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 From + , afterwards German .The first recorded instance of the appellation watershed was in . The analogue ascribed is as a adding band amid two river basins (water divide):: a actual top civil tract, getting the water-shed of the country amid the two seas.Oxford English DictionaryThis looks like an invented alternation of the abundant longer-established German word, Wasserscheide: baptize divide.The appellation anon developed an alternating and carefully accompanying acceptation as the abruptness down which the baptize flows from a water-parting,Oxford English Dictionary, which corresponds to the breadth of , and excludes approach flow. This acceptation was ascribed to the afterward quote:: To the south~west of Kington the lower beds of the Old Red Sandstone..have been the sub-aqueous water-shed, down which the base bits has been swept.Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, The Silurian system, founded on geological researches, (1839)These closely-related meanings led , in , t... Read More by user



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