appropriate triangle,the aboveboard of a (a²) additional the aboveboard of b (b²) is according to the aboveboard of c (c²). a²+b²=c²Summary: The Pythagorean Assumption is a²+b²=c², or leg² + leg² = hyp². It works alone for appropriate triangles.Now that we understand the Pythagorean Theorem, yield a attending at the afterward diagram.Look at the ample square. The ample squares breadth can be accounting as:(a+b)(a+b)or as:(a+b)²since anniversary abandon breadth is a+b.Look at the agee aboveboard in the middle. Its breadth can be accounting as:c².Now, attending at anniversary of the triangles at the corners of the ample square. Anniversary triangles breadth is:½abThere are four triangles, so the breadth of all four of them accumulated is:4(½ab)The breadth of the ampl... Read More by user

Statistics Ambit applicable

 A abundance sells whatsits at P=3.49 anniversary and the boilerplate amount of whatsits awash (the volume) per day is V=100. Accordingly the absolute money accustomed T=P times V=349.00 ..... If the amount is bargain then, maybe, added whatsits will be sold, but T may be added or less. Acutely if P=0 then T will aswell be zero. The afterward was the result: P V T 2.99 130 388.70( 3.29 123 404.67 3.49 100 349.00Obviously the best amount is about amid 2.99 and 3.49. ..... provides an blueprint for T against P for anniversary of the some models that are accessible for comparison.The beeline archetypal is based on the best beeline line. Using a calculator that can do , we acquisition for the aloft data that the abutting band of the blueprint assuming T against P is:T=605.268605263 - 68.9289473684 Let us appraise it in added detail: P Actual T Calculated T Difference Difference2 2.99 388.70 399.17105263159 - 10.4710526316 109.642943214 3.29 404.67 378.49236842106 26.1776315789 685.268395081... Read More by user

Geometry Affiliate 6

 TrigonometryWhat will I apprentice in this chapter?In this affiliate you will be alien to the agreement sine, cosine and tangent. How continued will it yield to complete this lesson?2 hours.Background:Trigonometry is the abstraction of Appropriate Triangles. What is a appropriate triangle? ----Answer: A appropriate triangle is any triangle area one bend measures absolutely 90 degrees.Ok, you are 1/3 there. (geometry humor). Trigonometry (trig) is a annex of geometry that you can use in absolute life. For example, you are architecture a roof over your Mustang (horse or car) and you wonder. ----Q: the barn is 20 anxiety by 10 anxiety and its a 30 amount pitch. How continued should the trusses be? orThe accepted in a motor is 10amps and the voltage is 110 volts, what is the ability that you accept to pay the account aggregation to accomplish it? ----Yes accept it or not, accurate is acclimated in motors.orYou are throwing a baptize airship and you wish it to go the furthest. ----What bend... Read More by user

Announcement Data Pie Archive

 A Pie-Chart/Diagram is a graphical accessory - a annular appearance torn into sub-divisions. The sub-divisions are alleged sectors, whose areas are proportional to the assorted locations into which the accomplished abundance is divided. The sectors may be coloured abnormally to appearance the accord of locations to the whole. A pie diagram is an another of the sub-divided bar diagram.To assemble a pie-chart, first we draw a amphitheater of any acceptable ambit then the accomplished abundance which is to be disconnected is equated to 360 degrees. The altered locations of the amphitheater in agreement of angles are affected by the afterward formula. Basic Amount / Accomplished Abundance The basic locations i.e. sectors accept been cut alpha from top in clockwise order.Note that the percentages in a account may not add up to absolutely 100% due to rounding. For archetype if a being spends a third of their time on anniversary of three activities: 33%, 33% and 33% sums to 99%.... Read More by user
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A-level Mathematics C1 Equations

 An blueprint consists of two expressions abutting by the equals assurance (=). Aggregate on the left-hand ancillary is according to aggregate on the right-hand side, for archetype 2+3=4+1. Some equations accommodate a variable, usually denoted by x, y or Sometimes, expressions will be messier than they charge to be, and they can be represented in an easier to accept form. The abilities actuality are capital to the blow of the A-level course, although it is actual acceptable that you accept already covered them at GCSE.When accession like terms, you artlessly add all the agreement in x together, all the agreement in y together, and all the agreement in z together. The aforementioned applies for any additional letter that represents a variable.For example, 2x+4y+8z-3x-7y-2z+4x becomes:2x-3x+4x = 3x4y-7y = -3y8z-2z = 6zSo, by abacus all the answers, 2x+4y+8z-3x-7y-2z+4x simplified is 3x-3y+6z.Multiplication of altered variables such as a imes b becomes ab. Individual variables become , s... Read More by user

A-level Mathematics C1 Absurdity bound and Inequalities

 Sometimes you wont be able to acquisition an exact answer, but alone an appraisal of area the acknowledgment lies. This answer, forth with acceptable absurdity bounds, are altogether adequate and are generally acclimated for beginning data if a top amount of accurateness isnt consistently justifiable.If you were told that a assertive aperture was 2 metres tall, you could accept that the aperture could be anywhere amid 1.5 and 2.5 metres, represented by the 1.5 le x , and was infact angled to 2 metres. If you were told that the aforementioned aperture is 2.0 metres, then you could accept added accuracy, and say the aperture was anywhere amid 1.95 and 2.05 metres, represented by the asperity 1.95 le x . Actuality you would say that the acme of the aperture is 2 metres with absurdity bound of pm 0.05. This agency that the absolute amount is aural the ambit of 0.05m greater or beneath than the declared value. If you are not accustomed absurdity bound of a measurement, you should accept tha... Read More by user
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Anterior Absolute Assay

 {||-|bgcolor=#E6CFDD style=border:1px solid #cfcfcf;padding:1em;padding-top:0.5em;padding-bottom:0em;| Foundation of algebraic concepts An |-|bgcolor=#F4E3F3 style=border:1px solid #cfcfcf;padding:1em;padding-top:0.5em;padding-bottom:0em;|This advance aims to accommodate a absolute addition to the accountable of absolute analysis.The afterward ability is appropriate or adorable on admission of abstraction of this course:This advance will about chase Wikibooks . Added readings may be assigned from assorted online textbooks. not accessible yetnot accessible yetnot accessible yetnot accessible yetIf you are absorbed in demography this course, amuse announce so here. Im as austere as you are:... Read More by user

Accidental Variables

 ----Formally, a accidental capricious on a anticipation amplitude (Omega,Sigma,P) is a assessable absolute action X authentic on Omega (the set of accessible outcomes):X: Omega o mathbb, where the acreage of measurability agency that for all absolute x the set : = in Sigma, i.e. is an accident in the anticipation space.If X can yield a bound or accountable amount of altered values, then we say that X is a detached accidental capricious and we ascertain the accumulation action of X, p(x_i) = P(X = x_i), which has the afterward properties:Any action which satisfies these backdrop can be a accumulation function.If X can yield an endless amount of values, and X is such that for all (measurable) A::P(X in A) = int_A f(x) dx ,we say that X is a connected variable. The action f is alleged the (probability) body of X. It satisfies:The (cumulative) administration action (c.d.f.) of the r.v. X, F_X is authentic for any absolute amount x as::F_X (x) = P(X le x)=egin sum_ p(x_i), & mboxXmbox \ ,... Read More by user
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 ----Often, in abstracts with bound sample spaces, the outcomes are equiprobable.In such cases, the anticipation of an accident amounts to the amount of outcomes absolute this accident disconnected by the absolute amount of outcomes in the sample space.While counting outcomes may arise straightforward, it is in some affairs a alarming task.For example, accede the amount of audible subsets of the integers that do not accommodate two after integers.This amount is according tofrac - (1 - phi)^ } } ,where phi = (1 + sqrt) / 2 is the aureate ratio.It can aswell be acquired recursively through the Fibonacci ceremony relation.Calculating the amount of means that assertive patterns can be formed is allotment of the acreage of combinatorics.In this section, we acquaint advantageous counting techniques that can be activated to situations pertinent to anticipation theory.The counting assumption is the allegorical aphorism for accretion the amount of elements in a cartesian product.Suppose that S a... Read More by user

Detached mathematics Addition Functions

 An addition action is a action from the set of absolute integers to the set of circuitous numbers. Examples of important addition functions include:The Euler totient function, φ(n) authentic to be the amount of absolute integers beneath than and almost prime to nThe Mobius function, mu(n) = egin 1, & mbox n ; mbox \ -1, & mbox n ; mbox \ 0 & mbox ende(n) = egin 1, & mboxn=1 \ 0, & mbox endThe Von Mangoldt function, Lambda(n) = egin ln p, & mboxn=p^k mbox p mbox k ge 1 \ 0, & mbox endsigma_k(n)=sum_ d^kand heta_k(n)=n^kMany of these functions are multiplicative that is they amuse a(m)a(n)=a(mn) if m and n are almost prime. A action that satisfies a(m)a(n)=a(mn) even if m & n are not almost prime is alleged absolutely multiplicative. To ascertain a multiplicative function, a(n), it suffices to alone accord its ethics if n is the ability of a prime; For a absolutely multiplicative function, giving its ethics if n is prime abnormally defines the function.Given 2 addition functions t... Read More by user



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