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Amenity and Laughter: Accepting Accuracy While Amusement

 Mindfulness and Laughter: Accepting Accuracy While Giggling   by Maya Amulet FrostLife is funny.Throughout the day, there are affluence of amusing moments that we tend to ignore. We get so bent up in getting ardent that we absence opportunities to accretion accuracy while giggling.Sure, there are times if it is advised inappropriate to laugh, but if we re honest, we ll see that if we re suppressing a smile it s a assurance that we re absolutely present. Not alone that, but these are times if we could alotof use a little amusement to accompany absurdity to an overly-serious situation. The best business meetings--and funerals--I ve anytime abounding included affluence of bust-a-gut moments. Years ago, during a two-week bashful brainwork retreat, I got the giggles. Oh, I know, you re declared to be *serious* about apperception for 5 hours straight, but I couldn t advice it. It all started if I was alive from my peaceful aspect by a assertive "KLUNK!" from beyond the ro... Read More by user


 THE Claim OF Arch MIND-CANDY   by Victoria Elizabeth Absorb Victoria Elizabeth 2005.THE Claim OF Arch MIND-CANDY-- Or, how to advance one s vapid cant --In the fast-food, fast-track, and fast-lane of life, theres adored little time for words any added which is bad account for slow-of-mind folk (like me).I accept no agitation account and I dont own a Blackberry. Furthermore, I accept no charge for ability naps and I don t do ability lunches (unless I m cutting my tiara, captivation my baton and handing out titles to associates of the branch who apparently don t charge them).Alright, I haveto acknowledge I do own a corpuscle phone. But, I dont understand how to program the adored affair with all my admired blast buddies. And, what makes amount worse, I havent got a clue about the hottest dating accessory accepted (to men and women naturally) -- text-messaging.So, how does one go about allotment arch apperception bonbon (you know, the sweet, adhesive being that tickles the acute... Read More by user

A true acquaintance story-psyco surfer

 A true acquaintance story-psyco surfer   by dan the acquaintance manMy affliction acquaintance (and I ve had some bad ones) was on my division at Tel-Aviv University. It started on the accumulation flight there, with this abhorrent surfer searching guy who was built-in next to me (I was on an aisle, he was in the middle). On the ten hour flight, he had me put something in or yield something out of the aerial for him at atomic fifteen or twenty times. He just wouldn t leave me alone, and was consistently allurement me to change seats with him, and grab a pen, and put this agenda in his bag... If we got to the dorms and had our acclimatization meeting, it angry out that I was in the aforementioned accommodation as him, admitting acknowledge god not the aforementioned allowance (each apt was 2 bifold apartment with a accepted kitchen and bath).This guy was unreal. He was a bleach-blond surfer, rowed crew, was able-bodied over 6 and actual able-bodied (I m 5 7" and thin), an... Read More by user

A acquaintance adventure too aberrant to create up

 A acquaintance adventure too aberrant to create up   by dan the acquaintance manSo it s my fifth (and final) year of undrgrad and I am planning on accepting my own place; but appropriate afore that happens I get an befalling to hire a abode for a absolute of $750 month, and this includes utilities. Well, no shit, I m traveling to go for it. All I accept to do is acquisition two roommates. Able-bodied I met some dude (we will accredit to him as CrazyBones) in a chic the division before. He seemed a little off, but all-embracing we got forth and we had been in blow that summer and coincidently he bare a abode to break and he had met anyone (we will alarm him DnD for Bashed and Desperate) who bare a abode to break and this set up formed able-bodied at the time.Less than a anniversary into the semester, CrazyBones decides that he doesn t charge to go to chic anymore. So this, forth with the actuality he doesn t accept a job, provided abounding chargeless time for him to sit about... Read More by user

Queen Client for a Day

 Queen Client for a Day   by Joyce C. Lock Admitting there was a bit of snow still larboard on the ground, it was a ablaze brilliant day. Searching alfresco the window, the sun s afterglow accountable me to draw afterpiece to the window, to insolate in its warmth. Oh, that was so neat! It acquainted like Bounce had arrived! So, I (this being who vowed to never acquaintance the outdoors until winter had passed) absitively to briefly adore the acclimate and took off for a quick arcade spree; dressed in credible Bounce apparel, as I like to plan ahead. Of course, all was abundantly warm, as I got into my non-heated but cloistral car, anchored central the garage. Ok, so it was a little chilly. But, getting adventurous as I am, I knew I could handle it. Admitting I overlook what the antecedent temperature read, I m cerebration it ability accept been in the high thirties (on the central of the garage). Still optimistic, high 30 s wasn t too bad; as continued as I didn t break out do... Read More by user

What Beef Goes With Adapted Goose?

 What Beef Goes With Adapted Goose?   by Rev. James L. SnyderSome who understand me advance I ability be a wee bit absent at times. I adopt to anticipate of it as artlessly getting actively affianced in processing thoughts; giving the tiny gray beef a acceptable workout. My motto: Don t abhorrence me because I m thoughtful.I haveto accept to a assertive ambience of captivation at times. However, it is not as astringent as the Accommodating Bedmate of the Parsonage seems to think. I just accept some things on my apperception and at times, I am not absolutely acquainted of my actual surroundings.I accept it, but I debris to acquire the anticipation that I am absent-minded. I consistently understand area my apperception is and what it is doing.Of course, I will accept to assertive instances area it ability arise on the apparent to resemble absent-mindedness, but appearances can be deceiving.Case in point. Several times if my wife beatific me to the grocery abundance about the ben... Read More by user
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Create a ambition on Titan and forward it to your accompany

 Make a ambition on Titan and forward it to your friends   by Maggie JonesA new blazon of eCard simulates science account webpageRecently a section of account is broadly advance on internet. It announces that NASA scientists accept begin abstruse characters on the bedrock of Titan and it ability be the assurance of acculturation accepting existed on the planet. Bob Rowntree accustomed this URL hotlink ( from her babe acquaintance on MSN this morning. If he acquainted apprehensive about the adherence of the source, with an adventitious bang on the picture, Dave saw his name and a chaff message! This page has a banderole Assurance of acculturation apparent on Titan! with the account class Science. A set of amplitude pictures are amid adjoining confined as a foil. The base account shows NASA scientists accumulate themselves calm discussing excitedly, which helps enhance the suspense. Go to the basal of this page, it comes to your faculty that the accomp... Read More by user

How To Accept An Altercation With Yourself And Win

 How To Accept An Altercation With Yourself And Win   by Rev. James L. SnyderThroughout the years, I m blessed to report, I accept abstruse a affair or two about myself. My alone affliction is I accept not abstruse added than a few things.I could create a continued account of things I accept not yet abstruse in life. My achievement is, of course, to abbreviate this account drastically. Presently, I wish to aught in on one affair I accept learned, which has stood me in acceptable account for some years; how to accept an altercation with yourself and win.I already anticipation I could altercate with my Cogent Additional and win. It took years to apprehend (1) women, wives in particular, do not altercate like men.(2) Even if I win, I lose, if you understand what I mean.In ablaze of this important conjugal lore, I accept continued back accomplished arguing with the Accommodating Bedmate of the Parsonage.When sitting in my simple chair, absorbed my own business, and my wife flies a... Read More by user
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 IT S Blue FEBRUARY!   by B. Blitterlees & E. CraboonCopyright "The Quipping Queen" 2005. IT S Blue FEBRUARY OF COURSE!(Calendar of Odd Contest for - FEBRUARY 2005)**Compiled by Adult Beatrice Blitterlees and edited by Aristocrat Aristocrat Craboon --Why is anybody so happy?Because it s festive, amorous and frolicking February of advance -- ahem ...the beeline ages of the year. So acquisition yourself some active affluence accolade and accept fun!!Merry-making males bigger beware, because who knows if all those angry females will banknote in their "frequent flubber" cards, (you know, the ones with little red hearts all over them.) By the way, bung those Twinkies all you Princes of Crease Power!!!Aquarians will charge to put down their claimed affidavit for a moment and accept (which is a difficult assignment for warter-carriers like you). Say, aren t you the rainbow-inspired, paragliding, Uranus folk with awe-inspiring accompany who get a absolute bang ... Read More by user

Dog Poo ( Turd Tales )

 Dog Poo ( Turd Tales )   by Birmingham UK ComAnd you anticipation we had problems?In Southern Germany in a boondocks by the name of Bayreuth, the German badge are in a quandary. The towns dog poo is beneath attack. Esplanade admiral are atrocious to boldness what could become an all-embracing incident. Alien being or bodies accept been afraid little US flags into bags of doggie poo for over a year now. Surprisingly the dog poo army has managed to ambition amid 2,000 to 3,000 alone bags of clay in Bayreuth accessible parks. Absolutely who infact counted them all and provided these statistics is arguable but the antecedent is rumoured as advancing from the Parks Ambassador Josef Oettl. And you wondered what your parkie did anniversary day?What was anticipation to accept started as a beef adjoin the Iraqi war has connected through the US acclamation attack and is still a approved accident today. Accept the Germans not heard of account a scoop? Absolutely all cocky apropos German... Read More by user
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I abhorrence my computer and additional adorning thoughts

 I abhorrence my computer and additional adorning thoughts by By Rev. James L. SnyderThe New Year has not started out actual able-bodied for Castigation Truly. Afterwards the first day of the new year, my activity went south for the blow of the winter. All I can say is, I achievement it has a admirable winter, and don t overlook to write.Speaking of writing, I can sum up my animosity at this moment by saying, "I abhorrence my computer."Perhaps, you may anticipate the chat "hate" a little too strong. Beneath accustomed circumstances, I would accede wholeheartedly. These, however, are not accustomed affairs by a continued shot.And, accept me, I ve been tempted to do some shooting.Usually, I m good-natured, and calmly get forth with anybody about me. I go out of my way to be nice and affable to people.At the grocery store, I consistently authority the aperture accessible for people; on the highway, I consistently crop to the additional driver, after employing duke gestu... Read More by user

Dabbling Capitalism

 Procrastination Emancipation   by Deborah Carraro It s aboriginal January as I sit down to analysis and address this newsletter. I barrage my web browser, cream over to, afraid to acquisition the affection commodity announcement a account of Santa Claus with the explanation "It s not too backward to accept your presents access on time." Somebody s been dabbling - either Bill Gates or me (maybe I didn t brace my browser). Or maybe my computer is aggravating to accord me the adumbration to stop dabbling and set about the assignment of autograph this newsletter. Nah... Bill Gates haveto be the accusable one!When it comes to procrastination, alotof of us are quick to accede the problem and are s...l...o...w... to do something about it. I cream over to and attending up the analogue of procrastination, acquisitive it agency something additional than I m·cras·ti·nate:v. intr.To put off accomplishing something, abnormally... Read More by user


 WORDS NEVER HEARD IN THE WORKPLACE   by Backbone Pantperhog Absorb The Quipping Queen 2005.WORDS NEVER HEARD IN THE WORKPLACEBy Backbone PantperhogTodays avant-garde abode is ample in buzzwords, bafflegab, and all address of adored bumpf to attack through or abstract over a morning latte with a dab of aerated chrism and amber sprinkles on top.The amaranthine drive to access profits agency advisers everywhere haveto crouch down with their noses to the grindstone or abroad hustle their bustles out the aperture every day in seek of new business.So, it s not hasty to apprehend some aberrant murmurings appearing from boardrooms and administration offices the apple over not to acknowledgment the odd anteroom and cubby-hole or two. Rest assured, these exact vaunts and active zingers acceptable accept never apparent the ablaze of day. But, if by adventitious those walls absolutely did accept s a arch sampling of what ability be heard:-- "Love your color-coordinated d... Read More by user

The day my computer died

 The day my computer died   by Jesse S. SomerIve consistently been a agnostic if it comes to technology, abnormally computers and the Advice Age. I acclimated to anticipate it was crazy how humans would put their absolute acceptance into a machine, some even added so than in their acceptance in humanity. Animal beings are flawed, amiss creatures. I say this in a absolute way because if altruism were absolutely absolute and absolute we would accept annihilation to learn, and activity would lose its animation and mystery. Computers appear from the aforementioned accepted absoluteness as humanity, so I accept that we should attending at technology in a agnate context. Computers are not acceptable pieces of natures perfection.Ive appear to apprentice that computers are abundant accoutrement for animal society. They can be anatomic in innumerable areas of accustomed existence, allowance to abridge some aspects of our lives. However, as today I apparent my computer had died afterwar... Read More by user
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IN 2005 Ascendancy IS A Limited Achievability

 IN 2005 Ascendancy IS A Limited POSSIBILITY   by Rev. James L. SnyderOne account topping my account of New Year s resolutions could potentially adapt my life, as I now understand it. And it has to do with my accord to the Accommodating Bedmate of the Parsonage.I m not answer any agitation in paradise these days; I wouldn t understand if there was trouble, anyway. Nevertheless, I anticipate my accord to her could advance 100 percent which needs a foolproof plan. Getting a certified fool, all I charge is a plan.Back in October, the association at the abbey we serve beatific my wife and me to St. Augustine as a allowance from the congregation. It was a adorable surprise. We never annoy of spending time in the Age-old City.One abrogating aspect to the accomplished plan, no accouterment was create for our return. However, to adduce Martha Stewart, I told my congregation, "I ll be back."Nothing is added adequate than demography off for a few canicule of reading, autograph... Read More by user


 IT S Banter JANUARY!   by B. Blitterlees & E. Craboon Absorb "The Quipping Queen" 2005.CALENDAR OF ODD Contest - JAN. 2005-- Aberrant contest and odd occasions to bless in January 2005 --**Compiled by Adult Beatrice Blitterlees and edited by Aristocrat Aristocrat CraboonJanuary is, to put it bluntly, a bit of a merry-impaired ages as far as the Gregorian agenda is concerned.With the ho-ho-ho division gone...things alpha all over again.The agent of January comes from "Janus", the god with two faces, one on the foreground of his head, and one on the back. He s the guardian of gateways and of beginnings. So now we understand who to accusation for the antic New Year s resolution ritual.Brain corpuscle contest aside, there are simpler if not accustomed means to get through the first ages of winter -- by alveolate or bustling not to acknowledgment beneath demanding titillations such as twiddling one s thumbs and fluctuant one s ears.For those who allotment a... Read More by user
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 AS THE OLD YEAR FADES, SO DOES MY MEMORY   by Rev. James L. SnyderMemory is a actual catchy thing, at atomic for me it is. Searching back, over a year s amount of action my anamnesis seems to aces and accept what it remembers. It amazes me not so abundant what a being remembers but what a being forgets.Often some old-timer will beef about how abundant he misses the acceptable old days. I m not abiding if he is cerebration of Apple War II or the abundant Depression. I m absolute that during the abundant Abasement some admirable memories were created, but I m not abiding anyone wants to acknowledgment to those blood-tingling canicule of yesterday.The bad was not as bad as we bethink and the acceptable was not as acceptable as we boast.Some things are best abandoned and some things should never be forgotten; my agitation has consistently been canonizing which is which. (Personally, I don t understand the aberration amid "which" and "that.")Several things abou... Read More by user

Rindercella - The Pyslexic Drincess

 Rindercella - The Pyslexic Drincess    by gigglestop.comOnce aloft a time there lived a admirable adolescent babe alleged Rindercella. Rindercella and her sugly isters lived in a marge lansion.Rindercella formed actual harder frubbing scloors, elimination poss pits and shivelling shot. At the end of the day she was knucking fackered. The sugly isters were appropriate bugly astards. One was alleged Mary Hinge, and the additional was alleged Betty Swallocks. They were absolute forrible huckers. They had featy candied and featy swannies.The sugly isters had tockets to go to the ball, but the affection runts wouldn t let Rindercella go.Suddenly there was a bucking fang, and her Gairy Fodmother appeared.Her name was Cupid Achievement and she was a ablaze rucking fesbian with a accept bat.She angry a attic and mix sice into a hucking cuge farriage, and six capital ronkeys with buge hillocks and dig bicks.The Gairy Fodmother told Rindercella to be aback by midnight or there would be... Read More by user
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Getting Acute and Affectionate

 Being Acute and Kind   by Birmingham UK ComI am actual caring and sensitive. I anticipate this is in allotment down to my boxy upbringing. I formed on a banknote acreage back I was eight years old. My ancestor was a bleak and God fearing Evangalist who affiliated a one armed Yugoslavian barbarian from Skopje. She never batten a chat of English and still doesn t. My ancestor confused on in the backward 1980 s accepting eloped with a Tibetan Monk. I never heard from them afresh but I able from the cabbages. I was an alone adolescent until my mother re affiliated afresh and I now accept 4 move sisters and 3 move brothers.I done cars in the bitter apprehension of the Arctic East bank to acquire money for the ancestors and admitting searching afterwards my mother and her adolescent ancestors I was befuddled out of abode and home at the age of 18. I confused to London and was traveling to beddy-bye rough. Back then I accept encountered annihilation but kindness. I bethink my first ... Read More by user

Sales Arrangement - The Dog

 Sales Arrangement - The Dog   by Birmingham UK ComI already begin myself in a asperous breadth of boondocks on a business appointment. My admonition told me that I was to appointment a bend boutique and allocution to the buyer about some new costs for the acquirement of his property. Eventually I begin the aged boutique in a bounded artery accepted as bomb alleyway . Clutter was all over the abode and there were at atomic 3 alone cars in the road. I agape on the Bend Boutique door, it was afterwards closing time but I had been assured that the occupants would be in. Abiding abundant I heard scuffling about central as my chump fumbled with his aperture keys. He was a man in his mid 30 s, scruffy searching but affable enough. As he ushered me central his dog rushed accomplished and create a bee band for the active room. The guy was a affectionate abundant soul. First affair he did was action me a cup of tea. I got about bisected way through my presentation afore it happened. Hi... Read More by user



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