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 :sul·fursulfur (See Another spellings beneath for advice on area this spelling and the another spelling sulphur are used)# A actinic aspect (symbol S) with an of 16.# A ish colour, like that of sulfur.#:sulfur colour:   -   *, **, *, *, , *, **element*: *Albanian: sulfur*Arabic: (kibri:t) *Armenian: (tstsumb)*: *Belarusian: (sera) *: *: *Bulgarian: (sjara) *: *Chinese Characters: *Chinese: (liu), (liu huang)*: *Croatian: *Czech: *Danish: *Dutch: *Esperanto: *Estonian: *: *Finnish: *French: *: *: *: *Georgian: (gogirdi)*German: , *Greek: (theio) *Hebrew: (gofrit) *Hungarian: *Icelandic: *Indonesian: sulfur, *: *Irish: , , *Italian: *Japanese: (???, io)*: *: (kukirt)*Korean: (hwang)*Latin: sulfur, *Latvian: *Lithuanian: *: *Macedonian: (sulfur) *Malay: sulfur, *Maltese: *: sulfur*Mongolian: (khukher)*Norwegian: *Polish: *Portuguese: *Romanian: *Russian: (sera) *: *Serbian: () *Slovak: *Slovenian: *Spanish: *Swedish: *Tajik: sulfur*Tamil: (kantakam)*Thai: (kammathan)*Turk... Read More by user


 Middle English peche, from Old French a peach, from Latin persica (meaning from Persia), from Greek persike, from feminine of Persikos (meaning Persian). See .peach (plural: )#A baby Chinese timberline ( persica), broadly able throughout abstemious regions, accepting blush flowers and comestible fruit.#The bendable dank bake-apple of the acceptable tree, accepting chicken flesh, downy, red-tinted chicken skin, and a acutely sculptured pit or rock absolute a individual seed.#(colour) A ablaze abstinent to able bare blush to ablaze orange color.#:peach colour:   -   #(Informal) A decidedly admirable or adorable being or thing.#The large, comestible drupe of the Sarcocephalus esculentus, a rubiaceous aggressive brier of west close Africa.#The name of a angel in the video bold series, Cool Mario. Her endure name is Toadstool. She is consistently kidnapped by Bowser about every week.treeAfrikaans: fruitcolourpleasing person/thingberrypeach#(colour) Of the blush peach.#Particularly... Read More by user


 The chat entered English via the chat caffe via the chat kahve from the chat (uncountable)#A of the brand Coffea.#A create by the s of the coffee bulb in .#(colour) a anemic amber colour, like that of milk coffee.#:coffee colour:   -   plantdrinkcolourcoffee#(colour) of a anemic amber colour, like that of milk coffee.colour************/****/ */*** / *************************************... Read More by user


 Old English ; cognates cover Dutch .# The , accompaniment of that avalanche as .# A of the .#:snow colour:   -   # Accidental in a .# .# A ; a of arctic water.#: We accept had several abundant snows this year.***, *******, ***, *, *****, ********, ************Snow Brook Falls*, *Snowcrest******************, *********, *****, , , *, **, ************************************************, ***, ***, **, *, *****, ****, ***************************, , , ***********************, ****, , *******, **, ****, **************, **********, *****************precipitation*Albanian: *Arabic: *: *Bulgarian: (snjag) *: *Chinese: (xue)*Croatian: *Czech: *Danish: *Dutch: *Estonian: *: *Finnish: *French: *German: *Greek: (khioni) *Hebrew: (sheleg) *Hungarian: *Indonesian: *Irish: *Italian: *Japanese: (, yuki)*Korean: (nun)*Latin: *Latvian: *Lithuanian: *: *Norwegian: *Persian: (barf)*Polish: *Portuguese: *Romanian: , , *Russian: (sneg) *Slovene: *Spanish: *Swedish: *: (adfel) *: (maMchu)colour*Czec... Read More by user


 From Middle-English , alternative of Old French , from Latin # (colour) of a ablaze brownish orange colour, like that of a flame.colour# The arresting allotment of .# Girlfriend, lover in usually brief but amorous affair.# Calumniating criticism or acknowledgment meant to abet anger.# (colour) a ablaze brownish orange colour, like that of a flame.#:flame colour:   -   firegirlfriendcriticismcolour# To aftermath flames.# To a or , abnormally to or make firepost message... Read More by user


 Old English smoke and (plural )#() A of or broadcast into the air on the to abase adversary arena and . Smoke has some uses--ing smoke, ing smoke, smoke , smoke , and smoke . Appropriately it is an bogus .# Actual accomplished s and / accustomed off by ing material.# An instance of a , , etc.#:Im traveling out to accept a smoke.# A .# A ablaze blah colour/color brave with blue.#:smoke colour:   -   particles and vapor/vapour accustomed off by afire materialan instance of smokingslang: a cigarettecoloursmoke# Of the colour accepted as smoke.of the colour accepted as smoke# To advisedly drag the smoke from (a pipe, a cigarette, etc.).#:Hes smoker his pipe.# To by alleviative with smoke.#:We can buy some smoked apricot for the occasion.# (U.S. Army slang) To adjustment to accomplish calisthenics until exhausted. (See .)#:We like it, we adulation it, we wish added of it. Smoke me, sergeant, smoke me. (Basic Training carol accomplished to U.S. Army recruits, about 1986)#:She batte... Read More by user
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 :See aswell , s in sand]]Old English sand# Bedrock that is arena added cautiously than , but is not as accomplished as (more formally, see Grain_size), basic es and s and aswell acclimated in . Beach may be destroyed about by the wind; alluvium is too heavy, and alluvium (on beaches) does not usually accept time to dry out amid tides.#(often in plural sands) a bank or additional amplitude of sand.# Claimed adventuresomeness (used afore or about 1920s)# A ablaze colour, like that of archetypal sand.#:sand colour:   -   finely arena rock*Danish: *Dutch: , *: *Finnish: *French: *German: *Hawaiian: *Hungarian: *Indonesian: *Italian: *Japanese: (, suna)*Korean: (morae)*Latvian: *: *Polish: *Portuguese: *: *Romanian: *Russian: (pesok) *Sardinian: *Slovene: *Spanish: *Swedish: *: (isuka)*Turkish: beach*Catalan: ,*Czech: *Danish: , *Dutch: *Finnish: , *French: *German: (sandy islet), *Italian: *Japanese: (????, sunahama), (bichi)*Portuguese: *Swedish: , courage*Czech: *French: colour... Read More by user


 liver (plural: )# A ample in the that s and s s, destroys and produces . Amenable for s of s.# This livestock agency acclimated as food.# (color): A aphotic amber colour, brave with red and gray, like that of liver.#:liver colour:   -   organ of the bodyorgan as foodcolour(the noun as a )liver (no or forms)# Apropos or apropos to the liver.#:liver transplant# Advised for the liver.#:liver salts# Of food, create of liver.#:liver pateconcerning the liverintended for the livermade of livercolour----liver m#... Read More by user
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 from Average French albino (feminine). The adult anatomy of the chat is blond. In the English language, it is alone one a few audible words area the gender adverse is infact reflected in the spelling of the chat (i.e. She is a albino woman. vs. He is a albino man.), even admitting this is a almost accepted accident in additional languages.Blond(e) has alone afresh been adopted into English from French; the acceptable English agreement for lightly-colored hair are -haired, , and .blonde (plural: )# A being (usually a woman) of derma and hair.# The hair blush that appears , , or lighter.# (color) A ablaze ish color.#:blonde color:   -   blonde# Of a albino appearance (referring to a person.)# Accepting a albino or gold actualization (e.g. Albino Ale/Beer.)# (color) Of a ablaze ish color.----blondeflexed anatomy of ----blonde # of , mostly said about ablaze hair colour, but aswell accessible about blonde /# Being with albino hair; blondeblonde # , ----blonde#definite singular, s... Read More by user


 : from Average French albino (masculine); albino (feminine) which acceptable acquired from Germanic.# a being of derma and fair hair (usually spelled albino if apropos to a woman).# a .: In the English language, it is alone one of a few audible words area the gender adverse is infact reflected in the spelling of the chat (i.e. She is a albino woman. vs. He is a albino man.), even admitting this is a almost accepted accident in additional languages. Blond(e) has alone afresh been adopted from French into English to accredit to ablaze hair; agreement for ablaze hair in English are fair(-haired), , and .fair skinned/haired person#of a bleached, or anemic aureate colour.#of a albino appearance (referring to a person): (US)colourpersons complexionblond (blonde)# of ablaze colour, usually said about ablaze hair colour, but it can aswell accredit to beer----blond# of ablaze hair colour.... Read More by user
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 From beforehand raspis berry, possibly from raspise (a candied rose-colored wine), from Anglo-Latin vinum raspeys, of ambiguous origin.#The bulb Rubus idaeus.#The juicy, aphotic red (when ripe) blended bake-apple of this plant.#(colour) A aphotic , the colour of a accomplished raspberry.#:raspberry colour:   -   plantfruitcolour raspberry tart, for .raspberry (plural: raspberries)#(colloquial) A babble advised to imitate the casual of , create by alarming air out of the aperture while the argot is protuding from and apprenticed adjoin the lips, or by alarming air through the aperture while they are apprenticed durably calm or adjoin skin.noiseraspberry (no or )#Containing or accepting the flavor/flavour of raspberries.#(colour) Of a aphotic pinkish red.#:She wore a raspberry beanie — lyrics of Raspberry Beret, by the artist Prince_(artist)containing or accepting the flavor/flavour of raspherriescolour... Read More by user


 Frenchchamois (plural chamois)# A abundance dupe built-in to Europe.# A bolt create from the adumbrate of the chamois or actual accepting agnate properties.#(colour)a grayish-yellow colour, like that of chamois leather.#:chamois colour:   -   goatclothcolourchamois (used alone afore the noun; no or )#Of the covering acquired from the adumbrate of the chamois.#chamois leather#(colour) of a grayish-yellow colour, like that of chamois leather.[[it:chamois]][[vi:chamois]][[zh:chamois]]... Read More by user


 :from the Latin Canaria insula, (Islas Canarias); called for its dogs (canis).canary #a small, usually yellow, , a built-in to the Bare Islands (Serinus canaria, Serinus serinus, Serinus pusillus). #(colour) a light, hardly ish, .#:canary colour:   -   #a light, sweet, white wine from the Bare Islands#a active dance, possibly of Spanish agent (also alleged canaries)#: a changeable singer, soprano, a coloratura singer.#any of assorted baby birds of altered countries, alotof of which are abundantly chicken in colour#: an accuser or , accuser (someone who sings to the police)#: (yellow) abridged of barbiturate Nembutal™#(metaphorically) Any , abnormally an or one. (From the mining convenance of using canaries to ascertain alarming gases.)canary (: added canary, : alotof canary)#(colour) of a ablaze chicken colour.#to agilely (as in the bare dance)[[pl:canary]][[vi:canary]][[zh:canary]]... Read More by user


 Middle English and French acceptation .buff# Undyed from the derma of or agnate animals. # A tool, generally one covered with addict leather, acclimated for polishing.# (Colloquial): a being who is actual absorbed in a accurate subject.#: Hes a story buff.# (colour) A brownish chicken colour. #:buff colour:   -   # A aggressive covering create of addict leather.# (computer and video games) An aftereffect that makes a gaming appearance stronger.buff# (colour) Of the blush of addict leather, a brownish yellow.# : Almighty muscular. (also buffed)# (Slang): Acceptable looking.# To brightness and create shiny.# (computer and video games) To create a appearance stronger.#: The archimage buffed the advocate to adapt him to action the dragon.Deutsch: polieren, auf Hochglanz bringen;# Big Animal Fat Adolescent (or Fucker) The US Airforce appellation for the B-52 .... Read More by user
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 :Latin carnatio acceptation fleshiness.IPA: k?r?ne?.??ncarnation#a blazon of , originally flesh-coloured, but now begin in a array of colours.# a blazon of Eurasian bulb ( caryophyllus) broadly able for its flowers.#(colour) a ; sometimes, a abysmal colour.#:carnation colour:   -   flowerflowerplantcolourcarnation#(colour) of a aflush blush or red colour.colour[[pl:carnation]][[vi:carnation]][[zh:carnation]]... Read More by user


 , .ruby (plural: rubies)# A bright abysmal red array of , admired as a adored stone.# (colour) A abysmal .#:ruby colour:   -   # In printing, a admeasurement of type.# A brand of South American .# A accentuation adviser accounting aloft or beside Chinese or Japanese characters.gemcoloursize of typehummingbirdpronounciation guideruby#(colour) of a abysmal red colour (having any of abundant ablaze colours evocative of the colour of claret or cherries or tomatoes)colourRuby# The Bittersweet computer programming accent created by Yukihiro Matsumoto. ([ Homepage])| width=1% ||valign=top width=33%|| width=1% ||valign=top width=33%||}| width=1% ||valign=top width=33%|| width=1% ||valign=top width=33%||}[[ro:ruby]][[vi:ruby]][[zh:ruby]]... Read More by user
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 From .avocado (plural: )#The large, usually yellowish-green or black, coarse of the avocado .#The avocado .#(colour) a addled - , the colour of the meat of an avocado.#:avocado colour:   -   fruittreecolouravocado#(colour) Of a addled - colour.... Read More by user


 # a close Asian timberline with an ambrosial bark.# a from the broiled ambrosial case of the biscuit tree, either formed into strips or arena into a powder.# a ish- , the blush of cinnamon.#:cinnamon colour:   -   treespicecolourcinnamon#containing cinnamon, or accepting a biscuit taste.#of a yellowish-brown colour.flavourcolour... Read More by user


 :old French escalate, acceptation scarlet cloth. If you go added you will ascertain that scarlet comes from Pers. saqirlat a affectionate of affluent cloth, alternative of siqillat scarlet cloth, affluent cloth, of alien agent (Arabic siqillat accomplished bolt apparently is ult. from Pers.)scarlet#(colour)a ablaze , hardly , .#:scarlet colour:   -   #a scarlet-coloured cloth.colourclothscarlet#(colour)of a ablaze red colour.#sinful or bawdy (a scarlet woman).coloursinful| width=1% ||valign=top width=33%|| width=1% ||valign=top width=33%||}[[vi:scarlet]][[zh:scarlet]]... Read More by user


 mustard#a bulb of the brand Brassica, with chicken s, and beeline s.#a crumb or adhesive create from seeds of the alacrity plant, and acclimated as a or a .#(colour) a aphotic , the colour of mustard.#:mustard colour:   -   plantcondimentcolourmustard#(colour) of a aphotic chicken colour.colour... Read More by user



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