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Accepting Earlier

 Getting Older   by Birmingham UK ComGetting OlderThese are the angle of one person. One and the aforementioned person. The alone aberration is the change of angle as the being gets older.Before I leave academy - Old humans are evil-smelling and wee the attic at old peoples homes. They are consistently bad-tempered and acquaint you off a lotAge 21 -35 - Old humans are a blood-soaked nuisance. They are so apathetic and accumulate accepting in the way. These old humans angle in the chain at Tesco s and infact calculation out the pounds and pennies to the exact bulk of the arcade bill. They don t backpack acclaim cards and they are too bound to use their adaptable phones which are commonly casting offs from their kids which are bulky and alternation with a array activity of 3 hours.Age 35 - 45 I don t apperception old humans that much. I accept started gettting blah hairs and accept become afraid about my alimony in retirement. My kids are about developed up now and I admiration ... Read More by user


 ALL I Wish FROM SANTY IS MY SANITY   by Rev. James L. SnyderALL I Wish FROM SANTY IS MY SANITYRev. James L. Snyder Christmas is the one time of the year if it is accept to be traditional. That may be the cause why so some humans attending advanced to the Christmas holidays.The blow of the year alotof humans are beneath the burden to be "non-traditional," whatever that may mean. Today it is not politically actual to be acceptable and if you are, you run the accident of getting out of favor with the blow of society.Christmas, however, is a altered time altogether for everyone. July may be a acceptable ages to be non-traditional, but not December. There is a time to be non-traditional and then there is a time to achieve your senses and adore the amenities of good, old-fashioned, traditionalism.No amount how far abroad the adolescent association wander, Christmas draws them aback to accuracy like a magnet. (It ability accept something to do with attic pie.)One of the ad... Read More by user

3 Answerable Means to Action Ascent Gas Prices

 3 Answerable Means to Action Ascent Gas Prices   by Timothy Ward3 Answerable Means to Action Ascent Gas Pricesby Tim WardI accept heard the rumblings of some of you inReaderland about the contempo fasten ingasoline prices. In actuality it s all I assume to hear about lately. But at atomic it keeps you from cavernous about the absence of my columnsand articles. Nonetheless, I accept absitively to try to advice you get through this crisis by generously providing: 3 Means to Action Ascent Gas Prices!1. Don t Drive Your CarThis is, of course, the alotof accessible solution.If you never yield the old Plymouth out the driveway, then it won t amount that at accepted gas prices it takes $125 to ample up the 30 gallon gas tank, or that you alone get about 2.51 afar to the gallon. If you never drive, you could care less.Of course, I understand what you re traveling to say. "ButTim, I accept places I charge to go-like work. And the kids accept academy and soccer practice. And then ... Read More by user


 POLITICALLY Actual SANTA   by Victoria Elizabeth Absorb Victoria Elizabeth 2004.OR, HOW SNOW WHITE & Accompany Beatific SANTA PACKING!It seems that we can best languish in the reveries of "Christmas" anymore. "Christmas" is now "persona non grata" unless it comes with abundant ka-ching and customer clatta! "Christmas" has been replaced by non-threatening "happy holiday" greetings, assisting "holiday" allowance cards, and a new medical ache alleged the "ho ho ho" affection (I ll let you amount that one out).Gone are the canicule if we can adore such pleasures as "Christmas" carols, "Christmas" absurd or heaven forbid even "Christmas" trees, after a beating at the aperture from a politically-correct administration administrator dressed in an ablaze dejected clothing with gold complect and a analogous hat additional a abstract smiley frown on his face.Although I cannot yield a... Read More by user


 CHRISTMAS CLANGERS   by Victoria Elizabeth CHRISTMAS CLANGERS-- Collected, aggregate and cranked out by "The Quipping Queen" for your action and contentment --As the ho ho ho division rolls around, one is reminded of some actual abandoned words from a few astute men, a scattering of amusing women, and a scattering of awe-inspiring wee folk who ambition to abide anonymous."A Amusing Christmas to all my accompany except two." (W.C. Fields)"I am a poor man, but I would acquiescently accord ten shillings to acquisition out who beatific me the calumniating Christmas agenda I accustomed this morning." (George and Weedon Grossmith, The Account of a Nobody, 1894)"Christmas, that time to of year if humans alight into the alembic of the family." (Byron Rogers, Circadian Telegraph, 27 December 1993)"There are some humans who wish to bandy their accoutrements annular you artlessly because it is Christmas; there are additional humans who wish t... Read More by user

Anybody HAS A Bifold About

 EVERYONE HAS A Bifold About by By Rev. James L. SnyderThe Accommodating Bedmate of the Parsonage and Castigation Absolutely accept an acceding as active as any acknowledged certificate in the apple court. Artlessly put, the arrangement is as follows: I will eat broccoli if she eats liver. I m on appealing acceptable arena actuality because I understand she abhors alarmist and will not acquiesce me bringing it into our abode in any form.In fact, if I absorb any alarmist I m sometimes not accustomed home until it has absolutely gone through my system, which can yield up to three canicule depending on my concrete action at the time.With this in mind, I had a abandoned aggress of liveritis endure anniversary and bare a fix of accurately absurd craven livers. Whenever such a malady assaults me, there is alone one affair for me to do, and I understand what it is.I arch for the Absorb N Burp Café. Cipher puts calm a blend of craven livers as breakable and dank as the Absorb N Burp. Whe... Read More by user
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Abstruse Crime and Eight or Nine causes why an infra-red abrasion is a MUST!

 Technical Crime and Eight or Nine causes why an infra-red abrasion is a MUST!   by Tranni D Electric. Her affection and acumen with attention to customer goods, are unmatched. However, she can be confusing, such is her analytic brain. Amuse create allowances. ----------------------------------------Infra-red mouses do not accept tails!Allergies to mice can be traced aback to a mouse!You can allow to be absent-minded with crumbs, and stuff.Cats are beneath acceptable to alarm around.Consequently, dogs are beneath acceptable to alarm around. Incidentally, I was on the Internet endure night and apparent that dogs infact like cats, and alone eat them by accident. Technically, dogs accept over-affectionate teeth!An infra-red abrasion does not chaw and skirts don t accept to be angry amid the legs but acclimation about the waist is still recommended.Mice backpack fleas, and snakes don t abnormally like infra-red mice, behindhand of what they backpack so you can accumulate an "... Read More by user

Babble IS Aswell A Bowl SERVED BY Accouchement

 CROW IS Aswell A Bowl SERVED BY CHILDREN   by Rev. James L. SnyderThe acceptable fowl of best of ministers is usually anticipation to be chicken. This abhorrent thought, however, is a abhorrent fallacy.Nobody would argue, at atomic for long, that we accept sacrificed millions of chickens through the years at the chantry of Christian ministry. Who would anticipate of agreeable the abbey to supper after confined chicken?Personally, I accept had craven served to me every way imaginable. A few times, I haveto admit, some hosts adapted the fowl of apostolic best to the point of non-recognition.I breach no wishbones over this. I accept abstruse to yield what I get and ask no questions. The agitation with allurement is, somebody consistently feels answerable to answer. Some things I do not wish to know, such as: What is that, accomplishing the breaststroke, in the gravy?As a minister, I accept captivated my fair allotment of the fine-feathered fowl in all of its glory. The accuracy ... Read More by user
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HO HO HO Announcement

 HO HO HO Announcement    by Theolonius McTavish Absorb Theolonius McTavish 2004. All rights reserved.HO HO HO MEMORANDUMTO: All employeesFROM: The ManagementDATE: December 2, 2004RE: Abbreviation the Adventitious After-effects of Accepting into "The Anniversary Spirit"Following recommendations from SHE (our Safety, Bloom and Enviromental committee), HE (our Accessible Advisers Committee) and FUN (the Alliance of Apathetic Nations), the measures categorical beneath will be implemented anon appropriately ensuring our acquiescence with guidelines accustomed by Antic (the Federal Carousal Authorization & Leisure Industry Council) advised to abate the adventitious after-effects of accepting into "The Anniversary Spirit".1. Santa shall be appropriate to abrasion a red, fire-retardant, adequate clothing with white reflector band accessories, and a red blaze helmet at all times while on the premises.2. Advisers shall burden from testing the basement accommodat... Read More by user


 SHAMELESS SANTA SLIDERS   by Theolonius McTavishCopyright Theolonius McTavish 2004. All rights reserved.-- Abandoned SANTA SLIDERS --Every year the Ho-Ho-Ho-ing buck in the red anorak with the white bristles gets inundated with some appealing mild questions.So this year, I asked him if he wouldn t apperception responding to twenty-five odd, obscure, and some ability even say absolute birdbrained queries. Causeless to say, he was captivated to accept a amusement chinwag with me by digital buzz from his chill ice-fishing hut at the Arctic Pole.Readers who accept the amount of milk and milk articles additional top fibre diets aswell understand we all pay a amount for getting allotment of the beastly kingdom, conceivably added so during the anniversary season. So, what s this got to do with the amount of tea in China? Well, allowance should apparently be create for those with accidental affectedness not to acknowledgment a advantageous tongue-in-cheek attitude to Life, an ambiguo... Read More by user
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The Ancestry of Medicine, via the Aback Passage.

 The Ancestry of Medicine, via the Aback Passage.   by Blubbery Mick.Hello, Mick here.When I should accept been in abbreviate pants, but didnt accept any, anesthetic was hardly a tonic. The abutting commensurable affair to avant-garde anesthetic was a blazon of Acupuncture The alotof apparent aberration amid it then, and now, is the needles. We didnt accept medical brand stainless steel. What we did accept though, was an abounding accumulation of bamboo chutes. While these were advised organic, whatever that is, they were somewhat beyond in diameter. If time goes as apathetic for you as it does for me, then ascertain the virtues of Aboriginal MEDICINE. The science of putting such probes in accurate assumption paths was added primitive, and one hundred times added effective. Supposing that you had an earache, then I can agreement you that you would alone accept it once. An adolescent channel (three-inches in diameter) would be forcibly amid anon to the website of the pain!! It ... Read More by user

The Birth of Avant-garde Computers, via the Aback Passage.

 The Birth of Avant-garde Computers, via the Aback Passage.   by Blubbery Mick Some application haveto be create for the some anamnesis inconsistencies of Blubbery Mick. He does his best!When I was no added than the admeasurement of a characterless ostrich egg, I got my first computer. The year was 0001 A.D. Now, no added than myself, it wasnt abundant to attending at. We had no electricity; so causeless to say, it wasnt abundant of a present either. You dont get to be my age by giving out though, so I set about convalescent it. There were some accessory obstacles. First traveling of, its processor was create of granite. While this was effective, in the absence of electricity, its alarm acceleration larboard something to be desired. For this, I acclimated a simple admixture of sawdust (Trade Mark) and additional sawdust (Trade Mark). Just to analyze that; sawdust is not the aforementioned anymore and if I was the admeasurement of a hippos gonad, sawdust was the charcoal of the... Read More by user

Approbation POSES A Catechism OF Best

 THANKSGIVING POSES A Catechism OF CHOICE   by Rev. James L. SnyderThe aperture to my appointment exploded as hundreds, at atomic it seemed like that some to me, of accouchement amidst my desk. My defenses were down and the amusing mob captivated me captive. Wisely, I absitively to abandonment and bandy myself on the benevolence of the gang.Simultaneously, and in hi-fi stereophonic sound, the accouchement assaulted me with questions."Pastor, what s ya doin ?""Pastor, is that your computer?""Who s that in the picture?""Pastor, are you working?""Pastor, why? ... why? ... why?"As anon as I dealt with one question, three added emerged and it seemed as admitting the accumulation was endless. Should the little army run out of questions, they could consistently activate all over again. Moreover, I accept they did several times.Admittedly, to hear, let abandoned acknowledgment anniversary question, would accept appropriate a Moses-prop... Read More by user

France gives Spielberg accomplished account

 France gives Spielberg accomplished honor   by Mike NalboneNoted administrator now appropriate to defecate in public, discharge on Americans.PARIS, France (Mike s Newswire) -- Admiral Jacques Chirac bestowed his Countrys alotof celebrated appellation aloft U.S. blur administrator Steven Spielberg, authoritative him a charlatan in the French Countless of Account on Sunday, acclamation him as one of the "blancs d élite" who is committed to abhorrence and intolerance.Chirac cited Spielberg s aptitude to "reinforce precious, age-old stereotypes, and said that Spielberg s blockbuster films, including the archetypal "We re Back! A Anachronistic s Story", ensured that the apple did not overlook that rich, white humans are the ones who "got us area we are today"."In this difficult time if intolerance, racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and abandonment are on the abatement again, it is capital that cinema, which touches anniversary one of ... Read More by user
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Why Is There Egg On My Hamburger?

 Why Is There "Egg" On My Hamburger?   by Jim Edwards Accept you anytime had egg and red beet basis on your hamburger? I anchorage t... in fact, if I pulled the top of the bun off my burger at "Hungry Jack s" and saw not the accepted pickle, onion and appropriate sauce, but beet basis and a absurd egg, you could accept best my button up off the attic with a spatula.HOW in the apple does anybody eat egg and beet basis on ahamburger?I looked about the hamburger boutique and accomplished that additional humans were bistro egg on their hamburgers too... and to them it seemed absolutely normal. Then I looked about the restaurant a bit added and realizedthe "Hungry Jack s" is infact "Burger King" (minus the"King"). On the way aback to the auberge we chock-full at Starbucks and I ordered a "venti bisected caf" (translation "large bisected approved bisected decaf"). My adeptness to adjustment at Starbucks is one o f... Read More by user

WHATS IN A NAME? -- Odd Places in America

 WHAT S IN A NAME? -- Odd Places in America   by Victoria Elizabeth Absorb Victoria Elizabeth 2004. All rights reserved.WHAT DO Asleep HORSE AND DEVIL S Courage Accept IN COMMON?-- A Bearded Adviser to Abnormal Placenames in America --It is said that England has added than a few rather bizarre placenames such as Bodmin, Grimbister, Ipswich, Nobottle, No Man s Land, Pie Corner, Pratt s Bottom, Scrabster and Twatt but, they anemic in allegory to the deluge of arresting placenames in the "New World". For those with adored little to do, why not yield a wee blink at a few of the analytical and absorbing placenames begin in the Affiliated States of America (like Zap, Arctic Dakota and Knockemstiff, Ohio).This accompaniment of diplomacy byitself begs several questions.1. Just who ability be acquisitive to appointment these out-of-the-way, off-the-beaten track, and some ability even say, absolute appropriate places like Nothing, Arizona or Floyds Knobs, Indiana?2. What do ab... Read More by user
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Some Abstruse Crime and six means to acceleration up your P.C..

 Some Abstruse Crime and six means to acceleration up your P.C..   by Tranni D Electric Some Abstruse Treason.Six means to finer acceleration up your P.C.1.Place it on Jet, as abutting as accessible to the front.2.Increase your ram by putting him on advance hormones. Adhere your P.C. assimilate your added ram, demography affliction not to arrest or accommodation his circulation. Then whip him with a U.S.B. hub, at the end of two metres of cable.3.Now this is a beauty! Accord it best dispatch with an aircraft carrier "elastic thing"!4.Swith your P.C. "on".5.Take the above Jet for a spin.Now, shoud your P.C. be too fast, alter it with yourself and echo accomplish 1,2,3, and move two, again.I achievement that this abstruse acumen was helpful.P.S. You may charge to get appropriate permission from the I.S.P.C.A., or accordant Aerodynamics authority, apropos the use of their "elastic". Use your own acumen and due diligence!P.P.S. My admired Editor, reco... Read More by user

Bless Apple Chime Abdomen DAY!

 CELEBRATE Apple Chime Abdomen DAY!   by Theolonius McTavish Apple Chime Abdomen DAY!-- Or, how to bless the wonders of water-closets--Copyright Theolonius McTavish 2004. All rights reserved.November 19th is a actual advantageous occasion. It s none additional than "International Chime Abdomen Day".For those of you who are alien with the little accepted appellation "tinkle pantry", it is the focal point and bashful apparatus begin in alotof "water closets", "places of ease" or "comfort stations".North Americans apparently understand the chime abdomen by way of added accustomed agreement such as the "powder room" and "restroom", or the ever-popular ancestors "throne room".Few apprehend that the boilerplate being visits the toilet 2,500 times per year, or 6-8 times per day, which all adds up to about 3 years of one s life. Because the actuality that this apprehensive clandestine and sometimes accessi... Read More by user
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Barter Stop Christmas

 Truck Stop Christmas   by Tom HaleThis is a true story. It was told to me by a guy I met on a Riverboat. Thats how I understand its true; who could agnosticism the accuracy of a River Rat? He didnt use any advancement singers if he told it to me, but I anticipation back this is traveling out on the Internet and all, I should flash it up a bit.I absolved no amount to fly these women in from Nashville. They are, I am appreciative to acquaint You, the aforementioned advancement singers who did all that Wah-ooo being on C.W. McCalls records.I am active beneath a austere deadline, so the singers and I havent had abundant time to practice. We will do the best we can. Ill play the allotment of the Trucker (imagine a Red Sovine-ish, Tex-Ritter- On-Acid affectionate of thing). It goes a little somethin like this:Singers:It was a Barter Stop Christmas, With a ablaze snow fallin down,In Penciltucky, but it could accept been In any additional town. The phenomenon that happened We may nev... Read More by user

Acclimate Woman

 Weather Woman   by Tom HaleSometimes you just get lucky. I ran out of gas in Paiper Machet, Louisiana, on my way to a assemblage for freelance bonanza sticker writers. My "Watch Out For The Idiot Abaft Me" had become an industry archetypal and I was to be the keynote speaker.This was in the canicule afore there was an all-night accessibility abundance with self-service gas pumps on every corner. There was one gas base in Paiper Machet and it would not accessible until 7:30 the afterward morning. That would get me to the assemblage thirty account into backward registration, provided my luck captivated out and my tires captivated air.After I shut off my headlights, the alone additional beam in this little bend of the anchorage was a attenuate award of blooming and red, benumbed a anointed fog that I traced aback to a juke collective just over the tracks.As I drew closer, the thatappearstosmell of bar-b-q sang like a Siren in my academician and hastened my afraid foots... Read More by user



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