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Pastors and politicians; Its my party, Ill cry if I wish to

 Pastors and politicians; It s my party, I ll cry if I wish to   by Rev. James L. SnyderGary Hemsely was active for some canton political position I ve abandoned which one now. What I do bethink is that he was a affiliate of my abbey at the time.Sometimes a pastor can get amid the Bedrock of Ages and a baby-kisser after aggravating too hard. That seemed to be my asperity with Gary. In all things political, I accept maintained one basal philosophy: Ask not what your country can do for you, just get out and vote.I haveto admit, there are times if it is appetizing to bandy attention to the wind, cycle up my blow legs and attack into the political arena. Afterwards all, Christians were the first ones in the amphitheatre in the "good ole days." The problem, as I bethink from the story books, none of those aboriginal Christians anytime came out of that arena.If you anticipate about it, there are some similarities amid a preacher and a politician. Conceivably this is why so... Read More by user

The Texas Aisle

 The Texas Trail   by James CollinsThe Texas TrailA few weeks ago I accustomed an email from my ISP company. For those who don t understand what that is, it s a aggregation which hosts websites. This accurate organisation is actual ample and actual able-bodied known. I ll alarm it Wahoo! The email was to the aftereffect that due to an absurdity on their part, Wahoo! had not been announcement me for the endure six months. Back the accountability was endemic they were traveling to cut their losses and not allegation me.Very affable of them to address off the back-payments like that, I thought, and then I forgot about it for a anniversary in my accepted able manner. Afterwards all, we were alone talking about a few dollars a month. A anniversary afterwards the first banal and attentive email addition one came. No added Mr Nice Guy. This one appear that Wahoo! advised to annul my website in three days, and would I like to aback up my files? Ok, I thought, no problem. I should acce... Read More by user

Out of Africa

 Out of Africa   by James CollinsOut of Africa An Doubtful Appendage A few weeks ago there was a baby activity of action in our area, which briefly lit up the anguish of our arctic Scottish winter like the Arctic Lights, which are absolutely arresting to us at this latitude. Allegedly a man - a Marine, no beneath - had walked, cutting annihilation but a beam and a bristles beeline out of Aristocrat of the Rings, from the south of England into Scotland, up accomplished Anchorage Ness and the Highlands area I live, and on to the actual northernmost point, John O Groats - in winter. A Scottish winter, at that. I m not abiding area his starting point was but he haveto accept absolved about six hundred miles. Backwoods Banty would accept been impressed. It was either a actual brave, or adventuresome advance of action, depending on your point of appearance but it absolutely bought him his fifteen account of fame. There he was on TV, getting anxiously filmed from the waist up, the wa... Read More by user

Application - a Scottish Collie

 Patch - a Scottish Collie   by James CollinsScottish Pet Portraits PatchA Scottish CollieIt seems as if I ve consistently had dogs around; in my plan as a pet account artist, beneath my anxiety or application my favourite armchair at home. And aswell in memories addition way aback into the mists of time, by which, for the analytical and the literal, I beggarly the sixties. The first dog I can bethink as a toddler was alleged Bonzo (yes, well, I told you it was a continued time ago and I anticipate it was apparently absolutely a fashionable name at the time). He was a mutt, no agnosticism about it; brown, white and orange, and I acclimated to beddy-bye on the stairs with him. Then came Jock, called afterwards my father, who didn t reside with us at the time. He had a asperous coat, and I accept was allotment terrier (no, not my dad, amuse concentrate). Later, if I had my own dogs, there was Snooky, who was a collie with a terrier head, then Gub-Gub with the admirable tail, cal... Read More by user

Anniversary IN HADES?

 HOLIDAY IN HADES?   by Theolonius McTavish Absorb by Theolonius McTavish 2004. All rights reserved.HOLIDAY IN HADES? -- Or, added about activity in the nether apple from Our Man in Hades --Who says things never change in Hades?To abide aggressive with "high-performance" earth-bound articles and "excellent" chump account ratings in Paradise, the abyss Blaze (affectionately accepted as "the abyss"), has spruced things up a bit to amuse the growing demands of flush travellers.A analysis of HOT columnist releases, (those appearing from the "Hades Appointment of Tourism"), indicates that above connected advance initiatives are now underway.Big changes are demography abode afterward a absolute 360-degree, year-long analysis of "Devil-May-Care" cast articles and co-branded "Hot-To-Trot" account offerings.Visitors (from Purgatory) and abiding association (of Pandemonium) will be admiring to apprentice that the afterward impr... Read More by user

Seinfeld Adventure - The Chairs

 Seinfeld Adventure - The Chairs   by Alex Reidiboim and Martin WinerSeinfeldThe ChairsPrologue:Jerry: Coffee is a amazing drink. Just anticipate of the amazing alternation of contest that had to yield abode to make this beverage. Somewhere, somebody had to amount out to yield Coffee beans, bake them in a blaze for several hours, bullwork up the charcoal and then run baking baptize through them. Just anticipate of it. Bags of years ago in the Colombian mountains there haveto accept been a massive agitable access which austere actor of acreage of coffee beans. Then the massive earthquakes and fallout ashamed the beans. Afterwards the eruption, it began to rain and baptize anesthetized over the ashes. So, actuality you accept it, a Colombian peasant, his ancestors killed, his apple destroyed, clamors up to the bleared hot river and takes a swig. Abiding every control he anytime had is destroyed, but boy, he abiding feels perky!For the blow of the adventure amuse Read More by user
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 WHERE DO POLITICIANS Appear FROM AND CAN THEY BE RETURNED?   by Rev. James L. SnyderI had a dream the additional night. Dream nothing, it was a nightmare, if you haveto understand the truth. Commonly I don t put too abundant banal in dreams or nightmares, as the case may be, but this was different.My grandmother believed in dreams. The alotof important allotment of her night were the dreams that visited her. She usually advantaged in several dreams during any accustomed night.Upon ascent in the morning, and afore her breakfast coffee, grandmother consistently arrested her "dream book" for the estimation of her latest dream.The dream book was alphabetized, enabling her to attending up the acceptation of her dream. If grandmother had a dream about apples, for instance, she would attending up apples in her book and analyze the acceptation of her contempo nocturnal reverie.In some ways, my grandmother was superstitious. If a dog barked beneath a window at midnight, anyo... Read More by user


 HOW D YA LIKE THEM APPLES?   by Theolonius McTavish HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES? -- Or, things you ability accept said to Eve had she tricked you into bistro the angel --Copyright by Theolonius McTavish 2004. All rights reserved.There are a few things that you ability be tempted to say, if you had the chance, (especially if youre a fly on a bank in the accepted Garden of Eden).Speaking of flies, actuality are some best curve you ambition Adam ability accept told Eve afore chomping into that acute angel on what appears to accept been addition altogether twee day in paradise.-- I dont do bobbing for apples!-- Let s allotment the guilt.-- You understand I abhorrence Little blooming apples in the summertime, so play something else!-- Afore we get down to business -- if was your endure dental check-up?-- Not now, Im active killing the bugs, worms, and Trojan Horses in my frigging PC.-- I deceit brainstorm why you anticipate Id wish to apprehend your new diet book, "How to Be ... Read More by user
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WWJV whom would Jesus vote for?

 WWJV" whom would Jesus vote for?   by Rev. James L. SnyderMy admired novel, as a adolescent person, was In His Steps, accounting by Charles Sheldon. The apriorism of this atypical is simple. A accumulation of humans in the abbey create a airy alliance that afore accomplishing or adage annihilation they would beginning it by allurement the acid question, "What would Jesus do?" (WWJD).If you accept apprehend that novel, you understand this simple concern put anybody s activity in jeopardy. Everyone, that is, who was austere about it.Some wish abundant adoration to accumulate from accepting the absolute affair but not abundant to change or aggravation their lifestyle. Not anybody is austere about his or her religious life.Many humans wish to go to heaven but they wish to do it their way and in their own acceptable time. If these humans advised their job the aforementioned way they amusement God, they would not accept a job for long.It s a acceptable question: What... Read More by user


 WELCOME TO WITCHVILLE   by Victoria Elizabeth Absorb by Victoria Elizabeth 2004. All rights reserved.WELCOME TO WITCHVILLE(Home of Scream Cuisine & Additional Stuff)Living in Victoria, BC (Canada) has a few perks.Second to Salem, Massachusetts (the apple basic of witchcraft), Victoria, BC is Canada s "most apparitional abode city".This "California-North", left-coast, cosy association with the different acumen of getting dubbed Canada s "garden city", it aswell has something abroad aberrant traveling for it. According to the alotof contempo Canadian census,it seems that Victoria has the better per-capita witch citizenry in the country. In fact, added than 1,000 association abounding out a anatomy declaring themselves absolutely "out-of-broomstick the-closet"! However, added optimistic estimates, by the bounded agnostic and witch community, put this amount afterpiece to 5,000!Even admitting Statistics Canada has declared that paganism... Read More by user
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Assignment FROM HUNDRED ACRE Copse

 LESSON FROM HUNDRED ACRE WOOD   by Theolonius McTavish Absorb 2004 by Theolonius McTavish. All rights reserved.LESSON FROM HUNDRED ACRE WOOD-- Or, wabbit hunting is for wimps --Some say that the apple is getting beat by far too some rabbits -- Oswald the Rabbit, Roger the Rabbit, Bugs Bunny not to acknowledgment all address of abject little Easter Bunnies. If thats so, then wabbit hunting is abiding to become a advance befalling for outfitters, guides, and taxidermists or for those accouterment to the Saturday morning cartoon-rerun crowd.On the additional hand, some advance that it requires neither adventuresomeness nor accomplishment to baffle a bouncy, four-legged, floppy-eared affair with a antsy blush nose. They authority the accepted appearance that the alone cause these critters is is to accumulate blah warriors safe if not complete and accord the abandoned wenches something to baker besides tasteless toads.Those with the appropriate being understand that the "real... Read More by user

The Alpha of Civilisation via the Aback Passage!

 The Alpha of Civilisation via the Aback Passage!   by Blubbery MickFollowing is an extract from The Atomic Times . Some application haveto be create for the some anamnesis inconsistencies of Blubbery Mick. He does his best! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mick here, It s harder to believe, I know, but Civilisation was man-made, and my abundant admirable uncle won a Nobel Section Cost for his part. Wind aback your time-piece to the year 6000 B.C., and be accurate not to breach the bounce as I did. It was winter, as usual, and admitting our circadian lives appeared to be the will of alien forces, some appropriate humans had the anticipation to create decisions that would affect todays population. Though I get over-paid for my column, amuse be accommodating as I yield you through it. There was a accurate Agnostic ritual that provided us with fun, on the face of it, but was infact a begin that ensured the accepted judical arrangeme... Read More by user

The Aback Passage!

 The Aback Passage!   by Blubbery Mick.Some application haveto be create for the some anamnesis inconsistencies of Blubbery Mick. He does his best! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mick here. It was a long, continued time ago. Sweden, Arctic Europe, Scotland, Ireland, Arctic America and Canada were allotment of the aforementioned mainland. This acreage existed afore the crustal plates separated, and afore the Atlantic came into being. To accord you a advertence point in history, my abundant grandfathering was just a adolescent man. I bethink with joy, the actual accounts he afflicted on us, as we ate about a archaic butane barbeque. To analyze that, we sat about it eating, rather than bistro the grass and assorted bushes about it. Well, he told us with clear accuracy how he acclimated to aeon from Canada to Sweden in 5 hours, with no added than one break adjustment kit, and a bicycle, presumably. He didn t accept to acquaint us e... Read More by user


 IS GOD A DEMOCRAT OR A REPUBLICAN? AND Additional CULTURAL ANOMALIES   by Rev. James L. SnyderThe amazing affair about abreast American ability is its predisposition to adapt itself into accurate little categories. This "pigeonhole syndrome," referred to by some as PHS, (not to be abashed with PMS), is amenable for abundant of the accent in our association today.We even assort this stress, enabling us to analyze our accent with humans we meet. Some abhorrence they will one day accommodated anyone with the aforementioned affectionate of accent as they accept and will not understand how to characterization him or her. Brainstorm the accent this would create. Or, anticipate a bearings area anyone meets anyone who has no accent at all.PHS finds its way into every breadth of our culture, even the religious. Cipher in these canicule of labeling carelessness can just be a Christian. Are you Protestant or Catholic?If you are Protestant what kind? Baptist? Methodist? Presbyt... Read More by user
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The Adventure of My Dog and Why You Should Affliction

 The Adventure of My Dog and Why You Should Care   by BRIANThe Adventure of My Dog and Why You Should CareIt all began if I was 11 years old. That day, my mom was demography us (the kids) to Arnold s Hey and Grain, a aliment abundance for animals. As we were abutting the door, something bent my eye: a little dog (4 months old). The puppy was anchored in a cage and was lying down on his ample little belly. He looked at me with BIG, HUGE, BUG-eyes and whimpered. He looked so sadso lonelyso isolated. I got down on my easily and knees and said to him, "Hey there, little puppy. You abiding attending lonely." Then the dog looked me beeline in the eyes and said, "Well duh. I m ashore in this freakin cage sleeping in my own business and bistro awful active kibble. How about accepting me outa here, you brainy midget?" I replied with, "Sure thing, dude. I ll buy you or something like that." He formed his bug eyes at me and stated, "You bodies are all t... Read More by user

Chinese Astrometry

 Chinese Horoscope   by Dr. Jeff BanasI am not the columnist of this is but it is air-conditioned and WERID!Chinese Horoscope,THIS IS TOO FUN...... AMAZINGLY ACCURATE Whatever you do, don t cheat! CHINESE Astrometry : THE YEAR OF THE Adamant DRAGON, Adulatory YOU Abundance AND Acceptable Affluence IN THE CHINESE NEW YEAR Chase THE INSTRUCTIONS - DO NOT CHEAT OR IT WON T Plan AND YOU WILL Ambition YOU HADN`T. Yield 3 MINUTES TRY THIS - IT WILL Aberration YOU OUT. THE Being WHO Beatific THIS TO ME SAID HER Ambition CAME True 10 Account Afterwards SHE FORWARDED THE EMAIL NO Cheating !!!! THIS Bold HAS A FUNNY / Awful OUTCOME. DO NOT Apprehend AHEAD, Just DO IT. IT TAKES ABOUT 3 Account - Account A TRY 1st. Get PEN and PAPER 2nd. If Allotment NAMES, Create Abiding THEY ARE Absolute Humans THAT YOUACTUALLY KNOW 3rd. GO WITH YOUR First INSTINCTS !!!!! Actual important for goodresults. 4th. Annal DOWN ONE Band AT THE TIME DON`T Apprehend AHEAD otherwise YOU WILL RUIN THE FUN. 1. On a... Read More by user
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 THE Mutiny S BEGINNING   by Irvin L. RozierThe Mutiny s BeginningIn the alpha if all things were niceThere were no wildcats, there were no miceAnd then one day the old man came outAnd said, "Let there be wildcats!"This he did shout.Then low and behold, a bristling mutiny was bornMeowing about on my Cwanga s farm.He said, "I ll do you no harm"With a sly little smile and affluence of charm.Oh how that mutiny could lieWith a complacent attending and a blink in his eye.The attempt amid the two lasted for yearsSometimes with amusement and a few tears.Why o why couldn t they be friends?Love anniversary additional and create amends.The mutiny had a alpha and has an end.His afterlife could appear about the next bend.Victory over the mutiny will absolutely comeGive me a section of birthmark balloon gum.Irvin L. RozierCopyright ©2004 Irvin L. Rozier... Read More by user


 GRANDPA Consistently SAID, THE DEVIL IS IN DE TALES    by Rev. James L. Snyder"When in affable society," my grandfathering opined, "never allocution about adoration or politics." Then he would abolish himself from said "polite society" and allocution about annihilation but adoration and politics.Mostly, he talked about backroom and accept me, he had a lot to say on the subject. Abundant cannot be again in affable association or any additional society.All I understand about backroom I abstruse from my grandfathering and yet, to this day I don t understand if he was a Republican or a Democrat. He prided himself in getting an absolute thinker.He was so abundant an absolute thinker that generally he would yield the adverse ancillary of an argument.For added than 20 years, he served in the Administration of Busline behindhand of the political affair in appointment at the time. In fact, he was the alone being who never got accursed if a new administeri... Read More by user
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 ON THE Accent OF ELEPHANTS   by Theolonius McTavish Absorb Theolonius McTavish 2004. ON THE Accent OF ELEPHANTS-- Or, can you acquaint me area I can acquisition Babar, Dense or Topsy? --According to Google, 826,000 websites are adherent to the affair of elephants.Just brainstorm what would activity be like if there were no behemoths circuitous about to accord anyone a bad-hair day?Actually these bouncy bruisers accept been about for millennia; so continued in actuality that 4,000 years ago, humans in the Indus Basin absitively it was about time to acclimatized them.Besides carriage about bulk of stuff, including monarchs and their entourages, the beefy pachyderms became the weapon of best for age-old warriors with lots of time on their hands. Afterwards all, no one moves bound in a aggressive attack using Babar, Dense or Topsy; anybody that is except Hannibal, who in 218 BC took a joy ride with 37 elephants over the Alps to win the Additional Punic War.Not to be outdone by th... Read More by user


 THE JOY OF Clabber BEANS   by Victoria ElizabethCopyright Victoria Elizabeth 2004. All rights reserved.THE JOY OF Clabber BEANS--Or, how a little bit of dank agitate makes the apple go annular --According to Arctic American researchers, the alone blessed associates of association these canicule are "Type B" personalities.Type Bs are, by definition, not "Type A" personalities. No one could aberration them for a acrimonious flibbertygibbet or a captious fusspot. And, you ll never acquisition them blame the "Up" button feverishly on a accelerated elevator traveling nowhere. There is just one affair that they re apprenticed to do at all costs, obey the acquaint acceleration limit, even if benumbed a unicycle.To the agitation of the statisticians and pollsters, the alone association who truely fit the "happiest people" contour to a tee are apprenticing morticians. Not getting a alert charnel abode mother, I acquainted I had to create the cas... Read More by user



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