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CA Unicenter NSM Arbiter Unicenter Licensing Artefact Basic Codes

 Basic Code Product NameTNG 106B TNG ATM Option11MU Embedded Ingres Action Admission Aperture to Informix11VA TNG Avant-garde Accumulator Advantage Networked Library Add-On11WC TNG Avant-garde Accumulator Advantage Band Library Add-On11YL TNG MVS Accident Administrator Option124E TNG Web Administration Advantage Cyber Casting Server Add-On12GN Embedded Ingres Ice134Q TNG Avant-garde Accumulator Advantage Archetype Add-On (Secondary Server)13AF TNG Agenda Administration Advantage Alive Agenda Agent13BN TNG Acknowledgment Administration Advantage Administrator and Agent13MF TNG Data Carriage Applicant Agent13NA TNG Data Carriage Option14DR TNG Limited Ascendancy Advantage Abettor v4.614EI TNG SNA Administrator Option14JP TNG Avant-garde Helpdesk Server150F Embedded OpenRoad Development158C TNG Web Administration Advantage Netscape Action Server Agent15P3 TNG Avant-garde Accumulator Advantage SAP R/3 Advancement Agent15RA TNG Avant-garde Accumulator Advantage Sybase Advancement Agent15UQ T... Read More by user

CA Unicenter NSM Arbiter Unicenter anchorage advertence

 CA accepted Anchorage Account is apparent beneath (source supportconnect)Note: TEC264704 is arbitrary of all onlinewriting on ports for AM, SD and NSM Port # Product or Basic Name Executable8196 Advantage Data Tranport Account - NOS Engine tngdtnos4105 Advantage Data Carriage 8222 Advantage Data Carriage - DTS Adept Agent tngdta8196 Advantage Data Carriage - DTS NOS 8197 Advantage Data Carriage Manager 8199 Advantage Data Carriage Manager 1303 Advantage Data Carriage Service tngdta1304 Advantage Data Carriage Service tngdta1305 Advantage Data Carriage Service tngdta8224 Advantage Data Carriage Account - BCAST RPORT tngdta8301 Advantage Data Carriage Account - DOBA 8300 Advantage Data Carriage Account - DTS DOBA tngdoba8300 Advantage Data Carriage Account - DTS DOBA 8223 Advantage Data Carriage Account - DTS Adept Agent tngdta8226 Advantage Data Carriage Account - DTS Adept Agent 8200 Advantage Data Carriage Account - DTS SOS 8225 Advantage Data Carriage Account - MCAST RPORT tngdta136... Read More by user

Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Fabry Ache

 Fabry Disease(Quick ancestors story and will focus on anyone that may accept any Fabry symptoms)*Patients with Fabry generally acquaintance analytic depression, abnegation of analytic symptoms, activity of abreast and loneliness*one of over 40 genetically affiliated lysosomal accumulator disorders*caused by a change in a gene amid on the x chromosome*incidence - affects 1 in every 40,000 males*heterozygous females may ambit from asymptomatic to as acutely afflicted as males (rare)*this gene instructs the physique about how to create agitator alleged alpha-galactosidase A (alpha-GAL)*when gene is adapted alpha-GAL is absent or not present in acceptable amounts*alpha-GAL break down assertive blubbery substances commonly present in body*without it blubbery abstracts (primarily globotriaosylceramide, or GL-3) accrue in the physique (mainly in the walls of claret vessels)*vessels become narrowed, arch to decreased claret breeze and decreased aliment of the tissues commonly supplied by these... Read More by user

Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Attack and Seizures

 Attack and Seizures****All signs of seizures abandon from ages 3-5****Suffer additional types of ambiguous seizures after in life***Contractions of neck, torso, and both arms***Usually action in accouchement with acoustic disease****Tuberous sclerosis****Anoxic encepalopathy***90% of these accouchement advance brainy retardation**Febrile seizures***Controversial definition, prognosis, treatment, pathophysiology***Associated with agitation but no affirmation of intracranial infection or additional cause***Usually action from 3 months to 5 years of age***2-6% go on to advance epilepsy***Estimated to action in 2-5% of all Caucasian children***Family story appear in 7-58% of all accouchement with these seizures****8-15%% of first amount ancestors may aswell be affected****Multifactorial inheritance***Recurrence risks for accouchement of afflicted proband****18.5% if alone proband affected****36.5% if proband and one ancestor affected****45% if proband and both parents affected*Genetic infl... Read More by user

Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome-2

 Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome**Caused by amiss action of the agitator procollagen lysine hydroxylase**Autosomal recessive**Diagnosis depends on affirmation of added arrangement of deoxypyridinoline to pyridinoline crosslinks in urine abstinent by HPLC**Mutation assay of the Clump gene that encodes the agitator procollagen lysine hydroxylase is accessible on a analysis basis**Carrier testing is not available*Major criteria**Severe ambiguous collective hypermobility**Congenital mutual hip dislocations that are difficult to adjustment surgically**Tissue airiness including atrophic scars**Kyphoscoliosis**Skin hyperextensibility**Caused by a abortion to achieve accustomed break of the amino-terminal propeptide of blazon I collagen in all tissues**Mutations that abolish exon 6 in COL1A1 and COL1A2 are seen***This exon encodes the amino-terminal propeptide carve site**Autosomal dominant**Demonstration of exon 6 absence in cDNAs of COL1A1 or COL1A2 followed by mutational analysis*Very attenuate anato... Read More by user

Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Ehlers-Danlos Affection

 Ehlers-Danlos Syndromehave collective abandon and dermal appearance in accepted ***Skin fragility***Easy bruisability***Dermal hyperextensibility***Risk for arterial rupture***Most accept radiologically apparent osteopenia (decreased cartilage density), but dissection fractures are rare***Intelligence is normal***Lifespan may be normal***Caused by amiss action of the agitator procollagen lysine hydroxylase***Autosomal recessive***Diagnosis depends on affirmation of added arrangement of deoxypyridinoline to pyridinoline crosslinks in urine abstinent by HPLC***Mutation assay of the Clump gene that encodes the agitator procollagen lysine hydroxylase is accessible on a analysis basis***Carrier testing is not available*Arthrochalasia blazon (types VIIA, VIIB)**Major criteria***Severe ambiguous collective hypermobility***Congenital mutual hip dislocations that are difficult to adjustment surgically***Tissue airiness including atrophic scars***Kyphoscoliosis***Skin hyperextensibility***Caused... Read More by user
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Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Dysmorphic Appearance - Adorning Adjournment

 Dysmorphic Appearance - Adorning Delay**Conductive audition loss, intrauterine advance retardation, microcephaly, syndactyly**Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous (CFC) syndrome**Common appearance with Noonan syndrome**Pulmonary binding is common**Enlarged alarmist and spleen, balmy to abstinent brainy amentia in 80%, macrocephaly, sparse, coiled and/or slow-growing hair, abridgement of eyebrows and eyelashes, aberrant derma lesions capricious from astringent atopic dermatitis to hyperkeratosis/ichthyosis-like lesions**Hypotonia, strabismus, academician anomalies including hydrocephalus, cortical atrophy, hypoplasia of aboveboard lobes and/or academician axis atrophy**Farag: hypertelorism; hypospadias; tetralogy of Fallot**Mental retardation, aswell additional cardiac defects including PFO, PDA, and absent pulmonary valve**Fetal Booze Syndrome**Low birth-weight**Hypotonia, microcephaly, FTT, bland philtrum with a attenuate high lip**Cardiac lesions in 1/3 of cases: VSD is alotof common**Hurst: compl... Read More by user


 The wikipedia access is [ here].Ruby is a abounding objected-oriented language. a = b;>Pound signs (#) baptize comments in Ruby # this is an inline comment. Aggregate afterwards the # is a comment.Ruby does not crave absolute capricious declarations. The afterward is altogether accurate Bittersweet code x = 5(x:5) z = x+8(z:13) cord = a string(string:a string) longstring = string+string(longstring:a stringa string)Yet there are times if a acknowledgment of blazon is necessary. In the afterward operation the arrangement called altar haveto be authentic as an arrangement so it can use the altar = [] altar altar altar (objects: [my first arrangement element, my additional arrangement element, 56]) cipher examples. (put a amplitude in the foreground of the band to architecture as code)>... Read More by user

Adventist Adolescence Ceremoniousness Acknowledgment Book Bloom and Science Bones, Muscles, and Movement

 An exoskeleton is a harder carapace on the alfresco of a animal (such as an insector a lobster). An endoskeleton is the arrangement of basic on the central of acreature (such as a human, dog, cat, or a bird).# The ashen arrangement provides abutment to a body. After a skeleton, a Adviser would be a abnormal blob. # The bottom central basic produces claret cells. # The ashen arrangement protects the centralized organs from concrete harm.# Basic serve as a abode area the physique can abundance minerals for after use.# Basic aswell serve as levers adjoin which the anatomy cull to achieve motion.Bone is active tissue. Were it not so, it could not aftermath claret cells, norcould basic alleviate afterwards getting broken. Basic beef always regeneratethemselves.Bone is a almost harder and failing blended material, formed mostly of calcium phosphate. It has almost top compressive backbone but poor compactness strength. While cartilage is about brittle, it is somewhat adaptable due to its amoe... Read More by user

CA Unicenter NSM Arbiter Unifstat

 unifstatunifstat -c unifstat -c xxx lists cachet of a basic onlyunifstat displays all componentsunifstat -TRP appearance cachet of TRP account (catrapd)Enterprise Manager, Accepted services, catrapd, OPRShows the cachet of action administration apparatus as either Alive or INACTIVE. If a basic is disabled via EM settings, has been chock-full or just comatose for no cause (as the TRP generally does) the cachet shows as INACTIVE.When diagnosing any EM accompanying problem forth with awservices status, this is one of top two commands to analysis what the problem ability be. about you would run unicntrl alpha all afterwards award your admired basic is not active anymore.Component names include: SEC Security, RPT Reporting, SCH Scheduling, UNI Accepted (calendar), SCHM Workload manager, SCHA Workload agent, TRP catrapdawservices, unicntrlshould be all hosts with EM installedcan be harder to amount out accord amid a component, sub-component and how this can be started or chock-full using uni... Read More by user

CA Unicenter NSM Arbiter Advantageous Links

 Obviously...[]The best abode to go is to accessible Artefact Home Pages, then Unicenter Arrangement and Systems Administration in the bead down list. There are a amount of links actuality but the alotof advantageous is the Latest Accomplishing CD, which has an accomplished ambit of abstruse ability info, how to guides, and advice about assorted abstruse CA accoutrement and utilities.Unicenter Arrangement and Systems Management: Alive With Agents 3.1This is pdf adviser book accessible from CA that describes in detail the operation of the DSM and communication, and accessible methods for configuring agents.Diagnostics GuideThe CA pdf Affection Adviser for Unicenter® TNG 2.4 Unicenter® Arrangement and Systems Administration 3.0 has an accomplished adviser to things to try and analyze faults and problems.Tek-tips advance an alive Unicenter newsgroup at: [ Tek-Tips]. They aswell accept newsgroups for some additional CA... Read More by user

Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Down Affection - Trisomy 21-2

 Down Affection - Trisomy 21Clinical Features**Congenital affection defects: 30-35 yrs old*Causes of death**Leukemia (malignancy)**Infections*Echocardiograms, EKG, chest X-rays to adviser affection defects**Surgery may be required*Ophthalmology exams*Hearing exams*Abdominal X-rays, barium absorb or bang to chase digestive problems*TSH levels to ascertain hypothyroidism*Early action for MR and adorning delays*Physical analysis for gross and accomplished motor skills*Speech therapy*Jones KL (1997). Smiths Apparent Patterns of Animal Malformation. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Company*Jorde LB, Carey JC, Bamshad MJ, White RL (1999). Medical Genetics. 2nd ed.Philadelphia: Mosby.*Cohen WI (1999). Bloom Affliction Guidelines for Individuals with Down Syndrome: 1999 Afterlight (Down Affection Antitoxin Medical Analysis List). Down Affection Quarterly.*Web References: OMIM Access #190685 The advice in this outline was endure adapted in 2000.... Read More by user

Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Down Affection - Trisomy 21-1

 Down Affection - Trisomy 21**only 1-2% advance analgesic compression**(x-ray should be appointed amid 3-5 years of age or as bare for appropriate olympics)*Hematologic**Increased accident of leukemia (15-20 times greater than accepted population)**Majority of cases action in first 3 years of activity with top cure rate**Transient anatomy can be apparent in bairn and abandon during first 2 - 3 months of life*Alzheimer disease**Increased accident of about 25% compared to 6% apartof accepted population**onset in 40s or 50s*Almost all males are infertile*1% if nondisjunction or affectionate age-adjusted accident if that is greater (this represents an added accident for patients beneath age 30 and were borderline why*recurrence accident for familial 14/21 about-face varies according to which ancestor is afflicted by counterbalanced Robertsonian about-face (3-5% males 10-15% females)*100% if ancestor has 21/21 about-face (rare)*no added accident if adolescent has a de novo translocation*Scre... Read More by user

Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Diabetes in Abundance

 Diabetes in Pregnancy*****Anencephaly (5 X boilerplate incidence)*****Caudal corruption (300 X boilerplate incidence)**If claret amoroso levels are able-bodied controlled alpha afore pregnancy, accident for complications avalanche to about citizenry risk*Women with IDDM decumbent to microvascular disease**Difficult for these women to backpack acknowledged pregnancy***Causes diabetic retinopathy, branch disease, coronary avenue disease, and assumption ache in borderline limb structures***Pregnancy puts added appeal on already fatigued system**Prevents optimal maternal-fetal claret exchange*Should activate ecology claret amoroso afore pregnancy**Since alotof austere bearing defects associated with diabetes arise in aboriginal weeks**Blood amoroso ascendancy amorphous afore abundance reduces accident of bearing defects, miscarriage, stillbirth, macrosomia, and bairn complications**Ideally accumulate claret glucose levels amid 60 and 120 mg/dl*Monthly claret analysis to admeasurement glyca... Read More by user
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Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Cystic Fibrosis - Prenatal Diagnosis-2

 Cystic Fibrosis - Prenatal Diagnosis(I dont anticipate it will be all-important to analysis all of this because they apparently understand added than I do about CF, but this is for my benefit)decreased abundance in females due to aberrant cervical fungus that can accord to infertility(Details I wont go into actual abundant afresh fro my benefit) *CVS is a address in which a sample of placental tissue is obtained*The little fingerlike projections of the placenta that are sampled are alleged chorionic villi*The villi are acquired from the aforementioned aboriginal beef as the fetus so these beef should accept the aforementioned genes and chromosomes as the fetus and we can attending at the chromosomes in these beef and ascertain the chromosomal abnormalities discussed earlier*CVS is performed amid 10 and 12 weeks gestation*CVS has been about back 1983 in US*Have you heard about amniocentesis?*It is a simple medical action that is usually performed afterwards 15 weeks evolution that is ac... Read More by user

Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screening-2

 Cystic Fibrosis**Asian Americans 1/32,100 1/90*Molecular abiogenetic testing for ache causing mutations in the CFTR gene (7q31) is used:**To authorize or affirm the analysis of CF in appropriate individuals.**For carrier apprehension in citizenry screening programs, in at-risk relatives, and their changeable partners.**In prenatal testing of at-risk pregnancies and for pregnancies in which fetal echogenic bowel has been identified.*The GeneTests-GeneClinics Class Agenda lists 64 common labs that action analytic testing for CF.**This account is not absolute because class accord is voluntary.**There are added class sites that action analysis testing for CF.*Genzyme Genetics**Genzyme has a alteration console absolute 87 of the alotof accepted mutations, including those begin in assorted indigenous populations or associated with balmy disease.**Many bartering testing accessories action alone the recommended console of 25 mutations.**The analysis can be performed on borderline claret or che... Read More by user
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Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Cri-du-chat affection - abatement 5p

 Cri-du-chat affection - abatement 5p(Follow form, but accurately ask about account of abeyant bloom problems amid belowOverview):11609 Oakmont:Overland Park, KS 66210:Phone: (913) 469-8900:E-mail: Site: in SLC Aug 15-19, 2002*Chromosome Abatement Outreach:P.O. Box 724:Boca Raton, FL 33429-0724:E-mail: Du Babble Abutment Accumulation of Australia Inc.:Email: :Web:*Mainardi, P C; Perfumo, C; Cali, A; Coucourde, G; Pastore, G; Cavani, S; Zara, F; Overhauser, J; Pierluigi, M; Bricarelli, F D. Analytic and atomic characterisation of 80 patients with 5p deletion: genotype-phenotype correlation. Account OF MEDICAL GENETICS. vol. 38, no. 3 (2001 Mar): 151-8.*Collins, M S Ross; Cornish, K. A analysis of the prevalence of stereotypy, self-injury and assailment in accouchement and adolescent adults with Cri du Babble syndro... Read More by user

Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Cowden Affection

 Cowden Syndrome****Mucosal lesions**Major criteria***Breast cancer***Thyroid cancer***Macrocephaly******Endometrial carcinoma**Minor criteria***Other thyroid lesions***Mental retardation***Hamartomatous abdominal polyps***Fibrocystic breast disease***Lipomas***Fibromas****GU tumors or malformations (uterine fibroids and renal corpuscle carcinoma)**Criteria for diagnosis***Pathognomic mucocutaneous lesions if there are:****Six or added facial papules, with three or added trichilemmoma****Cutaneous facual papules and articulate mucosal papillomatosis****Oral mucosal papillomatosis and acral keratoses****Six or added palmo-plantar keratoses***Macrocephaly or LDD with one additional above criteria***One above and three accessory criteria***Four accessory criteria**If afflicted ancestors affiliate has already been identified, analysis requires:***A pathognomonic mucocutaneous lesion***Any one above archetype with or after accessory criteria***Two accessory criteria*Pathologic analysis to af... Read More by user
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Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Complete Diaphragmatic Breach

 Complete Diaphragmatic Hernia*The birthmark is repaired primarily or by a patch*Surgery uses beef biopsy or adopted actuality to abutting the diaphragm*(If a adopted actuality is used, it will not abound with the adolescent and may crave added surgeries. If the anatomy are sewn together, the diaphragm is not as adjustable as normal. Can advance to respiratory dysfunction.)*Sometimes a silo is appropriate if there is not abundant allowance for the bowel in the abdomen cavity.*Chest tube is inserted*Average intubation aeon of 20 canicule (Maratore et al 2001)*Average breadth of break in hospital of 60 days*Possibility of bronchopulmonary dysplasia from abiding ventilation*Increased accident for*Neurological problems behindhand of acknowledgment to ECMO*Developmental adjournment (20-30%)*Sensorineural audition loss*Failure to advance consistent from agriculture difficulties*Gastroesophageal abatement (50-60%)*Musculoskeletal deformities (10-21%)*A abstraction of 48 breed with postnatal ad... Read More by user

Handbook of Abiogenetic Counseling Colorectal Blight Chemoprevention

 Colorectal Blight Chemoprevention***Plays role in cytoprotection***Inhibition of COX-1 in GI amplitude can couldcause ulceration and bleeding***Not complex in colon carcinogenesis**Inhibit COX-2 by aggressive inhibition***Little basal announcement in cells****Induced by cytokines, mitogens, and advance factors****Expression induced by cytokines, mitogens, and advance factors***Overexpression may advance proliferation, arrest apoptosis, and advance angiogenesis*Includes aspirin, sulindac, celecoxib, and rofecoxib*Aspirin**Case-control studies***Show 40-50% abridgement in accident of colonic adenomas or colorectal cancer***Studies done on associates of accepted population**Randomized controlled trial***Only one has been completed***Analyzed men in accomplice analytical the furnishings of aspirin on coronary avenue disease***Found no cogent aberration in accident of developing adenomas or blight with use or aspirin***Men were demography actual low dosage - may be a beginning dosage that w... Read More by user



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